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  • Morning Bell: Imperial Presidency

    The United States was born when rebellious colonists declared their independence from an imperial ruler who had vastly overstepped his bounds. “The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States,” they wrote in their Declaration of Independence.

    Today’s presidency lacks the regal air of George III. But imperialism is back, in a big way.

    Last week, the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum instructing U.S. immigration officials to use their “prosecutorial discretion” to create a policy scheme contrary to existing law, designed to implement legislation that Congress hasn’t passed.

    The President himself has admitted he doesn’t have the authority to do this. “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting, I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works,” he told Hispanic activists last year. “That’s not how our democracy functions.”


    We can now see before us a persistent pattern of disregard for the powers of the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision-making without—and often in spite of—congressional action.  This violates the spirit—and potentially the letter—of the Constitution’s separation of the legislative and executive powers of Congress and the President.

    Examples abound:

    • Even though the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected the President’s cap-and-trade plan, his Environmental Protection Agency classified carbon dioxide, the compound that sustains vegetative life, as a pollutant so that it could regulate it under the Clean Air Act.
    • After the Employee Free Choice Act—designed to bolster labor unions’ dwindling membership rolls—was defeated by Congress, the National Labor Relations Board announced a rule that would implement “snap elections” for union representation, limiting employers’ abilities to make their case to workers and virtually guaranteeing a higher rate of unionization at the expense of workplace democracy.
    • After an Internet regulation proposal failed to make it through Congress, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would regulate the Web anyway, even despite a federal court’s ruling that it had no authority to do so.
    • Although Congress consistently has barred the Department of Education from getting involved in curriculum matters, the Administration has offered waivers for the No Child Left Behind law in exchange for states adopting national education standards, all without congressional authorization.

    Likewise, the Administration has often simply refused to enforce laws duly enacted by Congress:

    • Since it objects to existing federal immigration laws, the Administration has decided to apply those laws selectively and actively prevent the state (like Arizona) from enforcing those laws themselves.
    • Rather than push Congress to repeal federal laws against marijuana use, the Department of Justice (DOJ) simply decided it would no longer enforce those laws.
    • DOJ also has announced that it would stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act or defending it from legal challenge rather than seeking legislative recourse.

    On Tuesday, the President invoked executive privilege to avoid handing over some 1,300 documents in an ongoing Congressional investigation.  The Supreme Court has held that executive privilege cannot be invoked to shield wrongdoing.  Is that what’s happening in this case? “Congress needs to get to the bottom of that question to prevent an illegal invocation of executive privilege and further abuses of power. That will require an index of the withheld documents and an explanation of why each of them is covered by executive privilege—and more,” Heritage legal scholar Todd Gaziano writes.

    Earlier this year the President crossed the threshold of constitutionality when he gave “recess appointments” to four officials who were subject to Senate confirmation, even though the Senate wasn’t in recess. Gaziano wrote at the time that such appointments “would render the Senate’s advice and consent role to normal appointments almost meaningless. It is a grave constitutional wrong.”

    There is no telling where such disregard may go next, but the trend is clear, and it leads further and further away from the constitutional rule of law.

    The President has unique and powerful responsibilities in our constitutional system as chief executive officer, head of state, and commander in chief. Those powers do not include the authority to make laws or to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore. The President – like judges or Members of Congress – takes an oath to uphold the Constitution in carrying out the responsibilities of his office.

    Indeed, the President takes a unique oath, pledging he “shall faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” We don’t need a new Declaration of Independence, but we do need a President who will defend and vigorously exert his or her legitimate powers, recognizing that those powers are not arbitrary or unlimited.

    Dr. Matthew Spalding is the Vice President for American Studies and Director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics at The Heritage Foundation. He is also the author of We Still Hold These Truths.

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    117 Responses to Morning Bell: Imperial Presidency

    1. Frank says:

      I remember on the "Smother's Brothers" TV show in the 60's, whenever they spoke of LBJ, they often showed a crown to indicate LBJ's "imperial presidency". In fact, the US Presidency has been way out-of-control for a long time under both Ds & Rs. Time to scale it back! That won't happen with Romney if he gets in office. Would he be better than Obama? Yes, but that's not saying much. At some point the average American voter will have to wake up & start voting for a non-Statist… someone committed to a small, limited, Constitutional Federal government. Reagan was the last to try for that, however imperfectly he might have tried to do it.

      • Oldlady S says:

        If we look back over our Republic's history, we'll find once lawyers took control of our governments from the local level to the POTUS, WE THE PEOPLE have no say. They keep making and changing laws while not enforcing laws already on the books. We The People are too busy trying to make a living and pay our bills (along with those of the "needy") to watch close enough to see what's happening; especially when these things are passed behind closed doors and in the middle of the night. How does one get the Proposed 28th Amendment passed?

        • Mary A says:

          the 28th Amendment is a farse, don't buy into every wacko BS mass email you get and do some research on some subjects before you redistribute the ignorant garbage that recirculated constantly.

        • Mary A says:

          the 28th Amendment is a farse, don't buy into every wacko BS mass email you get and do some research on some subjects before you redistribute the ignorant garbage that's recirculated constantly.

      • Frank actually, it was Nixon that showed a crown above his head. Nixon did not like the Smothers Brothers, so much, he used his influence to have their hourly program cancelled by the network. King Richard did not like the fact that they made fun of him. Nixon's band of thieves was caught up in the Watergate scandal, which implicated Nixon ordered the break in, from the Oval office. He wanted to know what the Democrats were up to.

        • Dave Nohe says:

          Todd, he didn't order the break in. He covered it up though. And for that, he was facing impeachment, so he resigned instead. What Obama has been doing FAR, FAR, FAAAAAARRRR outweighs anything Nixon (or anyway since Nixon) did. Nixon was just a crotchety, paranoid old man that everyone wanted gone. So, all the dirt got dug up in order to get rid of him. (Which is scary, in and of itself when you consider the outrageous amount of power the media wields!) If you were to do the same to subsequent presidents (Dems and Repubs) you'd find that they are even worse than Nixon ever was. Obama, though, is blatant and unashamed of his destruction of the processes of this country. Can't wait to see this impostor and empty suited disbarred lawyer gone.

      • Don says:

        Congress also took an oath to protect the Constitution. It sure doesn't look like that they have been doing their job lately. Where are the impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama? Obama should have been impeached a long time ago. But, there is no action against Obama. The Republicans are afraid of the Democrats and are hoping that the American people will do their job in November. Well, what happens if Obama wins in November? There are enough stupid voters out there who could keep Obama in the White House.

      • Ken White says:

        A perfect circularly illogical non-statement. Lots of chewed air.

      • Ernest C. says:

        Where is Congress? Why does the Congress and both Houses of the Congress call the President out on these issues? When does the Balance of Power come into play during these times where this president assumes he has total control. A weak Congress allows this president to dictate and to bypass our Congress. Again, a weak Legislative Branch of the Federal Government! No one to represent the people! To many weak, do nothing Congressmen who will not challenge this president! Call the president and his departments out on circumventing the legislative branch of our(the peoples) government! Where is Speaker Boehner? Where is the Minority Leader in the Senate, Sen. Mitch MoConnel? Stand up and be counted and represent the people. Quit allowing the president to violate the Constitution and the Rule of Law! Weak, Weak, Weak congressional delegations in D.C.!!

    2. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      It is indicative of the contempt Messr. Obama has for the Constitution and the rule of law when he uses a blatant distortion of the theory of "prosecutorial discretion" to defend his adminstration's indefensible actions. It is worse than a cover up, it is indeed an attempt at establishing an "imperial presidency". This concept was derived from the ethical duty of a criminal prosecutor to exercise "justness" in certain cases where warranted by circumstance. For an alleged attorney to use it as blanket means of hiding his activities is frankly disgusting to any mermber of the bar.

    3. Turner says:

      essentially, he is encouraging anarchy up to the executive level, everywhere

      • Clinton left Bush Heaven on earth bush left O hell on earth—Here is proof
        Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
        Numbers rounded

        Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
        Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

        Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
        Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

        Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
        Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

        Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
        Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

        Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
        Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

        Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
        Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

        Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
        Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

        Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.

        • James says:

          This article is about President Obama, not Clinton and not Bush. To that end – please supply likewise stats on Obama for all to see. And the inclusion of the Dow is ridiculous – only morons think that Presidents dictate where the stock market moves from one day to the next (e.g. the internet bubble burst right as Clinton left office, and the CDO & housing crisis came to a head at the end of the Bush years, but was years in the making – neither of which had anything to do with who our President was but had huge effects on the economy and your "8028 Dow"). I would love for you to calculate the current budget and deficit under the Obama regime, just for posterity. And also remind folks out there that Clinton engaged in unilateral military action as well.

        • Tina B. says:

          Clarence, get your facts straight.

          Bush left Obama a $1.3Trillion deficit, which got paid back in 3 months, back down to $700 Billion.

          Obama then went and spent $800 billion on "stimulus" (still not sure how taking a dollar from me and giving it to a bureaucrat to spend will stimulate the economy any more than ME spending it!)

          Bush racked up $4.9 Trillion in 8 years, Obama $5.1 Trillion in 3.7 years.

          The only reason we had "peace" under Clinton, is he dismantled the intelligence agency that, if left intact and functioning, probably could have foiled the 9/11 attack.

          Wise up!

    4. Jeffrey says:

      Article gutless lay stops short of calling Obama what he by his own hand appears to be: an anti-American marxist, a traitor, driven by a deluded, Narcissistic psychopathy. Way beyond help from Chef Ramsay or anybody else.

      • Evelyn Dodd says:

        You've got that exactly right…you have said it better than I could, thank you.

      • Chris says:

        Yep. Look up the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Who does that describe!

      • Princeton67 says:

        Narcissistic Personality Disorder
        Symptoms of this disorder include, but are not limited to:

        Reacts to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
        May take advantage of others to reach their own goals
        Tends to exaggerate their own importance, achievements, and talents
        Imagines unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance
        Requires constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
        Easily becomes jealous
        Lacks empathy and disregards the feelings of others
        Obsessed with oneself
        Mainly pursues selfish goals
        Trouble keeping healthy relationships
        Is easily hurt and rejected
        Sets unrealistic goals
        Wants "the best" of everything
        Appears as tough-minded or unemotional


    5. Bettie B. Lori no says:

      We have lost a tremendous amount of freedom under Obama with his regulatory edicts. The mainstream press remains his lapdog.

      As always, Dr. Spaulding has encapsulated these abuses of power.


      • Ian MacLeod says:

        Impeachment is the ONLY option! Obama has broken EVERY promise he has made, he's lied and lie and lied to the American people, bot by omission and commission. He is now war-mongering against Russia and just about every country on the planet, especially the Middle East. He's TRYING to start more wars, especially nuclear. These are clearly his orders from the "elites" who own him, and he MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE as quickly as it can be done! He has also been trying to find sanctuary in other countries for after he leaves office, with no luck. I don't want him living out his life in luxury with wealth stolen from hard-working Americans!



      • Chris R says:

        It's inevitable anyway. The Sheeple have become to dependent. They're are not enough intelligent people who understand what is going on to do anything about it. The ones with any power to do so are being attacked through class warfare. The end of our country as we know it is coming soon. If Obama wins it will end sooner that if Romney ends. But either way, it's almost all over. Enjoy it while you can!

    8. Chris says:

      The SS began as a small permanent guard unit made up of NSDAP volunteers to provide security for Nazi Party meetings in Munich. Formed at the end of 1920, they were known as the "Saal-Schutz" (Hall-Protection).[1] Later under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler between 1929 and 1945, the SS was renamed the "Schutz-Staffel" and grew from a small paramilitary formation to one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the Third Reich.[2] – How long will Congress allow the President to continue to break the laws of our land?

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        Chris – The major proble is many in Congress, on both sides of the isle, support Obama's policies. We as American citizens cannot depend on this Congress or the RNC to do anything to shop Obama, otherwise the RNC would not have shoved Romney down our throats.

    9. toledofan says:

      So, it's clear that one man and a majority party can bring America to her knees if they have the help of the mainstream media; it's a good thing we have publications like Heritage, talk radio, and the internet. As time goes on, for the future of our country and our kids, we have to find a way so this can't happen again. I mean honestly, each of the elected officials takes an oath of office, especially in Obama's case his oath should be a sacred committment to follow the Constitution and the laws of the land. At every turn it's been almost the complete opposite. I hope we learned a lesson.

      • arnonerik says:

        You are right but this is not just a lesson to learn. Is this a weakness in our laws or our wills that one aggressive over-reaching President, with a majority party behind him, can establish himself, by his audacious actions, as an American Caesar? Somebody, and if not somebody, then we the people, must rise up in direct opposition and confrontation or we can kiss our Republic good-bye.
        I fear that the window of our ability to act will close as our imperious President grows bolder by the day in destroying our Constitution and limiting our freedoms. All of us have a duty to protect our Constitution and our Republic and if our elected officials lack the courage to stop Obama then we must act without them. If this is not worth fighting for now then we don't deserve to be free men and women. We are very close to the very reason the framers of our Constitution gave us citizens the right to bear arms but weakness, timidity, and fear play into the usurper's hand. I hope and pray that action will not be necessary but unless we demonstrate the will and courage to act, the crisis becomes inevitable under conditions that can only worsen.

    10. K J Rush says:

      If I read this article correctly, despite the fact that the US is a country governed by laws and founded on a Constitution, one man can basically run amok and no one can do anything about it? That is very scary.

    11. Lee Rogers says:

      Early in this piece, you stated; "Today's presidency lacks the regal air of George III. But imperialism is back, in a big way." I would add that the complaints against the crown, listed in the Declaration, are nearly identical to those we should list against our own federal government today.

      • f.lindsay says:

        This Article is right on-the SITTING-PRETENDING #POTUS is a TRAITOR 2 OUR CONSTITUTION& our CITIZENS. The WH is more worried about how the FAST&FURIOUS SCANDAL will bring negative attention, COMPLETELY GLOSSING over 2 FEDERAL AGENTS DEATHS—-JAMIE ZAPATA & BRIAN TERRY and OVER 300 MEXICAN CIVILIANS——–WE ARE PISSED-HOLDER should resign…but hopefully the CORRUPT BUDDY SYSTEM -OBAMA SHIELDING Holder's incriminating Documents——will BRING the ENTIRE FRAUDS PRESIDENCY crashing&burning to its END——GOD BLESS AMERICA & save us from the CRIMINALS IN THE OVAL OFFICE—NO MORE BO he stinks.

    12. Diane says:

      I have a concern that he will create an environment to use it as an excuse to impose martial law and suspend the election indefinetly making himself dictator as he continues to over ride the constitution or rig the election.If he gets a second term,he'll do just as he pleases as he'll be done campaigning.

    13. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Obama is becoming more of a dictator rather than an elected official and he might just declare a national emergency at the last minute again and suspend elections this Fall.

    14. If Obama is reelected (God help us) the Bill of Rights will be changed to the Bill of Lefts, the Constitution will be abolished, the Declaration of Independence will be changed to the Declaration of Dependence and we will become a dictatorship. Is this the end of America as we knew it?

    15. If you think this is bad wait till POTUS gets re-elected. Insanity is running rampant in our country. I was listening to one of Cleveland's local tv stations morning show when a caller said it was an act of treason for congress namely conservatives not to pass the Presidents jobs bill. What is wrong with this picture.

    16. John G says:

      Obama is just the latest in a long line of Presidents and Congresses who fail to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. Each new example moves the line just a bit farther than the last one.

    17. Johncdavidson says:

      Finally someone has explained pointedly how far we have strayed from out founding principles.

      The real culprits are those who continually support this radicalization of constitutional laws.

      Took 1800 budget to 3500
      5700 debt to 11,900
      surplus to 1400 deficit
      237,000 jobs created per month to 31,000
      Peace on Earth to Two sorry wars
      closed 54,000 manufacturing plants
      lost one third of our manufcturing jobs
      Told 935 Lies om wmd to get approval to invade and conquer a nation 7000 miles away and one of least armed most destitute on earth
      Hague awaits you.

      • Mike says:

        You sir are a ninny. Do you work for the mainstream media? You just regurgitated every liberal talking point on Bush/Cheney there is.

      • Patriot Jones says:

        Bush clearly had issues. But last I checked he was no longer President. Welcome to 2012 where Obama has a list about as long and it's only been four years into his reign.

      • stephen says:

        Thanks Mr Swinney, A breath of fresh air in this musty room filled with hate in lieu of logic, reason sober thought processes.
        Have a great weekend!

      • Glenn says:

        Do you know the true Obama statistics, or can you only regurgitate the socialist lies. If I were the betting type, I would bet that you do not even know the statistics on Obama, much less all of the laws that he has violated. You talk like a liberal operative who is smooching the fanny of your king. Is he paying you or is the liberal lame stream media paying your salary? I never cease to be amazed at what people will say and do in their pursuit of the almight green back.

      • O2BMe says:

        Even if that were all true it has little bearing on what is going on now. Those that would donkey will do so even if it means this country goes bankrupt like Greece, Spain and probably Italy and France. Some people will never look at each individual candidate and try to vote wisely. People voted for Obama because he promised change just like Adolf Hitler. If I had seen transparency and integrity I would be on his side, but this Executive Privilege decree to save his buddy stinks to high heaven. An American citizen was killed defending his country on U.S. soil. Over 200 Mexicans were killed without the Mexican Government even informed of Fast & Furious. Don't all these families deserve the truth? What if this was your son, would you just forget it? Go ahead, vote for the donkey. Forward to the Nanny State and lack of responsibility.

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        Bush and Cheney are head and shoulders better and more honorable people that Obama/Biden can ever hope to be. The Bush administration made some mistakes and did some things I do not approve of, but blaming them for what's happening today is more than foolish. It can only be described as being as being drunk on Obama koolaid. In case you hadn't noticed, Obama has run up more national debt in three years than Bush did in eight, ran the first annual deficit over one trillion dollars, and has never run a deficit of less.

      • idaho redneck says:

        Humm, I wonder how the people of Kuwait feel? I can just about guarantee you that the Saudi's were only too glad for us to jump in. If we did not, were you prepared to pay $8 per gallon of gas if you could even get it?

    19. RennyG says:

      Why is it we have laws for/against us but cannot be implimented against the govrnment??
      I say this man in operating under the "ALINSKY THEORY" and no one can stop him. Or, they are "afraid" of him and his czars!!!"

      • All three branches of government are guilty of abuse of power, and of dereliction of duty in failing to rein in a president who has assigned himself dictatorial powers. It is not up to the media to decide whether or not this is true and punishable. The ultimate power belongs to the people, and it will be up to each individual state to take whatever actions are necessary to protect its citizens from Obama's unconstitutional mandates and dictates. It will be up to the people to support governors like Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Jan Brewer of Arizona, Rick Perry of Texas, and any other with the courage to stand up to this administration.

    20. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The President has unique and powerful responsibilities in our constitutional system as chief executive officer, head of state, and commander in chief. Those powers do not include the authority to make laws or to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore."

      The above quote is applicable to all former presidents who governed within the powers granted by the Constitution. The more recent adoption of "political correctness" in so many areas of our lives may be why our first black president is allowed the greater latitudes in freedom of action or thought.

    21. Lloyd Scallan says:

      More than two years ago, many of us who recognized who and what Obama is tried to warn other American that Obama was fast becoming this nation's first dictator. Now finally, some are starting to realize the warnings were real. This is not "imperialism". It a dictatorship, exactly the same as any third-world country being controled by a two-bit thug. By not only the election of Obama, but the continued support by the DNC, Democrats in Washingon, and the liberal left, hopefully will cause all Americans to understand this nation, as we have know it, is deliberately being forced into a communist state that will be controled by Obama and whomever is pulling his strings.

    22. mbrosch says:

      The invocation of Executive Privilege is a real stumper. First off, the Left has been successful in pretending that Fast and Furious is nothing more than the GOPs over politicization of a minor management blip. But Obama has (either) needlessly elevated the issues into the mainstream, or has done so to save his own skin. It's important to remember too that it was Holder who pushed the investigation and this pointless confrontation so close to an election cycle. Not the oversight committee. Of all Obamas antics this EP roulette may be viewed as his most defining act.

    23. John says:

      We already have a Declaration of Independence…we NEED a new American Revolution….

    24. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      I think you really mean…The Imperial Presidency, The Imperial House of Representatives, The Imperial Senate…they all rule contrary to the will of the people….and protect entitlement, while crushing opportunity.

    25. Anne Reid says:

      In case no one else has noticed, since Obama has violated his oath of office many times over, he is a traitor. He needs to be impeached, removed from office, and then arrested and tried for treason. All of his Congressional supporters who have taken and violated their oaths of office need to have the same consequences. His czars need to be fired. His "Kill List" activities need to be abolished. He is at war with the American people and the Constitution and seeks our destruction in favor of Global Government. He seeks to bypass Constitutional rights by making international treaties. WAKE UP! What will we do if he's voted out of office and then refuses to stand down?

      • I hope the military will not follow the martial law order. This has to stop somewhere and I don't understand why people don't see the things he is doing!! How is he being allowed to get away with this? Who would have to arrest him for all of these things?

    26. Jim Buzzell says:

      What I find ironic is that congress will do nothing to rein in Obama, or any other president in the past. Congress is more comfortable allowing the Presidents to take the blame for their lack of congressional control of the executive branch of government. Thje President(s) do not the have the constitutional authority legislate by executive order or otherwise as long as congress holds those powers and does not adicate them to rhe executive branch of government. What is it they do not understand????

    27. will says:

      When principle is involved, be deaf to expediency. Commodore Maury, 1849
      When principle is involved, be deaf. LSM, 2012

    28. MJF says:

      Simply put, the Congress of the United States doesn't have the guts to tell Mr. Obama to cease and desist. They are too busy trying to make a case against baseball players to worry about the REAL problems in this Country. Add to this, the US Senate (who is supposed to watch the Congress) is run by total idiots who stand like line backers against everything that would help the American People! The worst part of all of this is (and I hate to put it this way) the morons of this Country keep putting all of these useless idiots back in office, over and over.

    29. joecool says:

      The media is at the helm of the Titanic! Nothing will change till a few of them get the guts to tell the truth.

      • bonnie says:

        If the Titanic had made a slight change of course before hitting the iceberg it would have survived. That is why we have to vote for Romney. Like him or not, at least we will get a change of course that avoids disaster and give us a chance to go forward and implement more changes in the future. If obama wins, this ship (our country) is sunk.

    30. Mary......WI says:

      So, who do I see about beginning impeachment measures against "Dictator Obama"? Or, just how does that work? Four more years of Obama and this administration and the USA is GONE! Say what you will about Romney but at least he's a true American and he WOULD uphold his oath to defend the constitution of this country.

    31. Debbie says:

      So why isn't anyone doing anything about it?

      • bonnie says:

        Debbie, the only option we have is to get out the vote. That is all we should be thinking about. Do not pay any attention to obama's attempts to get us off course i.e. gay marriage, not supporting required voter ID, 2 year amnesty (Dream Act), Republicans hate women, executive orders etc. etc. etc.

    32. America is under attack from within. The democrat's platform and the policies of this administration are not merely fawed or in error and they are not merely academic disagreements or idealogic difference. They are more than a mere obstruction of justice and political croneism. Their unbridled disregard for God's Laws, the Constitution and our laws and regulations and our naive and ignorant tolerance for these actions are truly

      TheUnited States of America is under attack from within. CHANGE THE COURSE OF THESE ACTIONS AND INACTIONS. Unite under one set of God given rights and take control of this situation. Make sure you and your friends and families vote in November, unite your communities, unite your towns and small cities. TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THIS CLIFF'S EDGE.

    33. Bob Dewey says:

      “We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness –“
      This is not the same principle as articulated in the 1st Amendment regarding the Congressional probation regarding the establishment or exercising of a religion.

      We were founded as a Christian nation. Our Declaration of Independence cannot be more clear. If we today accept the premise that we are no longer a Christian nation, how do we assert claim to “certain unalienable rights”?

    34. Lary Dunham says:

      I always thought that the Constitution is the law of the land with a built-in way to change. The way things are going today the way to change and the total abuse of the Constitution as written are being ignored. The President is breaking the law why can't he be charged with and impeached. It appears that if I break the law I go jail, while he has no such restraints. Larry Dunham

    35. PJohnson says:

      One question: Why hasn't Obama been impeached for his abuse of power and gross overreach? Nixon did much less.

    36. Thomas says:

      With all the improprieties listed on be behalf of this president and his administration, why are there not law suites enacted by the States and the people to set these actions aside? Who is responsable to take the action against the President for his disreqard of his oath of office?

    37. Taxman says:

      Surprised? Nah!

    38. CPB says:

      Hey Clarence , Bush has been out of office for almost three years . Every time someone criticizes barry, the response is Bush this and that, and by the way since you bought it up, the Bush admin saw record job growth until around 2006, which included going through 9/11 and the dot com crash.

      • Glenn says:

        CPB is right Clarence, and in January 2007 the Democrat Socialists took over unchallengeable control of the House and Senate. Then in November 2008, the same "useful idiots" voted King Obama into power. Believe it or not, like it or not, it is time to stop looking back to Bush for your excuses. Until January of 2011, Democrats had all the power that they needed to do anything they wanted to do. Clear the scales from your eyes (if you can) and look at what they have done, their accomplishments are nothing but shameful. Go ahead, try to tell the millions of people who are out of work due to Obama dictates that it really is Bush's fault.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Don't forget the last 2 years of Bush's term he had a DEMOCRATIC House and Senate, it was this Congress that started all the spending and contnued int the fist 2 years of Obama's term, now they want to control again so they can ruin the USA, also DO NOT TRUST THIS POTUS if things go wrong he'll execute another EP, and wipe out our Constitution, Bill of Rights and he will name himself POTUS for life.. Come on Sherff Joe, get us the proof to send this crew to Leavenworth .

    39. Richard says:

      Is Obama doing all of these things to just soften us up, weaken our senses, for what is yet to come; around the election in November? If he does not see a lot of serious resistance to his persistent usurpation of power then how hard will it be to take away the results of any election?

    40. victorbarney says:

      I'm predicting that Barak Obama will NOT DESTROY THIS COUNTRY HIMSELF! However, Obama is the ONLY prophetized American President in American History and as predicted in Deuteronomy 17:15, President Obama is the ONLY "forbidden foreigner" in man's 6,000 year history to rule over Israel by the seed of Joseph, as England(Gen. 48:16), and this "forbidden foreigner" also will bring on the two-witnesses discussed in Revelation, chapter 11, and it is they will destroy Anglo-Saxon America, leaving alive only 144,000 Israelites(12,000 from each tribe, minus Dan/Irish). This will take them 3 1/2 years to do so and this time is commonly spoken of as being "Jacob's Trouble?" England already had achieved the promise to possess the largest civil empire in history; so brother u.s. had nothing left to do but put in over u.s. not only the prophetized "forbidden foreigner," but also the "right" ANTI-CHRIST(Marxist) over u.s. this time! Watch, especially being September 16, 2012 on the Israelite Feast of Trumpets(war)! Just saying…

    41. blained13 says:

      Washington is out of touch with most Americans, this was something our founders worried about a big government no longer listening. They rebelled against this very same thing to form this nation.

    42. yeoldgrump says:

      We lost a great deal of freedom when the EPA was established. It has caused the cost of doing business and the cost of living to skyrocket, not only here in the US but worldwide. It has caused property owners to lose the use of their property and made such property worthless. It must be dismantled.

      Not only has Eric Holder shown "Contempt for Congress" and the American People, it is apparent that President Obama shows the same contempt. He must be removed from office, either by vote of the people or impeachment and found guilty of the charges rendered.

    43. Your article is all true and as a concerned citizen that has taken the time to educate myself on as many of the issues of the time, I am aware of many more "out of the Constitutional box" things that this administration is hiding from the people. The problem we face is how do we "educate" those in this country that don't have a clue about what is going on. The big question is how do we do that in less than five months?

    44. Ken says:

      With Obama making all of these end runs around the Constitution and Congress, who is supposed to hold him accountable? No-one, Not even the Repubs. sound like they do not oppose him. Really there is not one Rebub. coming forward and stepping out against the anoited one.

    45. Joe G says:

      So what is your congressman doing about this?

    46. Bruce Morgan says:

      If Obama is allowed to do "grant amnesty" for political gain then, if re-elected, he can take away the "amnesty" for a different political gain.

    47. Leon The Electrician says:

      Doc, thank you so much for writing this piece! I thought perhaps I would have to write it myself, this exact List. Of course there isn't room for all the thousands of horrible illegal things Obama has done and nobody has the brain space to appreciate them. You have given us the tip of the iceburg. I think it is intentional that these Progressive Traitors have done so much damage to our Nation that we will never be able to undo it. I have been blogging for three years that Obama must be Impeached AND his fellow coconspirators (actual Domestic Enemies.) I believe the Republicans would Impeach him if they thought it would do any good. Clinton's fake impeachment set the stage for this bum, we no longer believe in the process. It does my heart good to read these posts. I am proud to be a Heritage Foundation reader and you folks who blog in these comments pages are patriots. Thank YOU!

    48. stephen says:

      Tell me this has the President of the United States commited a violation of the law?

    49. SALLY KNOWS says:


      We're seriously in trouble if he gets back in office! They've been gradually digging up dirt on Romney and can't find enough to really discredit him so far.


    50. Glenn Drennen says:

      So why is Obama and several of his minions not in jail? Why has this imperialist not been impeached? Why is Congress so willing to allow Obama to relegate them and their authority to a state of irrelevance? Is there anyone, who has the power to do anything, who will stand up and do something, or are we doomed to another violent and bloody revolution for the purpose of ousting the king and his court. The courts tell Obama "No", and he ignores the courts. The courts follow up by doing nothing. Congress says "No", and he ignores Congress. Congress follows up by doing nothing. Is this one big conspiracy to bring us all under Marxist rule and eliminate the Constitution, and Congress,and the courts as well as all citizens who oppose the king because they are "enemies of the state"? There is a very bad chapter in our history yet to be published, let us not allow that chapter to even be written. Stop Obama Now!

    51. airborne ranger says:

      How dare you question, insult or demean our Royal Queen, Court Jester Ms. V. J. and him… the King! Naysayers have been beheaded for less. Let us now bow our heads in homage… (Don't look up – it's against the rules for a mere mortal like you… to behold… or, see them)

    52. Guest says:

      …..no new information here….the question is "What can we do about it?" Seems our representatives in DC are happy to remain silent. I guess the Constitution is only as good as those in office are willing to abide by it.

    53. Warren Norcom says:

      I am oversaturated with endless commentaries on how the president has overstepped his authority in taking various actions, how he circumvents laws the Congress makes, how he renders laws useless by not enforcing them, how he disregards the principles set forth in the Constitution, and on and on. It is necessary to make these things public to allow the electorate to be educated. However, if eloquent and excessive verbiage doesn't change things it is only as a "resounding gong or a clanging cymbal". Our system of government is designed with a "balance of powers" built in. My question is: Why doesn't it work? Why are not our elected representatives bringing the president and the executive branch to task over their excesses? Has our Congress relinquished its due power? What are they doing – just making loud noises and letting the president get away his excesses? Do we indeed have an imperial presidency? If not I want my elected representatives to get off their posteriors and DO SOMETHING!!

    54. Casey Carlton says:

      Say what you will about Barack Obama, but he has achieved something no other human or creature has achieved. He has replaced the amoeba as the lowest form of life.

    55. John Szeker says:

      As I have stated previously, the Republicans in Congress should start impeachment proceedings against our "King" now. However, they are very short on the guts necessary to fight him, and are constantly afraid of being labeled "racists" by obama's press flunkies. This guy is so much a traitor to our American way of life and needs to be defeated soundly this November as our reps in Congress have not really fought him enough on any of the illegal things he has done to date.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        The problem with Impeachment is it would be futile after leaving the House to get Acton by Prince Harry and the Senate. With this in mind it would be a waste of MONEY for the House to bring forth Articles of Impeachment, then go to House Judicuary Comm. for investigation into the allecations, the a house floor vote, then suppose to go to the Senate for a Trial, we all know Prince Harry would TABLE THIS asap

    56. John Szeker says:

      I forgot to mention in the comments I just submitted that I saw the greatest bumper sticker the other day – it reads "Barack Hussein Obama belongs in jail – not in the White House". So very true and I am trying to determine where I can get some of those stickers

    57. Bobbie says:

      Save America!! Republicans have to stick with serious campaigning and serious commercials. Show the contrast of America's strength yesterday to how it's weakened under the leadership it reflects today.

    58. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Outstanding article and all too true. Obama laments that he was not elected King, so has decided to coronate himself and assume the throne anyway. There is no other way he can continue the "fundamental transformation" of America and the destruction of our Constitution, a document he believes to be "deeply flawed". While recent actions are clearly political pandering, he must hope that he can continue to "fool some of the people all of the time" in order to be re-elected and continue the devastation. Those who think this is all just incompetence are, I believe, wrong. Obama is following a clear, intentional, and dangerous path.

    59. idaho redneck says:

      I think most people here can agree when the President violates his oath of office, that is engaging in "high crimes and misdemeanors". Constitutionally, there is no other way of stopping him, he must be impeached.

    60. Lyle R. page says:

      If all that you say is true why have the American people not even heard the word IMPEACHMENT uttered.
      Either "act or get off the pot!!!"

    61. mcg says:

      Thanks to our leader who has the courage to do the right thing in the face of collective amnesia about the plight of immigrants – all of us are the descendants of immigrants who came here without authority of the native population and, in fact, basically killed them off. Where is the humanity?

    62. Terry C. says:

      Since Obama has disregarded his oath to uphold the Constitution and in fact, walks on it, I think the House (who holds the checkbook) should cut funds to his security staff by 50%. After all is said and done, and he's back to being a community organizer, there should be a house cleaning in DC (with lots of bleach) to purge all the non-constitutionalists-yes, including Ruth Bader Ginzer, from a position that smacks of anti American opinion. "If you're not with us, you're aginst us". "If you're not a Patriot, you're an enemy". If you take an oath, may we expect you will honor it!

    63. Trolling Me says:

      Impeach him or STFU!!!

    64. Carol, AZ says:

      Dr, Thank you:
      We're all frankly exhausted and broke as a State fighting this fight far longer than other States.
      Fox News, is the only media that utters the two words reverberating from the White House that I hear.
      It's called :"Class Warfare."
      For King Bo and his handlers to accomplish their end game they he must destroy the middle classes.
      It started with the destruction for State Rights.
      We've reached the point in our country where the lines are so blurred now, under the corrupted legal system and leadership , the further guilt spin, under the propaganda from yellow journalism, that we now think that crime in question, is above the law.
      Tragically the spin go further telling all of us to be just like them, and to tolerant and accept the breaking of our Constitutional laws.
      This summary from you, is over due and we hear you clearly.

    65. blained13 says:

      We fought a revolution over a government who wasn't listening, doing whatever they wanted. We now seem to have allowed our federal government to go down this very same path of ignoring the people. Obama clearly doesn't want to legislate, so he dictates!

    66. Larry Papania says:

      The author forgot to mention the Healthcare Mandate which clearly violates Religious Liberty.

    67. ThomNJ says:

      Executive lawlessness and Congressional gutlessness – both of these leading us down the path to destruction or civil war or both.

    68. Vince Picarello says:

      "We don't need a new Declaration of Independence, but we do need a President who will defend and vigorously exert his or her legitimate powers, recognizing that those powers are not arbitrary or unlimited."
      If you agree with the above statement come join us at oustobamacoalition.com

    69. Princeton67 says:

      "The President himself has admitted he doesn’t have the authority to do this. “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting, I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works,” he told Hispanic activists last year. “That’s not how our democracy functions.”"

      Nixon has risen: "I am not a crook."

    70. Mary Renshaw says:

      It's time for someone in the congress to grow a pair and impeach this clown. He's failed to keep his oath and has gone out of his way to destroy our Constitution. Nixon's crimes pale in comparison with what he's done and continues to do each day he's in office.

    71. Ed Kalvelage says:

      OK, Obama has demonstrated a total disregard for the Constitution and his oath to enforce the laws rhat congress paases. We all agree. Now what? What is the legal recourse if he is reelected and, surely he will, continues to run rough shod over the supreme law of the land? Can congress cut off funding for executive branch agencies that laugh at congressional oversight?

    72. righthearted says:

      Another abuse of this POTUS's power that I feel is extremely dangerous is his bent toward allowing known anti-Americans, anarchists, and other assorted ne'er-do-wells into the White House for…what?? Was there not a time when everybody who entered The People's House had to pass a security check? What has happened to that requirement? What kinds of security secrets are these receiving and then going out to assemble forces against us? This resident of the White House is a traitor…there's no doubt in my mind…and he must not be reelected!!

    73. @sedj4wd says:

      Ron Paul to Tampa yes we need a Miracle ! But it has happened before !

    74. Tom Rotondi says:

      When the President of the United States of America does not uphold his oath to protect the US Constitution, refuses to enforce it's laws and protect legal citizen, what do you call it?

    75. Larry White says:

      Two weeks late; I have been busy.
      This may have been the most important posting Heritage has made since Obama's Inauguration. How terrible the first elected black leader of a free nation, freedom paid for "with a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, or Fortunes and our sacred Honor."…freedom paid for by more than 600,000 fathers, brothers against brothers, classmates against classmates of Our Civil War, chooses to destroy that Nation!…as Hitler destroyed Germany;with hate, racism and fascism.
      America has been and continues -unless Obama is re-elected – to be (maybe for the wrong reasons but with the right results) a World Power since our Declaration of Independence and has shown unfathomable self restraint, philanthropy, benevolence and charity.
      The fears expressed in so many of these responses , comments to this post are real. The Fourth Column may never have been as week as it is now! Thank God for The Heritage Foundation, the internet, Conservative foundations helping us get Our Country Back.

    76. Jesse Reich says:

      There's another instance of the President subverting the will of the judicial branch.

      The SCOTUS struck down 3 of 4 sections of this law, but the "asking for papers" provision which Pres. Obama was attempting to vilify, was upheld. Local and state cops asking for immigration status while making a legal detainment had previously been found constitutional by the SC (Muehler v. Mena) and is codified in current federal law so the decision on this section shouldn't be a surprise.

      Right after the SC ruling was announced, DHS announced that ICE was rescinding its immigration enforcement agreement with Arizona which would prevent Az from being able to report any illegal immigrants to ICE (their only legal recourse) and also from accessing a nationwide database of known illegal immigrants who have committed other crimes. This program had proved very effective. So even if Az cops can ask suspects to prove their immigration status, they no longer can report them to ICE to be deported. This leave Az unable to do anything to enforce the law. They must now release suspects that they know are here illegally since ICE will no longer take their calls to deport.

      On top of that, the DoJ has set up a hotline to report possible racial profiling, which will undoubtedly be used as evidence (whether justified or not) that the "show you papers" section violates the Equal Rights Amendment. It is also a serious warning to Az cops that the federal government is targeting anyone trying to enforce the law as written and upheld by the SC.

      And don't forget how the Department of the Interior edited a peer-review scientific study to make it sound like it agreed with a moratorium on offshore drilling. http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/story/201

    77. Title of article s/b 'Obama's Dictatorship'. He passed the 'Imperial' stage long ago.

    78. I have yet to find the section of the Constitution where the media is granted the incredible power to decide whether or not a president has abused his power, The Senate clearly supports the President and the GOP controlled House of Representatives does not have the authority to initiate actions against Obama.The third and last checkpoint, the Supreme Court, through the ruling on Obamacare, has made it clear that it is willing to tweak and re-write any unconstitutional act in order to make it constitutional. It is clear that the system of checks and balances has totally collapsed and that we, the American people, are on our own, The brightest minds in the country are at a loss to find a way to deal with this situation, while the rest of us wonder how this story is going to end.

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