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  • More States Receive Strings-Attached NCLB Waivers

    Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced that eight more states will receive waivers to opt out of the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

    As Education Week’s Alyson Klein reported on Tuesday, “The U.S. Department of Education today granted waivers to eight of the 26 states (plus the District of Columbia) that applied in February for wiggle room under the No Child Left Behind Act. The second-round waiver states are: Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.”

    However, the message of “relief” and “flexibility” the Administration is pushing is a far cry from what the waivers actually represent. Sure, states may receive temporary relief from one flawed federal policy, but they are doing so at the cost of agreeing to even greater federal encroachment. To receive a waiver, a state must sign on to a set of conditions set forth by the Administration.

    “One of the most concerning conditions attached to the waivers is the requirement for states to adopt common standards and tests,” wrote Heritage’s Lindsey Burke earlier this year. “Having national organizations and the Department of Education dictating standards and tests will effectively centralize control of the content taught in local schools. It’s an unprecedented and dangerous federal overreach.”

    Interestingly, as Klein points out, most of the eight states receiving waivers have already signed on to the Administration’s education reforms as part of the Race to the Top grant competition:

    Except for Connecticut and Louisiana, all of the waiver recipients were among the dozen states that won a slice of the $4 billion Race to the Top fund. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. To get a waiver, states must embrace certain Obama administration reform priorities. And many of those requirements… are similar to the policies embraced by the administration’s Race to the Top competitive grant program.

    Undoubtedly, states need relief from NCLB, but waivers fraught with heavy-handed demands from Washington are far from the best interest of states. The Administration’s approach of advancing its own agenda by circumventing Congress shows blatant disregard for the proper lawmaking process. While the Obama Administration has been attempting to impose its own education agenda on states, other reforms that provide true flexibility are currently being considered in Congress, such as the A-PLUS proposal, which would allow states to completely opt out of No Child Left Behind.

    Instead of kowtowing to the White House’s demands, states should reject strings-attached waivers and insist on real flexibility.

    To learn more about the dangers of national standards, watch our video: “Washington’s Latest Education Overreach: National Standards for Schools

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    4 Responses to More States Receive Strings-Attached NCLB Waivers

    1. Bobbie says:

      please! The federal government is unlawful by abuse of power. NCLB uses the uninspired, unmotivated child and drops the rest of the class to that level so no one's left behind, while promoting limited, social indoctrinated thinking. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and magnificent when it's not wasted. Clones is what the federal government is evolving!

    2. Voter says:

      The waivers are more repressive and ridiculous tan NCLB. Seems we've replaced stupid with even stupider. Guess who profits?

    3. LindaO says:

      Requirements for relief of NCLB sounds comparable to Federal Grants. Once received States, Cities, Municipalities have all agreed to something controlled by the Feds. For example, our Town agreed to a 5,000 foot flyover to determine that our 3 lakes (which have never flooded) would become part of the new FEMA grab to increase the size of the FEMA Flood Plain! People who live on the lakes are seeing their homeowners insurance increase by as much as 50%, no new homes or docks can be build on the lakes, and the value of their property is becoming little to nothing!! The Town agreed to this in order to obtain Federal Money in the future — sign this and I will sell you a lot in the Everglades sight unseen!!!

    4. Mike says:

      Let's focus on the real issue here shall we. The federal government has 'zero' mandate or authority under the constitution to involve itself in education. The DoEd is in direct violation of constitutional requirements and should be eliminated from the Washington landscape immediately. No other 'national' educational reforms are necessary. Education is clearly a 10th ammendment state's rights issue. Unfortunately, the federal government under numerous administrations has had no interest in adhering to the law and/or constitution, and the Obamination administration simply takes this unlawful abuse to new heights. Eliminate the DoEd and the public school system, institute complete education 'choice' via vouchers, and watch the educational system improve dynamically.

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