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  • VIDEO: Sen. Jim DeMint's Rallying Cry to Repeal Obamacare

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) was determined to repeal Obamacare before the Supreme Court handed down its ruling yesterday. Now he’s confident he will have a motivated army working alongside him.

    “All of us had hoped and maybe been teased into the thought that maybe the Supreme Court would come in and make this work a little bit easier,” DeMint told a standing-room only crowd at Heritage yesterday. “They haven’t done that, but they have reminded us that this job is in our hands and the hands of the people.”

    DeMint’s speech, which Heritage excerpted for this short video, came just two hours after the ruling shocked and disappointed many conservatives. After all, tea-party activists swept a group of freshmen lawmakers into the halls of Congress last year and their vote to repeal Obamacare was a major triumph. Equally disappointing for many was the court’s decision.

    “We all knew when Obamacare passed that the urgent priority had to be the repeal of that bill and the replacing of the people who imposed it on the American people. That is still the priority today,” DeMint said at Heritage.

    He continued: “I come today disappointed that the court didn’t make it easier, but not at all discouraged. Because it’s our job to fix this thing and it gives America, I think, a much more compelling reason to get engaged.”

    There are already indications that the American people are responding to that call for action. Fundraising appeals filled the coffers of conservative organizations, including Heritage, and political campaigns.

    “The Supreme Court may have said we can keep it,” DeMint added. “But the American people must stand up and say it is bad policy, it’s bad law, it’s bad for our economy and it’s bad for the American people. And most of all, it’s bad for health care.”

    The video was produced by Alex Anderson, a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.

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    10 Responses to VIDEO: Sen. Jim DeMint's Rallying Cry to Repeal Obamacare

    1. Kristopher says:

      Reconciliation hell.

      Romney can undo it with an executive order.

      Obamacare allows the President to make exceptions for states and businesses.

      Simply except all individuals, states, and businesses from Obamacare. Then remove the exception for politicians and all local, state, and federal government employees.

      See how fast Congress repeals the ****** at that point.

    2. dustmouse says:

      The Supreme Court may have said we can keep it, but the American people must stand up and say *it's unConstitutional.* The court is wrong. If the government can force us to do whatever it likes, then we don't have a government of limited powers. The Constitution defines a government of limited powers. So this bill, despite John Roberts and the others, is not Constitutional.

      The American people must return that idea to the culture in general.

    3. Kathy says:

      Once the tax is paid SCOTUS will be looking at this again!

    4. Bobbie says:

      it's important for truth to reach America's youth. Thank you Senator DeMint!

      waste work and unethical proposal when it's just as easy to let the natural incentive to provide your own as America stands for and society holding one fully accountable to their own as it must have been before the unconstitutional recognition of the small minority uninsured collecting huge amounts of money!

      With what the government established as reason to intervene in private health and private market wouldn't have come to be without government abuse neglecting their duty to protect consumers from business discrepancies, corruption and fraud through government oversight tax payers are paying for. Now government wants to take over the discrepancies, corruption and fraud destroying core principles and founding documents, honorable to most all people. How is that American? ANY government authority or subsidy into personal livelihoods or lifestyles is unconstitutional!

      The more government handouts the more inferior people. Obama care is just dangerous. As much as it pretends to seem the government imposed "affordable health care act" will save lives, is as much as they can be taken away when you're dealing with government who stands everywhere but accountable.

    5. steve h says:

      Too bad you have to suffer through 4 more years of 44! Obamneycare is here to stay. Accept it. It's funny that DeMint and Heritage and Romney and so many conservatives were for the personal responsibility clause (individual mandate) until the Dems put it forth. They took Romney's and Bob Moffitt's plan and now Romney and Moffitt and Heritage oppose it? What a joke.

      • Bobbie says:

        you mean the individual government dependency mandate the dems put forth? Romney, Demint, Mofit and Heritage oppose corruption, steve h and work with the principles of this country which their work ethic makes evident. Obama said from the beginning he doesn't like America(ns) and hasn't done anything in her favor or according to her God given principles and what excuse any man has not to accept them? Too much to respect? He builds resentment between people laying unfair rules and costs on selective citizens. He doesn't like America(ns) and does things in total opposition and never without controversy. There's no fairness. So why would anything he does be good for America?

        Anything looks good on the cover especially if you're hiding something! "you have to pass it before you find out what's in it." the most dangerous, incompetent, words coming from a mouth that has control over us. America doesn't deserve to be forced this conduct in her leadership and on her people when she's made to lead with integrity and dignity.

    6. readingexchange says:

      Obama Care was not voted on as a Tax.
      Should there be a re-vote? Who would dare vote for this enormous tax?

    7. Glen says:

      It's time for Congress to come out of hiding and do their job. We Americans DEMAND it! DO YOUR JOB. America has put you in office to represent them, not crucify them.

    8. Salvatore A Apicelli says:

      I reject the notion that that repealing Obamacare is up to Congress. We have trusted Congress to do many things and they have failed us again and again. It is up to 'we the American People'. We must elect strong conservative fighters to Congress and the Presidency. Stand strong!

    9. Erik Osbun says:

      Senator DeMint on repealing Obamacare.

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