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  • State Department to Grant Visa to Cuban Dictator Raul Castro's Daughter

    The U.S. State Department has decided to grant a visa to Mariela Castro Espin, daughter of Raul Castro, the country’s President and Premier, neice of notorious Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, despite laws precluding such visas from officials of the Cuban dictatorship.

    Castro Espin, who is the director of Cuba’s state-funded National Center for Sex Education, is scheduled to speak at a San Francisco conference held by the Latin American Studies Association starting May 23. A LASA spokesman confirmed that she is scheduled to attend in person.

    Castro Espin’s organization is part of Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health, making her a member of the Cuban government. Speculation abounds that she is next in line to rule the communist nation after her uncle and father.

    Her entry into the United States will therefore require that State waive prohibitions against visas for individuals associated with the Cuban government. In other words, State would have to proactively allow Castro Espin’s entry into the country.

    Presidential Proclamation 5377, issued by President Ronald Reagan in 1985, bars “officers or employees of the Government of Cuba or the Communist Party of Cuba” from entry into the United States.

    But the proclamation also carves out exceptions to that prohibition, including official United Nations missions, and gives the Secretary of State the authority to grant waivers where she sees fit.

    While State Department spokeswoman Laura Seal refused to comment on the matter, noting that discussion of individual visa applications is prohibited under U.S. law, a visa must be granted for Castro Espin to enter the country, which LASA confirmed she will do.

    President Obama has also looked to restrict dictatorial regimes’ access to American visas. With Presidential Proclamation 8697, Obama banned foreign individuals who have taken part in or enabled human rights abuses from obtaining U.S. visas.

    While Castro Espin herself is not guilty of such abuses, she is viciously hostile to Cuba’s dissident population, calling them par├ísitos despreciables – despicable parasites – and insisting that those who have been imprisoned for speaking out against the Castro regime are “mercenaries paid by Washington.”

    Castro Espin’s protestations notwithstanding, the Cuban government is a systematic and egregious human rights violator, according to State’s most recent Human Rights Report on the country. The department also classifies the Caribbean regime as a state sponsor of terrorism.

    As part of its continued efforts to document and push back against the Castro regime’s dictatorial rule, the Heritage Foundation will mark the 110th anniversary of Cuban independence with an event focusing on the continued violations of political and individual liberties there.

    Heritage will co-host an event on May 18 with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to mark the fifth annual Solidarity Day with Cuba, an occasion to demand the full release of Cuban prisoners of conscience.

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    4 Responses to State Department to Grant Visa to Cuban Dictator Raul Castro's Daughter

    1. Tina says:

      I guess it would be too much to expect that the San Francisco Ca. Liberals ie( Arrogant – Thin Skinned – Whinny Baby – Bully ) will be out in great numbers to protest the horrific treatment of the Cuban people by the Castro family.

      Sadly the San Francisco Liberals ie( Arrogant – Thin Skinned – Whinny Baby – Bully ) (I like that definition so it was worth repeating…) would rather once again give credibility and acclamation to people who by their own actions and stated opinions want to destroy the very freedoms that allow the Liberals to spread their sad loquacious prevarications.

      The Liberals are apparently unaware that the people they support would simply have them imprisoned or killed. Dissent is not tolerated ….. period …. gunshot …. unmarked common grave …

      We live in a free country …. today …..

    2. Bobbie says:

      What does Castro Espin have to do with sex education in America and what does sex education have to do with specific nationalities/race? What a disgrace and traitor to America, the spokeswoman Lu seal is. What an offensive hag Espin is to insist people are paid to know the difference between freedom and government controlled communism!

      Previous America had men of courage that knew right from wrong that put in writing, disallowing these control freak types of many, into America until America's Mr. Obama invited plenty to fill his administration!

      This isn't an individual visa application, it's a communists' visa application with direct ties to the dangerously weakest of humanity.

      Have Laura Seal and the other American communists pay the communist dictator's neice's expenses and board her in their home for the simple fact they all contrast America's principles, do not respect America's freedom and are beneath American standards. No where does the American government have the right to obligate the American tax payers the presence or price of a foreign communist dictator's niece who's speak is derogatory and conduct communistic for any reason but this is beyond pathetic! "sex education" as cover! No thanks and no thanks! Keep out the rif raf, Obama has all HE needs! If
      Americans want advice from Mariela they can visit her in Cuba on their own accord.

    3. Ron Jerome says:

      I have to laugh every time I read Americans repeat — like parrots — the official US Government position.

      "Squawk, Squawk, Cuba is a repressive regime. Squawk, squawk, Cuba violates human rights."

      There is no point in arguing with these people — like "Bobbie" (above) — who chirp about "freedom" in America … even though in the United States the army can ARREST ANYONE AT ANY TIME — and keep them jailed secretly FOREVER — if someone in the government arbitrarily decides to deem them a terrorist sympathizer. The government never has to charge anyone with a crime, bring them before a judge, give them access to an attorney, reveal to anyone (including family or friends) that they are even being detained! Your brother or sister can just vanish, and you will never hear from them again … and that's all perfectly legal in the United States.

      Is that FREEDOM? They don't do things like that in Cuba!!!!

      The US government has secret courts, listens in on EVERY PHONE CALL, scans EVERY EMAIL, watches everything Americans buy, keeps detailed files on everyone, etc., etc., AND YOU THINK THAT IS FREEDOM!?!?

      They don't do those things in Cuba!!

      Have you ever been to Cuba? Cuba is one hell of a lot more free than the United States is! And, the people in Cuba are better human beings!

      America tortures people. America has killed MILLIONS of innocent civilians in the past decade, with its illegal wars. MILLIONS of dead civilians!

      How many innocent civilians has Cuba killed this past decade? Can you say ZERO?

      Can you find or name even ONE PERSON the Cuban Government has tortured?

      Amnesty International lists the United States as a country where the police conduct extra-judicial executions. Cuba is not on that list.

      That's why member countries of the United Nations voted 187 to 3, in October 2011, to CONDEMN the United States' embargo of Cuba. Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Norway … every single country except for the United States, Israel, and Macau voted to CONDEMN the United States for it's continued hostility toward Cuba.

      Just keep on chirping, squawking and repeating everything your government tells you. I've spent long periods of time in both the United States and Cuba, and l If I had to choose between living in America and living in Cuba, it would be the easiest choice ever … CUBA.

      • Bobbie says:

        I replied to your comment on Saturday but it didn't post, so I'll try again…

        Sorry, Ron Jerome. When I refer to America as "land of the free home of the brave," I'm referring to the America that under proper American leadership would be stronger in existence today! You still have freedom of choice! No one is stopping you! When are you leaving, squawker?

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