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  • Rep. Jim Jordan: Don't Tinker With Obamacare, Repeal the Whole Law

    Photo by Don Irvine

    Days before the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, liberals in Congress are laying the groundwork to preserve some of the law’s badly flawed provisions that happen to poll well with voters.

    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said conservatives should focus on another goal: repealing all of Obamacare.

    Recent reports indicate that provisions addressing pre-existing conditions, coverage for dependents up to age 26 and the Medicare prescription drug “donut hole” — each of which enjoys some support in polls — could become the focus of congressional action if the Supreme Court strikes down the law.

    In remarks today at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing, Jordan said that would be misguided:

    We should repeal all of Obamacare and restart the whole debate — and not focus on Washington as the so-called answer to health care, but focus on market solutions. It’s really that basic. We want to empower families, we want to empower moms and dads, we want to empower individuals to make their health-care decisions.

    I always tell folks the biggest problem with this health-care law, the reason folks still dislike it so much is the fundamental fact this administration missed: Americans don’t like being told what to do. That’s why we’re Americans. We actually think freedom is important.

    Jordan’s approach echoes the advice of Heritage health-care expert Nina Owcharenko, who warned about the consequences of preserving some of the flawed Obamacare policies.

    “Conservatives especially should not be fooled into making short-term concessions that can undermine their long-term policy goals,” Owcharenko wrote yesterday.

    Despite the of some of Obamacare’s provisions, the law itself remains unpopular with most Americans. Continuing any policies, Owcharenko cautioned, would be ill-advised and undermine the correct way to reform health care. She recommended better solutions for each of the provisions, addressing the challenges in ways that provide individuals with better care at a lower cost without government dictating decisions.

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    5 Responses to Rep. Jim Jordan: Don't Tinker With Obamacare, Repeal the Whole Law

    1. Carol, AZ says:

      Yes Repeal it ! Bo-Care is the elephant in the room waiting to collapse one of the best health care systems in the world.
      The MA model_ the only State that now offers "free medical," has a "wait time" to see a G.P for further evaluation, ~ nine months. Predictably_ people go to the emergency rooms. That system is breaking down under the tonnage. Research further the cost of doing business is driving the tax structure upward to the citizen of Mass with no end in sight, but no one speaks about it.
      No one speaks clearly about improving our existing system and reformatting the model for INS. choices based on specific needs of the client_ i.e. singles, families, special needs, and small business.
      Small Buss owners have spoken out clearly on this issue.
      When you are forced to give-up all personal choice_ for all vital decisions for personal health care, you are becoming dependant on the Govt_ who will never be_ OUT OF OUR LIVES.
      In a Democracy _as compared to the take over for choice_by Bo Care_ we will evolved_ into a Socialist system .

    2. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Thank you, Rep Jordan. This is leadership; passing on the easy wins and going for the gold. The establishment-types are already starting to accept this inevitable expansion of the entitlement state and are content to simply tweek it. That's not good enough; I don't want to be in the car when it goes off the cliff at 10 mph either. As long as Obamacare is the law of the land, we see more unpopular, freedom-killing regulations issued as time passes. If the Supreme Court upholds any part of Obamacare, any politician would do well to run on its full repeal.

    3. Bobbie says:

      Totally agree with Rep. Jordan.

      As far as people with costly illnesses, where's access to know the true costs of medications and services? On medicines we're informed the retail value along with the insurance cover but is it real? The insurance co. and the pharmacy work together along with the insurance co. and clinics! Where's the government oversight with expected integrity the government is suppose to provide all along? We just found out office visits and some drugs are the only thing covered even though we pay a $45 co-pay? Medicines? $45 a piece if I pick them up once a month. If I'm 5 days after my prescription date it costs me $55! Double punishment! x-rays, ultra sounds, mri's, etc. none of it is covered through our new government affiliated insurance until a $5000 dollar deductible is met. The costs of two MRIs. Who affords that kind of health care that's healthier without the cost? Blood tests that were once routine and due to my illness are no longer taken… Insurance at a cost isn't insurance, through unconstitutional government it's nothing but corrupt. The government hasn't been doing their job of oversight when it was in the peoples' control in the first place and why this take over is more than corrupt, control and outrageous costs…

      Please repeal the whole law. There isn't anything to trust. I've never been denied insurance although continue to be taken advantage of through cost manipulation of medical services and government labeled "complicated" which puts me in a higher "cost" bracket whether there's "complications or not." This is underhanded. People shouldn't be discriminated higher costs because of an unconstitutional government label. Price is on what is used as every facility should know how to handle every situation of any health complication. "pre-existing" sounds nice, but what does it really mean besides what it says? More interference than necessary? Kids are adults at 18 and by choice insure themselves.

      People learn real quick to take care of their personal / children's health when they have to foot the bill insured or not. All people taking their proper parental responsibility to the cost of their children they bring into the world initiates a responsible, healthier population. Excluding government from their unconstitutional role excludes conflicts of interest and the unfair thievery that covers them…

    4. Leon The Electrician says:

      By all means, strike down the whole thing (it has no severability clause). But do we realize that the high cost of Medicine is the result of Over Regulation that has gone on for decades? This abomination is the second go 'round of Super Over Regulation of Medicine. Nobody seems to have the right idea Deregulate Medicine altogether! Law suits can keep the medics in line! We never needed any of it! We had the best Health Care Industry in the World! These Domestic Enemies (Progressives) have never had the intention of actually helping people get affordable healthcare, it was all about Redistribution Of Wealth. It kind of reminds me of the Fire Safe Cigarettes scam, kill millions of smokers to save 250 people who died from smoking in bed. Which is best? Make bedtime smokers get fire retardant sheets or poison millions of smokers with carpet adhesive? Of course! Less old folks, less Social Security deficets. Soft Mass Murder, no kidding, the Communists (DINOs and RINOs) always, always cause Mass Murder. Death Panels, and worse.

    5. charie says:

      You hit the nail on the head, Leon. I've been preaching that government is the reason for the high cost of health care in this country for years. Government interference in anything only slows it down and makes it more expensive. They should stick to making sure our food and water are clean and our drugs pure and even there they sometimes screw up.

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