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  • The Difference Between a Courageous Budget and a Dangerous One

    Despite all the talk of “austerity,” little has been done to stem the tide of the United States’ ever growing debt. The little that has been cut is in area that needs it most: defense.

    The Budget Control Act’s sequestration hits defense disproportionately and essentially ignores entitlement spending, the leading driver of U.S. debt.  President Obama has warned that he would “veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts.” This stance is irresponsible and unwise for several reasons.

    First, in an increasingly dangerous world with a rising China, intransient resistance from Russia, and instability across the Middle-East, it makes no sense for the U.S. to spend less on defense now than it did in the late 1990s, when it saw fewer threats. Any defense budget should be driven by the threats the U.S. faces, which in the current world means making additional investments.

    Specifically, after years of war, U.S. forces need recapitalization investments to restore them to full fighting strength and modernization investments to make sure they are armed with the most advanced weaponry on the planet. The current approach puts the U.S. at greater risk by weakening the military exactly when it needs more support.

    Second, a true deficit reduction strategy would tackle the main cause of U.S. debt: entitlements. Entitlements currently consume around 10 percent of the U.S. economy; in 1965, they consumed around 2.5 percent. If nothing serious in done soon, by 2045—a mere 33 years from now—entitlements will consume over 18 percent of the U.S. economy. At that point, the federal government will spend every dollar it brings in on entitlements, leaving no room for defense, other discretionary spending, or even interest on the debt.

    The U.S. is in desperate need of courage to fix our debt crisis. Our current budgetary trend is dangerous, both internationally and domestically. A courageous plan, on the other hand, would tackle out-of-control entitlement spending and maintain a strong military that keeps America truly safe.

    The Heritage Foundation’s plan, Saving the American Dream, accomplishes these bold objectives. The U.S. is the land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s make that clear by making the right budgetary call.

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    3 Responses to The Difference Between a Courageous Budget and a Dangerous One

    1. Carolyn/ GA says:

      November can not come soon enough! Great post! I often wonder why the powers to be keep trying policies that do not work!

    2. Ben Inserra says:

      Right in the center of the target! Well said

    3. Bobbie says:

      First time in my American life I witness the leader of the free world force Americans on the path of danger and destruction. America is land of the free, home of the brave. We'll take the accountable courageous budget over an unaccountable haphazard one, everyday! America shouldn't have given into protecting any people from accountabilities in positions that takes accountability. That's where "fair"ness doesn't exist but "danger" and "stupid" by condescension does! Government out of control and beyond our control won't hold themselves accountable to their own? Rid America from this rot of people who take advantage at everyone elses expense behind our backs and straight up in our face, hiding behind their government imposed, belittling "protected class!" America isn't going to recover with these government labeled "protected class" types existing with full protection from the destruction they dump on America. Want the government job? Equal accountability, with reprimand when it comes to that!

      I didn't know anything about a "protected class" until my second full time job when the employer said he wasn't going to take the government deduction hiring me because he saw my record and the fact of my attitude wanting to make a positive difference in the company. I had no idea and thanked him for hiring me for me and not some label I was unaware of that truly was embarrassing and humiliating to find out! Just floored me to understand America of all countries has a "protected class" for "some" people to be made exceptions. And the government bribes the business with tax payers money? Pretty low, people (who are better than that) but especially low of the government!! No one should be held at less standards through government promotion! How embarrassing! America wouldn't be here if everyone was accountable for their actions. One tiny example that exists everywhere in America's turned ugly government is Eric holder certainly not being held accountable when his "good intention" supersedes right from wrong. To call it "good intention" is juvenile and dangerous when the whole idea shows no positive outcome and nothing good comes from it!

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