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  • Barack Obama's Unwelcome Jubilee Present to Britain

    Barack Obama was all smiles in his carefully scripted message of congratulation to Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee. But at the same time as he recorded his message, his administration was actively undermining Great Britain at the annual meeting of the Organisation of American States (OAS), held in Bolivia. The OAS General Assembly, which includes the United States, has just re-adopted the 2010 “Declaration on the Question of the Malvinas Islands,” which backed Argentina’s call for negotiations between London and Buenos Aires over the Falkland Islands.


    (Approved at the first plenary session held on June 4, 2012)

    The Question of the Malvinas Islands

    Under the provisions of resolution AG/RES. 669 (XIII-O/83), the General Assembly decided to continue to examine the Question of the Malvinas Islands indefinitely.

    Thus, at its fortieth regular session, the General Assembly adopted AG/DEC. 65 (XL-O/10), which, as at the previous regular session, reaffirmed the General Assembly’s commitment “to continue to examine the topic at subsequent sessions until a definitive settlement was reached.”

    AG/DEC. 65 (XL-O/10)


    (Adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 8, 2010)


    CONSIDERING its repeated statements that the Question of the Malvinas Islands is a matter of enduring hemispheric concern;

    RECALLING its resolution AG/RES. 928 (XVIII-O/88), adopted by consensus on November 19, 1988, in which it requested the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume negotiations in order to find, as soon as possible, a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute;

    BEARING IN MIND that in its resolution AG/RES. 1049 (XX-O/90), it expressed satisfaction over the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries;

    RECOGNIZING that the accreditation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, under CP/RES. 655 (1041/95), as a permanent observer of the OAS reflects principles and values shared by that country and OAS member states, which facilitate greater mutual understanding;

    NOTING with satisfaction that the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland maintain important political, cultural and trade ties, share common values and are also engaged in close cooperation both bilaterally and in international fora;

    BEARING IN MIND that, despite those ties and shared values, it has not yet been possible to resume the negotiations between the two countries with a view to solving the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas in the framework of resolutions 2065 (XX), 3160 (XXVIII), 31/49, 37/9, 38/12, 39/6, 40/21, 41/40, 42/19 and 43/25 of the United Nations General Assembly, the decisions adopted by the same body on the same question in the Special Committee on Decolonization, and the reiterated resolutions and declarations adopted at this General Assembly; and

    HAVING HEARD the presentation by the head of delegation of the Argentine Republic,

    WELCOMES the reaffirmation of the will of the Argentine Government to continue exploring all possible avenues towards a peaceful settlement of the dispute and its constructive approach towards the inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands.

    REAFFIRMS the need for the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume, as soon as possible, negotiations on the sovereignty dispute, in order to find a peaceful solution to this protracted controversy.

    DECIDES to continue to examine the Question of the Malvinas Islands at its subsequent sessions until a definitive settlement has been reached thereon.

    The inhabitants of the Falklands are more than 95 percent British and have no desire to be ruled by Argentina, a point that both the OAS and the Obama presidency are happy to ignore. This is a clear-cut case of self-determination, and the Obama administration’s continuing support for a negotiated settlement (made abundantly clear by a senior State Department spokeman last week) is a slap in the face for both the Falkland Islanders as well as the British people. In his message to the Queen today, Barack Obama paid lip service to the Special Relationship, but his actions over the Falklands demonstrate that in practice he has nothing but disdain for America’s closest friend and ally.

    Cross-posted from The Telegraph.

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    63 Responses to Barack Obama's Unwelcome Jubilee Present to Britain

    1. KJinAZ says:

      It will take a decade or more to rebuild from the damage Obama has caused to our relationships around the world. His leadership on most fronts around the world has been Wrong!

      • joecool says:

        Let's hope we have a decade to spare!

      • Nick says:

        What's new? Obama's grandfather was a member of Mao Mao, a terrorist organization in Kenya who murdered British farmers (many of whom were 2nd and 3rd-generation Kenyans themselves, having been born there) who employed millions of Kenyans. Granddad put the anti-Britain poison in young Barry Soeto's mind, and he has demonstrated his hatred – yes hatred – for our closest ally (in two World Wars, Korea, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan and others) by every means possible. Remember when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill that had sat in the Oval Office for decades? When his gift to the Queen on the occasion of her state visit was an ipod with his recorded speeches? When he made the prime Minister wait for over an hour and then, after accepting a magnificent gift from Britain – made from the same timbers as the ship the Oval Office desk came from – gave him a bag of DVDs (wrong format for the UK) that the PM could have picked up at Blockbusters? What next, fart down the phone to London?

      • Karen says:

        Our allies are quite aware of Obama and his sociliast agenda. Once we have a real President who repsects our country and our Constitution our friends will again welcome us.

    2. LINCOLN ARIEL says:

      malvinas es un territorio robado por Inglaterra y donde no se permitio la entrada de argentinos por eso son todos ingleses

      • Pragmatic says:

        Rough translation: "Malvinas is a territory won by England, where no entry is allowed for that Argentines are all English"

        • Antoninus says:

          Actually he says the territory was stolen by the English and they don't allow Argentines in. For that reason 95% are English.

      • Nick says:

        No, that is a lie. The FALKLANDS were not stolen from anyone. They were ceded by Argentina to Britain well over a century ago by treaty. What happens is that when the Argentine economy goes sour, and everyone starts blaming the current president or dictator, they use their false claim to the FALKLANDS as a straw man to divert peoples' attention. Gen. Galtieri – that murderous dictator who "disappeared" anyone daring to oppose him, did it in 1982, and as a result hundreds of young Argentine and British soldiers died. The current dict – sorry, president – is just following the same script 30 years later.

        Argentina should have been thanking Britain for the past 30 years; it was their military defeat that helped topple Galtieri.

        Now go and get that translated.

      • Nanna Gail says:

        Lincoln Ariel: Excuse me, but if you are sending a message to Americans, it woul be good manners to use OUR NATIVE LANGUAGE, which is ENGLISH. If you can't read or write English, then I would suggest you have a translator on hand when sending these messages.

    3. Stirling says:

      Again more of the "World's" President, rather then an "American" President's agenda going on here. This administration has little respect for countries "soverignty," and is presenting more of the George Soros "open borders" agenda. by trying to weaken our Allies.

      • Doris Carman says:

        he doesnt cre about ours why would he care about theirs. He doesnt care about the majority anywhere.Except in his election that is.

      • Mr.Ed says:

        I've said this from day one,obama is nothing but a mouth piece for soros (names not capped on purpose),soros has done nothing but ruin every country he's lived in.That's why he keeps moving around.Confiscate his money(along with any one here that is affiliated with him),it would help reduce the bills that obama has caused.Then send them to Gitmo! Do not give them another chance to ruin another country!

    4. Saltire says:

      The people of the Falklands want to remain within the UK. What is it politicians don't understand about this? The U.S. should not support this declaration and instead support the citizens of the Falklands' wishes.

      Britain needs to stand it's ground and keep the Falklands. Argentina is full of crap. And, now this has become an issue about potential oil found under the Falklands.

      The U.S. foreign policy in supporting this declaration is shameful.

      • Nick says:

        Wonder how Obama would feel if Britain supported Mexico's claim to regain California, N. Mexico, Arizona etc?

    5. Saltire says:

      For a Falkland Islander's point of view, visit http://penguin-news.com/.

    6. James Monroe says:

      I was under the impression the US did not back the vote.

    7. Maxine says:

      "… the Malvinas Islands, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas…"
      Why don't we just hand Argentina the entire South Atlantic Ocean? It's like China claiming sovereignty over the entire South China Sea.

      • Marcelo says:

        Take a moment to learn your oun american history. The Monroe Doctrine specifies that an attack from a non-American country against any American territory is to be treated as an act of war agaist the US. When the UK forcibly invaded & illegally seized the Malvinas they in effect broke US law. This point has always been undisputed. Also undisputed is the fact that the islands in question have always been territories that belong to the sovereign nation of Argentina. Official protests were lodged immediately after UK's colonization of these islands by both the Argentinian and US governments. The analogy with China claiming soverenty over the entire South China Sea is absolutely correct if in this case you take UK to be China since they have no legal right to the territories except to say the people there chose to be part of the UK. They colonized the islands themselves & don't allow Argentinians to visit. Imagine UK claiming Hawaii, setting up a garrison and populating it with their own people while preventing anyone else from going there. Who would you side with?

        • JohnW says:

          Marcelo, your history is wrong, check the timelines on posession of the Falkland Islands since the 1600 hundreds and Argentina comes on the short end of the stick.

          • Pragmatic says:

            You're both technically correct depending on which version of history you follow. You can google this and find the answer really quickly by the way. But anyway, for those of you interested in some background:

            In the 1600's both the French and English created settlements on the Falklands at roughly the same time and, apparently, we unaware of this fact. The French then sold this to the Spanish who put it underneath the control of Buenos Aires (a Spanish colony). Apparently, England and Spain almost went to war over this various issue but got distracted by other wars (the American Revolution for one). Around this time both countries left the area uninhabited but left plaques claiming sovereignty. When Argentina won its independence from Spain, they believe they inherited the Falklands (Malvinas) … and the battle with England continued.

        • Doris Carman says:

          I wouldnt care about losing Hawaii to the brits. If they or us fights and wins then thats the owner. And if the people dont want to be owned by argentina then thats how it should be.I would rather live under british rule than argentinian dictatorship.

        • Nick says:

          What a load of uninformed rubbish. Britain did not "forcibly invade" the Falklands (only the Argentines call them the Malvinas; the rest of the world has always called them the Falklands, or Falkland Islands.) The Falklands have NOT "always been territories that belong to Argentina." They have been recognized worldwide – except in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and a few other tinpot S. American countries – as British territory for well over a century. The islands were ceded to Britain by treaty.

        • Charliefree says:

          Pragmatic's explanation below is correct …. AND just to clarify, there is no violation of the Monroe Doctrine as the English claim to the Falklands predates that 'Law' and even the founding of the US. The Falklands have a long history of being used as a way station for explorers and military (the islands were stocked with animals for this reason) and even has a brief history of being a 'pirate' (depends on who is telling if they were pirates or covert military acting as such) rest station. It was far enough from the Carribean to get 'out-of-the-heat' but not so far that a quick return to the area was possible.

        • awkingsley says:

          Side with the citizens no matter how they got there or who they are. The British Crown probably lays claim to the islands, but British citizens undoubtedly own homes and businesses there. The islanders need to decide their own fate: If they want to be a part of the U.K. then fine. If not, they can be an independent nation or Argentinians if they change their minds regarding Argentinian citizenship. I share the opinion of someone else who commented on this article, "Obama is mentally deranged." His ridiculous faux pas with respect to the Falkland's takes the cake. Obama is so confused and biased by his father's hatred of British Imperialism that his reasoning is fatally flawed – too flawed to be making presidential decisions.

          • Pragmatic says:

            I agree with you awkingsley that this makes the most intuitive sense; however, I don't think the west (US and UK in particular) want to set this precedence unless they want to recognize Palestine as an official state.

    8. SnoBurd says:

      What a tool! I'll be so glad when he's out of office next January.

      • lee4 says:

        It's obvious he started out with a 1" foreskin, since he's stepped on it so many times in the past 3 1/2 years that it would have become 3 ft long if it had started out any longer! He has no business entering into talks about other countries, when he can't even find his office in D. C.!

    9. SensiblyOffensive says:

      "America’s closest friend and ally" So you're referring to Israel here?

    10. Oscar Brown says:

      Why should Great Britain be any different? Our president has no regard for anyone but himself. Even so November, come quickly.

      • Popdru says:

        Nice Paraphrase to Revelation 22:20. We should all be praying for this to happen soon!

    11. Morton Friedman says:

      Rather wonder what the Argentine claim is based on.

      The Falklands definitely do not fall within the 12, or even 200 mile limit that many nations claim under so-called international law. When Argentina became a sovereign nation, just what was the Argentinian presence there. Historically, the Falklands were a rather barren arcipelago, whose only real value was as a coaling station. Nothing that Argentinia had any need for, nor were they inclined to develop to serve international commerce.

      Are the Falklands an integral part of South America? Harddly. But then, one would have to establish some rationale for any country claiming sovereignty over any oceanic island. A difficult question, what should the status of Hawaii, Midway, Bermuda, etc. be?

      • Pragmatic says:

        I looked into this and posted it above. Short version. Both Spain and England had claims to the islands (and fought about it). When Argentina won its independence from Spain they also received the islands. So that is the basis for Argentina's claims.

        • Doris Carman says:

          In that case california must legally belong to some mexican families also texas at least the alamo.ha ha

      • Nick says:

        The Argentines only began their latest (of many) claims to the Falklands when Britain began prospecting for oil off its coast.

    12. Ken says:

      It seems this presidents sole reason for occupation of the office is to ruin America, her reputation, trust and reputation. His presidency has acted as a sea mine to the ship of state.

      • ritha111454 says:

        He is the biggest ass I have ever seen. An embarrassment to our Nation that used to be loved by most other nations. Now we are the laughing stock of the world. I hope there is still a chance to be a great nation again after he is out of office. Dear Lord help us.

    13. Mecki says:

      Argentina, get over it!

    14. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The people of the Falklands voted to remain British. Besides, the Falklands are British territory. They stole them fair and square. :)

    15. GeoInSD says:

      Obama is an anti-colonialist. He will consider the Falklands dispute as the imperial power still exerting control over its colony. I think Obama hates the United States, considering it to be an imperial power, and might hate the UK even more. The UK had an even larger empire and once controlled Kenya. Obama's family had fought against the Brits.

    16. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Obama has insulted the British ever since he took office, while Geo.W. joked about the british and Dolley Madison nd G. Washington's portrait, we are irritting a lot f countries, I m not so sure this POTUS doesn't have a mental problem, I know he is narcistic and egotstic BUT he's more than that.

      • Popdru says:

        You got to have a brain before you can have a mental problem. I think you overestimate Obozo.

    17. Matthew P says:

      You are onto more truth than you know! Read Denish d'Souza's book "The Roots of Obama's Rage". He is trying to destroy America because of our involvement in putting down a Mau Mau war in Kenya and sticking our noses where he didn't think they belonged. Many of Obamas relatives and friends were killed. His entire Presidency has been spent taking us apart. He has bankrupted us and will not be happy until we are a second rate Country with a debt we can never get out of.

    18. Red Rose says:

      If theUK has to give back the Falklands then the U S should have to give Puerto Rixo back
      To Cuba. Obama is the anti everything when it comes to good sense and
      Relations with our allies.

    19. US/UK Dual Citizen says:

      Britain has occupied the Falklands far longer than the United States has occupied Hawaii, Guam, the Northern Marianas, the (US) Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and a number of other places. Should we give those countries up to the nearest large land mass?

      The Falkland Islanders consider themselves British, speak English exclusively, voted to remain a part of Britain and hate anything to do with Argentina.

      Argentina can take a running jump. Margaret Thatcher got it right when we ran them out of the Falklands (after they illegally invaded, with their guns firing at innocent civilians).

    20. US/UK Dual Citizen says:

      This is what the Islanders think of Argentina.

      ARGENTINA has again combined sport and politics with a 90 second pre Olympic television advert showing an Argentine hockey player training in and around Stanley and claiming, "to compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil."

      Member of Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly Ian Hansen (left) responded today:

      (first part removed for conciseness)

      "We determine our own future, and we will not be bullied by the Argentine Government, neither by their attempts to undermine our economy, nor by their constant misrepresentation of the truth, nor by pieces of cheap and disrespectful propaganda such as this. It is hugely disappointing to see sport abused in this way, when it is so often seen as a vehicle for unity. It seems an act of desperation to sink to this."

    21. cheryl s. says:

      If I had the effrontery of returning to England their gift of the bust of Winston Churchill, probably one of the greatest men to grace our planet. Or the effrontery of giving Queen Elizabeth an I Pod with show tunes…. I would NEVER have the nerve to show my face in England again not to mention, being in the Queens presence during her Jubilee celebration…..unless of course, I was an absolute narcissist…. like,
      Barack Obama.
      Barack Hussein Obama along with his fascist wife are embarrassments to the United States and a laughing stock through out the world.

    22. Soldiermom11 says:

      He sees England as colonialists that captured his father's tribe in Africa. Even though that tribe was MauMau (sp?) and had a reputation for being very brutal even to their own people. He will never warm up to her or treat her with respect. The queen should expect continued insults (even if veiled at times) and if I were her I would just be "busy" from now on. Oh and somebody should tell BO and his wife NOT to touch the queen at any time for any reason. That's basic decorum for any guest of the queen but especially a visiting president. But of course an "amateur" wouldn't know that.

    23. Free Speach says:

      FYI – Argentina gave up its claims to the Falkland Islands in 1850. Argentina also lost all credability in 1982.

    24. Stven in CA says:

      This is a good situation for the USA not to get involved in. Both Argentina and the UK have a reasonable basis for believing that they are the 'true' owners of those islands. This is a 'no win' situation for the USA and we should NOT favor the interests of one of the claimants over those of the other claimant!

    25. Pig1 says:

      Surprise surprise as Argentina leans more towards communism, it falls right in line with Barry's ideology.

    26. Hotnike says:

      Obama is a total idiot,

    27. DougieFresh says:

      This is a continuation of Reagan/Haig from 1988. Sadly we can't lay this one at the door of Obama and the attempt to do so is disingenuous on the part of Mr. Gardiner. Take a look at the history of the Falkland Island War and the pressure that Reagan/Haig put on Margaret Thatcher to turn the islands over to Argentina. Thatcher confronted Haig with the simple analogy to Japan's attack on Hawaii in 1941. Would the USA have abandoned its island territory in that attack? Certainly not! Nor should Great Britain abandon their citizens in the Falklands. Reagan should have had the same courage Thatcher had and told Argentina to bugger off! The issue was left in limbo by Reagan and continued by every administration since.

    28. Obama is a Pathetic Dolt! He slaps our Friends & Allies and gives Aid & Comfort to the Enemies of Western Civilization. He is an embarrassment and a danger to America and her People. Even old School Democrats (read: not Marxist Democrats that run the Democratic Party today) are lining up against this Moron-in-Chief in the White House.

    29. O2BMe says:

      I don't know what business this is of the United States or Obama. Shouldn't it be the business of the population of the Falklands and any of the other islands. They should not be forced to become a part of another country if the don't want to. Let them vote on it and respect their wishes. Hawaii voted to become a state and Puerto Rico voted not to, no one owns the people.

    30. Doug says:

      Go away Barack Obama……You are an embarrassment to the human race…..

    31. DE Navarro says:

      Documented Facts: The population of the Falkland Islands is primarily of British descent (about 70 percent of the population), mainly as a result of Scottish and Welsh immigration to the islands. In the 2006 census, some Islanders identified themselves as of French, Gibraltarian, and Scandinavian descent. Other minorities include South Americans (mainly of Chilean origin) and, in more recent times, people from Saint Helena. Few Argentines currently reside in the Islands, including Maria Strange, wife of the author and historian Ian Strange.

      So what is Obama's problem (other than being a socialist who loves to give away sovereignty to instability in hopes that dictatorial government must be established)?

    32. C.B. says:

      Kind of looks like the queen is trying to smile and grit her teeth at the same time? And notice how she's looking down as she walks beside this lying ;;two faced, puppet man. I'd be careful if I were him.. Unless it's all a show and he's meant to come off as being in rebellion against the UK dynasty? The way things are going now you can't rely on what you think is at play..

    33. VCmom says:

      Well, at least he didn't give the Queen another ipod full of his speeches, or return another bust of a war hero, or more videos they can't play…….

    34. Paul427 says:

      Which side do you expect a douche bag Communist to support anyway?

    35. TexasJester says:

      ……. Once again Obama has slapped the face of England. He has slapped the face of Israel. When will he learn?

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