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  • Morning Bell: A Glimmer of Hope for the American Dream

    Yesterday in the Senate, America bore witness to the glaringly obvious division in Washington, as stark as the contrast between high noon in the desert and midnight in the mountains. On the one hand is Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) failure to pass a budget over the past three years. And on the other hand is leadership from conservative senators and representatives who have put forward serious proposals to rescue America from its debt and spending crises.

    That division was laid bare inside the Capitol yesterday afternoon as the U.S. Senate voted 99-0 against President Barack Obama’s budget — a plan that spends more, taxes more, and slashes our military, all without making any attempt to reform America’s entitlement mess.

    Compare the President’s proposal — and Reid’s total lack of a proposal — with the four plans offered by conservatives in Congress, chief among them being Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) budget, which mirrors the bold and thorough reforms The Heritage Foundation first proposed in its Saving the American Dream plan. That includes limiting the size of the federal government, reforming entitlement programs, and simplifying the federal tax code in an effort to restore our nation’s economic prosperity and ensure that future generations are not saddled with today’s debt.

    Also important are plans proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), all of which acknowledge that America is facing a fiscal crisis that cannot be wished away, taxed away, or passed on to future generations. Though the Senate did not pass any of those plans yesterday, each of them garnered significantly more support than the President’s “alternative,” which did not even win one vote from his own party.

    The liberal leadership in the Senate is utterly bereft of ideas, and they’re also determined to prevent ideas from being offered. In a speech yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) explained, “Republicans are proving that we are willing to be held accountable to the American people by putting a plan on the table and showing the American people what we would do to try and get our fiscal house in order.”

    There are certain things the American people should expect when they send representatives to Washington. Standing on the sidelines while the nation swirls into a fiscal disaster is not one of them. Speaking from the Senate floor yesterday, Senator Lee expressed it best:

    Doing nothing is no longer an option! Although this President and this Congress have attempted, by not having a budget, to convince the American people that doing nothing is the only option.

    Ignoring our broken entitlement programs, maintaining our complex tax code, and pretending we don’t have a spending problem ensures that our economy will never truly recover and the American dream will not be restored.

    Thanks to Senator Lee, Representative Ryan, Senator Toomey and others like them, there are proposals, ideas, and plans to cut spending, fix entitlements, reform the tax code, and make sure that America is properly defended. Lee is right, doing nothing is not an option. But with the efforts of conservatives in Congress, there are plenty of good options on the table. If only their colleagues would join them in taking action.


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    25 Responses to Morning Bell: A Glimmer of Hope for the American Dream

    1. Paul Stone says:

      The only reasons in my opinion for the Senate majority to fail to address an obvious problem are two fold. 1. They're part of the entitlement society that wants to collect all they can before the United Stares collapses, or 2. more likely, they're trying to purposely destroy this country and they're doing a good job of it.

      • Carl says:

        That about summed up the Senate majority's only possible reasons for their utter failures ..Let.s stop the destruction,..Okay..

    2. Romney Dickinson says:

      Republicans should rebutt any attacks quickly, BUT then move on to the truth; that is that Reid has done nothing for 3+ years and more importantly put a label on him that he is 100+ "Doctor NO"! The dems. far too often get away with making the label of NO stick to the Repubs. I have never seen any politician say no and "it is dead on arrival" plus simply not allowing legislation to come to the floor. Make the label stick to him and the rest of the dems.

      Politics and politicians are mainly corrupt, but this group of dems. is corrupt and criminal and traitorous.

    3. Victor Barney says:

      This is really going to get interesting if I'm right about predicting that the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 are going to appear this September 16, 2012 on the Annual Israelite(by the seed of Joseph, not Judah, but including them…Gen. 48:16), Feast of Trumpets(war), isn't it? Just saying…

    4. dam1953 says:

      The philosophical impasse in Washington demands creative solutions. Democrats are fixated on increasing income tax rates and increasing governmental support programs. Republicans are fixated on holding down tax rates and free market solutions.

      One option is to implement a tiered tax program based upon ideology. Registered Democrats, following France's lead in electing Hollande, would pay a top rate of 75%. Republicans would maintain the current tax rates. Democrats could fund new and expanded social programs with the taxes collected above the Republican maximum incremental rate. Republicans would get tax refunds based upon cuts in federal programs that are wasteful and ineffective.

      We can only dream…..

    5. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      The only 'glimmer' of hope for our country is to un-elect, force retirement, mandate term-limits or wait for death and get rid of the life-long politicians. Why doesn't Heritage promote that issue…instead of sucking-up to the lifers…

      • Carl says:

        Very important points….. Mandate limits.. force retirement somehow, someway…. Maybe Sen. Tom Coburn , Republican, ( Oklahoma ) Medical Dr, Accountant, and Author, has a plan… because he ..set limits on his own stay in the House and Senate….Dr. Coburn is one Senator who agrees with you and may can help write the mandate!!!!

    6. carta60 says:

      More power to the Republicans for standing up for the American people! Everyone is sick of the garbage that is going on in D.C. WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP in Washington, "OF THE PEOPLE ,BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE" – each Cognressman/woman needs to ask themselves what they haveREALLY done for the American people and advancing the American Dream instead pf destroying it ! Start standing up for it! And bless these people who did. We need them and many more to help them.

    7. Ray Burke says:

      The do nothing Senate is STILL a do nothing Senate !!! Wake me up when something worthwhile finally becomes law. "Senate" is the definition of "worthless" !!!

    8. Ross says:

      S-T-U-P-I-D !!!!!!!

    9. Frank says:

      Is failure to pass a budget in over 3 years in the Senate an impeachable offense? If so, Harry Reid should be impeached. At least he should be removed from being leader in the Senate!

    10. Daver says:

      It's frustrating to me that the House would consider the highway infrastructure or any other bill that the senate and president want until a vote on the Republican budgets is considered? Kind of a First in, First out type requirement on considerations. Beyond that–if the highway infrastructure deal does not include passage of the revised Keystone–why would we even talk about it? The highway infrastructure is largely about putting unions back to work–but so is Keystone. If Keystone threatens the environment–so does pavement.

      We need to show some spine–especially in the Senate.

    11. Warren Norcom says:

      Gentlemen, I can find no Senate vote of 99 – 0 rejecting President Obama's budget proposal on May 16th. I found both Sen. Res. 44 and 42 budget proposals rejected on a Motion To Proceed. Please advise where I can find the 99 – 0 vote.

    12. will says:

      The way is hard, but the path is clear. When salmon swim upstream to spawn they instinctively swim into the fastest current. This way is harder than swimming where the current is slow, but it beats swimming into the rocks that cause the slow current. It's time for Congress to quit hiding behind the spending versus revenue rhetoric and do the hard work. Historically the government, and the economy that provides the revenue to that government, have been able to function fairly well at around 18% of GDP. Add a couple of percent to account for the aging population, say to 20% of GDP. And then, over a finite number of years, cut expenses as intelligently as possible to 20% of GDP and increase revenues as fairly as possible to 20% of GDP.

    13. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I guess you can say we had the Amrican Dream. We got married in 1950, bought a house in 1952,(cost 6,000) up to 2nd housein 1954 (cost 12,000) we had 9 children, bought a large old house and modernized it sold it for 2x what we paid for it, retired to Florida and a new house. Or children attendd parochial school, all grew up to be productive, our grandchildren are great kids, smart and good students. What makes me sad is that they will have to work harder thn we did or their parents did to acquire the same levels we did. Out Mortgage was less than 1 weeks pay from my hubby, few can say that now, in fact for most it takes 2 weeks pay, utilities which were also less than a weeks pay, now total 1-1/2 od av. week take home. A new car(Buick) in 1950 was about $800.00, today they are over 40,000 and no end in sight.

    14. Bobbie says:

      The solutions offered to correct the poor governing of the democratic party has no reason not to be implemented unless the democratic party serves no purpose but to confuse, waste and destroy.

      Uh oh, one man in all of government control feels he's being jerked around? Gosh Mr. Reid, how do you think America feels by your jerking her around? Stalling to take corrective action, hiding from all you're accountable for? Another man says "they just don't know us." as he insists with rage, his parents motivated his dreams but didn't acknowledge it was without government and the same man saying we can all dream while in his control contributes nothing but obstruction to live our dreams out. What did Biden dream? Were his parents aware that taking part in destroying the American peoples' constitution for government to rule over the people of America through deception was Biden's dream?

      Biden's gone crazy and Mr. Reid has lost all esteem…

    15. Semper Fi Man says:

      I do not think that we can wait another seven to eight months to break this log jam that exists in Washington DC. Does anybody out there know what can be done short of a mass march of millions of people to DC to physically remove Obama and his Czars from the White House and send Reid packing back to Nevada. We cannot wait until November 6 for the election results before we act on this debacle.

    16. lynn says:

      I love The Ross comment today. Stupid is, as stupid does. Come on American patriots, do the research & read, read, read reliabel sources that can tell the truth & let us TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! IT WAS & STILL CAN BE THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH! But we, the people HAVE to take action; as nothing happens with just words! Have the Faith & Believe! We the loyal lovers of this GREAT land CAN & WILL do it!

    17. alcon says:

      I am concerned with the direction of the GOP presidential campaign against Obama. We continue to make attacks on the economy but fail to go after specifics. For example the bad investments made in "green energy" that cost us billions while we have an automobile engine produced at VW factories in the US that produced in excess of 70MPG but can not be sold in the US. This information is available on VW United Kingdom. There are so many glaring examples of the administrations mismanagement and failure to be honest with the public that it is scandalous but there is no mention of these issues in the campaign. If we don't get specific soon, we will lose the election over meaningless rhetoric that fails to prove to the voting public why this administration is bad for America.

    18. Marine1 says:

      The republicans plan to return all of Obamas DOD savings AND they voted last week to ADD $400 million to the DOD budget. They also will not end tax cuts for business. ALL talk and NO action!

    19. John Tyreman says:

      If only there were a method of providing these kind of reports to the populace so they could see what is happening in our mismanaged Senate, thanks to the priorities of the obuma agenda.


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