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  • Left-Wing Environmentalists Solicit 'Conservative and Libertarian' Policies

    An effort funded by a major left-wing environmentalist group is looking to appeal to conservative and libertarian thinkers through an initiative that proposes center-right solutions to environmental problems.

    The Meridian Institute’s “Twelve Big Ideas for 2012″ is funded by the Environmental Defense Fund, a group that uses its massive lobbying footprint – it has spent more than $6.3 million on lobbying efforts since 2009 – to push primarily for cap and trade legislation and bills related to Gulf Coast cleanup efforts, among other initiatives.

    EDF is fond of referring to cap and trade schemes as mechanisms of the free market, and hence it styles itself a market-friendly environmental organization.

    Of course given that cap and trade would create a new market for carbon credits out of thin air, it is hardly a laissez faire proposal. Indeed, while EDF adamantly denies that cap and trade amounts to a carbon tax, even the policy’s proponents have admitted as much.

    An FAQ document for the “12 for 12″ initiaitive says that EDF “has agreed to serve as the financial and administrative catalyst for the effort.” The Meridian Institute will coordinate the effort.

    Another document on the project describes it thusly:

    The initiative seeks conservation policies and ideas, rooted in conservative and libertarian values, which protect and steward America’s natural resources while sustaining prosperity and national security. As part of 12 for 12, the Advisory Committee will approve grants to more than a dozen academics and fellows to develop promising conservation policy ideas rooted in values such as fiscal discipline, limited government, market entrepreneurship, and personal accountability.

    Advocacy for market-based solutions to environmental problems would be a welcome change from the nation’s leading environmentalist groups. But very often, policies that EDF and similar organizations consider “market-based,” such as cap and trade schemes, are anything but, and amount to little more than political programs designed to pick winners (low carbon emitters) and losers (higher carbon emitters) in the energy market.

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    21 Responses to Left-Wing Environmentalists Solicit 'Conservative and Libertarian' Policies

    1. William English says:

      Cap and Trade legislation has never in the wildest stretch of the imagination been about a free market. To say that it is represents one of, if not the biggest lie of all. If anything it restricts a free market and at the same time imposes punitive taxation upon the American People.

      • Pragmatic says:

        This is absolutely false. Cap and trade is a market-based solution to the externality (spill-over cost) created by carbon pollution. It forces the polluter to internalize the costs they are imposing on society and uses a market mechanism to do this.

        For your references: http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/Externalities….

        • Mike, WF, TX says:

          If CO2 is a pollutant, then wouldn't market-based cap & trade policies, laws, regs, etc. also apply to humans? Isn't that what it's all about anyway…control?

          Even the worst-case climate models only show a few degrees of warming over decades. It's a small "price" to pay for our cars, planes & ACs. I'll consider giving up mine when the President gives up AF1.

          • Quincidence says:

            Unless you live in a coastal city or island–in that case, a few degrees means you'll need to start preparing your children to NOT have the option of settling down where they were BORN AND RAISED. Remember where your priorities were in 20 years–trust me you'll be rethinking them at that point. Denial is so frickin' easy, I understand…

    2. Kini says:

      First question: Is there an environmental problem? Given that the United States has some of the most stringent environmental laws in the world. The answer is a resounding "NO"!

      Second question: Do you really believe in either Global Warming or Climate Change is detrimental to the planet? This is not a trick question, but it is a trick question!

      When a flowery organization that calls itself a defense fund, suggesting that the environment needs defending, and solicits input from conservative/libertarian groups, can only mean one thing; Decepticons!

    3. Bobbie says:

      Sorry, but the left wing contradicts conservatives and libertarians. Honesty needs to commence and this whole dishonest gain for future government controlled crisis and government controlled human behavior, needs corrective discipline! Cap and trade is free money in the unearned pockets of the leftist and those government members behind them. Money isn't going to FIX any of their false claims!

      • Pragmatic says:

        cap and trade is the market-based solution to a problem. It should be promoted by libertarians who supposedly believe in markets and market-based solutions.

        • Bobbie says:

          to WHAT PROBLEM, Pragmatic?? open market based solutions at a cost, to a problem that doesn't exist? Pragmatic unless you created the earth, humanity and nature adapts to mother and has since the beginning of time! You wanting money paying for speculation shows you're probably getting money for just that! Sorry, Prago! Your freedom of chosen ignorance is losing!

        • Roger S. says:

          Cap and Trade would likely never arise w/o Gov. regulation. It is per se a Gov. intervention into free markets which could not exist without unnecessary and burdensome regulations to create its "market value" in the first place. We don't need EDF, as we already have EPA, and executive orders and activist judges to circumvent Congressional oversight. And faulty science in spades to confuse them all.

          • Pragmatic says:

            Pollution is a market failure. It distributes the cost among everyone (within proximity of the pollution) and doesn't punish the producer, and you're right, it would never arise w/o government intervention but markets aren't perfect. I will be very clear on this – I'm an advocate of market solutions (and not socialism), but there are instances where markets fail to fully correct a problem. Again, I'll refer you to a largely libertarian economics department's website and you can read for yourself about this problem and what they say is the "efficient" solution.

            • Bobbie says:

              well Prago, pollution is part of nature also. There hasn't been ANYONE dropping dead because of it. This country has taken necessary measures reducing pollution successfully! and what "they" say is only to promote government control who doesn't have anymore of a brain than the average brain some of many, retarded. Why would you pay to accept such low standards of people above you that doesn't think or say to include all considerations…
              Consider ALL the FACTS all the way through. These government controlled entities are basing everything AND anything on speculation ONLY!

            • Bobbie says:

              …and for you to trust today's government to correct the problem to perfection (that's what you're suggesting as pollution exists as long as humanity does) is total ignorance, Prago!! If you were truly for market based solutions you would not look to paying the untrustworthy government of strangers or support today's unconstitutional government interference.

            • Bobbie says:

              How is pollution a market failure? Where's the epidemic? Pollution is as natural as human existence. America has taken extraordinary steps in reducing it to the least emittance possible yet you want tax payers money going into a problem that really doesn't exist but in your mind and the minds of those with an agenda. People with an agenda of no good will, can use the word cancer anywhere they see plausible. Probably the ones creating illnesses and then whoola, told ya so. Use common sense and practicality and keep in mind when a government entity is behind anything there's always "special interest…" Don't regress to government studies. Independent studies in contrast to government doesn't have access to endless amounts of tax funding or authority to steal when they see fit. Independent studies are truthful and accountable without hidden agendas attached…

    4. I have a Conservative suggestion for EDF. Discontinue your transfer of wealth fraud. You folks have hijacked any realistic approach to taking care of the environment replacing it with different schemes, periodically you change the name, to transfer America's wealth to other countries with the likes of Soros skimming off the top. When you don't get your way you blow up radio station antenna's or SUV car lots. We have no time for your insanity.

    5. NorCal Libertarian says:

      ………and what Conservative or Libertarian believes in this? Nothing more than a Delphi technique to arrive at a pre-deterimined concensus pushed by EDF. The statement "Of course given that cap and trade would create a new market for carbon credits ouf of thin air…." shouldn't that be "thick" air???
      It's also ironical, I think, that the Advisory Committee will approve grants for, among other things, "limited government"…HUH???? Cap and Trade is a BUSINESS KILLER in the state of California. How, exactly, does that "limit" government?

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      If anyone, other than a leftist, would be foolish enough to believe one word from a radical group such as EDF, are pure fools. When will we realize the left uses "bait and switch" (LIES) to lure unsuspecting idiots into supporting their cause. Once the money is in their bank, it's too late. We had better accept the fact that the radical enviornmental left are dedicated Marxist that live by their ideology and that ideology does not allow for compromise. If you support them in any way, you support their cause.

    7. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      The EDF is initiating a smoke-screen to make their policies seem more acceptable to those who are more and more rejecting the enviro-scams coming from the Left.
      Just more lipstick on this pig!

    8. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      They'll NEVER listen.

    9. Jim, CT says:

      The libertarian solution involves public shaming, product boycotts, and class action lawsuits brought by affected parties, not brought by the government.

    10. Ryan, VA says:

      As a libertarian and a policy scholar, I’d like to chime in with the following: in 1990, acid rain was burning through the forests of the Adirondacks and killing the fish. The acid rain came from combining NO2 and SO2 in the atmophere, floating downwind from power plants in Chicago. As part of the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act, a cap and trade system was put in place capping national SO2 and NO2 emissions at indexed and declining levels and creating a market (like a stock exchange) which the private sector happily took over and made profitable. Liberals hated the idea because it was not command and control style and they did not trust the market. They were wrong. Within a decade, emissions and acid rain declined radically and the fish came back and the forests recovered. Cap and trade harnesses the power of the free market to make an efficient reduction in emissions. Now, if you believe climate change is not real, and that the international consensus of scientists is bunk, and that the information from the oil companies is unbiased, thats your prerogative as an American citizen, and as such it’s fine for you to say cap and trade for GHGs is unnecessary. On the other hard, if global climate change is real and caused by GHGs, as has been agreed to be the case by an overwhelming global consensus of very hard-working scientists from varied fields, not just greenies and tree huggers, then cap and trade is a very viable, efficient system for helping a society to lower emissions as the lowest cost to its economy. Governments make markets possible through creating property rights, limited liability laws, law and order and patents and the foundation of the insurance system. Government can kiss my you know what collecting my tax dollars for handouts, but I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where the environment is in tatters because the US government is in the pocket of the oil lobby. Come on people. Wake up and smell the coffee burning.

    11. Firebird says:

      Leftists enviromentalists we call them WATERMELLONS,GREEN on OUTSIDE,RED INSIDE

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