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  • A Clarion Call for the American People

    The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare reflects a tragic misreading of the law, one which could cost us not just economically but also in terms of liberty.  On the bright side, the Court recognized that there are limits to what Congress may do under the Commerce Clause.  But this was the silver-lining of a dark cloud.  The Court then fundamentally misreads ObamaCare, contorting to find another authority—the power to tax—for Congress to enact the law.

    The effects of the decision will be felt far beyond ObamaCare.  By allowing government to require Americans to buy a product or service at the federal government’s direction, the Court has seriously damaged the principle of limited government. The decision announced today could open the door to even more dictates from Washington for generations to come.  Indeed, anyone who has any doubts about this need only read the Court’s suggestion that Congress could force Americans to buy energy efficient windows or pay a tax.

    Fortunately, Americans have always fought for freedom, and won’t give up now. We must turn to the task at hand and work for full repeal of this law. The Supreme Court has in essence given this decision back to Congress and the people, where political power resides.

    The American people have spoken—they don’t support Obamacare and fear its consequences more every day. Just this month a new poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News showed that more than two thirds of Americans want to see the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare in whole or in part, and only 24 percent would keep the law in place.

    Thankfully, the duty to defend the Constitution is not given solely to the Supreme Court—it is one shared by Congress and the President.  It is now Congress’ turn to do what’s right both for the Constitution and policy reasons: repeal Obamacare.

    The American people know this year will be a turning point in American history.  We have a big decision between constitutional, limited government on the one hand and Leviathan on the other.

    This law fails American families—it raises premiums and taxes, drives up spending and debt, undermines the doctor-patient relationship, tramples on religious liberty and expands the role of government in our daily lives.

    It is time for full repeal.

    Click here to read the Court’s opinion

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    145 Responses to A Clarion Call for the American People

    1. Mary Miller says:

      I have taken down my American Flags because as far as I am concerned I just lost my Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Barbara says:

        My husband and I retired from the militar. We have turned our flag upside down–to show our country is in great distress, and we will fly it that way every day until we elect Romney.

        • live free or die says:

          Thanks for the great idea, I too will be flying my flag upside-down to show in dissent and stake down my Romney for President on the front lawn!

      • SFC Ranger says:


        The American Flag represents this country and its people NOT its government. For the government supports the flag and its people. However with today's I understand your frustration with our government and their lack of being in touch with common people who compose America. I will not stop display my pride in my country nor my countryman by flying the flag. Perhaps there is a better way to display your and my displeasure with today's events. Maybe hang a teabag on the bottom eyelet of the flag as its flown.

        SFC E.F. Jaro, USA (Retired)

      • Ron Burger says:

        You too? I knew that I wasn't alone. I have not flown my 50 star for almost four years now… I do fly my thirteen star to remind people that we need to get back to the basics. I too took my flag down after the ruling. Sad… I am the seventh generation in OUR country and as a veteran. God Bless us all…

        • DadsSonRon says:

          My thirteen star flag will fly again… Tomorrow. What some don't undertand is not about this ruling in as much a conflict with the Constitution. It never was about the healthcare issue in so much as federally mandated controls on purchases. Repeal NOW! NO HOPE TOO MUCH CHANGE… Things are definitly going to change as we Americans go back to the polls on Tuesday, 06NOV2012. Things will be changing. Locally, statewide and nationally. First generation USAF (ret) – Broke 117 years of USMC. Semper Fi

        • live free or die says:

          Where can one buy a 13 star flag? Until I get one I will fly my 50 star upside-down in dissent until Romney is President.

      • Justice says:

        LOL, Overly Dramatic Much? Lost your country? What pathetic bunk.

        OBAMA 2012!!!!

        • Grumpyoldcoot says:

          Have you been living in a CAVE???

        • Jerry says:

          Must be one of the 1%. Doesn't care about upward spiraling B.O. care taxes and medical expenses.

        • Lord J- says:

          Silence troll. Children are to bee seen and not heard.
          Go back to your parent's basement, after all, those video games aren't gonna' play themselves now are they?

      • NO! Don't do that Mary! That's what they expect us to do…don't give them the satisfaction….and don't give up on this country. It still belongs to US! We should be more united than ever. There are a lot more of us than there are of them-and we have a loud voice and strong determination. Voice your anger and frustration to your elected reps…..let them know how pissed you are and you will remember in November!

      • live free or die says:

        No Mary fly your flag proudly and stake the Romney for President sign on your front lawn. We can't give up without a fight!

      • steven seguin says:

        I am a former marine, i understand your point but i will remain to fly my flag as it should be flown. If you remember before the self center ass was elected he put the american pin on his lapel upside down. i would nor discrase those who have fought for our country this way. ALL TRUE AMERICANS MUST VOTE HIM OUT…. And my question is for those idiots in washington that voted for this bill before it waqs written should be voted out. My wife and I own a small business and the day this poor excuse for a bill was voted in our health care cost went up so we had to drop the coverage. this so called president has damaged our country more than the terrorist.

    2. Ned says:

      Your taxes were just hiked geometrically. And who can we thank????? Hmmmmmm

      • Pragmatic says:

        If by geometrically you mean 2.5% conditional on not purchasing healthcare then, yes.

    3. Les says:

      If our only hope is for Congress to repeal this law in its entirety, then I think we are in real trouble. Other than the first week after it was passed, I have not seen a truly unified committment from any group or organization within government to repeal the entire bill. And I doubt that a new President or a new Congress will change that. But I shall continue to hope and pray that our elected officials will someday realize that the country is more important than they are.

      • Carla says:

        Obama is the one leading the charge of NOT unifying anything! He lied about being transparent and accountability and civility and everything. WHy are people so bent on NOT seeing it! Just astounding how willingly blind they are. As long as he is in office he is going to keep everyone divided. He is betting on it cause it fits his agenda to bring us to our knees! He is just a 'puppet' someone else is pulling the strings here, I dont think he is samrt enough to do what he is doing without some behind the scenes help and it isn't just those who are in the White House.

    4. steven donnelly says:

      heres the problem with that line of thinking …. we dont have to pay that mans oil bill . we have to pay his hospital bill if he has no insurance and no mean to pay it though . come up with a better plan and im all for it .

      • NoTimeForFishing says:

        We do pay oil bills for those who have no means to pay it themselves no matter what the reason for them having no means, also we pay their housing, food, cell phone, education and more. This bill still has us paying for the poors health care and offering them more free health care than they get today. This bill not only has the individual mandate tax which is much lower than the cost of insurance but also a $60 billion tax (starting price) on all insurance companies that will be passed on to those who purchase insurance, as well as increased taxes on pharmacuticles and medical devices that will be paid by the insured.

        This bill replaces a system with flaws with a freedom robbing system that will raise the cost and lower the quality for all. Returning to the status quo would be better than ObamaCare.

        Their are better answers than ObamaCare the Heritage Center has one http://www.savingthedream.org/about-the-plan/

    5. eD cHAMNESS says:

      Hellow!!!! Read the following… Congress PASSED the healthcare program…i was PROPOSED by the President…and UPHELD by the Supreme Court…"Thankfully, the duty to defend the Constitution is not given solely to the Supreme Court—it is one shared by Congress and the President. It is now Congress’ turn to do what’s right both for the Constitution and policy reasons: repeal Obamacare." WAKE UP…

      • Jerry says:

        It IS Congress' responsiblility to repeal this uni-partisan awful legislation which will destroy quality healthcare in this country. A voucher system and allowing free enterprise to work is an infinitely better way. A vast majority of Americans want o-care repealed and we'll hear their voices in November!

      • Ken Hayes says:

        Do ya really think congress will repeal Obamacar. For god sakes…They are the ones that passed it!

    6. JRA says:

      Obama has made congress irrelevant. He is defying them every day. If, by any stretch of the imagination, they do repeal it, who's to say he won't honor the repeal. The American people are the losers, period!!

    7. Brandon says:

      That was a very targeted PPC ad-good job. I'll have to visit this site more often.

    8. Conservative Wanderer says:

      From a political standpoint, this probably is a huge boost to the GOP and Romney. I just saw a Rasmussen poll today that says that 54% want ObamaCare repealed, and now they're going to be looking to the Republicans to take care of that.

      • I also heard that Romney took in a million dollars within 3 hours of the decision being announced.
        Might be just the thing we need to get us up and at em. Romney wasn't my favorite choice,but i'll tell ya what-i'm voting for him because he's not as bad as 0bama,and I don't believe Romney's a socialist. I'm also voting to pack Congress with as many conservatives as possible. They will help to keep Romney in check,and we may be able to mitigate some of the damage that's been done to our country.

      • One can hope but its not enough.

    9. tocelp says:

      I agree, repeal is necessary. I do not agree that now is the time as the Senate and POTUS would never go along with repeal.
      We need to use this decision that Ocare is a "Tax" to our advantage. There are videos galore showing President Obama saying it was not a tax. Use them like they used Bush I's "no new tax" statements.

    10. Dave Barnes says:

      It is not time for a full repeal.

      Congress is no more capable of fully repealing something than pigs are capable of flying without jet=pack assistance.

      It is time to tinker with it because that is all that Congress is capable of doing.

    11. Tomato Cain says:

      This could be the worst setback for freedom is US history. The country with 5% of the population and that produces half of new treatments and drugs has taken a big step to becoming one like all the others. The free market and our freedom to spend our money the way we want has undermined once again. Soros is smiling and Thomas Jefferson is rolling over. The politicians are turning that great promise, The US Constitution, on its head, no longer beholding themselves to the people, but to their benefactors. Wake up; no more slow death for freedom; it's time.

      • Nellie Mullikin says:

        You are entirely Right, Thamas Cain, They need you in the Supreme Co
        urt, You are smarter than them,

    12. politically_ACTIVE says:

      wake UP America! Vote accordingly at ALL levels of government to STOP the overreach of government into our lives

      • Carl Lum Deal says:

        We need to vote more intelligently than we did in 2008. Too many of our voters fell in love with a man we knew nothing about. Our liberal media campaigned for Obama shamelessly then and they are still doing it.

    13. Jake Silberg says:

      Oh no! I get to stay on my parents coverage until I'm 26 and it will help me get a job since my employer won't have to worry about my coverage? I'm FURIOUS!

      • Wm Bear says:

        hey dufus, you could already stay on mummy's and daddy's ins. as long as you were in school! out of school, if your any good at what you do employers would be glad to give you health ins. as an insentive to work for them.

      • Rick says:

        Your very clever, you just keep bending over for the tyrants, in exchange for the little crumbs they let you have. Just remember you're counting on power hungry politicians to stop before they go too far. If the government can give you everything it can also take everything away.

      • Randall Corl says:

        Oh no! You got to stay on your parent's coverage, right up until the coverage was pulled due to business closure. It also seems jobs don't want to hire you because their workforce has become severely limited due to extra fines they now have to pay. But don't worry, there are worse things. Like the government telling you to eat only healthy foods or they'll tax you. Or telling you to exercise or they'll tax you. Or telling you to vote Democrat or they'll tax you. Or telling you to watch your daily helping of propaganda on TV, but not anything violent, funny, provocative, or intelligent lest you face another tax. You see, that's the problem: tyranny always begins with a single non-threatening step that strips a seemingly harmless freedom, and before you know it you're choices and private life are no longer yours, but the government's. But it's clear from what you say that none of this will sink in anyway, as it is already hopelessly too late for you. For that, I pity you, you sad excuse for an American.

      • saveamerica says:

        You're right, expecting children to be fully responsible for themselves at 18 is so yesterday's America. Self reliant and out the door. Glad to be a part of it before the dummying down of America.. But today's America, it was quick and urgent the government interfere to step in to hold them back until 26 due to the lack of standards in government controlled education because with government, "education" isn't the factor, money is.

    14. Jake Silberg says:

      Oh no! I can get health insurance even though I'm a cancer survivor so I don't have to worry about going bankrupt because of a tragic illness that already caused me lots of distress! I'm furious!

      • Dan says:

        hey, what's to say President Romney can't mandate you buy a gun or get a fine? What's to say President Romney can't mandate you purchase anything or get a fine? That will be cool.

        • Pragmatic says:

          The founders required everyone to buy a musket. So I would say that is pretty clear precedence for Obama's individual mandate (see Militia Act of 1792)

          • forthegood says:

            I'm going to run right out and buy myself a musket. Did they have to get a permit? Do I get taxed if I don't run right out and get that musket?

          • Randall Corl says:

            Oh no! now the government can decide who to treat so unfortunately they feel your cancer is incurable and although you won't have to worry about bankruptcy, you'll be mercifully killed anyway.

      • Wm Bear says:

        My neighbor, and we live in a trailer park, has had cancer severial times over the years. Resently she had to have a large cancerous tumor removed from her lung. She isn't even retirement age yet and it was all paid for????? Wonder who paid for it???? It sure as heck wasn't obumercare!!!!!!

      • Bobbie says:

        and you think adding government control, government paperwork is going to make you free of distress, do you?

      • Stirling says:

        Please comment back Jake when those "Death Panels" from the government decide that you are not worth saving because you cost too much to them to support.. (see Canada, Europe for examples of rationed care.). Your ignogance of seeing one side of the picture is amazing..

    15. Jake Silberg says:

      Oh no! I won't be dropped by my health insurance company, the reason that I pay them every month, when I actually get sick and need their help!

      • American Patriot says:

        And then when your taxes increase and our country goes bankrupt will you blame that on Bush as well?

      • Wm Bear says:

        I have had major pre-existing health problems for years that will never go away, amoung which is liver disease! Not only was I able to get ins. but I'm geting ready to upgrade my families health ins. to a much better policy! Can you say DUHHh!!!! dufus?

      • Randall Corl says:

        Instead you'll be dropped because the Insurance company can no longer support so many costly claims and goes out of business. Oh no! You get dropped anyway!

    16. Bobbie says:

      When the government intrudes on personal livelihoods for government gain in any areas, it's unconstitutional!!! PERIOD! What happened to Justice Roberts? Did the obama camp threaten him? Obama manipulated reasons, distorted facts and he gets his way!! Notice "his" way contrary to the American way and the peoples' American Constitution.

      Now we get to pay for insurance AND health costs? What SENSE does that make? please someone tell me, WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE??? ALL OBAMA WANTS IS MONEY! He is corrupt, corrupting and corruptible. He derives money from his disrespecting unconstitutional acts! He tells us what we want, then he collects the money to spend or give somewhere else so crisis is at hand. He isn't responsible, lies and cheats. He says "America will be better off" Just like his stimulus corruptibility…

      • Joann says:

        It is not money he wants. It is power. The law is whatever he wants it to be. Forget the constitution. Did anyone read the opinion of Justice Roberts. What a load of hogwash. Looks like they have handed him exactly what he wants again. I may move to China. At least I would know country I am in.

    17. Jake Silberg says:

      Oh no! Women can now get the same price for coverage as men? That's so fair! I'm furious!

      • Jim Meyer says:

        If you want to live in a socialist country so badly, MOVE TO ONE!

      • Lynn says:


        From reading your comments it appears that you have a misunderstanding of what is actually contained in the Act and how it will ultimately affect our economy and country. While none of us want people to be denied medical care when they need it, there has to be a reasonable basis for legislation like this. There are ways to make health care more affordable, including allowing us to purchase insurance across state lines, or allowing large pools for individuals to generate lower insurance rates…but this law does not do this, and will ultimately do nothing more than increase costs, burden the system, and cost those who cannot afford it more than they can possibly imagine.

        • Deborah Sampson says:

          Lynn, your response is entirely too rational. Jake only knows how to copy and paste liberal hack talking points.

        • Pragmatic says:

          I think Jake actually has a pretty good understanding of the act. The ACA is a necessary step forward in healthcare reform, but it's far from perfect. The irony is that until Obama was elected this was the GOP's proposal.

          Also, we already have large pools of individuals coming together to buy health insurance (employer-based programs) and the insurance companies themselves are risk pools. Also, by forcing everyone to have insurance you will no longer have to subsidize those that no longer pay their hospital bills – so the effect on prices is ambiguous.

      • Anonymous says:

        You're a moron.

      • Bobbie says:

        the government is suppose to protect our freedom not mock the "morality" of "health care" to impose unconstitutional government takeover! For years the government was called to reduce medical costs of all sorts. Their involvement increased costs to every sort. Now you want them to be fully involved at a massive cost for government deemed sorts? Set up! And nothing to trust but failure outside your control at your expense! There are plenty of rational, responsible solutions that respect people have control of their own without even looking the way of government! and yep, it takes money in your control to survive with help at the tip of your fingers through your own governing resources. Why would you want government in your's and your neighbors life in the first place but without limit and over your shoulders? Who put this terrible torment in your mind that's destroyed any personal dignity you may have had?

      • Mary Danes says:

        I'm a single woman in my 50s, purchased my own policy for years, and have never gotten less for my insurance dollar than men. Who in the world made up THAT fake problem?

        And while I'm sorry to hear about your health troubles, it makes no sense to hijack the economic freedom of 270 million people who do have coverage of one form or another for 30 million people who don't. We could have come up with a FAR better answer for those people than what we got today.

        So your sarcasm is lost on those of us who will be shouldering the burden of this intrusive legislative horror.

      • skip armolt says:

        man you make no sense at all. do the women in your family pay more for thier insurance and if so do you think its fair?

    18. sane person says:

      What is wrong with you? Free healthcare will save the lives of thousands of people, why is that a bad thing??

      • Daryl says:

        This healthcare is NOT free-the Supreme court does not rule if a piece of legislation is good or bad-just if its constitutional or not. It was not constitutional if the word penalty was used but if considered a tax, it was. Obama misrepresented this by saying it was NOT a tax, but argued it a tax before the Supreme court!! The only way to get rid of this law is to vote in different leaders…and hopefully this will happen. The majority of people are AGAINST this law for many reasons!

      • jay says:

        because they are on welfare

      • Lynn says:

        First, nothing is ever free. Someone is paying for it. Second, this law does not mean your employer has to pay for your health care 100%, nor that your employer has to pay for it at all. They merely have to offer a group plan, for which you may be required to pay all or a portion of. Lastely, if you opt out of your employer's plan or the employer cannot afford a goup plan, or chooses not to participate, then you will be required to purchase your own private plan or pay a tax to the government. Ultimately, you are still paying for your health care.

      • Anonymous says:

        FREE?! HAHAHA!! That's the funniest joke I've heard since Obama getting elected! Nothing in life is free! Clearly "sane person" you are INSANE!

      • Jerry says:

        Poor quality healthcare (and the long waiting lists) that will result from the o-care monstrosity will kill far more people than it saves.

      • Randy says:

        FREE?!!! Where do you see FREE in that mess?

      • Bobbie says:

        sane person, where do you get "free?" health care providers working voluntarily, paying maintenance costs of hospital, clinic and pharmaceutical facilities? Free health care isn't going to save lives, it's going to prolong death while everyone goes through the government mandated processes (if you want free health care gotta obey momma government step by step, needed or not, no one walks on their own) to keep government make work employed and financed, ready to be the center of future medical crisis.

      • Rick says:

        "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" Thomas Jefferson

      • Deborah Sampson says:

        Where do you think the money is coming from to pay for "free" heathcare? The government has no source of revenue beyond taxing the American people since it is losing money on the Post Office and Amtrak. That leaves the taxpayers, estimates are over $800 BILLION in new taxes not to mention the 135 plus new government agencies keep us all in line. Sooner or later those of us who are being choked by ever more burdensome taxes are going to run out of money to give to thos who seem to think that the government has an endless supply of money. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE ONE SINGLE DOLLAR THAT THEY DID NOT FORCIBLY TAKE FROM THE CITIZENS. It isn't free you fool.

      • Peter says:

        It's not free. And…. This was a ruse to open the door wide for the federal government to take over states sovereign rights totally. This mandate is pushing doctors out of business as well as you and me to buy a product that is not what it says on the package. Health care as we knew it in it quality and assurance is done! The government ow has the RIGHT to withhold care from old people who the government feels has reached the end of their usefulness. Same as inn the Netherlands and other parts of the world. Then they will euthanize handicapped people. This is exactly what is in this plan!!!

      • Julie says:

        Nothing ever comes free. Someone will pay for it. The cost of this "free" healthcare will come at an expense of increased taxes, higher medical costs, and more doctors/specialists leaving the profession.

    19. Jake Silberg says:

      Oh no! I won't be dropped by my health insurance company because I get sick and actually need the help they promise me when I pay my premiums every month? I'm furious!

      • Tomato Cain says:

        The benefits and rewards of government mandated affordable care are only there if we can afford them to be there. With a free market, individuals can shop around with their own money and drive costs down. Why didn't we go that way, instead? HSA's versus Big Daddy Health Nanycare balances the cost of healthcare and availability of treatments and encourages innovation. Beaurocracy encourages more beaurocracy, and rationing for us. I would rather see the poor receive taxpayer funded HSA's than this 2700 page mess. At least the poor and their doctors will make wiser decisions with our hard earned money. Our enept legislators need to be replaced if they believe that they know better than we do about how to manage our own lives.

      • S.L. says:

        Oh no–They won't "drop" you, they will just refer you to the death panels especially if you are not affiliated with the correct political party, comrade.

        • Pragmatic says:

          There is no such thing as "death panels". And if there are, they're called insurance companies who already do this.

          • Deborah Sampson says:

            You haven't been paying attention have you.

          • Kim says:

            There are death panels. They just don't call them that to sway simpletons, just like they didn't call Obamacare a tax before they passed it or it would not have passed. Please stop swollowing spoonfuls of cliches and talking points and THINK. The consequences of this legislation will be disasterous. At least be intellectually honest and admit the President and ALL Democrats lied to the American people. Remember, Obama said countless times middle class taxes would not be raised 1 dime. I guess he meant not just 1 dime, but countless dimes. Raising taxes, limiting care, destroying jobs, and, enforcing healthcare through the IRS do not improve healthcare.

        • mary says:

          Now THAT is a good answer, especially considering that he mentioned being a cancer survivor. I would think that the possibility of facing that disease again in a future recurrence, and in his later years, would give him pause about the whole "death panel" question. In fact, cancer patients over the age of 65 or 70 are the folks who should be MOST worried about this issue.

      • Ren says:

        No, just that under this law, health insurance providers are either going to go belly up because adhering to the requirements under the law bankrupts them or they'll stop offering health insur because they don't want to deal with the law. Then where will you be …. except paying a higher income tax to the federal govt because you CAN'T buy health insurance since there won't be any companies offering health insurance??

      • Julie says:

        You will have a 15 member panel , the IPAB , deciding whether you receive care and 29 other panels deciding what kind of services are allowed , tell me , how is that good for the American people ? we are already seeing changes in testing , like now they say women don't need mammograms earlier than 50 , how many women do you reckon will have advanced breast cancer because of this ? We are seeing expensive medication for breast cancer victims being barred , how is this good for women ?

    20. Dale Hutchinson says:

      It's beyond crazy. Any dictate from the Federal Government can be coerced with the threat of tax if not followed. Where does it end in this from.
      I am not a constitutional scholar but this can only be construed as the death knell for Liberty. Even if Obamacare is repealed, the Federal Government now has the power of TAXATION to enforce its will on all the citizens.

    21. gblaze says:

      This is a turning point, I don't think conservatives will be stopped now.

    22. Chris Moersch says:

      Yes…finally some sense with the court upholding healthcare legislation. Way to go President Obama.

      • Tomato Cain says:

        Yep, GO AWAY OBAMA–>You broke yet another promise. Can't wait until November…

      • furious says:

        If it is so great, why is the govt exempt ??? I think that all the libs that think it is so great, should stay on it., and the rest of us opt out. Then we will see how you feel when you are paying a huge chunk of your hard earned money to provide health care for "everyone" – illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, people who enjoy being on unemployment, etc….you carry the load…..we will carry our own……the way it SHOULD be…..yeah, YOU are accountable for YOU……Nobody OWES YOU ANYTHING !!!!

    23. Suzy Reasonable says:

      From 1989 The Heritage Lectures: Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans Stuart Butler writes from this Heritage Foundation report (page 8): "Many states now require passengers in automobiles to wear seatbelts for their own protection. Many others require anybody driving a car to have liability insurance. But neither the federal government or any state requires all households to protect themselves from potentially catastrophic costs of a serious accident or illness. UNDER THE HERITAGE PLAN THERE WOULD BE SUCH A REQUIREMENT."

      All capitalization is mine and intended to be a reminder the the Heritage Foundation first introduced the idea of an individual mandate.

      • kverdeck says:

        You got it, Suzy. To continue from Mr. Butler of Heritage:

        "We would include a mandate in our proposal–not a mandate on employers, but a mandate on heads of households–to obtain at least a basic package of health insurance for themselves and their families. That would have to include, by federal law, a catastrophic provision in the form of a stop loss for a family’s total health outlays. It would have to include all members of the family, and it might also include certain very specific services, such as preventive care, well baby visits, and other items."

        Sound familiar, guys?

        • Suzy Reasonable says:

          Yup kverdeck – it is much easier to foam at the mouth about liberty and freedom than to look at the details as to how the law came to be and who has historical supported an individual mandate as a solution to the health care crisis.

          C'mon people – you simply don't like Obama. That's fine! But don't try to pretend that this law is anything but an idea that those on your side long supported and introduced.

          • Stirling says:

            Sorry Suzy it's the policies this administration has taken, Socialsim/Marxism/communism are not endearing charateristics of a representitive of the people.

      • Freedom not serfdom says:

        Heritage is not infallible. If this same mandate proposal made it to the Supreme Court (a sane one) with only Heritage supporting it, I would expect it to be shot down as Unconstitutional.

        Kagan Costas wrote part of the obamarxcare legislation yet refused to recuse herself from the case. That tells us all we need to know about taxocrats and their moral bankruptcy.

        It would also not surprise me to learn Roberts was literally threatened by the chicago thugs that they would kill him and his family if he "voted wrong."

      • VERITAS says:

        Why do so many fail to see the true rationale for such things. STATES requiring auto insurance DOES NOT EQUAL the FEDERAL GOV'T requiring things.

        ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! ENUMERATED POWERS! is the issue. The states, under the authority of their duly agreed-upon constitution, are allowed a gigantic latitude to pass laws as they see fit. If you don't like the fact that the OFFICIAL RELIGION OF CONNECTICUT was the Congregational Church, then you could move to Delaware which established no official religion.

        The FEDERAL government is GRANTED only a HANDFUL of legitimate responsibilities. This is where we moderns have lost sight of the Constitution. The battle is that the FEDS have overstepped their bounds egregiously to the nth power ever since Reconstruction and we either put control back in the hands of the people or we allow the slide into tyranny. They are the only two options. Read the Declaration of Independence and see if our complaint against King George was not laughable compared to what we allow to be done to us today.

        WE ARE FOOLS!

    24. Michael LaPlante says:

      Excellent article on Obamacare. The last couple paragraphs of this article are particularly stirring.
      The American people know this year will be a turning point in American history. We have a big decision between constitutional, limited government on the one hand and Leviathan on the other.

      This law fails American families—it raises premiums and taxes, drives up spending and debt, undermines the doctor-patient relationship, tramples on religious liberty and expands the role of government in our daily lives.

      It is time for full repeal.

    25. Please don't sit this one out, Liberty loving Americans.

    26. Roberta says:

      Maybe Justice Roberts has dyslexia and was never very good with opposites like right and wrong, left and right, up or down, hot or cold. (My adult daughter has this problem, too.) If so, then he could be the poster child of the reading crisis in America, a communist tactic to dumb down America.

    27. Todd says:

      Written and passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court. It is now a constitutional law. Instead of trying (in vain) to repeal, why not objectively look at the positive aspects of the law that the majority agrees with and tweak the aspects that don't work as well. Remember the mandate part was a conservative position in order to increase personal responsibility before Obama was for it.

      • Pragmatic says:

        This is such a reasonable course of action. People forget that this was propose by the President, passed by Congress, and deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court. I'm happy to agree that this law is far from perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. There is still a long way to go with healthcare reform – I just hope the GOP realizes this instead of hitting the reset button and setting our country back

    28. Lawrence Vetere says:

      Duped by Dopes
      Here is an example of just how dense Republicans politicians are. Iron pants Nancy Pelosi, fascist extraordinaire, at the behest of the President; along with other Democrat coconspirators concocted this, Unconstitutional “Health Care Bill.” This action, oddly enough in its own way, absolved Republicans of being “an accessory after the fact” to this illegal action, since Pelosi chose to close the meeting room doors, literally, locking out Republican law makers’ participation, as a result, their actions absolving Republican law makers of any culpability (or Fault) arising thereof.
      But, the fight had only begun, so if you recall, when the doors magically opened, just days before the bill was to be signed into law, and conveniently on the eve of the Christmas holyday’s; Republicans representatives were handed off a two thousand seven hundred page bill to read, and comprehend and agree upon with only a few days remaining. This well concocted and coordinated plan was no accident; Pelosi lured the dopes-to-the-ropes for a democrat knock-out. Once the bill was in Republican hands, it insured Democrats that Republicans were then culpable too of the contents therein, weather they read understood or agreed with the bill or not. And the worst part is –they are. By excepting the bill for review the entire Republican Party became “an accessory after the fact” to a Unconstitutional law.
      The worst part is the Republican Party chose to do nothing which they could have and Tea Party Conservatives would have backed them up one hundred percent. What could they –the Dopes on the Ropes have done, simply stay away from the trap by never physically excepting the document in the first place, secondly, I would have dropped it on the floor in front of the media cameras in front of all those present, expectorated upon it, then uttered four magical words to everyone present –“Shut the government Down” then exited –stage left.

      • Pragmatic says:

        "along with other Democrat coconspirators concocted this, Unconstitutional “Health Care Bill.”"

        It's officially constitutional, fyi.

    29. Steve Ray says:

      The Courts just handed the next election to Romney on a platter. Bravo Roberts! Genius!

    30. onegoodteacher says:

      Rush Limbaugh made an interesting observation: Even if this is repealed, the decision to tax on anything still stands, no matter which party has the majority. The long-term ramifications are, to say the least, frightening!

      • wethepeople2012 says:

        They've always had the power to tax anything they couldn't regulate. Congress just reminded them of that power, oh great. Soon they'll be taxing breast milk.

    31. and2therepublic says:

      "The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal judiciary; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scarecrow) working like gravity by night and day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States, and the government of all be consolidated into one."

      Thomas Jefferson

    32. Ydnar Man says:

      It really doesn't matter now whether or not Ocare is repealed – The court has just given Congress the ability to force us to buy anything or pay the consequences

    33. Chris says:

      Today is a day that will live in infamy! Our Supreme Court just put the last nail in the coffin of the United States Of America which WAS PROTECTED by our Constitution. They choose Socialism over Capitalism
      Welcome to Obama's "SOCIALISTIC STATE OF AMERIKA".
      God have mercy on us all.

    34. Sammie says:

      The thing that frustrates me is this: I can't afford insurance now; this Obamacare plan has not done anything about the cost of insurance. So, I am going to be penalized because I can't afford insurance? The new plan says they have to take me, but it doesn't put a cap on how much they charge me. My last insurance quote said that it would be over $500 per month to cover just ME; that doesn't include my child. I make less than $35,000 per year…how would I be able to provide housing, food, clothing etc when I am spending $6000 a year on premiums just for myself? I am a single parent who doesn't get child support….Obama why don't you overhaul the child support system in this country and then I will work on getting insurance for my family?!

      • John says:

        I am close to your situation. I make just over 40K a year and support myself, wife and two young children on one income. About $6,000 is deducted from my pay each year due to health insurance. A movement is now afoot, according to the LA TImes, to regulate premiums in California. Sounds great, until you realize it could force private insurers out of business. The next step? Just what Obama wants: a single-payer system administered by the government.

      • JST says:

        You will get a subsidy. Sebilius will make sure of it.

      • Bobbie says:

        Sammie, government was suppose to oversee all costs but intentionally failed!! Now we're in the trap of unconstitutional government authority! All pure activism! there are lots of intentions in high places in America, that are not for the good of her people or principle, getting away with murder and unconstitutional acts!

      • Pragmatic says:

        This is one where the republicans are actually against you – not Obama. If states opt into the new law (the Medicaid provision), the US government will pay 93% of the Medicaid bill and increase the eligibility for Medicaid to 133% of the poverty line (~$35K for a family of four). However, if you live in a republican state or a cash-strapped state, they may choose to opt out of the program and you will be forced to cover the cost of the premium on your own.

    35. Chuck N. says:

      Let's see: these folks want to repeal a law that gives coverage to children up to 26, allows everyone to maintain their current insurance, required that women not be punished by the insurance companies for being women, says that everyone should pay something for insurance, that the Congressional Budget Office says will not increase cost like the the republicans say it will. Makes me wonder what part of America these folks want to protect. Oh, and what kind of health care plan did they propose between 2000 and 2008? Come on folks let's start working together. If there are some areas that need buffing let's look at them together in a mature manner and with a concern for those who can't care for themselves. Isn't that the Christian way?

      • NoTimeForFishgin says:

        This bill does not allow me to keep my current insurance. I redefines what a policy must cover, what the maximum out of pocket can be and raises the price though these new requirements and new taxes on insurance companies, drug companies and medical device manufacturers. This bill limits my ability to pick the insurance company and coverage that I think best meets my families needs and means.

        The federal government needs to get out of health care. My health care is none of the Feds business, it's mine. Providing charity to those who cannot provide for themselves is not the Federal governments job. That belongs to individuals, charitable organizations and those states who choose to make charity part of their constitution.

    36. Lawrence Vetere says:

      Duped by DopesDuped by Dopes
      Here is an example of just how dense Republicans politicians are. Iron pants Nancy Pelosi, fascist extraordinaire, at the behest of the President; along with other Democrat coconspirators concocted this, Unconstitutional “Health Care Bill.” This action, oddly enough in its own way, absolved Republicans of being “an accessory after the fact” to this illegal action, since Pelosi chose to close the meeting room doors, literally, locking out Republican law makers’ participation, as a result, their actions absolving Republican law makers of any culpability (or Fault) arising thereof.
      But, the fight had only begun, so if you recall, when the doors magically opened, just days before the bill was to be signed into law, and conveniently on the eve of the Christmas holyday’s; Republicans representatives were handed off a two thousand seven hundred page bill to read, and comprehend and agree upon with only a few days remaining. This well concocted and coordinated plan was no accident; Pelosi lured the dopes-to-the-ropes for a democrat knock-out. Once the bill was in Republican hands, it insured Democrats that Republicans were then culpable too of the contents therein, weather they read understood or agreed with the bill or not. And the worst part is –they are. By excepting the bill for review the entire Republican Party became “an accessory after the fact” to a Unconstitutional law.
      The worst part is the Republican Party chose to do nothing which they could have and Tea Party Conservatives would have backed them up one hundred percent. What could they –the Dopes on the Ropes have done, simply stay away from the trap by never physically excepting the document in the first place, secondly, I would have dropped it on the floor in front of the media cameras in front of all those present, expectorated upon it, then uttered four magical words to everyone present –“Shut the government Down” then exited –stage left.

    37. jmasko says:

      The court's decision is alarming in its implication that the taxing power can be put in the service of any end, not just to raise revenue. Check out this comment from the American Action Forum on the sudden change of the ACA debate from a constitutional one to a policy one:

    38. mike says:

      thank you heritage foundation! we must take our country back!

    39. WRH says:

      A sizeable majority of people who criticize Obamacare have no idea of what the act really calls for. If they ever took time to study it, they might have a different attitiude–instead of the bombast and mindless ridicule that is so common among the critics.

      • BobRoss says:

        A sizable majority of the people who support Obamacare have no idea what the act calls for either. They think it will supply them with "free healthcare" when obviously there is no such thing as free healthcare. They think that this will eliminate having uninsured people when it won't.

    40. Astronerd says:

      "Article. I.

      Section. 7.

      All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills."

      The Mandate was declared Unconstitutional as a Commerce instrument but declared Constitutional as a tax. But the Mandate originated in the Senate. It is, therefore, Unconstitutional as well.

      There WILL be lawsuits.

    41. Disheartened says:

      FREE healthcare??!! Nothing is free!! There is a very hefty price to be paid here, in more ways than one, by all taxpayers! Worse yet this sets a precedence to expand gov"t control if it goes through as such. Power Absolute. It's just the tip of the iceburg easing in under guise of, for the benefit of the people and FREE, to further gov't's stronghold on manipulating the everyday lives of Americans to the benefit of the gov't. Join together America to be sure our voices ARE heard. Less gov't less taxpayer $$ spent if budgeted like everyday people budget. If pushed through, the healthcare plan targeted for citizens should also be enjoyed by politicians et al inclusive of the same payment plan. Future generations beware and wary. Save the American dream for generations to come.

    42. Carol Parker says:


    43. John says:

      Let's repeal Obama, then Obamacare would die right along with him.

    44. Guest says:

      All this administration has done is lie to us and spend our money (it's not theirs).

    45. George McLean says:

      I feel it is time to put controls on the Supreme Court! I would suggest a Constitutional Amendmen. First limiting terms of the judges. Second: Legislation be introduced to overrule any decision that is contrary to the will of the people of the United States.It would require 2/3rds affirmative vote. Would also then give this Country back to the American people as they would have the final "say" . Congress could put together the terms and conditions stated above

    46. jennifer palmer says:

      An excuse is nothing but an modified lie. There's no call for this an I will stand for the right of the people.

    47. Joel says:

      The only disappointing thing about the supreme court's upholding of the Afordable Care Act, is the seemingly desperate, apocalyptic, and fearful response the news has been met with. It further demonstrates that the Neo-Conservative need for political leverage in 2012 has clouded the truth that the birthplace of the Affordable Care Act, in it's entirety, was at this Foundation and in the minds of Conservative thinkers. it was originally born with the intent that every family has a patriotic responsibility to obtain healthcare, and that taxpayers shouldn't be forced to support those who don't. It is a sad testament to the state of American politics that both parties have supported the same idea, and both fought ferociously against it.

    48. Dee says:

      For you who like this new health law, wait until you are before the death panels they said weren't in the bill. Wait til you are over 50 and they weigh how useful you are and if they should save you. Ask Canadians how they like "Free health care"

    49. Khk says:

      If the policies/segments of the law the administration has supported (and the Heritage Foundation opposes) , such as the individual mandate, fall into the realm of Socialism/Marxism/communism, than perhaps the Heritage Foundation should have thought of that before it proposed them (and in 1989 of all years).

      And republicans shouldn't have supported an individual mandate in 93. Or Mitt Romney in his home state.

      It's only Socialism/Marxism/communism some of the time? When it's convenient?

    50. johngaltrobbingamerica says:

      You don't go far enough on your analysis. The article, "Supreme Court's New Role: Impose Taxes", explains it better – the Supreme Court stole the responsibility of Congress to write a tax on an statute that did not included it specifically.
      The excuse to write law from the bench is worrisome enough, as Justice Kennedy wrote in his dissent, but the precedent it sets to tax people unless they act upon a mandate will chase us for the rest of our lives.
      The piece can be read at http://www.AmericasChronicle.com

    51. Alisa Fording says:

      Is there anyway to get a petition going from the American citizens to show how many of us don't want this? Somehow I don't think they get the message that the American people do NOT want this!!

    52. Julie says:

      This was a KICK in the gut , how on earth or why would Justice Roberts do this to our country ? I just want to cry , if we don't vote these leftist out come Nov , it's over.NOBAMA 2012 WHat will it take for democrats to see what these people are doing to the free people ?!?!?

    53. G. Murphy says:

      If Obamacare is considered good enough for ALL the American people, why aren't our Senators and Congressmen under the same Obamacare Medical Plan? Because 'they' have their own 'medical coverage' and wouldn't be caught dead, with Obamacare. I PRAY THAT THIS LAW IS REPEALED.

    54. live free or die says:

      They can tax our income if we choose to work. They can tax us if we choose to be uninsured, therefore they should also tax those who choose to be unemployed!

    55. The law will in all probability lower the cost of heath care. We pay now for people who can't afford it. The process for health care facilities to get reimbursed just adds to the cost. Anyway," it is what it is." It's time for the movers and shakers of this country to stop wringing their hands and move on

    56. NotaBlond says:

      No matter if the idea came from the Heritage foundation or not. You will notice they did not push it forward because they had not found a way to Not infringe on individual Liberty in doing so. THAT( individual liberty) is the heart of this matter.
      This tax places an even hevier burdon on those lest able to carry it. Most states already have these points covered. What we have now is another tax & a precident set. What about those that are in the "high risk" cattagory? They are already over burdoned. How does Obama care help them or the working poor?

    57. Scared in California says:

      I fear the ramification because we don't have health insurance,,, can't afford it… if there are NO jobs, how can a person pay for a service that they already are foregoing because they can't afford it? How can a person be fined when they have no money? Debtor's prison- Dickens England? Comes to mind. What? What are they going to do to us? Or even for us? It's a very scary day indeed. I fear for us, and I fear for our future generations. BTW I am from the econmically blighted California. Jobs are less than scarce out here… Try being out of work for not just months but years? (My husband just was) Where is the medical insurance payment, excuse me, no medical insurance fine/tax, supposed to come from? There is nothing here, the state is BROKE. How are we supposed to fight this new mandate? WE don't have medical already, we hope and pray nothing bad happens, its our life, its how we roll… but don't force us… force us to have what we already can't afford and punish us for not. Scary… i have nothing else to say but scary.

    58. Peter says:

      hopefully the end of this age as the Bible declares is close. America WAS the last hope of liberty. God is allowing our world to fall apart in order to bring us close to Him before He brings us to the end. The best we cn do is do the best that we can to hold onto our human rights and liberties until the end so at least we will not have to live under the repressive conditions that the folks in our bureaucracy are attempting to institute. They all must go. Get involved. Don't leave your involvement at the voting booth.

    59. Mark Sussman says:

      Re the SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling. I'm not an attorney, and would like some expert Constitutional scholarly help to clarify a point that I find puzzling. It is this:

      Since SCOTUS ruled the Healthcare mandate is only Constitutional under Congress's taxing powers – - doesn't that mean that a tax must actually be incorporated to fund Obamacare? But, as far as I know, the President cannot unilaterally impose a tax – - isn't that a duty of the Congress? So why is Obamacare not at a dead standstill, until Congress acts to impose such a tax? I believe Congress can stipulate that certain actions of law be funded explicitly by segregated monies. Can this not be made such a case?

      If there is any merit to the above understanding, why is the funding of Obamacare and the law itself, not DOA, since the GOP controls appropriations in the House, or at least a positive House vote must approve such a matter. Can someone at Heritage explain why this tack should not be used to kill Obamacare at its fundamental roots? This would seem more straightforward than undertaking REPEAL of Obamacare. Without a formal tax enactment, why is there any legal substance or standing to the law as it exists today?

      Anyone with some expert legal insights – - please?

    60. Jonesy says:

      I'm all for health care reform but this all seems like a sham to me. I don't see how this new law remedies or even addresses the real problem which is the rising cost of healthcare in general. I think there are better more effective ways of dealing with this issue without having to add more bureaucracy to the already bloated, unelected (read: unaccountable) "administrative branch" of the government. In my opinion, government subsidies would encourage even more rampant spending by healthcare companies.

    61. ellen peterson says:

      What good is health insurance if they continue to play doctor and deny members surgery based upon their internal guidelines……

    62. Donna says:

      I'm confused!!!!!! Why would anyone give up their freedom to the Government and willingly become a slave??? Wake up people for petes sake. You free loaders think you are getting something free. Well there is noting like a free lunch because SOMEONE has to pay for it. It turns out you just sold your freedom with this monstrasity.

    63. Jaime says:

      It's time to reconsider the Supreme Court's final authority in matters of constitutional interpretation. Such authority is not explicitly stated in the constitution, and leaves the federal government (aka the Supreme Court) to decide whether or not the federal government has stepped out of bounds. It's sort of like having the referees on your team's payroll.

      The federal government cannot be trusted to decide what the federal government does. Perhaps the governors could get together and say, "Hey court, this is not what my state's legislature agreed to when they adopted the constitution. Change your ruling or we will assume the role of interpreting the constitutions's limits on federal power.

    64. LibertyMcG says:

      This decision takes its place next to Wickard v Filburn in the SCOTUS Hall of Shame. Congressional repeal isn't the only remedy, however: http://libertymcg.com/2012/07/04/nfib-v-sebelius-

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