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  • Top 5 Things the Administration Forgot to Tell Women About Obamacare

    Yesterday, the Obama Administration hosted a health care town hall that was intended to focus on Obamacare’s impact on women’s health. Top Obama Administration officials participated, including the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius.

    The discussion was heavy on emotion and light on the details of Obamacare’s provisions—and surprisingly lacking in the gender specificity it was supposed to address. The Administration’s generic talking points may or may not resonate with American women, but surely the real impact of Obamacare will—and in ways that are not favorable to the Administration.

    Here’s a summary of the adverse effects that some specific provisions will have on the women the Administration claims to be helping:

    1. Decreased Choice. Obamacare mandates that insurers cover preventive services recommended by the United State Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) with no cost-sharing. This has quickly turned the task force’s recommendations for doctors and patients into requirements on insurers and employers that could lead them to cover only services that are required of them. This fear was proven valid in 2009 when the task force downgraded the strength of its recommendation for breast cancer screenings in women between ages 40 and 50. A controversy ensued that led Congress to overturn that recommendation through an amendment to Obamacare—before the legislation was even enacted. Before Obamacare was law, this type of change in recommendation would simply have been helpful advice for doctors and patients, but under Obamacare, it could mean the difference between coverage and no coverage.

    Also, as Heritage has pointed out before, “[T]he USPSTF is one of few government agencies legally allowed to take cost into consideration when deciding whether to recommend a medical service. As health care costs rise and the government’s role in health care grows, this may mean that cost will more strongly influence coverage.”

    2. Higher Premiums. Obamacare’s “free” preventive services will still be paid for by the consumer. Insurers and employers are not going to absorb those costs; they will simply pass them on to consumers through higher premiums. Indeed, the Administration’s own cost estimates that accompanied its regulations implementing the preventive services requirements project that those new requirements alone will increase premiums by an average of 1.5 percent.

    Mandating that some services be provided with no patient cost-sharing will further disconnect consumers from the actual cost of care and increase use of those services, raising costs and premiums even higher.

    3. Blatantly Unjust Premiums. Obamacare’s new age rating requirements allow a maximum variation in cost ratio of only 3 to 1 for adult premiums. However, Heritage research shows, “The natural variation by age in medical costs is about 5 to 1—meaning that the oldest group of (non-Medicare) adults normally consumes about five times as much medical care as the youngest group.” Obamacare’s rating system causes insurers to charge unnaturally low premiums for older adults and higher premiums for younger adults. Actuaries estimate that this will increase premiums for ages 18–24 by 45 percent and ages 25–29 by 35 percent, regardless of gender.

    4. Increased Dependence on Government and its Bureaucrats. Obamacare expands the role of government and gives extensive authority to the Secretary of HHS. As an excellent symbol of the department’s overreaching power, at yesterday’s town hall, one woman expressed appreciation for Secretary Sebelius’s “interpretation” of a particular provision in the law. Also, as depicted in “The Life of Julia,” the Obama campaign envisions cradle-to-grave dependence on government for American women. Under Obamacare, more than half of all Americans will be dependent on the federal government for health care by 2020.

    5. Violation of Religious Liberty. At the town hall, when discussing the women-specific preventive care mandate that requires insurers to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs without cost-sharing, the Administration failed to mention that its regulations are a gross violation of religious liberty. The Administration exempts churches from this mandate but not religious hospitals, schools, or charities that find such products morally objectionable on religious grounds. That violates the First Amendment right to freedom of religion for all Americans—regardless of gender or faith.

    American women don’t want to be dependent on failed government-run health care like “Julia” would be under Obamacare. To see what Julia’s life would be like with less government and more choice, check out Heritage’s version of Julia’s life with conservative health care reforms.

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    15 Responses to Top 5 Things the Administration Forgot to Tell Women About Obamacare

    1. marvin hill says:

      #3 garantees young people will pay all their lives 4 benefits which will be disallowed as too expensive when they reach the age they are most likely 2 need them. No provision for savings 2 cover Late-life costs is just one way the Obamacare system is short sighted.

    2. Bobbie says:

      This has to be repealed. It's the democratic party that wages war against women with first proof obamacare dumped on us, 2nd continuing force against our will, 3rd insistence women depend on government or republicans to provide for women what personal responsibilities are accountable to 4th ignoring recognition to any responsibility rightfully the males' and the latest evidence of what planned parenthood provides through gender bias abortions where females are not the bias…

      the democratic party has been usurped by government "isms" and these democratic women are fakes and tools. They'll text you bff but what kind of bff costs you money and makes you inferior so you can pay them to do something for you, you can do within your own control? how about BO…BUZZ OFF!!!
      Please repeal Obama…

    3. Saltire says:

      Good article and well stated.

    4. Shawn says:

      it's all about control, not freedom.

    5. My family's premium went up 40%. I have been screaming about this for over a year now. A $500/mo premium is now $750/mo and it covers less. We pay 10% of all major costs, and medical supplies for a disabled child have necessarily skyrocketed. Specialists charges for doctors we never even see, like radiologists, and pathologists are not even covered. I have come up with a payment plan with the hospital where we owe $25K, and I have stopped answering the phone for all the medical collections we have received just this year.

      Not that I am trying to incite any class warfare, but a friend in the neighborhood whose husband lost a job because of illness has no insurance, and she now cleans people's houses for a living. A recent conversation brought out medical costs and she was shocked how much we had to pay, along with the costs to have the privilege of carrying that insurance every month.

      She had her husband in the hospital for months with pancreas and liver problems. At discharge after a short visit to the hospital business office, and they owed zero dollars.

      I am asking myself, "Exactly what is the benefit of insurance anymore?" Less financial ruin if I do not have it.

      • SYLVIA CROWDER says:

        I have full coverage Blue Cross Blue Shield. I had a colonostopy and I had to pay $1000.00 plus.
        My Deductable is $1000.00 and I pay big time for insurance. This is not a cheap policy.

    6. I don't expect any liberals to actually read this but I'm posting it just the same

    7. Mary Steele says:

      When you post information like this it is very important to show specifically, in a law or bill, or somewhere else, where it can be found so we can pass it to others!

    8. SmokingReb says:

      Insurance is not health care. It's a smoke and mirrors scam to take control of health care duhhhhh.

    9. Midknite Storm says:

      Would the Federal Reserve buy the largest insurance company in the world with our money if this was going to be cheaper or free? Can people wake up and smell the coffee pls. You do not need anymore information than that to know who will win big (insurance companies, drug companies and the likes) and who will loose (America and Americans)

      • Bobbie says:

        why would the President give the win to big insurance and drug companies and the like, making us the losers?

    10. Cat Ballou says:

      As long as government is involved in the health care industry it will be a disaster. Medical care for individuals, should be between, the individual, their insurance company & the medical profession. Employers should not be involved, people should pay for their own insurance & medical care. The law of supply & demand, not to mention competition would make for a better product for everyone involved. As for people that can't afford insurance or won't buy it because they don't need it, people that can't afford it have always been taken care of by the system. It may not be the greatest care, with all the bells & whistles, but then again if you live on welfare or below the poverty level, your lifestyle already isn't comparable to a lot of your fellow Americans. That's reality. The ones that can afford to buy insurance & don't that need it, for that nasty little motorcycle accident or terminal disease, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If there was a catastrophic insurance policy available for the "10 foot high & bulletproof" group, perhaps they would be willing to take a chance on having to pay for their own x-rays or broken arm. Just a thought.

    11. fliteking says:

      You can thank soccer moms and limp wristed males everywhere for this disaster.

    12. Jeanne Stotler says:

      BEfore the Gov't got involved medical Ins. was called HOPITALIZATION, did not pay for routine care, it wasaffodable d we paid out ofpocket, reasonable charges for Drs. visits, shots etc. Ofice charges have increased BECAUSE Doctors have had to hire more people to take care of the paper work, file claim etc. As a Nurseret) I know know how paper work increased in the hospitals, it was a joke among us the patient died BUT all the paper work got done. Honestly we spent more me on paper work ha wit the patient, laving care to nursing asst. , I did not go to school t do paper work, I wanted to take care of people, otherwise I could hae ecome a secretary right out of HS. Get Gov't out of the health proffession.

    13. MLF says:

      "Obamacare’s rating system causes insurers to charge unnaturally low premiums for older adults and higher premiums for younger adults. Actuaries estimate that this will increase premiums for ages 18–24 by 45 percent and ages 25–29 by 35 percent, regardless of gender."

      The good news on this piece of it is that it insures a new generation of Americans wary of government intervention…of course once the Baby Boomers start dying off and their voting bloc dwindles their superior benefits will be taken and passed onto the next biggest voting bloc. That how politics works, doesn't it?

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