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  • Congress Doesn't Get Homeland Security

    Last week, Congressmen Jerrold Nadler (D–NY), Edward Markey (D–MA), and Bennie Thompson (D–MS) publicly chastised the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in a New York Times op-ed, claiming that DHS has done little to counter the terrorist threat to maritime cargo security in recent years.

    While this couldn’t be much further from the truth, through their thin and misinformed arguments they certainly made one thing clear: When it comes to maritime cargo security Congress still doesn’t get it.

    Five-years ago, Congress passed the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act, which included a mandate that DHS scan 100 percent of maritime cargo entering the U.S. by July 2012. In other words, Congress sought to require that each of the approximately 11.6 million maritime cargo security containers entering U.S. ports each year be physically scanned or inspected.

    This mandate made little sense from day one. Not only was 100 percent maritime cargo scanning never a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission, as Congress claimed, but the mandate failed to recognize supply-chain realities. Today’s economy relies heavily on the timely and efficient movement of goods. The logistical delays and bottlenecks caused from the implementation of the maritime cargo mandate would therefore by stifling.

    Not to mention the fact that while majority of cargo traveling through the maritime supply chain consists of legitimate goods, the 100 percent maritime screening mandate treats every piece of cargo as a genuine threat.

    Supply-chain realities aside, the bigger issue is that 100 percent scanning, contrary to the claims of some in Congress, simply does not equal 100 percent security. DHS’s “layered, risk-based approach” to maritime cargo security is far from “inadequate.” In fact, this is exactly the approach DHS should continue to take.

    By evaluating cargo’s threat level based on manifest information, such as origin and content, DHS can focus its resources on cargo deemed to be “high risk” for secondary screening. Recognizing this fact, DHS announced last month that it had “concluded that 100-percent scanning of incoming maritime cargo is neither the most efficient nor cost-effective approach to securing our global supply chain” and that it would not meet the July 2012 mandate.

    At least DHS gets it. Now if only Congress could see the reality.

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    5 Responses to Congress Doesn't Get Homeland Security

    1. Bobbie says:

      these cowards of corruption have to be exploited. The democratic party can explain national security under Eric Holder! Inform the American people the discontent we have going on in government activities we pay for? Why a man with a title and a badge, protecting this country's border dies at the hands of America's government agency's “intention” when it appears the intent was to involve innocent lives to incriminate America's second amendment? Holder's suppose to protect! A set up at the cost of American rights that warrants disciplinary actions! Can we imagine where we'd be if Holder's intent actually carried through?

      Why the ever so disgraceful, Spinster Pelosi and her democrat crew would insensitively and rudely walk out on their duty to this country to provide answers with integrity to questions of suspicious activities the timing of democrats derelicts, like cowards call "political" the democrats set it up to become, while cowards in high places privilege themselves immunity from a family and country they hide their facts from to leave with no answers??! This country deserves a makeover in government officials! ASAP!

      Brian Terry's name has been taken and is being used politically by those cowards who have stalled and refuse to bring forth information that was requested 18 months ago in a timely manner after the happening occurred on Holders watch. The President, Holder, Pelosi and all her democratic escorts are the political cowards of spin that have to be exploited for their own good and the good of America…

      The American people have a right to know what the democratic party is – corrupt in every sense of the word and cowardly all the same. This article is part of the pattern. Their disrespect to their positions and their disrespect to all Americans is OVER! Americans deserve leaders with integrity the democratic party simply shows none of. America doesn't accept this screw up or the intention behind it without legal action against them and their removal from positions of accountability they are incapable of holding themselves to. America's tax dollars deserves respect Americans aren't getting!

      The American people have a right to know everywhere their earned income is going and operations involved after the fact! There is absolutely no reason to hide anything if Mr. Intentions were good. The Terry family has a right to know we the American people have lost a son also and thank them kindly for his honorable service…

    2. Jockey says:

      This mandate made little sense from day one. Not only was 100 percent maritime cargo scanning never a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission

    3. mike says:

      Happy 4th everyone Let's hope by Next year we will be a little More INDEPENDENT!!!!!…….GOD BLESS AMERICA

    4. Jeanne Stotler says:

      While we worry bout maritime shipments, we leave the borders wide open , with his liberal immigration policies, our southern borders are like swiss cheese, it's no only Latinos coming in but those from far east, Iran, Pakistaian etc most likely hundreds we do not know about. Now ICE is rfusig to do it's job and locals are being met with severe problems. If a law is on the books it MUST be inforced, it's not up to POTUS or DHA to decide which is to be inforced or not.

    5. Carol, AZ says:

      Perhaps Congress should research,"certain cargo" found in a cargo transport, at port of entry, in CA.
      Recently reported from N.Dakota , a train coming in from Canada found human cargo smuggled in under the floor boards in one of the box cars. If people can get in through these various transport systems anything can be transported from all point around the world, any place, any time.
      These are the devil in the details that no one wants to talk about .
      Congress continues to lead like the cowards they are, and DHL is certainly NOT doing their job in violation of numerous Fed Law violations.
      Your point for comparison is a very valid one for National Security and one we worry about 24/7 here on our Border.

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