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  • The Carney Kool-Aid and Obama’s Fiscal Fantasyland

    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney


    It’s hardly rare for politicians in Washington to say things that make one wonder what color the sky is in their world. Vice President Joe Biden has offered a steady stream of examples, demonstrating again that sometimes an old dog can’t unlearn old tricks. But in the press gaggle yesterday, White House spokesperson Jay Carney dropped a doozy, suggesting anew that the Obama Administration is living in a fantasyland all its own.

    Carney broke off answering a question about Baghdad to insert the following: The rate at which spending has increased is lower under President Obama than all of his predecessors since Dwight Eisenhower.

    Carney went on to observe that “this President has been—has demonstrated significant fiscal restraint and acted with great fiscal responsibility.”

    Well, well, let’s just look at the figures. Federal spending as a share of the economy will average over 24 percent during Obama’s term, and each and every year of that term will see a higher share than during any year since the Second World War. That apparently qualifies as “significant fiscal restraint” Obama-style.

    Fiscal responsibility? Obama has had by far the largest budget deficits, driven in large part by the eruption in spending.

    It is, of course, the job of the chief White House flak to spin answers in response to questions. But in this case, there was no question. There was only the flak attempting to inject utter nonsense into the national debate. More Kool-Aid, Mr. Carney?

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    6 Responses to The Carney Kool-Aid and Obama’s Fiscal Fantasyland

    1. Stirling says:

      I really feel sorry for Jay Carney. Having to wake up every morning and realize that your job is to intentionally lie to the press corps to keep the American Pubic from the Truth.. Any honest american would at some point have a God moment where you question your purpose in life has been reduced to pedeling propaganda to the masses.

    2. AVCurmudgeon says:

      Sometimes you really have to wonder. Are they psychopathic liars, or merely stupid? It's one thing to spin things hoping that folks will believe it, it's quite another when you seem to believe your own spin. Wow.

      There are 2 kinds of lies: smart lies and stupid lies. A stupid lie is when someone can figure it out with just a phone call. A smart lie requires a bit more work. Heck, I didn't even have to call anyone. I guess that makes this lie moronic.

      If they are this desperate, this deep into pure fabrication at this still-early stage of the campaign, what's left?

    3. Amanda says:

      Carney is nothing more than a foolish clown-like puppet. Nothing he says is worth the cheap paper it's printed on. And Obama is the same old lying, socialistic, ego-maniac that he's always been. Nothing that comes out of the White House press' or President's mouth surprises me. It always IS, always WAS and always WILL BE nothing but B.S.!

    4. @lulubell247 says:

      I would not want Carney's job for all the' tea in China',as the old saying goes.Sad thing is I feel that Obama's administration thinks the American voter will believe this bs.Unfortunately a lot of them probably will.

    5. Diane says:

      We were supposed to take them at their WORD? Of course, we fact check. Ignore what this Adm says…watch what they DO. They'e simply lost credibility.

    6. Jake says:

      Are the assumptions on Obama's spending including the continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts, and the2008 Bailouts?

      The Bailouts were authorized in 2008 Oct and distributed, conducted prior to the Nov 2008 Elections? Oct 1, 2008 began the 2009 Fiscal Year.

      If posting responsibility for Budget Year 2009 on Obama, that only attributes 7 Fiscal years to the last president and not 8 for his two terms. How is that accomplished for the first time in history, while maintain accurate double entry accounting recording?

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