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  • Morning Bell: Catholic Institutions Sue to Stop Obamacare's Religious Liberty Violation

    Three years ago, the University of Notre Dame invited President Barack Obama to deliver a commencement address and conferred on him an honorary law degree. But on Monday, the university joined 42 other Catholic institutions in suing the Obama Administration over new Obamacare regulations that force religious institutions to pay for coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization regardless of the employers’ moral or religious objections.

    The mandate’s narrow exemption effectively applies only to churches and other houses of worship; religiously affiliated hospitals, colleges, charities and other non-profits don’t qualify for a religious exemption. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, explained the significance of the Administration’s mandate and its impact on those institutions, remarking that, “For the first time in this country’s history, the government’s new definition of religious institutions suggests that some of the very institutions that put our faith into practice–schools, hospitals, and social service organizations–are not ‘religious enough.’”

    In total, 12 lawsuits were filed this week challenging the Administration’s anti-conscience mandate, and the wide range of organizations joining the legal challenge underscores the enormous opposition to the mandate. Heritage’s Sarah Torre explains that the lawsuits span from the Catholic dioceses of Washington, D.C., and Joilet, Illinois, to Catholic Charities of Jackson, Mississippi, and the Michigan Catholic Conference. “The range of the 43 institutions that have joined the dozen suits highlights the variety of Good Samaritan groups harmed by the mandate,” Torre writes. “These ministries serve inner-city children, the elderly, deaf, developmentally disabled, HIV/AIDS patients, and homeless–among many others. Catholic outreach, like many other religious groups in America, seeks to serve those most in need.”

    These 43 plaintiffs join a number of others who had filed similar suits in recent weeks, including three evangelical higher education institutions: Colorado Christian University, Louisiana College and Geneva College. As the presidents of these schools explained in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in April:

    [T]he Obama administration has passed a rule that will penalize our colleges with faith-based fines merely because we center our beliefs about the sanctity of human life on the Bible, not on the demands of federal bureaucrats. The administration’s mandate that religious employers provide coverage of abortion-inducing drugs for their faculty, staff, and students is a bridge too far in America.

    This ‘conscience tax’ is a blatant violation of the freedoms of religion and speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and affirmed by federal laws such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This mandate would be unjust even if it applied only to those who accept government funding, but it does much more than that. It applies to private, religious employers just because they exist in American society, regardless of whether they receive government funding.

    Indeed, it is the Obama Administration’s attempt to broadly impose its will on any religious organization in violation of First Amendment protections that brought such a wide variety of institutions to challenge the Obamacare regulations. Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins wrote that his university’s lawsuit goes beyond a debate about contraception and is about the freedom of a religious organization to “live its mission”:

    For if one Presidential Administration can override our religious purpose and use religious organizations to advance policies that undercut our values, then surely another Administration will do the same for another very different set of policies, each time invoking some concept of popular will or the public good, with the result these religious organizations become mere tools for the exercise of government power, morally subservient to the state, and not free from its infringements. If that happens, it will be the end of genuinely religious organizations in all but name.

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has called the Obamacare mandate an “unprecedented” violation of religious freedom by the federal government. In addition to the lawsuits, Catholic bishops are planning a national campaign for religious freedom in the two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July holiday. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, explained the urgency behind their actions: “We have tried negotiation with the Administration and legislation with the Congress–and we’ll keep at it–but there’s still no fix. Time is running out, and our valuable ministries and fundamental rights hang in the balance, so we have to resort to the courts now.”

    So yet again, Obamacare’s overreach will come before the courts, this time because its centrally driven health care policy is conflicting with conscience and poses a direct threat to the nation’s religious institutions. Regardless of the outcome, there is one thing Congress can do to stop the federal government’s vast overreach into American life — repeal Obamacare now, and then replace it with market-based reforms that respect religious liberty.

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    60 Responses to Morning Bell: Catholic Institutions Sue to Stop Obamacare's Religious Liberty Violation

    1. Al Reasin says:

      I am not Catholic nor religious, however following the logic of Pastor Martin Niemoller in what I consider a poem, "First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist

    2. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      The Catholic Church, and I am a Catholic, accepts giant tax breaks, accepts government money when convenient and promotes 'Obama' type social justice. It seems a little hipocritical to take with one hand and object on a phylosophical point of view.__The Church Fathers have never been ignorant in maximizing what is best for the leadership. It would seem they have taken a page from the life-long politicians running our country. "Get it when it benefits you…"

      • amirabella says:

        Dr. Sinopoli's comment illustrates quintessential liberal red-herring argument. We don't surrender Constitutional rights when we receive "benefits" from the Federal Government. The comment reflects either a lack of critical thinking or a deliberate obfuscation of reality. Dr. Angelo Mirabella

      • Mark says:

        What is hypocritical about going along with helping the needy but not wanting to help finance abortions?

        My parish has a church and a school which take up 1/2 block. The taxes the parish pay far exceed what the government collects from the home owners on the other half of the block. Plus that doesn't consider the millions the catholic school has saved the tax payer because they did not have pay for the schooling of the children.

      • Kristen McFarland says:

        It is quite obvious you are not a Catholic…where and when does it stop? For Obama, never; he and his statists stooges will never stop dictating what the government can and cannot do..he has not only lied to the American people about who and what he is and was, he has bypassed every constitutional guarantee this country and free citizens have…we're no longer free and soon enough you won't be either…when they give you the money, you have to do what they tell you…they call that slavery and nothing but…

      • Bobbie says:

        What do Muslims and Jews accept? What are they given? What intrusions does the government interfere with Muslim and Jewish beliefs? What does government bias show besides insubordination to America that shows government bias?

      • joan says:

        Dr – It is very obvious that you fall into the same category as Nancy Pelosi and HHS head Sibelius. Like them, they are considered to be Cafeteria Catholics, by choosing what church laws they will follow. How convenient ! If you are Catholic as you claim, why do you condemn the Church for taking taxpayer funds. The Catholic Church, supports many charities and organizations and does not discriminate who they give aid to. The Federal Government is trying to dictate rules that go against their teachings, the big question is what will the Government go after next?

    3. Jeanne Stotler says:

      This is a clear violation of the First Admendment which states clearly "Congress shall make NO LAW respecting the stablishment of Religion, or PROHIBITNG THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF" I don'tknow how it can be any clearer. If BHO was a Constitutional lawyer, as he claims he should know this and the other admentments he tries to crcumvent.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        I agree with most of your posts. BHO has NO use for the constitution much less free exercise of religion.
        BHO's pastor railed at his congregation 'God damn America. ' I heard the recording on talk radio.
        That is not a christian sermon.

        The constitution is a stumbling block for BHO, Reid, Pelosi, etal. I am making a sincere effort to " wear the world like a loose garment. " If BHO wins in November that is all we will have.



        UnitedHealth to Continue Obamacare Provisions
        Saying that certain requirements of Obamacare “make sense,” the CEO of UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH) today announced that the insurer would continue to offer “important health care insurance protections” regardless of the soon-to-be-announced decision of the US Supreme Court. Health insurers implemented specific parts of the Obamacare law, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, as the requirements became
        effective. UnitedHealth is the first to say that it will keep the new provisions no matter what.
        UnitedHealth will continue to offer preventive care with no co-payments, dependent coverage until age 26, elimination of the lifetime cap on policies, elimination of rescissions to individual policies except in the case of fraud, and a simpler appeals process.
        The company will not extend coverage to children up to the age of 19 with pre-existing conditions, another key provision of Obamacare, saying, “ One company acting alone cannot take that step, so UnitedHealthcare is committed to working with all other participants in the health care system to sustain that coverage.”

    4. Ken Jarvis says:

      The REAL Headline should have been –
      Catholic Institutions Sue to Stop Birth Control for those that CHOOSE IT.
      Birth Control prevents UNWANTED Kids.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        This has nothing to do with Birth control, I as a Catholic and anurse, choose to have my kids with full knowledge of natural ways to prevent pregnancy. This has to do with the Goverment control over Churches and Religion, a true violation of the First admendment. Any Catholic is free to make choices to their own will, it's between them andGod as only God can judge us, priest are to advise and counsel. We ar also aware of the 10 Commandments, again with a free will to keep or break them.

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        Actually, Ken, there are many ways of preventing unwanted kids. Birth control is only a means of allowing people to engage in casual sex with little risk of consequences. Liberals like yourself somehow believe there is a right to engage in such practices and force someone else to pay to prevent those consequences or pay to "fix" those consequences. Abstinence is a perfectly reasonable way of preventing pregnancy; what's even better it that it's 100% effective, no risk, and it's free. If someone wants to engage in sexual activity with the protection of contraceptives, they can pay for it themselves.

      • JosephMcKennan says:

        so does partial birth abortion

      • quipster says:

        Well I don't want to pay for your old lady's birth control !!!

      • Tim says:

        So does abstinence.

      • vonnise says:

        Conservatives and the Catholic Institutions don't want to Stop Birth Control for those that CHOOSE IT!!
        They just don't want it payed for with tax dollars, and they don't want it shoved down their throats!

    5. toledofan says:

      The bill was a mistake from the start and it's pretty sad that those in Congress continue to support their work as a monumental accomplishment when the majority of Americans see it as a catostrophic failure. I just hope all of the Catholics, and any all other persons who have religious beliefs see this as another assualt on their freedoms and stand and fight. The Catholic Church needs to stand firm and fight this fight to the end and if those in Congess like Pelosi or those in government like Biden continue to support this madness they should be refused the sacraments.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        Even if the church does not refuse the sacraments, the participants have to examine themselves before they partake of the Eucharist. In the end they will have to give an account of themselves ….

        I worry that the patrons of Obamacare will make things hard for the people who try to go through the narrow gate. It is obvious to me that BHO, Reid, Pelosi…. are moving through the wide (easy) gate. They are committed to a direction that is 180 degrees from mine.

    6. Linda says:

      "This ‘conscience tax’ is a blatant violation of the freedoms of religion and speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and affirmed by federal laws such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This mandate would be unjust even if it applied only to those who accept government funding, but it does much more than that. It applies to private, religious employers just because they exist in American society, regardless of whether they receive government funding."

      Watching Fox just a few minutes ago, this is exactly the argument that Allen Colmes suggested….if you receive any aid or funding from the government… abide!

    7. Ron Sakowski says:

      Notre Dame at least on the surface has done much to recoup the loss it suffered when it invited Obama to deliver the commencement speech. I will now watch Notre Dame football again. As far as the phony religious affiliated organization called Georgetown University is concerned, they need to change their Mission Statement to reflect their non-Catholic beliefs. Man-up Georgetown! stop being cowards!

    8. Juan Martinez says:

      This is beyond ridiculous. The lawsuits are bogus and are a pathetic attempt by biships to impose a birth control ban through health care policy. As it happens, houses of worship are exempt from the mandate, but the bishops are trying to deny birth control coverage for employees at Catholic-affiliated institutions such as hospitals and colleges as well. They even want an exemption to cover secular businesses owned by Catholics. Further, polls show that over 90% of American catholics do not consider birth control to be immoral, and over 70% of catholics have used birth control. This is simply one more group of 'religious' leaders seeking an exemption from secular law for their sect. The lawsuits should be dismissed.

      • gene says:

        Well I for one don't want to pay for your wife's birth control !!

      • Bobbie says:

        Wow Juan, I thought you were a better man than that. Whatever people consider about birth control is still within their control and none of no ones' business including the expense. The catholic church doesn't condone acts against their teachings why would you think they should pay for the government to? That's ridiculous, Mr. Martinez!

        Men used to take responsibility for whatever consequences their acts cause! But that's when men had the inherent decency as the male gender to be the protectors of women without lowering themselves, the need for government intrusion. So unmanly. Today, they themselves don't know what they are accept cowards taking advantage of women to get the government to pay for their acts. Don't see it in Christian men as much as I do other men that are dragging this country down because of their beliefs and their disrespect for women. Unless you're from a 3rd world country (and I'm thankful you're here and not there,) why would you invite government to handle the privacy of your sexual lifestyle? Or invite government anywhere your personal life is concerned? That's 3rd world mentality, Mr. Martinez. America was a country that promoted freedom from 3rd world leadership, encouraging self reliance to avoid it! As the man you are, what problem do you have with that?

        • Juan Martinez says:

          Bobbie, I think you miss the point. The Catholic bishops are asking for yet another special exception to avoid complying with a secular law. The law says that a health insurance program must offer (not force the use of, only make available) birth control. Now, if a Catholic Church owns a business, for profit or not for profit, they are demanding that the business be exempted from secular law, claiming that secular law violates their religious freedom. Well, what prevents every nut case, ambitious entrepreneur, or criminal from claiming the same right to be exempted from secular law, demanding the same protection for their own religious sect? There will be no end to this. Why does the Catholic Church, or any church, need to own hospitals, schools, and businesses, and then demand that laws not apply to them?

          Not sure how to respond to the stuff about real men taking responsibility, and stuff. It's not what my original comment was about.

          • Bobbie says:

            I'm not missing the point! This is an intrusion of government intolerance of a religion they insist on injecting secular law and into their entities that aren't, Juan. Why can't or won't you see it for what it is? The catholic church isn't asking or demanding! They're fighting for inalienable rights from this invasive government disrespectfully dumping this unconstitutional force on the country with controversy directly affecting the beliefs of the catholic church and their charities.

            Sexual intercourse is a choice to have, it does not reflect the ability for anyone to stop or condone. It is a personal choice and of that choice is the personal responsibility and personal accountability of the choosers. That is handling including the expense from beginning to end!

            When abstinence is a choice that prevents all sexual health risks at no costs yet people choose to invite consequences are rightfully obligatory to it's costs. Obama's care is unconstitutional, Juan. Protect your daughters! Don't let government control them through manipulation eventually infiltrating sharia law! There is an end to this, it's called REPEAL!

            Yes, there was a time in America where men handled their own responsibilities and if they impregnated a woman she became one of his responsibilities along with the fetus that is aborted or comes to be from the acts of both. Obama and his government is holding all accountabilities on WOMEN as if men don't play a part!??

          • Bobbie says:

            sorry, an opposing force won't let me reply! tried 2ce!

      • Barbara Monteil says:

        Juan, who gives the government the right to dictate what a private institution, religious or not, must provide for its employees in the way of insurance coverage??? Furthermore, the right of conscience and freedom of religion are enshrined in the First Amendment. The basic rule of thumb is that any governmental intrusion into religion (whether the practice of an institution or an individual) must demonstrate a compelling governmental interest in that intrusion. That's where protection from the kinds of concerns you have are covered. But what is the compelling interest that government has in insisting upon insurance coverage of contraception? That's the first and most important question for you to answer. Contraception is readily available to both men and women at a relatively cheap price (and often can be obtained free of charge from clinics, etc.) Furthermore, according to rule, any compelling interest the government may insist it has must limit itself to the least restrictive means possible of furthering that compelling interest. To force any institution or individual to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs by paying for what it or he or she considers immoral is hardly the least restrictive option.

    9. JOHN PAUL JONES says:

      It is time to begin the shutting down of Catholic institutions. The president and his administration have challenged the Church over basic beliefs. Let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps the voters will decide.
      JPJ CBC'63

      • Bobbie says:

        Murdering human fetuses is basic? Murdering at any time before birth is basic?? paying for someone's/anyone's choice to have sex with another's consent is basic? The personal contraception of strangers behavior at everyones cost is basic? The results of that personal responsibility put on people uninvolved is basic? so in other words if you were in support of full personal accountability to the acts you choose, you would be okay with the government obligating you the costs of someone elses choosing?

    10. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      A lawsuit against the most corrupt administration in American history?? YES!! Do it – yesterday or sooner!! And while they're at it, why not bring a suit against Nazi Pelosi for her libelous distortions about her faith?? She has really been bringing reproach upon the Catholic Church by what she says of gay rights and abortion. The Church also really should ex-communicate this evil woman. I'm an ex-Catholic who still agrees with the church on some issues. Now I'm a Conservative Baptist, and if any member of my church were a public official saying half the outrageous things Pelosi says, that person would be terminated from membership. And it would be made known publicly!!

      • DJM says:

        Amen! Pelosi actually had the nerve to talk to the Pope to try to convince him to drop the Catholic Church's opposition to abortion! Who does she think she is?

    11. stephen says:

      What violation? Isn't that yet to be determined, or am I to just take your word for it?

    12. Tejano Jack says:

      Philosophically, I believe the Church leadership has a valid argument, especially where abortion is concerned. However, if one visits a suburban Catholic Mass on Sunday, I believe s/he will observe very few “stair-step” families trooping into the pews. In deed, two or three kids, maybe four will be the extent of most families. Even as a child, attending Catholic elementary school in the 1950's, and before the pill, few families had over three or four children. Bottom line, I would venture that most Catholics are not in lock step with Cardinal Dolan. Nevertheless, I believe all conservatives must agree that the Obamacare mandate is just one more mega-government intrusion into our lives and erosion of our liberties.
      Tejano Jack

    13. Conrad says:

      Obama is literally telling all Americans they must give him money to kill babies. THis is already being done via government giving $ to Planned Parenthood.

      Keep in mind there yet exists a way to know when an egg is fertilized.

      Thus all chemical contraception (Pill) is likely abortion.

      Obama has reduced our humanity to that of a mere animal.

    14. jlb says:

      Where are the the other churches? Must all Protestants stand by because they have no position on abortion and birth control. When will they stand? Even those that do not necessarily support the same position, we could stand with the Catholic Church on protecting religious liberty alone. I am Lutheran/Baptist/Protestant/Christian and I support the Catholic Church's position.

    15. paul hamel says:

      Given Obama's voting record on abortion, the University of Notre Dame's decision to invite and honor President Obama was a disgrace to the Catholic Church. How ironic it now finds itself in this position?

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        When that debacle was supposed to take place the Newman center circulated a petition against it –which I signed. The Newman center now has a petition against Georgetown– which I signed.

    16. E T (Ted) Bolton Jr says:

      It is my hope that other Christian denominations and even our Jewish friends will stand up and join our Catholic brothers in this battle for the religious freedom of us ALL!
      In fact, all who believe in our constitutional form of government. Have a stake in this battle. It does not affect just Catholics. If the government can overrule our first amendment right to religious freedom, the government will shortly overrule all our other constitutional rights. The loss of freedom of conscience, the right to act as our conscience tells us to act, is the most sacred right of all.

    17. Lloyd Scallan says:

      As a former Catholic and seminarian, I will bet the Catholic Church caves to Obama. They praised him from the pulpit when he was running. They are not going to change their ideology now.

      • djr says:

        Sorry, As a Catholic priest I never praised Obama from the pulpit, just the opposite. I told the people to be careful of wolves dressed up in sheeps clothing…

    18. Rick Baugh says:

      What Obama refuses to "get" is that all rights are INDIVIDUAL rights, granted by God to people, not institutions. Institutions, whether they be a church, school, or place of business, are simply affiliations of individual people, who alone have any such thing as "rights". To say a church may enjoy rights of conscience, but people who work or play elsewhere may not, is to display his mistaken arrogance that he even as the power to assign such distinctions.

      He does not.

    19. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The very sad truth is that this administration and this president have no concept of morality. I doubt they could even spell it. They engage in borderline criminal activities like crony capitalism while promoting socialist principles that run roughshod over the principles this nation was founded upon. Do not expect any moral position from this current government because there will be none.

    20. GBBush says:

      Some would say the Catholic Church accepts the tax breaks afforded charitable institutions therefore they should go along with govt. mandated heath care – contraception. Nonsense! The church – and I'm Christian but not Catholic – offers help to the needy with those tax exempt tithes. That is best done by religious organizations than the govt. bureaurcracy which then owns you.

      This issue will – and hopefully their attorneys are aware – lead to mandated health care for same-sex couples which also is contrary to Biblical teaching. Imagine your tithes supporting those Sodomites claiming to be married. Christian churches know the POTUS is not the King of Kings – so did our founding fathers. The govt. forcing the church to go against their teaching make the govt. a dictatorship. As for me and my family we will fight for the freedom and liberty won for us by those willing to fight and die to keep it for future generations.

    21. allosaur says:

      Comrade citizens, how dare anyone question or criticize our beloved great socialist Chairman-In-Chief? You are all mandated to buy Mr. Potatohead toys, put the together on a shrine and render worship to the Anointed Messiah. Anyone who disagrees with me is a dirty evil racist who wants to laugh as they watch their very own little children die from dirty air and dirty water.
      Koch brothers! Koch brothers! Bush! Bush! Bush!
      Shut up and sit down! Yeah, shut up and sit down!
      Shut up and sit down, you dirty racists, you.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        Beloved to you?
        I need no one to tell me the difference between love your neighbor and hate everyone who disagrees with you.

    22. Joseph McKennan says:

      It disturbs me that a thing like faith in God should be politicized. I have been a catholic for fifty-nine years. Before that I was a child of God forever. The Catholic Church is not perfect and I disagree with many of their customs/rituals. I must say that in taking this stance it is fufilling its purpose so I must support it. For my own part, I have found that the most effective means of birth control is to keep my pants zipped up. That is what a true child of God does. It is not political it is away of life.

    23. amirabella says:

      Dr. Sinopoli's comment illustrates quintessential liberal red-herring argument. We don't surrender Constitutional rights when we receive "benefits" from the Federal Government. The comment reflects either a lack of critical thinking or a deliberate obfuscation of reality.

    24. Dee says:

      The Catholic church is right to sue the heck out of this Admin.. This is just another 'power play' by Obama, in his march to Socialism … He's a MARXIST… Wake Up Americans…. Do you want Socialism or Freedom? Obama SHREDS our Constitution daily … He was NEVER a Constitutional Lawyer, and doesn't even have a law license anymore… His Wife, had to give up her Law License in 1993… reportedly for 'Extortion' … So, who is this IDIOT to go around telling Religious institutions what they have to do to 'abide' by his UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!! The SCOTUS will find this H.C. BILL 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' and I pray they knock the entire law OUT!!

    25. Jim says:

      This is a clear assault on Christian liberty. People of all faiths should be outraged. If we fail to stand for what is ours in Constitutional law, this administration will take more, and we will all eventually find ourselves under the government's boot!

      That said, I am extremely disappointed in the legal response to this assault. My hope would have been for the Church (Catholic and Protestant) to clarify God's message on the sanctity of life, and the fact that our liberties only come from God, not the tyrants who fail to note they serve at our pleasure. In that manner government could be returned to our control.

      By pursuing the legal route the church is failing to strengthen its' followers. Even if they win, they have left their flocks with no more moral strength than they had when government stepped on them. So, on another day, and another issue, they will be stepped on again. Liberty dies when we fail to follow our own moral teachings. Shame on the church!

    26. muskegonlibertarian says:

      Actually there have been "limits" placed upon "freedom of religion" years ago. Christian Scientists have been forced to violate their beliefs under "child welfare" laws. Such has been upheld by the Supreme Court. So "freedom of religion" is no where absolute. Mormons are forbidden to practice polygamy. Reproduction has environmental consequences, economic consequences if you want to get technical about it. The Church is on "shaky ground" here.

    27. quipster says:

      Just like you caved on the Catholic Church !!

    28. Mark says:

      Seems like a lot of anti-catholic bigots don't like the fact that Catholics are allowed to state their beliefs. Catholics, and other traditional religions who have charities that support the poor, have always supported the secular collectivist who talk about wanting to helping the needy but only use them as an excuse to raise taxes for other agendas, such as the redistribution of wealth or higher pay for the political/government class.

    29. So, here is the problem I see – with Romney, with Heritage, with most Republicans… "The goal is to repeal Obamacare and replace it with….something"

      NO! The goal should be to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with NOTHING! – NOTHING! When we have repealed Obamacare, we should go back and find the next most burdensome regulation and repeal that one too… and then…

      When we get to a small, unburdensome government that exists solely to protect our Lives, our Liberties, and our Pursuit of Happiness, then we will know we have arrived!

    30. Jim says:

      I have no sympathy for the Catholic church. They got themselves in bed with the social justice crowd, took the money and now that Obama and Co are coming after them, they cry foul. Just listen to Dolan on TV, just give us our wavier, and we will come back into the fold Master Obama.

      Such crap. Catholics will continue to vote Democatic because they are Socialist first, partitiors second.

      Same on the Catholic Church.

    31. denise says:

      Where is the loud hypocritical cry from the liberal left about separation of church and state?

    32. Bob Lewis says:

      I have a new found respect for Notre Dame. There must be religious freedom and the Constitution adhered to. This is a fight for all religions!

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