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  • Justice Kennedy Issues Stay of Arizona Noncitizen Voting Case

    On the heels of Florida filing suit against the Department of Homeland Security for trying to stop the state from removing noncitizens from its voting rolls, yesterday Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary stay in another noncitizen voting case.

    Arizona v. Gonzalez involves Arizona’s Proposition 200, which would prevent noncitizens from illegally voting by requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in Arizona. The Ninth Circuit determined that Proposition 200’s registration provision conflicts with the National Voter Registration Act to the extent that Arizona would require an applicant to provide proof of citizenship when he or she is using the National Mail Voter Registration Form to register to vote.

    Arizona asked the Ninth Circuit to stay its ruling from going into effect until after the upcoming election, but the Ninth Circuit declined. Arizona sought review in the Supreme Court, and Justice Kennedy granted a stay pending a response from Arizona by Monday and a response from the groups challenging Arizona’s law by next Wednesday. This case has been lingering in the federal courts since 2004 and already made one trip to the Supreme Court.

    From Florida to Arizona, states are recognizing that the integrity of elections is at stake, and some are directly confronting the issue of noncitizen voting and voter fraud.

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    4 Responses to Justice Kennedy Issues Stay of Arizona Noncitizen Voting Case

    1. Carol, AZ says:

      Yes America voter fraud goes right to the border all supported by the White House and the corruption called our justice system.
      Where in our country's history do we allow anyone who is living here illegal to guide our laws and future electors through votes. Oh I forgot its the newly minted Manchurian candidate who came here as a foreign student and all press refuse to report it accurately.
      How's that working out for the rest you? as you watch our country's slow destruction under the leadership of Barry and handlers .
      You want to investigate that Judge Kennedy?

    2. Al from Fl says:

      DOJ lawsuits/countersuits are just another example of our federal politicians and white house working toward the goal of getting elected but totally ignoring (except as unintended consequences) the good of the country. We have a legitimate and humane issue in immigration that needs to be fixed and is a relatively easy one to fix if the goal is to do what is right for America – obviously playing politics to gain votes is more important to the DOJ, the W/H and our congressional members. I hope and pray that the Supreme Court will do what is right for the country and rule in accordance with the constitution as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

    3. Bobbie says:

      oliar said he couldn't do immigration alone. He said "laws have to be enforced." as if he would enforce them. Now states have to sue their own incompetent, untrustworthy government for not enforcing the laws oliar said had to be enforced. Whatever's convenient for the time.

      Judge Napolitano calls the amnesty to "law abiding immigrants, productive to society" which implies the elimination of all immigrant programs tax funded and certainty they will pay their tax share the rest of us are accountable to. Because you can't be productive members of society while tax burdens TO society. 30 and under! It's the right direction if they aren't burdens to society! She can verify productivity immediately which will decrease all taxes dumped on America unconstitutionally. People have to walk their own path without your nurture, Mr. President. It's the wrong thing to do to hold America accountable to violators of America's law. And then to force the innocent accountable to accommodate the unlawful is egregious. It's the wrong thing to infringe on lives while assisting others by infringement. You're wrong Mr. President, for victimizing people who violate America.

      For any member of government to belittle people by misleading needlessly one simple requirement to vote so to AVOID INTEGRITY and ENABLE FRAUD ARE NOT elected members representing the good of America(ns) born here and not, in the least bit! Buying votes TO HIDE TRUTH is anti-American! We the people doesn't deserve dangerously, childish low lifes running AMERICA!!!!! To run this country takes an average content of good character that because of the role builds instinctively stronger this man is not willing to show in his American presidential leadership role…

    4. Hank Pannell says:

      In this Case, Why even bother with all the expenses of an Election? Just let the Economy Czars submit a list of names to the Head Czar ( To Be Appointed) and be done with it! I mean Really. America> Who are we Kidding here? Each time we hold Elections, Its like reading from a Tales From The Crypt Novel. Even Dead People are voting twice!!!

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