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  • Morning Bell: The Danger of Article 82 and Obama's Latest Treaty

    Back in 1982, President Ronald Reagan decided not to sign a treaty known as “Law of the Sea” (LOST), a United Nations convention that would raid America’s treasury for billions of dollars, then redistribute that wealth to the rest of the world by an international bureaucracy headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. But today, the Obama Administration has revived that treaty, and tomorrow Senator John Kerry (D-MA) will hold hearings designed to illustrate its supposed benefits and generate support for its ratification. Without a doubt, Reagan’s decision should stand, and LOST should remain relegated to the trash bin of history.

    The rationale for LOST is that it supposedly brings order to the world’s oceans, defines the rights and responsibilities of nations as they navigate and conduct business across the seas, protects the marine environment, and allows for the development of natural resources of the deep seabed. On the surface, these all sound like worthwhile goals. The thing is, the United States doesn’t need to join another United Nations treaty to make it happen.

    For more than 200 years before LOST was adopted in 1982 and for 30 years since then, the U.S. Navy has successfully protected America’s maritime interests regardless of the fact that the United States has not signed on to the treaty. The United States’ navigational rights and freedoms have been secure, and they are best guaranteed by a strong Navy.

    LOST is not without consequences, either. One of the more nefarious and insidious of its provisions is Article 82, which requires the United States to forfeit royalties generated from oil and gas development on the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles – an area known as the “extended continental shelf.” That money, which one estimate says could be worth many billions, if not trillions of dollars, would go to the International Seabed Authority, a new international bureaucracy created by the treaty and based in Jamaica. Heritage’s Steven Groves explains that from there, America’s money could be shipped to the Middle East, Africa, China, and even state sponsors of terror:

    LOST directs that the revenue be distributed to “developing States” (such as Somalia, Burma … you get the picture) and “peoples who have not attained full independence” (such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization … hey, don’t they sponsor terrorism?). The assembly – the “supreme organ” of the International Seabed Authority in which the United States has a single vote to cast – has the final say regarding the distribution of America’s transmogrified “international” royalties.

    The assembly may vote to distribute royalties to undemocratic, despotic or brutal governments in Belarus, China or Zimbabwe – all members of LOST. Perhaps those dollars will go to regimes that are merely corrupt; 13 of the world’s 20 most corrupt nations, according to Transparency International, are parties to LOST. Even Cuba and Sudan, both considered state sponsors of terrorism, could receive dollars fresh from the U.S. Treasury.

    In addition to shipping America’s money overseas to unsavory recipients, LOST could have other negative consequences, as well, by exposing U.S. industry and manufacturing to baseless international lawsuits. In fact, environmental activists and international legal academics are actively exploring the potential of using international litigation against the United States to advance their agendas. And for those who say LOST is a tool for mediating international disputes, take a look at the Philippines, which signed on to the treaty and yet today is finding itself browbeaten by China and its claims in the South China Sea.

    If America truly wants to preserve its rights on the sea, then it needs to bolster the one tool that has guaranteed those rights throughout history — a strong U.S. Navy. Unfortunately, under President Obama’s watch, the United States is seeing its fleet diminished in size and ability. A lone piece of paper will not defend America’s interests on the sea, and neither will transferring billions of dollars to an international authority in Jamaica for redistribution the world over. LOST should not be ratified and signed, and instead Washington should turn its attention to ensuring that the U.S. Navy has the resources it needs to protect America’s interests on the high seas.

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    68 Responses to Morning Bell: The Danger of Article 82 and Obama's Latest Treaty

    1. Turner says:

      American reparations to the World and beyond!!!!!!!

    2. Jim Uberti says:

      I'm apalled at the bills that our Congressinal representatives even CONSIDER, let alone ,pass.
      What happens to sanity when these people arrive at the Capitol??
      As far as developing funds to give to questionable governments, I think the premise is insane.
      We all know how little of that money is actually used for it's stated purpose.
      I've always believed that aid to the needy countries should be "in-kind" contributions, consisting of products made or grown in this country. (Even then, some of that aid is confiscated and sold with the funds sent to a Swiss account.)
      I thought the Carter Administration was out of touch. Compared to The Obama Administration, they were Solomon-like.

    3. Wayne, La says:

      This is another way of wasting our money on another bureaucratic mess. Since our companies are probably more dominate in these areas, all the other nations want to confiscate the wealth without doing the work.

    4. ogieyoungnhip says:

      Just what Obama would enjoy~a quick way to have the US lose its sovereignty even faster than he thought was possible.

    5. tim says:

      Of course Obama would support this, it goes right along with his agenda for the destruction of the American economy and security. If it was bad for us 30 years ago, it is worse for us now that we are better informed. We do not owe it to the world to "spread our wealth" any more – they certainly do not love us for it; and in fact they hate is even more now.

    6. Charles says:

      No need for any treaty connections of any kind with or dealing with the UN! Keep them and the rest of the pirates out of our business! We will take care of ourselves!

    7. Donald McCaw says:

      Where is Sen Kerry's head on this $$$$giveaway AGAIN?

      • Bruce says:

        Firmly set in his nether region, as usual. Remember, he's a liberal.

      • Clearhead says:

        Kerry's head is in its' usual place, staring out through his plexiglas belly. It is probable that the 'gumint' has finally developed a system of mind control, as conceived in Orwell's "1984". There is no other conceiveable way for so many supposedly intelligent American citizens to possibly be lured into such stupor as they are every day in Washington.

      • 2D Okie says:

        YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS !!! But don't say it, that would be crude and there are probably ladies present,,,and besides, you're a gentleman

    8. Kate says:

      We don't have the money to sign on to this fiascoe. Just another way for obama to sent our country to hell. Show he hasn't learned what it is to be an American yet. Just another stupid commie

    9. Pete Houston says:

      Cut the funding to the UN to equal shares per country and see how long the UN would last. We all put in, what the lowest contributor puts in. The UN should not become another welfare organization. World government will never work and will be worse than what we have today. What makes the world wonderfull is the diversity vs making all countries the same. The same is when we have a federal government that wants all states to be the same. Having a method for multiple countries that have similiar interests to address a world issue is fine for armed conflict. Becoming the worlds police force is a goal that will never work and is a waste of taxpayer funds.

    10. toledofan says:

      This is another blatant move by the Obama Administration to degrade America's sovenrty. Not only is this a big mistake but why would we pay money to an arm of the U.N. and allow them to distribute monies to people who want to cause us harm? Heck, we're dumb enough to do some of that on our own. I think the real point is that those on the left think by abdagating our power and authority we are become a better nation. It's the oposite we become weaker and others start to see they can push us around and force us to become one of them. I say we've lost too much preciuous blood to ever be like everyone else. If this treaty gets ratified by the Senate anyone who says yeah should get the boot.

      • Dee says:

        How about booting them before they get the chance to do this to the American people? There are people applying for another term every two years, let's just kick them out before they get fully ensconsed. Obama is taking the United States into socialism as fast as he can spend us broke because he wants a One World Government. I believe the Bible addresses this situation.

    11. toledofan says:

      This is another blatant move by the Obama Administration to degrade America's sovenrty. Not only is this a big mistake but why would we pay money to an arm of the U.N. and allow them to distribute monies to people who want to cause us harm? Heck, we're dumb enough to do some of that on our own. I think the real point is that those on the left think by abdagating our power and authority we are become a better nation. It's the oposite we become weaker and others start to see they can push us around and force us to become one of them. I say we've lost too much preciuous blood to ever be like

    12. Bob McKeon says:

      We have just found out some great news and wanted to share it with you. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) proposed an amendment (Amendment No. 200 to the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act) that says:

      None of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act may be made available for any institution or organization established by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, including the International Seabed Authority, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf

      • KHM says:

        @BobMcKeon, That is good news. Thank you Jeff Duncan of S. Carolina, let's hoe the amendment passes. LOST is a terrible treaty and would cost us our sovereignty. I have been following it for about a year. Should Zero somehow sign on to this there is no way to repeal a treaty, we'd be stuck with it. Heaven help us.

      • Silverkait says:

        "…Amendment No. 200 to the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act . . ."

        Yes!! Thank you Representative Duncan.

    13. jinaeve says:

      Two questions: (1) Why do we still have "REPRESENTATIVES" in position who DO NOT REPRESENT the PEOPLE? (2) Why do WE the PEOPLE, not know or understand these "REPRESENTATIVES" are spending our money and making decisions that are not in our best interest?

    14. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much more are we to take from this imposter and fraud that sit in the White House? LOST is not about navy power. It's purely about "redistribution of wealth"! Our wealth and our ability to continue to produce it. Do we not yet realize that Obama, and his backers, hate this nation and what it stands for. They want it, and the Western way of life, destroyed. They know America is the last hope for freedom. Once America's gone, they have what they always wanted, world domination. LOST is the latest step to that goal. This onslaught will not stop as long as Obama sits in the Oval Office.

    15. Bill Haney says:

      It never ceases to amaze just how sinister are various "representatives" in our own government who whould rape our treasury for the benefit of nations who are our adversaries. America has become – and long before 1982 – the porkbarrel for global marxists to feed upon. Not only do we lose our sovereingty of the seas, but we get to pay for our own demise!
      We should expect nothing less nerarious from the UN and those of America's enemies that work through it.
      We must be all the more vigilent and fortified to protect our Nation from it.

      • America helped pay for its demise by falling for Obamas charismatic promises and voted him in,just forn the record,I didn't. The promise of change was a red flag for me as change doesn't mean it's going to be for the better,he didn't promise that kind of change…

    16. J E Houser says:

      I have the cure. Put the President in the White House, have the Congress in full session, have all employees at their work positions in Washington, then lift up the District of Columbia, move it 300 miles east and wash it off.

    17. will says:

      Americans are vulnerable, on land, both at home and abroad. Open borders compound our at home vulnerability and our dependence on foreign oil increases our vulnerability abroad by requiring us to be targets in lands we might otherwise choose to ignore. Our sea power is dominant, and for now is our strongest bastion of national security. When we contemplate diminished capabilities for the U.S. Navy we would do well to remember the words of Admiral Farragut. "The best protection against the enemy's fire is a well-directed fire from our own guns." President Obama… do not spike our guns.

    18. anne m erskine says:

      The Constitution provides that the president "shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur" (Article II, section 2). This "treaty" cannot then simply be signed by Obama and be valid – is that correct? Our Senate better NOT give its Advice and Consent. The American People better rise up this November and shut this disgusting power grab by the federal government from ending our freedom – Obama and all Democrats and RINOS should be thrown out. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

    19. F T Gordon says:

      I am amazed at the lack of Constitutional knowledge in the USA. A ll laws and treaties must be "PURSUANT" to the Enumerated powers of our Constitution in order for them to be law. The so called law of the sea can not be a legitament law as it is not in the Enumerated Powers. We The People must first understand Article 6 and then make sure The Constitution is enforced! — We need some automatic ways to enforce our Constitution!

    20. Jim says:

      Who but the enemies of American Democracy would come up with propositions like these to entangle the US in a deceptive scheme such as this? Surely the US is not going to entertain such a ridiculous hand out to an undeserving community of thieves and cut-throats. What is in the mind of Rep. Kerry?

    21. Kat in VA says:

      Another example of Obama compromising our sovereignty for the sake of being liked. Dangerous foreign policy. Strength should never be compromised, appeasement never works. Only a leader with thimbleful of military experience wouldnknow this.

    22. John Box says:

      Hello, we are losing billions of dollars every month. It should be LAW that if we are upside down on the national budget not one penny can be spent towards anything!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. You cannot whittle down our Military forces and exspect America to be protected as she was in the past.Without the strongest Navy in the World the protection dwindles whether we sign this sea treaty or not and under those conditions then why sign treaty.

    24. 2D Okie says:

      You expect something less from this administration and the likes of John Kerry??!! We'll be fortunate indeed if the stateists don't promote our compliance and membership in it. Afterall, that wouldn't affect Heinz Food's business or Obama's vacation schedule. What else is of any importance? The 300 wealthy families in the US who will own vehicles then will be using biofuels grown and processed by the surviving peasant farmers.Of course theprocessing equipment will have to come from China since we don't want any nasty environmentally hazardous industry making something like that over here. Please excuse my sarcastic rant!!

    25. Ron W. Smith says:

      The inference in Brownfield's post is that there's a real danger the U.S. Navy's fleet will be inadequate for defense of our interests. Inadequate compared with what other Navy? Will reduction of the fleet bring it below the sizes of other Navies? Will smaller size mean less effective?
      While I agree there are dangers to signing treaties, there are graver dangers to over-inflating defense needs. One look at our nearly $16,000,000,000,000 national debt and its principal cause tells us as much. The U.S. spends more than the rest of the world COMBINED on National Defense, Homeland Security, Nation Building, Foreign Aid Designed to Gain the Cooperation of Other Countries, and Veterans Affairs. The math leading from more than $1 trillion a year spent on these to a national debt of almost $16 trillion built in relatively recent years is child's play, even for those hawkish souls who see more as better when it comes to National Security.
      For a country playing brinksmanship with insolvency, resisting the impulse to spend on bigger and dubiously better fleets, missile defenses, and international presence would seem to be the way to go– especially when the spending is done at the expense of REAL solutions to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and our dysfunctional and far overpriced health care system.

    26. 2D Okie says:

      GOD save these United States of America.No one else seems to want to..

    27. Moses says:

      We should not ever sign this agreement!!!!!!!

    28. Every one should read this!

    29. @PurpAv says:

      Within 30 years the USA will have ceased to exist as we know it today. Whatever new entity emerges from the ashes will disavow all of this nonsense.

    30. Hiram Davis says:

      Thomas Jefferson in 1808 said; The ocean…like the air, is the common birthright of mankind.

    31. Peter M. Page says:

      I want to forward this article with my encouragement to oppose LOST to the Alaska Congressional delegation, Harry Reid and Alaska governor Parnell, but I can't find email addresses for them to put in the Heritage forward. Can you help me? Peter M. Page

    32. raskew says:

      We are not to be subjected to the UN… We live under a constitutional republic form of government

    33. Curt Krehbiel says:

      The president's goal is to diminish America's role as a superpower as it is morphed into it's new status as a socialist

    34. @MamaClaire says:

      News Flash. If you want to be the world's policeman – then PAY for it. I don't. I want to pay for health care for people who don't give two hoots about CEO billionaires who skate out on their taxes.

    35. Daver says:

      Anyone who thinks that Senators don't have a hazardous job has not suffered an hour listening to the fool known as Kerry pontificate on matters he has no clue about.

      This–like any other sacrifice of sovereignty–including the recent donation of Alaskan islands to Russia is a terrible idea and should not be considered for 1 solitary moment!!

    36. Lyn H. says:

      Article II, section 2 of the constitution says that the President may make treaties provided two thirds of the present Senators concur. Does this not apply in this instance?

    37. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      Cecilia Ruhnke believes we would be fools to give away any possible source of oil.

    38. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      We would be very foolish to sign away any possible source of oil.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Right . . . Like Iraq. We conquered it fair and square, and had control of all of its oil, and its people. Why would we ever give that up for free? It was ours!

        Too bad there's no oil in Afghanistan. I guess it's okay to pull out there.

    39. Dee says:

      "LOST" says it all since that is what will happen to our country if this is signed. There is no breaking a treaty. Living in a state that has the longest coast line in the US and with so many people and industries depending on the seas for their existences this is one bad deal.
      Hopefully the Senate will oppose this in spite of Obama's push for it. It's all part of his distributing the wealth. We do not need to jeopardize our security and well-being just to distribute wealth particularly when it will go through and to unfriendly to us. By the way, we already give more in charities to other counties then any other.

    40. Umm, no thanks, Obama.

    41. RennyG says:

      CHAOS, then control!!! Following the "Alinsky Theory!!!" Won't be able to stop him!!!! This guy is not a looser in his own way. I have not seen any true and sound steps or action taken against him. Talk, yes, action, don't see it??? PRAY!!!

    42. Frank Bilek says:

      Such intellectualism from senators who find it impossible to craft and authorize a budget for our country…not just for one but for more than three years running. And by the way, since the United Nations is such a fine example of fidelity when it comes to handling the US taxpayers dollars, why shouldn't we "invent" more international organizations where we can throw our money away? Wait…aren't we $16T in debt?

    43. Roll me over in the clover, 'Bama's time is almost over.
      Though Burger King has lost his throne. It isn't from stones Barry's thrown.
      And God and country still reign high, "Onward, heavens, Occupy".
      Out in four, or out in eight, let's be the first to celebrate.
      For helping poor and giving alms should not be grease to voter palms
      And sixteen trillion… more? in debt, is barely worth a jogger's sweat.
      Because the people, frames, and roads, owe no one for their earthly loads,
      No king or bank or statist's dream can signature the unborn's scream.
      No Senator can obligate a soul or man or dog or state,
      Only God can chase that bone, dear Senator, you're on your own!!
      The constitution clearly choices, Congress makes the money voices
      Making all that people need, there is no debt, no slaver's greed.
      So roll me over in that clover, Oleander Benjamin,
      The earth is made for freedom's rover, count him out and count me in!!

    44. honestbabe says:

      Obama is "fast tracking" Chinese immigrants through the EB5 Visa program. China's elite are coming here granted full US citizenship for the mere price of $500,000 US dollars.They are buying up millions of dollars worth of US and Canadian land especially along the St. Lawrence River(International Seaway). In the meantime the SLRiver is being inundated with evasive species such as Eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels, rock snot, Asian Long Horned beetles, Asian beetles and a host of asian pathogens all courtesy of the ballasts of these large cargo containerships that use this International Seaway… The EPA is looking the other way under Obama's direction and he'll stop at nothing to continue this practice…

    45. sandy says:

      How do we voice our displeasure?

    46. Melba ~ says:

      This is just one more incremental step of AGENDA 21. Please become aware of what Agenda 21 has in mind for America. Those in power are selling America down the river. Please become more ALERT to what is happening because there are those that would have you believe it is our responsibility to ensure that other countries are taken care of through the United Nations and it doesn't matter if we are about to enter an abyss economically or by way of sustainability regulations and policys through Agenda 21. America needs more LERTS!

    47. dcjdavis says:

      Broke. In the hole. Penniless….etc. Words that no longer have meaning in Washington. They still think we have what the rest of the world wants and that we should give it up. When will they realize, it's gone.

    48. Brad Simpson says:

      All I can say is what a bunch of idiots! Wake up America, it is time to put a stop to this BS. We need to remind the Senate who they answer to. Call your Senator and tell them I they vote for this you will vote to send their ass home.

    49. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Dick Morris explains this very well.

    50. barbara.williams10 says:

      As we ar e almost 16 Trillion in debt and as China decides to take California, NY or Florida in repaymnet :}, this is just another step to 'fundamentally reform America', a promise kept. (Maybe Kerry should donate his massive wealth to the UN for redistribution.)

    51. john says:

      Obama and the Democrats need to be tried for treasonous actions against our nation. When will the madness stop

    52. Sandie says:

      This is part of the Obama global governance and global socialism.

    53. Walter Healey says:

      With our current congress, taking away our freedom of speech, taking away our due process of law, not repealing Obama Care (tax), raising the debt limit while talking about cutting spending, I fear this bill will pass and we will be in a world of hurt. I am so disappointed with congress I can't even explain.

    54. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      from Cecilia Ruhnke Pres. Obama, I pray that you won't give away seabeds or anything of value. We want to pay off our debts. Study socialism. You surely don't want that for your people who don't want it.

    55. DLM - USN says:

      The honorable John F. Kerry would gladly give away U. S. sovereignty of its sea rights and benefits but will not allow wind turbine power generation to befoul the view of those on the shores of elitest Cape Cod:

      "But those with beachfront property in the area don’t want their lovely views of the seascape ruined by the spinning blades." as reported by the Boston Globe…

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