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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Blockbuster Secrets

    Deep in the cover of night in the town of Abbottabad, Pakistan, a team of Navy SEALs descended from helicopters, breached the compound of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden and brought him to justice. The story is the stuff that blockbuster movies are made of, but many of the details are largely a closely guarded secret. That was until the Obama White House granted extraordinary access and information to Hollywood filmmakers for their film about the raid, originally slated to be released just before the November presidential elections. As disturbing as that may be, it is not the first time this White House has disclosed confidential information under questionable circumstances.

    The news of the information leak comes from Judicial Watch, a conservative organization that seeks transparency in government. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, the organization obtained records from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency regarding meetings and communications between government agencies and director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal. Judicial Watch reports that “According to the records, the Obama Defense Department granted Bigelow and Boal access to a ‘planner, Operator and Commander of SEAL Team Six,’ which was responsible for the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, to assist Bigelow prepare her upcoming feature film.”

    Politico reports on a July 2011 meeting between Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Mike Vickers and the film makers in which he told them that leaders of the Special Operations Command couldn’t speak to them for appearances’ sake, but that they would make available a Navy SEAL who was involved in planning the raid from its earliest stages. According to Politico, that meeting occurred just weeks after the Pentagon and CIA warned against the dangers of leaked information about the raid. On top of that, Judicial Watch reports on an email exchange in which top officials expressed their desire to “shape the story” and have the filmmakers use “White House talking points,” including calling the raid a “gutsy decision” and that “WH involvement was critical.”

    Not to be missed is the political angle. A June 9, 2011, email reveals that the White House was aware the movie was set for a fourth-quarter release date — coinciding with the president’s re-election bid — and that the meeting between the filmmakers and the DOD / CIA was arranged by The Glover Park Group, a Democratic-leaning advocacy firm headed up by a former adviser to Al Gore’s 2000 campaign. And then there’s the fact that Sony Pictures Entertainment, which owns the production house distributing the film, hosted a fundraiser for President Obama on its lot last month, part of a West Coast fundraising tour that raise the campaign more than $4 million.

    Though we do not know for certain the full extent of the information revealed, we do know that this is not the first time that the Obama Administration’s handling of classified information has been called into question. Earlier this month, former CIA officials blamed the Obama Administration for leaking details on Britain’s involvement in a covert mission that resulted in the foiling of an underwear bomb plot. The Guardian reported that the leak followed a series of disclosures beginning with a report on an expansion of CIA drone attacks in Yemen, followed by the president’s surprise trip to Afghanistan on the anniversary of the bin Laden mission. Mike Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, said of the leak, “MI6 should be as angry as hell. This is something that the prime minister should raise with the president… This is really tragic. Any information disclosed is too much information. This does seem to be a tawdry political thing.”

    Of course, the protection of classified information is the sole province of the Executive branch, i.e. the President. It’s not unusual for the government to give reporters information about war or to embed journalists with tactical units in certain missions — that has happened in both in Democrat and Republican administrations. However, there is a fundamental difference between that kind of access, which arguably furthers the public’s understanding of the war effort, and disclosures of this nature. The White House knew when the film about the bin Laden raid was slated to be released, and the White House alone decided to release the information. Those facts should raise a red flag for Congress that the White House has come awfully close to the line. It’s up to them to find out how this Administration is handling or mishandling ultra-sensitive national security secrets.

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    56 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Blockbuster Secrets

    1. DB Hakin says:

      Wow, how sad is this.

      • Not sad at all. Mission was done and truly "Accomplished" on release of information. Not "Mission Accomplished" before the war was over, but OBL was DEAD.

    2. Robert says:

      In a properly balanced and just world, the Sony facility would be removed from this Earth.

    3. guest says:

      Lemme see…. Who was responsible for killing more people. Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein? What was the movie made about Bush? W? Wasn't there one about him being assassinated, too? And they want to tell us that the media doesn't have a powerful agenda and influence? Now they make a movie about Obama being a hero and put it out just before the election? Are you kidding me?

    4. ThomNJ says:

      "…and have the filmmakers use "White House talking points," including calling the raid a "gutsy decision" and that "WH involvement was critical."

      Yeah, there might have been more – like writing hussein into the role of "special advisor" to SeAL Team 6. Having him in the middle of the action in Pakiland, pushing aside to safety a SeAL team member and taking the shots that ended osama's existence, and when one of the other SeALs twisted an ankle on the exfiltration, threw him bodily over his shoulder and carried him to the helicopter. The timetable was critical, because hussein had to get back to Washington in time for the photo-op that made it appear he was watching the entire affair remotely. Will Smith be "naturally" be in that role….provided of course, he can beat out hussein in the audition.

    5. David Weikel says:

      I don't think I'll go see this movie. I was never one for listening to propaganda anyway…

    6. allen says:

      " Join the Navy and become a SEAL", that is what the story should be, Just steal the movie by writing what a great thing it is to be a Seal.

    7. Fedupaj says:

      There seems to be no limit to what Obama will do to promote himself and deceive the public in order to gain re-election. He is totally committed self ingratiating and promoting his own self-interest. He is destroying America and MUST be voted out in November.

    8. James Stewart says:

      Dear Heritage,
      Why isn't anyone accusing Obama and others in his administration of Treason? Why are the "Washington Insiders", who control what happens in America, putting their own self interest over that of America?
      I have reason to believe it is because all the "Washington Insiders" are complicit. That is, this group of insiders put their own control of America before the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and what is best for America and the vast majority of Americans. Since they are all sworn to uphold these documents and America, they are also responsible for the current administration's treason and benefit from it.
      Please respond.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        What you say is true. The citizens of this country need to take their republic seriously and vote at elections. A 30% voter turnout is pathetic and that is what slimey politicians are counting on. The feel that no one is going to make them accountable– perhaps they are correct.

    9. Bobbie says:

      …and this is just Hollywood. Obama is making the American government "transparent" to the world and behind America's back! He does tell a part of truth to mislead the whole truth which is worse than a bald face liar. He plays both well! We need congress to step up and correct this disrespect of Mr. Obama. America(ns) do not deserve this man and this man does not deserve America. He's a destructive player! We are people deserving of the truth, the whole truth! Mr. Obama doesn't respect people, or Americans to see that deservedness!! He's not a good man, operating his lies to further his agenda.

    10. Keith White says:

      Obama is going to spike this football all the way to the election as this is one of the very few things that have happened in this administration that was done for the betterment of the country. It was talked that this operation was vetoed by Obama for several weeks and was put together by the CIA and special ops, and when they had it together they pulled Obama off the golf course and told him they had to go now or may lose the chance. Since Obama is dressed in golf cloths in the picture I would tend to believe this as the real truth, but we may never know the real truth.
      There needs to be an investigation into the release of classified information to the hollywood supporters of Obama that are going to release the movie just in time for the election so Obama will be the golden boy and get credit for this instead of the real heroes that carried out the operation.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        It makes me sick to hear BHO take credit for this. This accomplishment was enabled through capable people laying the groundwork in the GW Bush administration. BHO's accomplces in Hollywood are as much to blame. I did not watch Fahrenheit 911 and I will not watch this.

    11. Akneda says:

      Could this action be considered treason?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        This is treason and I would like to see Congress do something to stop the showing of his movie, or at least have a high-ranking officer, assoc, with seals to censor this movie and remove anything that might jeopardize our security.

    12. Christopher P.Smith says:

      The Heritage is not so naive as to understand the meaning of executive orders and
      Chicago-style politics. To be sure, this White House has now accumulated more executive
      power than all previous presidents, and they 'wield' that power any which way they please,
      and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that Heritage or anyone can say or do to stop them.
      On November 6th, as voters we have a critical choice to make:
      The United States of America or Obama, but you cannot have both.
      Good luck, America. Good luck.

    13. Romney Dickinson says:

      obama has not only "come close to the line", but done it over and over, He has gone OVER the line. Do I see more than talk from talk show hosts? Do I ever see action from the GOP? All WE see is talk. One would think it is the "View" we are watching. Boehner the spineless, Chavetz, Issa, etc. get insulted and angry. Not one of them does a damn thing. WE have NO ONE to represent us. obama would be impeached and removed if it were anyone else. obama is a terrorist, traitor, and outright Marxist. The GOP is a waste. Save our money and time and buy survival goods and prepare. May God remove obama and comrades and to hell with the GOP. Mitt Romney can't even defend himself as he doesn't want to be anything more than a gentleman. I want someone to step up and save America, not be trusting and respectful of a man that wants to destroy America. I want a patriot, leader, and a warrior. I want a Patton for president……or someone like him.

      I have noticed that ever since Clinton stole the 900 FBI records that the GOP has acted like 6 week old puppies and peas in the floor.

      • 2D Okie says:

        HERE! HERE! Col./ Rep. Alan West comes immediately to mind. A brilliant, humble and devout patriot. Loved by the Tea Party, hated and feared by the so-called Liberals, he is a spiritual heir of Ronaldus Magnus. His presence in the House is a comfort to other freshmen and probably ment a real headache to the self-obsessed establishment RINOS!

      • Randy Leanear says:

        As much as I would like to see it…If the House brought Impeachment againt him, The senate (Reid) would kill it! Are there other plans. I hope so, and they are desperately needed! :-)

    14. Tad says:

      Why would this not be considered treason? It amazes me that this President continues to push the limits with little to no repercussions!! I do not believe this President loves or even likes our beloved America. Seems to me he is determined to bring her down to make up for his perceived ill treatment in past years. What can be done to stop this insanity other then vote him out in the fall? What can we as "John Q Public" and our elected officials do to control this type of blatant anti-patriotism?

    15. talgus says:

      Of course he and they can't keep secrets. Obama and his advisers would not have been cleared for my program, although he is nominally the one in charge of the clearance process. Scares the (nnn) out of me.
      Politics first. So what if it subverts the United States. We need to win to continue the process of reshaping the country (into something we like instead of what the rest of you (gun and bible lovers) like.

    16. toledofan says:

      Watching the shenanigans of this administration is like watching a bunch of kids trying to play government. Not only does the releasing of the information put future missions at risk, I think it puts those that may help, in the future, in jeoprady as well. I just wonder if the doctor that helped up find Bin Landen was prisoned because of the information leak? Regardless, Obama and company have a responsibility to protect our borders and when it comes to the military, those secrets should be sacred.

    17. GRACE E. PRATTI says:


    18. This President is like all other people who have suddenly become rich by winning the lottery or getting million dollar contracts because of their musical, entertainment or athletic abilities or have suddenly been handed positions of massive power. They didn't go through the learning process of how to handle all the large sums of money or power. They usually end up losing it all or destroying their lives. The problem with a President not knowing how to handle the power and administration of our government is that if he fails it takes the rest of us down with him.

      • 2D Okie says:

        Kinda reminds you of some of the late Emperors of the Roman empire doesn't he? If he was a homosexual pedophile instead of just an egomaniacal racial/religious BIGOT he'd be an exact reincarnation of one of them.But that's close enough. But we probably don't know everything yet.

    19. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama should come clean. Right now.

    20. Clearhead says:

      Mr. Brownfield's statement — "Those facts should raise a red flag for Congress that the White House has come awfully close to the line." — rings very true; however, he could have been a little more specific in that he didn't identify the line. We presume he means the line of ACCEPTABILITY. Furthermore, he didn't indicate from which direction the "WH" was approaching that line. We presume he means from below the line, toward the bottom. These kinds of intolerable antics should be dealt with swiftly, and with the efficiency of the Seal Team which carried out the OBL operation, and WOULD be, had we a meaningful Congress.

    21. This isn't Mike Vickers' first brush with Hollywood. He was portrayed in the (great) 2007 movie, "Charlie Wilson's War." (Vickers, incidentally, was a great character in a movie full of great characters.)

    22. directorblue says:

      You forgot about the information leaked regarding the relationship between Israel and Azerjbaijan, which many believes was designed to stymie an Israeli strike that could interfere with Obama's reelection bid.

    23. Casey Carlton says:

      Is anything too low for this administration? If so, we have yet to see it. Turning classified information over to filmmakers for political gain may be a new low. Can we regard this as a "high crime or misdemeanor"? It has to be close.

    24. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Another prime exampl of what is Obama. He will use anything and anyone to further his agenda and to be reelected. Obama has no morals, no values, no honesty. He proves everyday his in the most dishonest and despickable human to every to serve in this American government. However, not far behind is the entire media, Congress, both the DNC and the established RNC. Yet HF expects these guys to actually look into Obama. Not a chance!

    25. @Driveswift says:

      You don't even mention WHY Iran rejected the proposals – they claimed that they didn't remove enough of the sanctions. You make it seem like they are unwilling to cooperate when they are, making all your hapless readers think Iran wants nothing more than to annihilate them. It's dishonest and destructive to international relations, you are ACTUALLY making this process harder.

      • JSchinco says:

        Well put. Position arguments cloud all the issues on the table with emotion. It is so hard to sift through the press to get meat in every story, no?

    26. Dave O'Connor says:

      Sure, stir up the goo in Hollywood, but leave an intelligence asset dangling as propagnada for 30-plus years

    27. gongdark says:

      As long as it isn't her thighness. I wonder if she would deal with the Chinese the way bill did.

    28. gongdark says:

      Another treasonous president in our midst.

    29. runner84 says:

      The disclosure of classified Secret information by the current holder of the Office of POTUS should come as no surprise. BHO could not pass a background check for any level of US security clearance, because he associated with known terrorists.

    30. Edith says:

      Obama is an empty shell, speaking words others said, signing acts into law that others have written, and preening for the camera, spending tax dollars for his and his family's playtime. He is useless to the integrity, the ethics and certainly the true morale of America and Americans. His actions and affiliations and emptiness make me sick.

    31. Retired Lady says:

      Isn't this delightful! I wonder how happy the MD in Pakistan is, you know the who assisted in this operation. Oh that's right he might not have heard about this "movie" and his role in it, he is serving a 33 year sentence for his aid to the SEAL team!

    32. RennyG says:

      I can't understand why all this kind of proposed accurate information is all over the place but, "THERE IS NEVER ANY ACTION TAKEN!" Apparently it is beyond my comprehenson. In running my business, if I received information like this, and proven correct, HEADS WOULD ROLL!!!!!! Again, the Alinsky Theory!
      Lord help us because it seems no one else can!!!!

    33. John Tyreman says:

      The WH and the people that released the information on the Yemen situation, the doctor, and the Intel we got on the Bin Laden raid should be sought out and tried for treason and that includes Joe Biden.

      As a previous employee of the CIA we all took the oath…sometimes many times…and kept it!

      These morons, because of their searching for five minutes of TV fame, and other political reasons, have not only caused grave harm to many people but have cost the Agency dearly in money, time and effort. (Sources & methods)

      Of course, the next thing they will do is complain about the Agency goofing something up…which we cannot reply to for reasons they know very well.

      This administration is a disgrace to our country!

      John Tyreman

    34. Papa Bear says:

      Theses "leaks" of information should not be taken as surprise; coming from the White House "modus operandi" as Chicago politics.
      If we cannot trust our government in grave matters of U.S. national security, and those compromising our British allies' operations forces. Who can we/they trust?
      Maybe Comrade Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela; Fidel Castro, of Cuba; and Almeneidjack, of Iran were involved too!

    35. Charles Webb says:

      Ya no. This here obamah person. Tha Prezident. He seemz ta upset alot ah ( peopel, peopal, people) us. Howd he get lected anyway? I aint fount nobody that went ta voot for him ! But ya know, I been reedin yourn koments and I agree that this young fella aint been on the level. I jest dont get it. Why dont thees fellars in warshington just sit down with this young fellar, ya knoow, drenk a beer, an tell him ta straten up. Ifin he dont, just go on an, kick his asss outa his orifice. Plane an semple ! Theze things aint relley that hard. Kall me ifin ya need me. Seez ya latter…………………

    36. Jeanne Stotler says:

      We have a traitor in the WH and no one says a thing, if they are going after a lowly PFC and let this slide it proves that there is no longer Justice in this country. This is a travesty, this Man put himself nd his family in jepordy to help ad then gets sold out, How Sad!

    37. Greji says:

      Where was the film crew on coverage of the trial of the Pakistani MD that obtained the information on where Bin Laden was hiding. He was arrested, tried and recently convicted of treason by the Pakastani's. Shouldn't Obama's people have done something for him? Oh, that's right, he can't vote……

    38. Jacob Martin says:

      The report you will not see in the liberalite media is that Obeyme didn't want to take out bin Laden, he wanted a more diplomatic approach and he wanted more time. However, the military was already in place and the Gens and Ad's told Obeyme to parapharse "we are going to do this, with or without you". You will not find any reports in CNN or any other Obeyme lovin libs to verify this notion. Yet, just a few weeks ago Obeyme was boasting about this operation and how "HE" made this call. Thank God our Generals and Admirals had our boys back when they told Obeyme it will cost more lives and time that the military can not afford. The intel they have received was good and time was of the essences. It took Obeyme's political campaign advisor to convince how if Obeyme didnt get on board with this operation would be a political killer.

    39. Carol, AZ says:

      The producers of this propaganda film " for profit," off the backs of our Navy Seals
      Their actions are right up there with Hanoi, Jane Fonda . It's called betrayal.
      How quickly we are forget .

    40. Meredith G says:

      This information and other things I have learned while researching some of the goings on of this administration tells me one important thing. Not one single person who can do anything has the b**ls or the backbone to try. As far as I'm concerned, they are selling their soul to the devil, just the way Obama has already done. I say this because there are too many instances and things that have happened that can be ignored. I know that if you and I can see & understand what is happening, so can all the others who are much closer to the center. And those who keep ignoring all the signs and label us as racists, well there is no helping them and we shall call them 'Stoopid", (not to be confused with 'stupid'). As my husband keeps saying, "All we can do is to not vote for him". Yes, but I also think it is our duty, to America, to speak out any chance we get. I don't know why, but the song, "Silent Running" by Mike & The Mechanics keeps running through my head. If you're not familiar with it, check it out on YouTube.

    41. dodger says:

      I have been a Heritage member for several months now and enjoy your articles. I even comment occasionally. When I do, I check back later to see if anyone has replied to my comments. At about 1PM, 5-24, I commented and it said that there were no comments yet. It's now 1 AM, 5-25, and there are 34 comments but mine is not among them. This is the second time I have remarked about this. I didn't receive a reply last time, so I don't expect one this time, but if you want interested & involved members, you should encourage instead of ignore them.

      • dodger says:

        Way to go, Heritage! Thank you for posting a comment (irrelevant to the subject though it may have been) of mine. Maybe I'll actually have a comment relating to the subject matter posted in the near future.
        Seriously, thanks.

    42. madog2 says:

      I have examined every picture I can find of Seal Team 6 and another Seal Team and can not find a picture or document showing where borack insane obamma led the raid and pulled the trigger that killed ben laden.
      Is it true that the person sitting in the chair with hillery and others during the raid was an obamma look-a-like?? The stories I'm hearing is that he is the hero instead of the Seals and other Special Forces members that was involved in the raid. If this is all true then the stupid leader of the free world should be crowned as king or comrad ego.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        He came in off the olf course, takea look, only thing missing is hs nine iron, this was for the picture opt, If the tuth be known, he probably wasn't the one who gave the OK, but a high ranking cabinet member, mabe Hillary??.

    43. guest says:

      and yet, "we the people" got him where he is today, no matter what we have "heard" or "been told", John Q. Public put him where he is….NOT ME!!!! I'm still amazed that he hasn't been kicked back to where he came from…such a shame…

    44. haroldson says:

      Never has a president been as crooked as Obama, The man is nothing but a fraud in every way . Jimmy carter was a blessing compared to the snake in the white house now, the news media has proved to the public that you can not trust any thing they say or print Since when does the government release this sort of material to movie makers. Obama makes a mockery of our government and still no one has put any effort out to stop and bring to light all the under handed dealings he is using to get his way. If he gets voted in again the american people need their heads examined, He is not fit to be a dog catcher or a toilet cleaner, He is simply lying trash, out to sink the usa.

    45. june butters says:

      This man has tooooo much time on his hands! As a mom of three wee ones I wish I had that kinda free time. LOL LOL But hey……Im just running a home not a country. May if I had his job I would have his kind of free time. LOL LOL ya think? Jeeeezzzzzze La wwwwwweeeeeezzzzzzze!

    46. Bill Lee says:

      With what Obama has done on the illegal immigrants who were brought here by parents giving them work permits, there is no telling what he would do as he gets closer to the election. If Obama sees he will lose the election I do not think anything is out of the question that he will not do. He might even try to formulate an excuse for declaring Marshall Law, and suspending the elections.

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