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  • Protect America: Address the Entitlement Problem Now

    “Provide for common defense” is a core constitutional obligation of the federal government. Yet entitlement spending is putting unsustainable pressure on the defense budget.

    In 1965, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security constituted 2.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) while defense made up 7.4 percent. The Office of Management and Budget estimates that entitlement spending will reach 9.7 percent of GDP in 2012 while defense will shrink to 4.5 percent—even after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are included. (article continued below chart)

    The defense budget is further threatened from within by the growing costs of military health care, as the Pentagon has built a system that is increasingly flawed.

    The men and women who serve and have served in uniform and their families deserve quality health care. The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream Plan provides a blueprint for military health care reform that enables military personnel to enjoy the opportunity to tailor their benefits to match their individual circumstances while saving the Department of Defense at least $39.424 billion over five years.

    As Heritage’s Baker Spring argues, the changes should:

    • Ensure that the military health care system adequately supports military operations and deployments;
    • Never compromise on the quality of health care for service members, retirees, and their families;
    • Honor the obligations to those now serving, allowing them retain programs or transition to other options if they prefer;
    • Provide services that offer choices and flexibility; and
    • Facilitate a “continuum of service,” enabling volunteers to move back and forth between active and reserve service and civilian employment—ensuring portability of care for members and their families.

    The Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) makes it yet more difficult for the Pentagon to keep America safe. Caps on spending for national security and discretionary spending mandated by the law over the next 10 years translate into inadequate defense budgets in the future. The BCA automatic sequestration cuts would hit defense hardest. (article continued below chart)

    Congress, in cooperation with the Administration, should stop sequestration to defense and reform military health care systems by making them defined-contribution plans while still honoring the government’s obligations to service members.

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    4 Responses to Protect America: Address the Entitlement Problem Now

    1. Entitlement spending is killing our future! Stop the bleeding, vote this machine out of office!

    2. Back to Basics says:

      "Providing for the common defense." – AMEN! We finally are reading and quoting our Constitution. Now, can someone, even someone at heritage show me where in the Constitution the federal government is granted the power to institute programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

      Our Founding Fathers knew the principle that government must be limited to providing only for the COMMON good, not the INDIVIDUAL good. To that end the ENUMERATED only certain powers to the federal government. (See Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution). They understood the basic principle of a limited government.

      Hearing supposed Constitutionally strong members of Congress and members of The Heritage Foundation put forth plans to REFORM programs so contradictory to the PRINCIPLE of limited government breaks my heart.

      Come on people! You are either a Constitutionalist, or you are just trying to be a frugal socialist.

      Make your decision. Live you principles!

    3. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Social Security and Medicare are not intitlements to those of us who have worked all our lives and paid into these funs. Medicaid is different it is given to people who do nothing in return Also Soc sec. medicare were not intended for those who did not work, illegals, and a bunch of others that are getting these benefits. Illegals should NOT be able to get Medicare, Medicaid, SSi, wic OR ANY OTHER free benefits.

    4. Jenny says:

      Both of my grandpas were WWII Vets. United we stand. Divided we fall. 100 year old advice from the great depression and WW1 and WW2. If families are broken, if Americans don't stand together and pay attention to this stuff, we will fail. Too many Americans consumed w/materialistic and educational gain and they want it NOW. A lot don't have a clue whats going on. Word of mouth people. Word of mouth. Old fashioned, but it works.

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