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  • Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair

    President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to Dolores Huerta, an 82-year-old labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers union.

    Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

    DSA describes itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”

    Huerta has claimed, “Republicans hate Latinos,” and has spoken fondly of Hugo Chavez’s despotic regime in Venezuela. Some of her more radical comments were captured in this audio clip:

    Despite her apparent radicalism, Huerta has received accolades from top administration officials, including Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. She is now the recipient of the nation’s highest civilian honor – one of 14 individuals to receive the medal Tuesday at the White House.

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    70 Responses to Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair

    1. @augustine25 says:

      I met the young Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He was introduced to me by my girlfriend who was co-president of the Democrat Socialist Alliance on campus. I can report that the young Obama was an ardent Marxist socialist looking forward to a Communist-style revolution in the U.S.

      • This is a hot news item….why not report it to the press? Barry Soetoro should be exposed at every opportunity!!!!!!

        • If you look at his policies, they favor Capitalism, not Socialism, so as much of an ardent Marxist he may have been, he does not seem to advancing the ideals of Socialism. This is from a member of the International Socialist Organization. We are actually pretty critical of Obama.

    2. SnoBurd says:

      Republicans don't hate Latinos in general. But let's work together to stop the influx of illegals, and go through the proper procedures to enter legally.
      Get your facts straight, LSM.

      • JohnG says:

        Hey SnoBurd, get YOUR facts straight!! We do not hate latinos PERIOD. Nor do we hate any other race, creed or color! What we do hate, and what the Administration, Eric Holder, the left and the media likes to twist (just like you inadvertantly did), are people of ANY persuasion usurping the legal, legitimate means of entering this country.
        What we Do hate(!) are Illegal Aliens, of Any persuasion or nationality! They are not immigrants, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS, and they come from more than just latin American countries. The truth is we LOVE immigrants, from ALL ethnicities. But, an immigrant is someone who respects the laws and the peope of the country, someone who follows the correct path to enter the country and become a citizen, NOT someone who climbed under or over a fence, had a baby or ten without the means to support them, and then expects the government they disrespect and have no regards for to support them AND their children. We LOVE immigrants. We hate illegal immigrants and the liberals who support them. Anyone wants to immigrate to this counrty is welcome. Anyone who wants to break our laws and show their utter disrespect for our country, that's a whole different matter.

      • kray says:

        Republicans hate Latinos???? That is absurd. That kind of race baiting is learned early on by the left. The best defense for socialist ideas is to ad hominem attack the opposition. When you have no argument you call names….. I am not name calling but these ugly attacks are childish, stupid and evil.

    3. Bobbie says:

      How ironic for the president of the united states who fears personal freedom and all who are, the medal of freedom to a person who doesn't exemplify it!! As it seems, never lived it. When you need socialist entities to get you where you want to be, you sacrifice your own wisdom to which this woman did or may have deprived herself throughout her live by surrounding herself with socialism! Both FAKES!

    4. Anybody surprised?

    5. Obama shows once again his Socialist leanings by honoring a Socialist. He is a Marxist because of who is in his Admin and by his actions.

    6. GregoTX says:

      Can someone help me understand how "freedom" and "socialist" are somehow compatible? No? That's because they aren't. What a shame; that medal used to mean something.

    7. Janny says:

      And yet if you say Obama is a socialist the left will call you an extremist.. I am an extremist… according to the socialist Democratic Party which makes up most of the Dems in the Obama administration… this is just one example of why he needs to go in November among other things.

    8. bjoyd says:

      I am curious who the other 13 individuals are. Isa this part of the usual trend?

    9. Dave Gibson says:

      No surprise, one socialist to another both hell bent on destroying the country that gave them so much.

    10. Who is surprised with this one?

    11. winoceros says:

      Please make this man leave office. Please. He sullies my nation.

    12. This person (obama) has no idea what FREEDOM looks like and the only recipient worthy today was literally disrespected by the bumbling orator. . .He's really not a speaker. . he's a reader.

    13. Mike C. says:

      How's that for in your face America. He's been laughing at us for almost 4 yrs. now and it's time to stop him.

    14. Tim says:

      I would have expected Obama to do this after (IF) he was re-elected. It's far too early to admit he is purposely trying to distroy America, he is making it obvious that he is a fan of socialism. It is obvious to most that he is wanting to make a communist country out of the USA, because he is far to smart for all this to be a mistake.

    15. latino says:

      I am Latino and I don’t hate me, my family or any other Latino.

      • Clearhead says:

        I am not Latino and I don't hate you, your family or any other Latino either. (Well, maybe Chavez).

    16. Danny Daniel says:

      Unbelievable! Is thre any doubt that this Admin. is leading down the path of socialism?

    17. Mike says:

      Huerta is receiving her award for her work with the United Farm Workers union. That is the only point that is relevant as far as her award is concerned. Mr Levin stated earlier on today's show that he would never denigrate Colin Powell's military record. For the sake of consistency, please do the same with Dolores Huerta. You can hate everything else about her if you'd like. But don't denigrate her outstanding work with the United Farm Workers union.

      • Clearhead says:

        @ Mike — Please tell us how "outstanding work with the United Farm Workers Union" has anything to do with her being awarded a "FREEDOM MEDAL". Freedom from what? Freedom to DO what?

    18. Arghhh. That is my sophomoric comment on this one. We can expect nothing less (or nothing more) from this sham of an administration under Obama; honoring socialists in America… this is a disgrace.

    19. This is OUTRAGEOUS! If Ms. Huerta is so fond of Hugo Chavez's despotic regime, why doesn't SHE move to Venezuela – and take Obama with her!

    20. Phil G says:

      Shame, shame and more shame. This man has no shame.

      • John says:

        …according to this article, it's not just the pres who honors socialists but also "top administration officials". Simply removing one man from the pres seat won't change the country's direction. We need to let the rest of our elected officials know they ought to get back in line with the original US Constitution.

    21. Peter Kingdale says:

      Hat tip to Obama! Well done, sir.

      • beastdogs8 says:

        So we are giving medal of freedom, which means the recipient needs to be not only promoting freedom, but going beyond the call of duty, including risking their lives in the promotion of freedom, to a woman who is promoting socialism and other radical leftist and leftist causes that are complete enemies of freedom. So Pete in you liberal world where everything is powered by rainbows and unicorn farts, slavery equals freedom???, so what next is in your liberal world, giving the Congressional Medal of Honor to enemy fighters???

    22. Roland Biser says:

      Regarding "President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to Dolores Huerta, an 82-year-old labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers union", it is worth noting that I was unable to open the audio clip showing Dolores Huerta, due to the following block:

      "You have reached a website that is currently being blocked due to malicious activity and/or current acceptable use policies. Please contact your local Information Assurance (IA) office or the Pentagon Computer Incident Response Team (PENTCIRT) if you have further questions or require assistance."

    23. An out and out socialist! This is in your face people, NObama gives this woman a medal of freedom award!! What a mockery!

    24. AS A FORMER KERN COUNTY [CA - viz. both in Bakersfield and Tehachapi residences] == The name of UFW founder "CAESAR CHAVEZ' still evokes passions — not all of them as fond as Delano based United Farm Workers HQ – nor town of Keene [just off US Highway 58 - East of Weedpatch, en route up the mountain to Tehachapi - where John Steinbeck researched "The Grapes of Wrath" about 'Oakies' who preceded Latinos & Latinas into the farm labor communities during FDR & HST administrations]! ** " EXTORTION " is not too strong of a term to use on UFW tactics under Huerta and Chavez! ** IT WAS ASSUREDLY NOT as being depicted in main-stream media & public schools today, nor appearances – well timed, by Eastern Massachusetts liberals, such as The Kennedy family et al — for both personal & professional political advantages! ** Having taught in Kern County public schools near Delano – The annual school year is melded with the annual SOUTH migration OF FARM WORKERS, starting at about Thanksgiving and lasting until after " Annual SUPER BOWL " football games! ** No one questions (a) the dedication of seasonal workers, who — in just Tulare County; which – perhaps surprising to some (b) send $5 Billion [USD] in financial support to relatives South of the US – Mexico border: Via Mexican owned banks and credit unions in small Central Valley towns!! ** THAT"s JUST ONE COUNTY – Well documented in a controversial series by McClatchy News Service — daily papers in Fresno, Modesto and Sacramento! ** STATE and LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT officials, prosecutors and lawyers KNEW CAESAR CHAVEZ WAS TERMINALLY ILL – so a CONSCIOUS DECISION WAS MADE, not to martyr him – BEFORE HIS DEATH – THUS: Preventing "due process" [arguably - based on current US Attorney General "guidelines"] = = Not to prosecute UFW leaders for obvious felony crimes which Chavez and Huerta had committed! ** Even County Grand Jurors — who had the option as did CA State Grand Juries — to investigate, were prevented from doing so!! ** ALL IN THE [then] SACRED NAME OF 'Civil Rights" – so, damn them all! ** OBAMA award is about as ill- timed a maladroit malapropism as I have seen in some time! ** It comes on the heels of "contested inter alia within this Administration – political stroke of genius at The WALL [for our Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Monday, May 28th]– yet strokes the Rad-Lib-Dem needs — and (c) I HOPE RUSH LIMBAUGH LAMBASTS THIS ADMINISTRATION FOR THIS CALLOUS DISREGARD FOR "ALL OUR CIVIL RIGHTS" — As military veterans still await "direct deposits in our bank accounts" from the V-A under General Shinseki, already three decades too late in arrival during our remaining lifetimes! -30-

    25. AND ANOTHER THING == During my tenure as "Dean of Education" in Bakersfield @ both The Watterson College and – later – CareerCom College on Business [the NYSE symbol - before bankruptcy due to high student loan default rates = "PTA"] — in the day == Several HAD BEEN Caesar Chavez UFW "sex slaves" [most of them were INDIAN WOMEN] were my students! ** They were going through recognizable "PTSD symptoms" – from those experiences! ** Going through private colleges under "re-training Federal programs" – but not at any public colleges, which shunned these good people and 'ladies' — during Reagan Administration / Bill Bennett as then Education Secretary — was part of their re-entry back "into society"! ** Assuredly = IT WAS NOT EASY FOR THEM, nor with priests and bishops of the Central Valley Roman Catholic Churches, which were assisting in that recovery process! -30-

    26. Tony in MO says:

      So this should surprise anyone? I'm actually surprised that Obama didn't nominate someone from the CPUSA for the award. After all, the Communist Party U.S.A. overwhelminly endorsed Obama.

    27. Dean says:

      Of all the great American's this is the best Obama can do. She should move to Venezuela if she wants to be a socialist. I choose freedon.

    28. Just wanted to pass this along just incase you didn't know who Dolores Huerta is and all her amazing accomplishments. (insert sarcasm). So glad Obama feels like one of the highest honors in America should go to a socialist and a person that thinks fondly Chavez.

    29. Mmort says:

      Medal of Freedom must mean the recipient has the right and obligation to tear down an established Republic. Socialist/ marxist/ communist/ community organizer/ radical protester….all the same.

    30. ckmarti54 says:

      Obama is a socialist himself and people are surprised about this??

    31. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Again, Obama's mask is off! The mask that he hid behind to get elected. Now he, and his ilk, are standing in the wide open, showing their true ideology. There can no longer be any doubt what Obama is and what he is attempting to do our American way of life. Yet the DNC and the media will continues to protect the lies and distrotions until November. Why? Because if Obama is reelected, it's all over with. This nation, as we know it, will no longer exist. Then, and only then, will all true Americans do what we have known from the beginning we must do to save this nation. And that does not mean electing more politicians. We had all better face facts today, because come November, it may be too late.

    32. Joyce Taylor says:

      What freedom is there in Socialism?

    33. I want to know what the American Way of Life is, come on really, what is it. Keepin g the obsenities out is difficult. Is it FREEDOM OF RELIGION as long as the religion is close to protestant., huh. Or maybe it is only believing what you believe. Or maybe its telling women what they can or cannot do with their lives and their bodies because you have an XY chromesome. Huh big boy. Or the American Way of Life is to tell the workers of America to Unite and starve, long as you have a job to feed what passes for your family. Hmm. Come on spell it out. What is the American Way of Life. I wanna know. Come on I can take it, I am a retired Marine. Come on bubba, I am 66 years old. Maybe I have been wrong all these years to be against hate and prejudice. Come on tell me, What is it.

    34. Bobbie says:

      I am very curious to know if these (multiple) blog bits intercept comments and if there is anything the commenter can do to remedy, if so? I submitted a comment yesterday regarding this article and haven't seen it? Please don't post this if you can help it. Thank you…

    35. Herbert says:

      Why didn't President Obama just come out and give the Medal of Freedom to Hugo Chavez? The First Lady urges all American girls to emulate Beyonce and takes her daughters to her concert to learn the newest Beyonce pelvic thrusts. Is your 6 year old doing Beyonce obscene dances?

    36. By the time his Presidency is over he will have diminished any and everything attached to the Office of President of the United States. There aren't words to appropriately describe this disgrace.

    37. America better wake up and vote out B.O. before he further stinks up this country. If he is re-elected I fear that this Congress (should it revert to Democrat control) would change the term limits for a president. It would eventually lead to a dictatorship. I cry for America.

    38. barack thebozo says:

      The "Medal of Freedom" has about as much significance as the Nobel Peace Prize. Ya just have to hold your nose.

    39. A Devil says:

      Freedom and Socialism can co-exist, look up Socialism and learn what it is instead of bashing on it just because the Government of decades past taught people to hate it. Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany were terrible examples of radical socialism, just like America is turning out to be a terrible example of radical Democracy unless we take back our country. Obama isn't the problem, the system being outdated and corrupt is.

      Bashing on Socialists just because you've been brainwashed to hate them is a pour demonstration of freedom, and for the record I have no idea who or what this lady represents, so I won't comment on her it's the average American's lack of capacity for independent thought that scares me.

      • Bobbie says:

        bashing socialism is because some of us value humanity where socialism or any ism that isn't self governed capitalism, destroys the minds intelligence. This is America where free thinking should be more respected over indoctrinating or brainwashed thinking. You support America turning into the isms of the world when it's the people of the world that took refuge in America to escape them? Independent thought doesn't exist in government "isms!" If people want socialism let the costs come from their pockets that's the only fair way it would work in America of multi cultures!

    40. Karl Stalin says:

      —–VOTE CONSERVATIVE 2012—–

    41. From here on, this award will carry as much esteem to those that receive it as when the Nobel PEACE Prize was given to Arafat.

    42. Bobbie says:

      Birds of a feather ya know! Hope she's as humiliated as she looks! This administration is playing us dumb when the fact is the country is seeing where dumb stems! Onward true Americans!

    43. Jim Wayne says:

      Now the Medal of Freedom fell down to the same level of the Nobel Prize…

    44. theradicaldreamof1776 says:

      Wasn't Dylan the darling of the anti-war movement that Obama says denigrated our returning servicemen?

    45. OSKY says:

      He has never met a Socialist or a Communist he didn't like throughout his whole anti-West life!!! Why be any different now!!! ……It's very troubling to me that so many people still don't see who this man really is and what he is all about….I know,…..the MSM has been doing a hell of job covering ,hiding, ignoring who he is , no objections ,no criticism, no investigating reporting whatsoever, a huge problem for the people who only watch or read what the MSM reports, my only plan of attack is, that we must continue talking and informing these people before Nov. 6 2012, whenever i find a publication and article that is "REPORTING THE TRUTH" , i buy a few of them and have been giving them away to them as a gift…..hoping to open their eyes.

    46. Hayden says:

      There is genocide going on right across the border

      in Mexico: 5000 Mexicans murdered every year

      so liberals can smoke their pot and sniff their cocaine,

      and you hear not a peep out of hypocrites like this

      who want to blame republicans for everything.

    47. Carl Kelly says:

      President Barack H. Obama Jr, reveiced the Peace Medal and have you seen the PEACE anywhere in the United States he has tried to destroy, or the European Union, the Soviet Union, hte Russian Estate that have the common effect that only HATE Equates from?

      Then we now realize that he is not Qualified as a leader, lacking in every area of life that makes all things flourish and spring forth like a Flower growing out of the Land Of Israel when they were determined that NEVER AGAIN wpould happen in our time. We can not have this LOSER get beyond the November DUE date where his false Prophet Message of FORWARD brings him back to the Frozen City on the Lakes in Chicago and his only job as Community Orgamizer.

    48. Carl Kelly says:

      Where does this Nobel Peace Medal come from..read this article and find out about who connects most to his life style, his mind, his Education and his father's so called Dreams.

    49. Lee Welter says:

      "Presidential Medal of Freedom"? Maybe it should be renamed "Presidential Medal of Tyranny"!

    50. Tim Beard says:

      This just isn't surprising. Also not surprising the sound of crickets from the lamestream media about this. They buried it so deep even Drudge didn't headline it. Ok folks; any doubt where Obama stands?

    51. anoumous says:

      he has to go!

    52. SteveM says:

      Almost ironically funny. The totally Marxist president with the biggest gonads you could imagine and the snoozing American electorate could know or care less what he is attempting to accomplish. Embarrassingly amazing but stunningly true.

    53. Vivian Yess Wadlin says:

      If Obama is not re elected in 2012, perhaps the next administration can find a candidate for this award who will contrast nicely with this year's awardee. Andrew Brietbard comes to mind, as does Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Ron Paul.

    54. Laura says:

      I agree with one of the guys way up there…this isn't a surprise considering Obama's socialist leanings. I'm embarrassed that he's our president.

    55. Obama today, Girl Scouts of the USA yesterday. Did you know that GSUSA has a special patch little girls can earn if they learn more about Dolores Huerta? The Progressives are targeting our youth with socialist indoctrination. Boycott Girl Scout cookies!

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