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  • Planned Parenthood: Coming to a High School Near You?

    Schools in America

    Students at RooseveltHigh Schoolin Los Angelescan now swing by Planned Parenthood on the way to study hall to pick up their “free” birth control. While they may need a permission slip to get out of class, nothing of the sort is required to access the pill, the patch, the ring, or the shot per California law. As the Los Angeles Times reports, a chapter of Planned Parenthood—the largest provider of abortion services in the nation (and as we found out a couple weeks ago, sex-selective abortions are included)—has made a home on the school’s campus.

    As the Times notes, “although nonprofit groups frequently offer reproductive healthcare on school campuses around the nation, the partnership involving Planned Parenthood…is the only one of its kind.”

    This one-of-a-kind partnership is also operating to recruit “student advocates” who will reach out to their peers and “try to get them on birth control,” as one Roosevelt teen explains.

    As Senator Jim DeMint (R–SC) remarked about the partnership, “it’s dangerous because it tells children that promiscuous, dangerous sex is supported by their government and their political authorities.”

    And teen sexual activity is indeed associated with significant perils.

    For example, sexually active teen girls are more likely to experience depression and perform poorly in school. They also have a five times higher rate of becoming victims of dating violence, compared to their abstinent peers.

    What’s more, teens who begin having sex between the ages of 15 and 19 on average report having more than seven sex partners throughout their lifetimes, compared to an average of only three partners for women who wait until age 21. More sexual partners increase teens’ chances of contracting an STD. Research also indicates that more sexual partners before marriage is linked to greater marital instability down the road.

    And while the argument for the Planned Parenthood center is to reduce teen pregnancy, the reality is the vast majority of unwed births—in Los Angeles County and in the United States overallare not to young women during their high school years. According to 2009 Census data, in Los Angeles, only about 7 percent of all births to single mothers are to young women under 18. On the other hand, 67 percent are to women between 18 and 29. These percentages are nearly identical to national statistics.

    Teens need to be taught that abstinence is the best option for them. And they also need to understand that waiting until after marriage to have a child is crucial to avoiding poverty and achieving a stable future. We must ensure that youth hear these important messages, thereby giving them a greater opportunity of achieving the American dream.

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    5 Responses to Planned Parenthood: Coming to a High School Near You?

    1. Bobbie says:

      that's right it's dangerous! With the support of outside government who thieves our money to spend on accommodating results of personal choices while government influences provide easy access with no incentive to personal responsibilities that enables sexual behavior of children the government isn't parent or relative to! Get them out of our children's lives. Government is overfed and undisciplined without morals or ethics. SLOBS!!

      Because they condone the kill of one human fetus, planned parenthood is false advertising. These government organizations are wrong to charge tax payers for services that are unconstitutional and manipulate minds through government control. This organization represents personal weakness and selfishness. Not much to do with planned parenthood but maybe more on the lines of government planned womanhood leading to infiltrate shariahood…

      Cancer can not be prevented, it can only be detected, sometimes it's detected when it's really not there and sometimes not detected when it really is there. Doctors who honor the Hippocratic oath would be certain where government will be taking costs into factor and their agenda at hand. Who's ever interested in planned parenthood can be the ones who pay it's costs!

    2. cjbart2 says:

      It seems the Liberals may be shooting themselves in the foot by encouraging a population reduction of their enslaved Base….

    3. Sarah E Mulvey says:

      Ok since Roosevelt High Schoolin is allows Planned Parenthood into their schools. Why don't they also allow the Crisis Pregantcy Center in as well? So the students can deside if they want abortion ar adoption..

    4. Frank Norton says:

      statutory rape is when a man [any age] has intercourse with a woman under the age of 18 or 21, depending on state, unless they are married. If it is still true that a virgin daughter sill has value for the parent to see that a daughter is favorably married to continue the family line [son-in-law, grand children, stable marriage] then the rapper should be required to provide some payment to the father, besides his debt to society. If a woman is just considered meat – then what is the use?

    5. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I hope not.

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