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  • The Real Dark Shadow: Carter's Foreign Policy Legacy

    Over the weekend, Hollywood brought back a popular TV horror show/soap opera that ended its run in 1971. That, however, is not the only flashback from the days of disco getting attention these days. Comparing President Obama’s impact on foreign affairs to former President Jimmy Carter has also come into vogue.

    Carter showed a weak hand to America’s enemies, and many—seeing the White House as soft and the U.S. as a declining power—took every opportunity to insult, ignore, embarrass, and take advantage of the image of Uncle Sam.

    Comparisons might be apt. Just last week, newly installed Russian President Vladimir Putin declared he was skipping the G-8 meeting at Camp David this Friday—and that after Obama moved the meeting from Chicago to accommodate Putin. So, where is Putin going for his first foreign visit? China.

    This week, Iran got into the act, referencing Obama to bash Israel. “The ramifications of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s defeat in the face of Obama’s policies have been a breakdown in Israel’s usurper regime, where now many within its own government have spoken against its own prime minister, claiming Iran is a rational regime and not after the bomb,” an Iranian editorial (for a newspaper directly under the supervision of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) recently boasted.

    With responses like this to the Administration’s foreign policy, it is little wonder that the Obama Doctrine has been accused of plagiarizing the peanut farmer.

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    7 Responses to The Real Dark Shadow: Carter's Foreign Policy Legacy

    1. Bobbie says:

      giving America's money to aid the enemy is pathetic. why can't Mr. Obama be sited for the inhumane justice he leads? They'll be an uprise in this country either way. That's what Mr. Obama set us up for! How nice and inhuman. The one area he vowed to uphold but isn't focused on while he's busy minding everyone elses personal business knowing what's fair and equal doesn't come from an American dictate that doesn't exist and the good of America will always oppose!

      that thick area under a persons' bottom lip across the top of the chin, is a sign of coke use! Must be some sort of natural similarity in facial appearances with Mr. and Mrs.

    2. Stirling says:

      It's really a charateristic on the Democratic party, which is appeasement (leading from behind), rather then the Republican's platform of a stong defense (lead by example). The ideology fault with Carter/Obama is that they can be "used" by those who don't have our countries best intrest at heart.

      When you "try" to be everyones best friend with money, at some point you run out of money (as America is) and then the party is over. Putin and Iran are just "using" this president, just as the President has been "using" this country.

    3. zbigniewmazurak says:

      Not surprising, James. Obama (just like the majority of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton) comes from the same extremely leftist wing of the Democratic Party as Jimmy Carter. They all oppose a strong defense and favor a growing, bloated welfare state at home and appeasement abroad. Obama is merely the tip of the iceberg – the Democratic Party itself is the problem.

    4. Sam says:

      We shouldn't be giving 8 million a day to Israel either.. An even hand in the middle east is called for now more than ever.

      • Roger S. says:

        To the contrary: it should be raised to 80 million per diem. Israel is our only real friend in the region. What is more, it is the only thriving and real democracy in the region and a viable technological economy surrounded by abysmally pre-medieval tribalists and their 14 centuries old miscreant ideology. If the US taxpayer is asked to help Israel, and does, he should be hard-pressed to find a better deal in the entire area, and <30 Billion a year is still less than what this administration has spent to "help" much less worthy recipients, foreign or domestic!

    5. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama should have appointed Jimmy Carter as his Secretary of State.

    6. Hames is a terrorist organization and they control half of palestine. Its like saying we should be even handed between Afghanistan and the Taliban.

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