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  • Morning Bell: Obama's War on Domestic Energy Production

    Today, the Senate will vote on the fate of one of the most expensive regulations of all time–a regulation that threatens to create an America with no new coal-fired power plants, where existing energy producers might have to close their doors, snuffing out jobs and making electricity dramatically more expensive.

    Citing mercury pollution and air pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered businesses to install the “Maximum Achievable Control Technology” (MACT) to control emissions from their plants. Known as Utility MACT, this is no ordinary regulation. So stringent are the standards that potentially dozens of coal-fired power plants will close rather than incur the unsustainable costs of compliance.

    The EPA estimates the rule will cost $9.6 billion annually, to be paid by utilities and customers alike for new equipment, monitoring and reporting, loss of generating capacity, and higher electricity rates. Industry insiders consider the agency figures to be a lowball estimate.

    Heritage’s David Kreutzer has called Utility MACT “a costly fraud” because it raises the scary specter of mercury but really targets carbon dioxide. He explains:

    The proponents of the proposed rule tell stories of mercury poisoning and point to benefit estimates as though they reflect a reduced incidence of mercury poisoning. However, even the EPA’s own cost-benefit calculations reveal that this is not a mercury rule in any meaningful sense–less than one-tenth of one percent of the estimated benefits come from mercury abatement.

    Not only is the stated reasoning behind the rule misleading, but it may also be impossible to comply with. Southern Company, America’s largest utility, said that based on company data from actual upgrade projects, the EPA’s compliance timetable for Utility MACT is simply impossible to achieve. Southern has undertaken more upgrade and compliance projects than any other power producer.

    Southern warned that it would bring “more power plant closures, spikes in electricity prices, job losses, and increased power outages.” Plants that can’t be upgraded in time must be taken offline in 2015. With less power available on the grid, electricity prices are forecast to spike by 11.5 percent nationwide in 2016, causing hundreds of thousands of job losses across the economy, according to National Economic Research Associates.

    Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) calls the rule “the centerpiece of President Obama’s war on coal” and has called for today’s vote in an attempt to declare it void. The President has threatened to veto Inhofe’s resolution if it passes.

    After all, EPA’s regulatory rampage is meant to fulfill Obama’s energy vision for America: that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” when energy producers have to comply with regulations and pass those costs on to consumers, and that “if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

    This comes at a perilous time for the economy. Forcing businesses to waste tens or hundreds of billions of dollars per year on environmental upgrades of questionable value means that money isn’t available to invest in business expansions or create jobs.

    These economic costs have also been felt by consumers and business suffering under three years of unnecessarily high oil prices. With roughly 3 percent of federal land available for exploration–production on that small sliver declining–new regulations and proposed taxes and a host of other anti-oil measures, the President is making it harder and harder to access our nation’s rich oil reserves.

    Even in this demoralizing regulatory landscape, Americans are still innovating in energy production. Residents of Tioga, North Dakota, are showing the rest of the country how profitable domestic energy could be–if the federal government doesn’t halt the town’s economic boom.

    Thanks to fracking–a process where rock is fractured to tap oil-rich underground resources–the Tioga area is flourishing. So many people are moving to the area that it hasn’t been able to build enough houses to keep up with demand.

    North Dakota is proving that the U.S. can develop its resources efficiently and in an environmentally sensible manner. Oil production has quadrupled since 2005–North Dakota is now the second-largest oil producer in the U.S. behind Texas–and state regulators have effectively balanced economic growth and environmental protection.

    North Dakota is only one of many states that are beginning to reap the economic benefits of fracking and other advances in drilling technology to harvest previously inaccessible oil deposits. But these leaps forward are only possible because regulations haven’t crushed these efforts–yet.

    When Congress has put up roadblocks to the Obama Administration’s agenda, the President has swerved around the legislative process and issued orders through regulation. His EPA has pursued a host of regulations that will kill millions of jobs, challenging Congress to try and stop it. Today, the Senate could take one step in that direction, but it will take a serious fight to maintain the level of economic freedom needed to create jobs and meet the country’s energy needs.

    Quick Hits

    • Today, a House committee plans to vote on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over documents on the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal.
    • Intelligence leaks continue regarding U.S. involvement in cyber spying on Iran.
    • In Egypt, a “Muslim Brotherhood rally steps up pressure” on military rulers, reports the Los Angeles Times.
    • The Financial Times reports that business in Greece is “grinding to a halt” as “business leaders say they can no longer obtain the most basic credit.”
    • Heritage’s Matt Spalding says that the fundamental problem with Obama’s immigration order of last week is that the Administration is trying to implement laws Congress hasn’t passed.
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    50 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's War on Domestic Energy Production

    1. Joe Schooff says:

      This and many kinds of gov't actions against America goes unnoticed by the voters. We all have to call congress or they won't do anything about it. Congress only acts and does the right thing if they think their precious job is on the line. We have to stay on them in order to keep our Republic.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        I have contacted my congresspersons many times about issues and I got back condesencion, indifference, and a feeling that I wasted my time. I now sign e-petitions, send e-faxes, and let people know what I think of the status quo politicians.

      • areopagitica says:

        Call congress? Reject the congressmen in NOV, after telling them why. I keep getting email from Sherrod Brown, as though I were a supporter, when I have told him to rot at least three times. The only thing politicians understand is OUSTER, or perhaps CONVICTIONS with HARD TIME attached.

    2. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "Today, the Senate could take one step in that direction, but it will take a serious fight to maintain the level of economic freedom needed to create jobs and meet the country's energy needs."

      Economic freedom and job creation are not on Obama's agenda for this country. It is strange, however, that he would be doing this so near an election. Perhaps he already senses that he may not be reelected and wishes to leave the country in as much disarray as possible.

      • Larry N Stouffer says:

        I agreed with your analysis, Curt, but not with your conclusion. ObamaKahn is a mistake that idealistic voters put into office. Now we're dealing with the results. He has no more business being POTUS than the Octomom (sp?) has in being a mother, but the two are so well matched they should take up housekeeping once we get that SOB out of office (20 January 2013 – America's new Independence Day). His narcissism provides Him with the mind set that He can do anything He wants. What His Lordship needs is therapy. In his aftermath we'll all need therapy. But soon we'll be able to rebuild our America.

      • 2D Okie says:

        YOU GUESSED IT! Obama could'nt care less, his objective is the total destruction of this country that he has learned to HATE

      • Larry says:

        I think he is pushing as hard as he can in opposing directions just to see how far he can get, then if he is reelected by the same uninformed public he will essentially have a green light on anything he dictates.This guy is dangerous

    3. Todd says:

      "…estimates the rule will cost $9.6 billion annually, to be paid by utilities and customers alike…"

      Not likely. Utility companies will pass 100% of these costs to their customers. The user/consumer will pay for all of this.

    4. Bassboat says:

      We have EPA'd our economy to death. It's time to do that to the EPA.

    5. I honestly believe The American People need to look carefully at this current Administration and how they are using power entrusted to them!

      • Larry says:

        Trouble is, the public isn't being informed by the general media.I call them the "Alphabet Channels" ABC,CBS,NBC, Check out how little if anything they have reported on "Fast and Furious" over 18mos.

    6. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama's view of what the U.S. should be (energy or otherwise) or represent is totally different from the conventional view of what our Founding Fathers conceived. (Yes, all Founding Fathers…men) Obama is from the class of people who believe our country is based on entitlement, not opportunity. Unfortunately, he (Barry) has a governing body (life-long Republicans & Democrats) who may not believe in his view but realize to oppose his agenda threatens their re-election…and nothing is more important than sustaining their hold on sucking the system dry. They too are entitlement minded individuals…
      In an election year, look for all the life-long politicians to go along to get along.

      • areopagitica says:

        Did they put that in quotations, the silly statement about "paid by utilities and customers alike"?

    7. allen says:

      Why? Does any one really think that the Adm. reads any persons comment ? You have a President who wants to change this country into a Socalist State, Just look at all the regs. that the Czars have passed, Don't you think that Obama is ordering these people to do the regs at a certain time. Without a telepromter this man has not an Idea what to say. Shame on the Major News Sources for not Vetting this Idiot. I do predict that some of them will be going out of business for not doing their JOBS. And some thing terrible will happen to a person that trys to take FREEDOM away from the American People.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Two irrefutable facts. Obama wants to end the use of all fossil fuels and Obama is using his destruction of the fossil fuel energy industry to collapse this nation's economical system. Obama's own statement "under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket" should prove to every American Obama is attempting force this nation into a socialist, government controled country. How much more more proof do we need?

    9. Clearhead says:

      If this is a "war", then both sides must be armed, or it is NOT a war. It is simply a DICTATE. Without specifying the TYPES of armament used in this "war on energy", a quote from a real U. S. President seems appropriate:

      "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
      — Thomas Jefferson

    10. Concerned in Fla says:

      It's time to do away with the EPA! Who elected these brigands in the first place, certainly not the American people. They pretty much do what they want, when they want and to whomever they want. Close the shop and turn off the lights at the EPA, good riddance to bad trash!

    11. Casey Carlton says:

      I agree with those who have already commented about the EPA. Assuming it once had a reason to exist, and it really is a stretch, this collection of bureaucrats has outlived its day. Here is another example of a bureaucracy that is totally out of control. Let's just get rid of it, and let its employees try to find real jobs somewhere.


    13. Dream act, Eric Holder, EPA, who needs congress? Congress does not even need congress.

    14. In my 75 years I have never seen such a large group of people in this country that are so ignorant and un-informed. This President has the blind support of the African-American community and much of the Hispanic community. The expectations of these groups and others were that his "hope and change" policies would increase their financial status. If they took their "blinders" off just for a few minutes they would see that Obama's policies are actually hurting these groups the most. Poverty rates have increased, welfare and food stamps has almost doubled and the unemployment rates for these groups is higher than it has ever been. My question is for these "die hard" supporters is (are you better off today than you were four years ago?) (Do you see a brighter future for yourselves with the government spending billions to support you while increasing our debts to almost $16 trillion?) Do you understand that your benefits will be the first to go when this country has to face paying off our debts.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        Good points. This is clearly seen in the way BHO tried to cut of school vouchers for the under privileged children IN WASHINGTON DC as a way of trimming the budget for his more nefarious schemes.

    15. victorbarney says:

      I was just hearing today through Agora Financial LCC that through technology and like 1/3 of our country containing large SHALE OIL Deposits that by this spring that we would be having the biggest economic recovery in our history. Can't say af if I really believe it or not, but the claim was that our politicians could cause some delays, but not for long, and WE WILL BECOME FUEL & ENERGY Number One(1) Country in the world. I suppose I know by summer according to their report? Just saying…

      • Tom Sullivan says:

        We import about $400 billion per year in foreign oil. Each $1 billion sent out of the US costs us about 10,000 jobs. The $400 billion costs us 4 million jobs.

        There are about a trillion barrels of theoretically recoverable oil in just one major formation, the Green River Basin. We use about 7 billion barrels of oil per year currently. Green River Basin has enough oil to meet 100% of our needs for 144 years.

        The fracking and horizontal drilling technologies will be applied in other nations. The whole world will be awash in oil again, probably within 5-10 years. Unless we listen to Democrats, the UN and other socialists and greenies.

    16. randydutton says:

      Why isn't the EPA equally concerned about radioactive thorium being released into the air and Pacific Ocean? It's a consequence of China's mining of rare earth elements (REE) for wind turbines. Each turbine requires about 4,000 pounds of REEs. http://www.iags.org/rareearth0310hurst.pdf

      According to an article published by the Chinese Society of Rare Earths, ‘Every ton of rare earth produced, generates approximately 8.5 kilograms of fluorine and 13 kilograms of dust; and using concentrated sulfuric acid high temperature calcination techniques to produce approximately one ton of calcined rare earth ore generates 9,600 to 12,000 cubic meters of waste gas containing dust concentrate, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid, approximately 75 cubic meters of acidic wastewater, and about one ton of radioactive waste residue (containing water).’ Furthermore, according to statistics conducted within Baotou, where China’s primary rare earth production occurs, ‘all the rare earth enterprises in the Baotou region produce approximately ten million tons of all varieties of wastewater every year’ and most of that waste water is ‘discharged without being effectively treated, which not only contaminates potable water for daily living, but also contaminates the surrounding water environment and irrigated farmlands.’
      The disposal of tailings, which are the ground up materials left behind once the rare earth has been extracted, often contain thorium, which is radioactive. According the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, producing one ton of rare earth elements creates 2,000 tons of mine tailings. And much of these tailings have gone into the Yellow River, which dumps into the Pacific.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        I have been thinking the same thing about why there is no outcry about suspected cellphone radiation being the death of honey bees. All we heard for years was the destruction of spotted owl habitat due to logging. I consider honey bees as important as spotted owls but I guess the EPA is not going to give up their phones for ….. bees(?)
        It obviously does not fit the agenda. Not enough stable lives being disrupted by big government.

    17. Aguest says:

      You guys must be joking… or just plain ignoring the facts.

      In case you didn't notice, during the Obama administration we have more gas and oil rigs drilling than the last 20 years. There are literally thousands of jobs being added by drilling and construction of new natural gas plants. We have so much natural gas coming out of the ground, that they are practically giving it away. And you think this administration is killing energy?????

      Coal mining and coal power plants are dirty relics of the past? Power produced by natural gas plants is cheaper and cleaner. However, being that this is America, the old guard lobbyists stop any sort of movement forward. It takes legislation like this to actually coax energy companies out of the lethargic "business as usual" action.

      Get informed people.

      • Rick says:

        I't takes legislation like this to actually coax energy companies "OUT OF BUSINESS"!! This is Obumma's way of using the EPA to backdoor the American people's rejection of the CAP AND TRADE farce! Obumma himself said that "Energy prices would necessarily SKYROCKET"! Who's going to pay for it? WE ARE! and then you'll be the first one on here demanding GOV'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! …typical liberal!!

      • 2D Okie says:

        I worked in a very privileged position in the oil industry with brilliant inventive professionals who solved problems daily. This president's only talent is to.destroy, like a stupid, beligerant child. Libs in general can only create false crises so they can pretend to defuse them, when we have REAL PROBLEMS TO SOLVE!!!!

      • areopagitica says:

        The production increase, which involves FRACKING, is taking place on land not leased by the Obalmy administration and not yet theirs to have curtailed. With PRIVATE risk taking investors. You are simply carrying water for an utterly shameless administration of nihilist luddites stonewalling EVERYTHING not adhering to their ideological goals. You get the goose egg for the lamest response (actually the only lame one here).

      • larry says:

        If you check your facts Obama did NOTHING to help in the drilling as the private sector is the only way this has happen because the government did not own the land but they sure did try to stop it with more EPA Jackson working to make their work more difficult and any time they could slow it down they would. Natural gas drilling is helped by fracking which they tried to stop so where in Gods name can you think that Barry whats this Country to be self supporting and not needing our enemies and other countries to support our needs THIS COUNTRY ONLY NEEDS BARRY AND THE EPA OUT OF OUR WAY AND ,WE WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD WE ARE THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT SUPPORTS OUR ENEMIES WHEN THEY GET HIT WITH ANY KIND OF OF MAJOR PROBLEMS BUT THEY STILL SPIT ON US IN THE UN IT ABOUT TIME FOR THIS COUNTRY TO TAKE OUR INDEPENDENCE BACK AND THROW THE UN OUT AND ONLY SUPPORT IT WITH THE MINIMUM PAYMENTS AS WE CANNOT AFFORD TO KEEP CARRYING THESE FOOLS AND EXPECT THEM TO BE THERE FOR US.

    18. Scott Engage America says:

      According to the CBO, in 2011 renewable energy accounted for $16 billion of the estimated budgetary cost of federal energy-related tax preferences, when the oil industry received just over $4 billion in subsidies (http://1.usa.gov/H1h80R).

      Clean energy and green tech may absolutely be the way of the future, but unfortunately that future is not yet here and we still have to rely on the technology we have. Clean tech and renewables should be invest in, but not at the expense of current economic success

      So how much should we really spend for tomorrow, when gas and heating prices are so high today?

      • areopagitica says:

        We the taxpayer should be forced to spend nothing for what the administration ingenuously has called "investments." That word is a euphemism that should only apply to risks taken by consenting individuals in the hope of a financial return. Those spending their own money must deal with the consequences of bad decisions, whereas politicians have no constraints on their profligacy. Not even losing elections if they can get enough complicit media liars to ignore their failures or paint lipstick on them.

    19. Leon The Electrician says:

      No doubt everyone thought I was 'extreme' calling for the Impeachment of Obama in his first year of Office, perhaps Heritage Foundation readers realize now that I was spot on. This guy stole his election, just as sure as Sen. Al Franken stole his, but Obama is the 'real deal' Enemy Of The State who lied his way into Office. Three years later President Obama has done so much damage to our beautiful America we cannot undo it, no matter who gets elected. Clinton demonstrated the futility of Impeachment, but the lose-lose proposition is now abundantly clear, Clinton should have been actually Impeached rather than taking the Deal offerred by the Democrats for One Charge, lying. It wasn't an Impeachment! It was a back room deal. So, it isn't true that Impeachment doesn't work, back room deals don't work. Every day he remains in Office more damage is done. Just the damage done by Obama's precidents is enough. What? Are Republicans stupid? No, they are RINOs. And the Democrats? They are Communists. "I told you so!" But it doesn't feel good to say so.

      • areopagitica says:

        Al Franken did see the election stolen for him, and so did Reid. Those strategic thefts returned us to a split congress that they could stymie from acting intelligently, if not as previously control. Obama actually won on a landslide, but only because of the October Surprise that was timed to take place on Wall Street, and on McCain's stupid responses to it. You are correct in all your other conclusions.

    20. Bobbie says:

      gas and heating under current technology would be $1.50 had obamanots conducted themselves constitutionally and respected Americans over their government corrupt. Investment in alternative energy would commence by personal choice of the investors and interested parties that aren't political. No tax subsidies. Obama is demanding a conclusion to far fetched, fraudulent, fear mongering, speculation as he gives the well paid epa of all needless government entities complete corruption of authority over the facts. He refuses to acknowledge what common knowledge foresees. CRISIS'!

    21. Bobbie says:

      …Not only that, the EPA is threatening human stability and existence…

    22. Hi, Amy –

      This is a great post. You’re right that North Dakota is just one of many states that are beginning to reap the economic benefits of fracking. It’s important to note that fracking has been used safely for more than 60 years, producing 7 billion barrels of oil already. Avoiding over-regulation and allowing access to our domestic resources through fracking will contribute to the U.S.’s job growth rate and energy independence. Energy is a catalyst. With the right vision and policies, American-made energy that is generating North Dakota’s miracle – jobs, economic opportunity, tax revenues – can produce more miracles elsewhere.

      Mark Green, EnergyTomorrow.org

      • the corporations have so far destroyed evrrything they touched in the envirement just to save a penny dump it all into the rivers, air , oceans etc. explain to me why these places are so polluted

    23. J.Blakeney says:

      From the beginning it was evident that our president' s intent was to destroy our country ,he said as much.

      He is attacking energy because he wants the US to depend upon oil from his brothers. He wants a one world government with himself as the dictator.

    24. Bruce says:

      Let's just shut down any plant that supplies power to Washington DC. And while were at it put all federal employees on a no fly list.

    25. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This war is going to end. The War on Obama has begun.

    26. 2D Okie says:


    27. Aguest says:

      Are these comments for real? You guys are so extremist.

      For all of you proposing that Obama is the one ruining America, consider this: unemployment is lower and the market is higher than when he took office.

      Quite frankly, I think we have all seen what unregulated private industry does, we have two fine examples in the predatory lending and the BP oil spill. Why don't any of you consider that?

      • Bobbie says:

        Please Explain "extremist" in your context. Obama is the President of America. There's two out of four unemployed in my household. The government wanted people that couldn't own a home to have one anyway. The government abuse of authority put stipulations on banks to follow the government's radical rules. One being loans without credit. There's no such thing as predatory lending. You sign it you own it. Unless they were in public forcing people to do business with them by gun or weapon, "predatory lending" is "cover" for "reckless" business between the lender(the tempting) and loaner (the tempted) forced by government rules. The government induced sympathies to take from law abiding, tax paying people to cover government's controlled design. Government control (costing us money) imposing unnecessary rules, regulations and mandates at private businesses and banks expense costing everybody at every income living independently more from their livelihoods for the direct benefit of government gain and over nothing but an unmerited speculation driven by fraudulence sent out government fear mongering urgency to be rescued by "green energy". BP is a foreign industry who was cleared by the government inspection agency months before the spill. Safety, hazard prevention, are necessary regulations that the wisdom of the business owner puts in place inherently with practicality. Unconstitutional authority exaggerating them, incompetently enforcing them and/or regulating with rules and mandates according to personal arrogances in control over us, is abuse of power and money causing the hold up of America. We like to consider as much as there is to. Seems you could consider much more?

    28. Steven A. Sylwester says:

      Ask yourself: How valuable is potable water, that is: water suitable for drinking? The correct answer to that question is: Potable water is more valuable than anything else on Earth except breathable air. Without potable water, a person will die within four or five days.

      Consider: The current U.S. population is 313,783,241. http://www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.h
      Simply: we must protect America's potable water, no matter the cost.

      I have proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees protection of our nation's potable water. See: http://steven-a-sylwester.blogspot.com/2012/01/wa

      Please read what I have proposed, and then consider the consequences. If we choose to protect America's potable water, then we must either limit or forbid all activities that will inevitably pollute water enough to make it unsafe to drink. The margin of error allowable cannot tolerate even the possibility of failure. Ask yourself: How would we provide enough potable water to a major metropolitan area within three days if the normal supply became permanently unsafe to drink? Reality check: 1) at four days out, half of the metropolitan area's population would be dying, and 2) after five days, everyone who had had no water to drink would be dead — potentially, more than one million people!

      President Obama is doing the right thing. And you would be doing the right thing if you actively support my proposed amendment. Really, we have no choice in this matter: we must protect America's potable water.

      The challenge is to embrace a radical conservatism that will truly restore and then preserve America's greatness. The oldest definitions of the word "radical" are: "1) of, relating to, or proceeding from a root, and 2) of or relating to the origin: FUNDAMENTAL." The oldest definitions of the word "conservatism" are: "1) disposition in politics to preserve what is established, and 2) a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change." The oldest definition of the word "conserve" is "to keep in a safe or sound state: PRESERVE." Therefore, "radical conservatism" is the root, original, and fundamental desire and belief that preserving the true essence of the internal established order will maintain worthy tradition and social stability in an ever changing external world, and that the purpose of government is to keep such order protected in a safe and sound state away from unnecessary risk and foolishness.

      What then is "the true essence of the internal established order" that should be the focus of radical conservatism? Is it freedom alone? Or is it that which makes freedom possible? The thoughtful answer is the latter, because freedom is dependent on such things as "the Protection of divine Providence" and patriots who will "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor." We are now almost 236 years after July 4, 1776, but the need for courage and patriotism has not diminished one bit. Every generation of Americans has been called to do battle of one sort or another to preserve freedom, and one of our battles today concerns the water we drink and the air we breathe — clean substances without which "the true essence of the internal established order" will be lost forever, for to preserve freedom we must first preserve life itself.

      In today's world, it is utter foolishness to ever imagine that the great corporations care about America more than they care about themselves. Never make the mistake of thinking that a multinational corporation is a patriotic American just because it employs thousands of American citizens. Many multinational corporations are actually enemies of the United States of America, and those corporations must be made to reveal themselves. Radical conservatism would require no less than what I have proposed at: http://steven-a-sylwester.blogspot.com/2011/12/th

      So think hard and avoid the knee-jerk response. Are you an American? Are you patriotic? Do you have the courage to embrace radical conservatism? If your answer is "Yes" to those three questions, then ponder this: http://steven-a-sylwester.blogspot.com/2012/01/re

      God bless America!

      Steven A. Sylwester

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