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  • Stuxnet Revelation Continues Obama Administration Trend of Classified Leaks

    The New York Times revealed today in a major news article that the well-known Stuxnet malware attack on the Iranian nuclear program was, in fact, an American operation. Most experts had felt that was the most logical conclusion, but it had never been confirmed. The Times report is based on interviews with anonymous sources “because the effort remains highly classified, and parts of it continue to this day,” reporter David Sanger wrote. While this is an acknowledgement of U.S. prowess in cyberwarfare, the revelation is an inexcusable breach of security that seems to be a part of a disturbing trend.

    One has to ask: Why is the Obama Administration choosing to continue revealing operational information that is normally not released? This includes the specific units that conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, information from the bin Laden compound, classified information on the bin Laden raid, details of drone operations, and now secrets about cyberwarfare. There is NO good operational reason for doing this. The only “logical” reason is a tight race for presidency. Does this mean that the closer that we get to the election, the more operational secrets will be given away?

    The larger reality is that these leaks, designed to highlight the President’s credentials as a tough leader, are trying to mask the fact that Obama has virtually nothing to show on key national security issues. Progress in the big and important issues, such as relations with China and Russia, broadly fending off Iranian nuclear development, and keeping the rogue regime in North Korea inside its box, have all proven elusive for this Administration.

    When progress is absent, a desperate Administration may use leaks, even if it harms national security. The Times reports that Obama “repeatedly expressed concerns that any American acknowledgment that it was using cyberweapons…could enable other countries, terrorists or hackers to justify their own attacks.” So either the Administration completely disregarded its prior national security concerns, or it has no control over sensitive information. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

    It is difficult to assess how damaging the release of this kind of operational information can really be. At the very least, letting your enemies know what you know is unwise and makes their decision making simpler. Though it may be difficult to assess how enemies can exploit these revelations, lives may be on the line, which underscores the importance of placing national interests above electoral politics.

    All of this is occurring while the U.S. military is facing a mandated $500 billion in cuts through the Budget Control Act sequestration process. The President and the Senate majority leader have been comfortable with letting the cuts go into effect. So it is deeply troubling at a time when huge cuts to national security are on the table that the Administration seems content to give away security advantages.

    It is great news that the U.S. cyber forces can develop, deploy, and control as sophisticated a product as Stuxnet. It was, overall, a superb operation that had its intended effect. It is so unfortunate that officials felt compelled to boast about it in the media. It was an unprofessional political decision that has compromised the highly professional accomplishments of our security forces.

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    9 Responses to Stuxnet Revelation Continues Obama Administration Trend of Classified Leaks

    1. occamsedge says:

      As much as I would like to pin the blame on Obama, I also have to consider the source of the leaked information. It was the New York Times. They have a long, checkered history of uncovering secrets, and leaking them out. As the premier liberal rag in the nation, they seem to believe that it is their duty as liberal leftists (redundant?) to undermine America.

      I therefore do not believe that all of the responsibility lies with Obama. At a minimum, it is shared.

      • Bobbie says:

        How did the New York Times get it? The responsibility is on Obama. If he can't hire honorable people in places of intelligence, he's not worth America. Besides, heritage mentions obama's administration filled with obama's like mind…

    2. Byron says:

      Well written and right on target. What a shame to see this administration destroy our capabilities while attempting to take credit for the machine that was put into place by George Bush.

    3. Denise says:

      He assumes If we are focused on the big stuff he shares = "transparent administration". We won't notice the dismantling of Constitution behind closed doors. Either way it's bad for America!

    4. Bill says:

      Now he decides to have an OPEN administration. Trying to make himself into something he is not, a proud American. He is fundamentally transforming this nation!

    5. DrPain63 says:

      Further evidence that the Obama administration has been an abject failure in all aspects of leading this country.

    6. Chris in N.Va. says:

      This kind of treasonous – yup, I'm using that word – behavior irks this USAF vet and his USN vet wife. The same "loose lips" disclosure by the average citizen would result in an extended all-expenses-paid stay at scenic Club Leavenworth, enjoying the fitness center's regimen of turn big rocks into small ones. There are in fact plenty of people currently serving lengthy Federal espionage sentences for similar behavior.

      It also demonstrates the opportunistic historical perversion of the America(and-self)-loathing Left in general, and of Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac in particular, that would twist Nathan Hale's famous last words to nowadays become:

      I regret that I have but one country to give in exchange for my life (or my wealth, power, comfort, political advantage, ad nauseum).

    7. podmom says:

      This leak is nothing short of a ploy to "win" the jewish vote. Obama believes if he declares how he worked together with Israel then jewish voters will stop questioning his pro-islamic policies. What is clear, though is that he once again throws Israel under the bus by leaking this information and as Charles Krauthammer says "all that is missing are the hebrew names and addresses" of those involved.

      I could all be a lie, also. We know that he is not above making things up to win favor to a targeted group of people. Still, even if this is not true, it is damaging to US security.

    8. yeah about that... says:

      oh yeah hes transparent. i guess he just tries to put whistleblowers in jail for fun.

      otherwise this is just fake outrage and agenda. everyone knew this thing either came from america or israel.

      its just commen sense.

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