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  • Online Chat on Health Care

    Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, what’s next? Where do we go from here? What can we do? Click here to join us on LIVE from 12-1 ET for our “Lunch with Heritage” online chat. We are joined by health care expert Kate Nix. She is taking your questions about policy options in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling. If you can’t make the chat, leave a question in the comments and we’ll get it answered for you. To RSVP for the chat leave your email address in the form below.

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    10 Responses to Online Chat on Health Care

    1. P.Wiedemann says:

      Obama Care the greatest scam perpetrated on the American people under the pretense of providing quality healthcare. 2700 pages of control and tax with the Obama goal of a single payer system.
      Destroy the insurance model leaving only one recourse for your health care..big brother.

    2. VegasConservative says:

      we need to get out there and vote in November. Get off your a$$ – join the tea parties – make phone calls – volunteer – donate to Mitt Romney – don't just sit back and 'let the others' do it. YOU HAVE TO DO IT. YOUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE.
      Get out there and make a difference and change this. This will be your only chance to undo what this terrible President has done. We only have 130 days to do this.

      • Trace says:

        You are a hipacrit Mitt Romney has the same health care in his state. What is wrong with you are you that ignarant. You must thinks its ok for the boy that is 10 years old that needs a 10 million dollar surgery that the parents can not afford it with there current insurance plan just let him die. Also, what about all the people that are going to die do to prexisting problems lets just let them die to. If you are against this health care you should be ashamed of your self. This sickends me how people can be so bitter and hate the people that really need the help.

        • Stephen says:

          I'm living proof that you are wrong. I was diagnosed with leukemia at twelve years old, and my family had no insurance. My doctor bill was 15 million for my treatment. Medicaid paid it all. Also, if anybody's wallet is like mine, I couldn't pay whatever the insurance left after the insurance paid their share. Even if Obamacare paid 90%, the average family still can't afford the other $1 million

    3. Jadash says:

      how do I join the chat?

    4. Gary says:

      Para-quoting Justice Roberts, I buy into his proposition that his job, along with the whole Court, is to 'call balls and strikes'. (The 'strike zone' being the U.S. Constitution.) However, I think he's dead wrong when he says his job is to 'make legislation Constitutional'! Uh-uh, no re-writing of laws from the Bench!! Big mistake.

    5. Matt says:

      Sorry that justice Robert's voted for it but he did his job as a justice I do not like it one bit obama slipped this in as a tax under the commerce act as a tax to push this threw so him & polosi,Reid and all the liberal dems lied big time justice Robert's said as well it was wrong but everyone under estimated him he studied law he new the only way to get thin into law was as a tax because there would be no other way so all the other lawyers in congress must have been sleeping in class as well as on the Semite floor ( this is a outrage !!! )along with everything that this administration has done this far

      • Trace says:

        What about Mitt Romeny in his state they did the same thing with there health care why is nobody talking about that. Do you agree with that state health care its the same plan.

    6. Bobbie says:

      he was suppose to protect us not find a way to hand us over to Obama. Being unconstitutional should be enough said to repeal it's entirety. this bill has more pages of rules and regulations with many stipulations. It's already found more unfavorable with bad intent than favor. As a tax, it's presented with many threats, misleads and no government limit. How is that beneficial? It's already wasted this amount of time as the government now works transparently against the will of the people. There shouldn't be a fight regarding our personal ability and freedom to take care of our own and the government's unethical regard to take it away by use of abuse of undisciplined authority. Why would America trust the government now when they conduct themselves currently since failing us then?

    7. Andy Wojtkowski says:

      Whenever I talk to my work colleagues in Europe about the drawbacks of socialized medicine, I'm often confronted with what seems to them a rhetorical question: How would a market-based health care system solve the problem of pre-existing conditions? Can Heritage help me formulate a compelling answer?

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