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  • Fighting Irish Fight for Religious Freedom

    Today the University of Notre Dame filed a legal challenge against an Obamacare regulation that requires health care plans to include abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization procedures.

    Many religious institutions, including Notre Dame, object on religious or moral grounds to providing, paying for, and/or facilitating insurance coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and/or sterilization procedures.

    If the federal government is permitted to “override our religious purpose” and “use religious organizations to advance policies that undercut [their] values,” said Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins, then religious organizations will become “mere tools for the exercise of government power” and “morally subservient to the state.”

    Notre Dame’s lawsuit is one of 12 lawsuits filed today by 43 plaintiffs against the Obamacare regulation.

    In addition, several other institutions have already filed lawsuits seeking protection for religious freedom.

    Plaintiffs challenging the Obamacare mandate in court include Catholic institutions, Protestant institutions, business owners who are religious, and several state governments.

    Further, one religious university recently announced it will no longer offer a student health insurance plan, because Obamacare would require the plan to include goods or services that violate the institution’s religious beliefs.

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has called the Obamacare mandate an “unprecedented” violation of religious freedom by the federal government.

    The mounting pressure highlights the ongoing potential for centrally driven health care policy to conflict with conscience. That leads to a longer-term question: whether religious institutions will be able to withstand the increasing crush of federal regulation that reaches ever more deeply into realms of private choice and decision-making.

    The particular regulation challenged by Notre Dame and others is just one small part of a gigantic statutory and regulatory scheme that is still being implemented.

    Those who seek to defend religious freedom should make common cause with those who defend freedom in general. A society that abandons its moral and political commitment to freedom in general will become less willing and even hostile to protecting religious freedom in particular.

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    22 Responses to Fighting Irish Fight for Religious Freedom

    1. Marine1 says:

      This is easy. Any doctor, nurse, cook or teacher that wants freedom and full medical coverage should quit working for religious institutions. That's freedom!

      • Ruth Johns says:

        That's right. there are plenty of Americans that would take those jobs. The part that's not freedom is requiring religious institutions to pay for something they believe is wrong.

    2. cliftonzwillett says:

      The Affordable Care Act, President Obama's health-care overhaul passed by Congress last year, was designed to make it easier for Americans in situations like Verone's to get health insurance BTW check "Penny Health" for more information

    3. Spiritof76 says:

      If I remember right, ND was all for Obama just a couple of years ago, eventhough Obama voted for infanticide in Illinois. Now, all of a sudden, they are not happy about his socialist mandate. Sorry to say, ND served as a unseful idiot. How about Goergetown university supporting Obama when he told them to cover up the image of Jesus during his campus address a few years ago? They were all enablers of basically anti-American policies of Obama and his Democrat allies.

      • Gil says:

        Couldn't have said it better…..You have to wonder what ND and GTU thought they were gaining by accomodating Obama and covering up any religious icons and images during his appearance on their campus – What – "Obama shalt have no other images before him?" Those at these Catholic Universities who decided it was of no consequence to adhere to this type of disrespect to the image of Christianity should have known BO's pattern of Use 'em and Abuse 'em when it suits his agenda and enhances his misperception of his own image and misuse of power……

    4. Helen Spingola says:

      Quit working…..and go on food stamps, unemployment insurance, etc. ??? Is that your solution
      for solving this situation?? Stupid logic reigns!!

    5. Jeanne Stotler says:

      There is nothing in the doctrine of the church that says a non-catholic has to agree with the doctrine, It does say that any institution connected with the Church must adhere to the covenants of the Church. I went to Catholic schools and to a Catholic Univ. (Georgetown) at no time was a non-Catholic made to take Religion or forced to become a Catholic. I worked in both Catholic and public hospitals and I was never forced o assist in any procedure in violation of my faith. Now with Obama care, CatholicDoctors and Nurses will be forced in participating in procedures that violate our beliefs, this is contrary to the first Admendment which states, "Cngress shall MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of Relgion or PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE therof; I don't think it could be any clearer. I also notice BHO is of a different mind when it comes to Muslim laws, HMMM

    6. Mary says:

      A company should provide the healthcare coverage they want.
      Why should sterilization, morning after pil and birth control pills be considered "preventative " healthcare, at no costs to the subscriber. It should not be mandated to be FREE. It is like an "open bar" with free drinks. There will be a lot of waste with FREE BC pills.
      The new Govt program free cells for those on Govt AID. When a person has 30 "free cell phones " activated and do not have to pay a dime for them. Who pays for that, the people who have to pay for a cell phone.
      If you are a low income person and you cannot afford birth control pills you can go to Walmart and get them at a low cost, like the antibiotic program .Or you can go to Planned Parenthood and get them for free. Why should a company be mandated to give this for FREE, no co-pays Nada. Someone will have to pay for it, my guess higher premiums for everyone who is paying for their Healthcare insurance or the company. This stuff is not being dropped out of the sky for nothing. There are costs associated with it. They shoudl pay somethiing for it if they want it. Sexual activity is a CHOICE, so take some responsibility.

      • GBBush says:

        What next? Free meals like free school lunches, free transportation, free education, etc. soon no one will want to work then who pays?

    7. GBBush says:

      If the religious institution oppose a practice and the government says the institution must pay for that which they oppose – what next? Pay for same sex married employee's – mandated to be hired by the govt. – health care? Clergy jailed for not marrying same sex couples when their religious belief's oppose Sodomite marriages?
      The government got religious displays out of the public property and prayer out of public schools – the church must demand the government get out of their pulpits and institutions – seperation of church and state. Does this administrtion seem to attack Muslim institutions as fervently as Christian & Jewish ones – hardly.

    8. Anna Marie says:

      I agree with their lawsuit, but the public needs to take it one step further – it is against plain liberty to MAKE us pay for something that we don't want!

    9. Louis G. Bosco says:

      Would President Obama or Sec. Sibelius perform an act against their conscience? Then why ask others to do it.

    10. Bill says:

      Spirit of 76 and Gil hit the nail on the head. As an old "Domer" ('56), I and many of nt my classmates have been
      seriously disappointed in the path the university has taken under the "leadership" of Fr. Jenkins. This recent stunt is too little and too late for me to resume contributions.

    11. Leon says:

      Bit by bit are freedms are chiped away by an out of control government. It is time to ACT. "We the People" must do are part to reign in those that we have appointed to guard our Freedoms who are not up to the task. It all starts with you and me. We have the power with our vote so let us do are part and replace those in government that are soft on freedom with candidates who will fight for us and for our freedom.

    12. Gerald says:

      I have always respected the office of the President, but the man in the office has lost my respect, Just because the people elected him, doesn't bestow all seeing and all knowing. I feel the Constitution is being ignored, and when the Constitution is ignored we begin to have a dictatorial Presidency. We need our representatives to exercise their checks and balances under the Constitution and reverse this descent into our country's decline. No one man should be allowed to carry out his personal agenda.

    13. Gerald says:

      I'm perplexed that Gerald's comments were not displayed, the comments were not inappropriate. It's quite disturbing that comments can only be approved if we talk around the edge of problems and truth's and not pinpoint them. Impeding freedom of expression will not advance Liberty.

    14. Tom says:

      I think Fr. Jenkins of ND has, in the past, seen his mission as one that tries to cater to all political spectrums – while hopefully remaining Catholic, in other words allowing " Diversity" to be king, and everyone is happy. I am hoping that he and others are now recognizing that the threat to religious liberty by the Administration is real, serious, and frightening – now becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, Georgetown Univ. is all about "political correctness", their leadership has ignored objective truth and the critical need to set high standards even if the whole world ignores some of those standards. It would be better if they just became a public university where everybody gets to make up their own ethics. I surely hope and pray that most people of all Religious Faiths will get behind these law suits with vigor!

    15. Andy Kline says:

      It seems to me that the University of Notre Dame and the Catholic Church in operating hospitals and universities are not engaged in the practice of religion so that the mandates relating to health insurance do not violate their First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

    16. Andy Kline says:

      It seems to me that neither the University of Notre Dame or the Catholic Church in operating hospitals and universities is engaged in the exercise of religion.Therefore, I fail to see how health insurance mandates would violate their freedom to freely practice their religion.

      • Bobbie says:

        try to open the mind to what freedom is and what the catholic church teaches. Anything hitting? Anything? It's the principle Mr. Kline. I'm not going to start a business where I am not in control of what's right and wrong. and for the abuse of government authority to change the rules to fit government is so beneath America. The mandate violates their teachings and conflicts how they want their business conducted which is none of the government's business as long as the catholic business isn't threatening. How did people come to be so intolerant of other peoples faith' with a vengeance to go out of their way to interfere? How extraordinarily pathetic!

    17. khr says:

      how do we as catholics get an army together to fight for our religious rights as part of our right to freedom of religion

    18. n chupp says:

      Here is something the Faithful Can Do When The Atheist's Attack

      Proclaim a "…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof Day” by wearing T-Shirts with that print. We must become offensive instead of our never-ending defensive approach to the atheist attacks. All American citizens must now confront the atheists with large scale Chick-Fill-A moments.

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