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  • Monthly Archives: May 2012

    The Ladder of Opportunity vs. Obama's Fairness Escalator


    If 2008 was all about hope and change, 2012 may well be about ladders. Yes, ladders. President Barack Obama has developed a soft-spot for the “ladder of opportunity” metaphor, and he’s running with it. At a community college in Ohio a few weeks ago, he promised an economy “where there … More

    Running & Responsibility: How Former Addicts Are Overcoming


    If you told recovering alcoholic and drug addict Hermon Blount a year ago that he’d soon be getting up 3 or 4 days a week at 5:30 a.m. to run, he may not have believed you. That was before he decided to quit drinking and using drugs in exchange for … More

    Biden Blames Bush for Iran Problems

    Vice President Joe Biden

    After more than three years in office, the Obama Administration still is blaming the Bush Administration for its own difficulties. On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden made yet another attempt to pass the buck, claiming that the Bush Administration’s Iran policy was flawed and left the U.S. in an isolated … More

    “I’m from the Government, and I’m Here to Make You Happy”


    Did you know that President Obama’s “Yes, We Can” Administration has been funding a research project to invent a composite index that measures happiness? Yes, you read right—an aggregate index that aims to compute your happiness, mine, and our nation’s. Everybody wants to be happy, and it might be nice … More

    Online Chat on Terrorism


    With the 51st terrorist plot foiled since 9/11, the question still remains: is Al-Qaeda still a threat? Click here to join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” online chat.  We are joined by Homeland Security expert Jessica Zuckerman. She is taking your questions about Al-Qaeda and the war on … More

    Missile Defense Program Essential to Address Ballistic Missile Threats


    Yousaf Butt of the Federation of American Scientists attempts yet again to distort facts about the U.S. missile defense program and convince the public that missile defense is a waste of resources. He is wrong. Butt attempts to give the reader an impression that mounting decoys on the top of … More

    Morning Bell: Would You Take an SUV into Combat?


    Should our fighting men and women be forced to drive unarmed SUVs into war zones, with speed as their only defense against rocket and car bomb attacks? Tragically, that’s a true story of U.S. military readiness today, and America’s defenses will only get worse under the drastic cuts aimed at … More

    Obama and the Truth about Marriage


    Yesterday, President Obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage. This was not exactly a surprise. Sure, when running for Senate in 2004, Obama said that “marriage is between a man and a woman.” And when campaigning for the presidency in 2008, he restated that view and also claimed he did … More

    Expulsion of American Reporter from China Should Prompt U.S. Action

    An undated handout picture shows the correspondent of the Arabic broadcaster Al Jazeera Melissa Chan in Bejing, China.

    News yesterday of the expulsion of Melissa Chan, an American reporting for Al-Jazeera in China, brings into stark focus the great disparity between the U.S. willingness to grant visas to Chinese journalists—who are then allowed complete freedom to report in the U.S.—and the difficulty that foreign journalists have in not … More

    Wall Street Journal: Conservatives Oppose National Standards


    Opponents of national standards and tests see the push as furthering “federal intrusion into state education matters,” asserts the Wall Street Journal today. While the standards have been touted as “voluntary” by proponents, the Obama Administration’s heavy promotion of the standards—tying Race to the Top dollars to a state’s adoption … More