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  • VIDEO: Biden Claimed Coal Power Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

    Video from 2007 shows then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) claiming that coal power and corn syrup are more deadly than terrorism.

    The remarks will likely prove a headache for an administration that is trying to distance itself from its anti-coal image.

    As Scribe reported on Friday, the Obama campaign adjusted its website to promote its work with “clean coal” in the wake of an embarrassing showing in the Democratic primary in coal-intensive West Virginia. Obama lost 41% of the vote there to federal prison inmate – a fact the state’s Democratic Party chairman attributed directly to the administration’s stance on coal power.

    In a video from the 2008 campaign, Biden can be seen decrying even “clean coal” power – which the Obama campaign made a point of lauding this week – and insisting that the Obama team is “not supporting clean coal…No coal plants here in America.”

    Obama’s policies have borne out that philosophy. A recent regulation issued by the Environmental Protection Agency would effectively end the coal industry by preventing any new coal plants from being constructed.

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    45 Responses to VIDEO: Biden Claimed Coal Power Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

    1. bob says:

      he is correct about the corn syrup

    2. _ALDEBARAN_ says:

      Thank you Heritage.org for exposing the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration.

    3. Heartland Patriot says:

      Joe Biden must want old folks and little kids to sit in the dark and freeze.

    4. TorchOnHigh says:

      Coal supplies the US with 50% of US electricty but is missing from Obama's energy plan!

    5. robert says:

      seeing how the FBI, CIA, etc are responsible for terror in this country, coal would seem more dangerious.

    6. Hawkeyeted says:

      End coal powered plants, end Nuclear power plants, and allow oil prices to skyrocket. Great energy policy Obama Admin. You're geniuses.

    7. olegunny says:

      Biden is without knowledge in any subject

    8. Stanly Steamed says:

      this shows that the leaders are dumber than the people they lead. The tree of liberty is long overdue with a watering of traitor juice.

    9. demsout says:

      A gift to the republicans for sure..

    10. FBO48 says:


    11. Uncle Joe says:

      Oh yeah!!! Well Bidens mouth is more lethal than uranium.

    12. Guest says:

      The only thing more dangerous than coal is Biden.

    13. Climp Jones says:

      Frosty the snow
      was a very happy soul
      with corn cob pipe
      and a button nose
      and two eyes made out of COAL.

    14. John Doe Soetoro says:

      Imagine, if you could remember and write down everything corrupt, incompetent, and evil that we've learned about 0bama, his administration, and the left-wing in general… What would the list look like? 

      This is what it would look like: http://www.american-trojan-horse.blogspot.com/

    15. John Poland says:

      As someone who has help build scrubbers for coal power plants in Pennsylvania I know that after the 5 stories of scrubbers take all the fly ash and the particulates out and the exhaust is refired and that the EPA officials said the emmissions are almost as low as natural gas.

    16. dutch says:

      I want to correct my first comment: What an UBER-Idiot.

    17. alan says:

      priceless. Also the only guy to grow a full head of hair after he was bald

    18. Tallisker92 says:

      What a creep… Laying his hands on the girl and putting his finger in her face like that. Oh yeah, plus the nonsense about coal burning power plants ruiing lungs and killing people. Show me the data and the facts.

    19. Bobbie says:

      words thrown to the wind has to stop. When the ignorance from elected officials is fear mongering, always ask for evidence on the spot to back up their radical claim.

    20. VeteranJack says:

      Never has a politician been so 'insignificant' than joe biden! Remember the old saying, "better to keep one's mouth closed and be thought of as dumb/stupid than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt"? That's our VP!

    21. This shows just how "brilliant" Biden is, and why WVa will not vote Obama. He promised to kill off the Coal industry, and by golly he will!

      Mitt 2012

    22. N0TaLIB says:

      And Biden is more dangerous than coal power.

    23. NY9 Solyndra says:

      I'm glad that all Democrats have quit using all energy and products derived from fossil fuels, because otherwise they'd be complete hypocrites.

    24. tbirds says:

      Obama is attempting to walk policies that Romney will attack him on…Obama has alot of walking to do

    25. Lew Brown says:

      Thank God for Coal. When I was growing up in Kentucky 70 years ago, it kept the house warm in winter, was used to cook meals and sometimes the fireplace provided light. since we live out in the Country away from electricity and coal oil (Kerosene) was 5 cents a quart. Today it provides electricity that run those lights, TV's and all those Xbox's. Not everyone has a Nuclear power plant in their back yard or Niagara Falls(Thank you Nichol Tesla). My father worked in those mines for awhile and a ton of coal was about $10.00. It payed for food on the table and kept my family warm through those years. All the while, Joe Biden was running around with that silver spoon in his mouth. It's easy for Biden and his White House pal and his EPA buddy's to run their mouth, by the time we start seeing the results of their destruction and ignorance they will be long gone reaping the benefits of their plunder. Will we be so fast as to go after these plunderer's after this comes about.

    26. Guest says:

      I am going to be 74 this year old this year, and for years when I was a youth we heated our home with coal, and I had to shovel coal and I am not dead yet, and I doubt I will die because of this.

    27. James Woods says:

      Good o'le Joe Biden at it again.

    28. Mhu Cao says:

      Biden is a terrorist.

    29. Kendall Svengalis says:

      But guess what, this moron believes in the global warming crisis, a totally bogus scientific fraud. He was on the cutting edge of the fraud.

    30. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      What planet is Biden from?

    31. Bobbie says:

      Biden claimed coal power is more dangerous than terrorism? Prove it!

      Saturday Biden defended "the earning of collective bargaining rights!"

      how does one "earn" "collective bargaining rights" in the government sector when you have to pay government unions to get them? That's not "earning." Why is it the people that don't benefit the ones paying and not in on the bargaining? Why do government employees need unions as if the money isn't coming out of anyone elses pocket? And the need for a union was employee protection from the employer! What does that say about the government? Can someone explain why "unions" are bought and paid for as a "need" in the public government sector of employment? Collective bargaining should come from the government budget not from the tax payers pocket.

    32. Lou Herzog says:

      So what else would we expect from Joe B.The guy is a loose cannon.Can you visualize him as president if Obama leave thim present position.

    33. drik says:

      Green power is expensive power and it won't work if it has to compete against inexpensive power. And neither will Obama's power.

    34. Frank D. Harrisson says:

      Dumb as dumb can get! Seventy years ago everyone burned coal in their homes and schools and government buildings and I am still here. Steam locomotives burned coal to make steam. Same for the ships at sea. Most folks around me used Reading Anthracite, a very hard clean burning coal that may not need as much treatment as soft coal or bituminous Coal. True, there are health issues with mining coal but today it is preventable. The burning of coal produces Carbon Dioxide same as we do when we breathe. The Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by trees. the trees separate the Carbon atoms from the Oxygen atoms through the process of photosynthesis (chemical reaction with the sun rays and chlorophyll) and liberate the Oxygen through the leaves of the trees into the atmosphere. We then get our fresh supply of Oxygen. One Acre of trees will support a family each day. More importantly we need to worry about the trees that are being cut down for parking lots, sub-divisions, mega shopping centers, and eight lane highways. Keep going and we will run out of Oxygen. William Penn was no dummy when he designed Philadelphia. Trees and parks were a big issue with him, the Fairmount Park System is the largest city park in the world.

    35. In the Pittsburgh area 3 coal fired power plants will be shut down by the EPA in Feb 2013. It is time to be rid of this enemy of the USA and the hard working coal miners, and the consumers of electricity. If obama is re-elected you will see a spike in all energy prices.

    36. SweetOlBob says:

      Typically fair and balanced question from Bill Maher and answered by the typically out-to-lunch V.P. of the United States.
      Hey all you prople in W.Va, Ky, Ind, and Ill, along with the whole of southern Ohio and all of Pa. !
      What do you think of his answer about coal and where did you hidse all the bodies ?

    37. Biden has been packing some specialized crap in his BONG for some time now. It not only makes one Stupid, it makes permanently a "King Doper". Is it really possible this idiot is 2nd in command behind the Chief Communist?

      How did America elect these Morons? Time to clean out the barn from all the 100% Purified, Organic Horse Manure.

      The VP has a new Title: Biden the Bozo!

    38. Biden has been packing some specialized crap in his BONG for some time now. It not only makes one Stupid, it makes permanently a "King Doper". Is it really possible this idiot is 2nd in command behind the Chief Communist?

      How did America elect these Dopers? Time to clean out the barn from all the 100% Purified, Organic Horse Manure.

      The VP has a new Title: Biden the Bozo!

    39. Jimmpeeh says:

      Biden is an idiot!

    40. Pingback: Joe Biden: Coal Power More Dangerous Than Terrorism (Video) | Lee's Take (Lee Hernly)

    41. @mjojonell says:

      Joe Biden is an intellectual mental midget! The man 's mouth is not connected to his brain in any fashion at all. This article is just another example of when the truth of what Obama believes comes out they have to scurry to cover it up lest the people find out they have been deceived by their false god, Obama!

    42. Lloyd Scallan says:

      You still don't get it! Biden is nothing but an Obama mouth piece spewing the words Obama will not use in public fearing it would cost him politically. Instead he uses fools such as Biden to deflect blame. We must understand, Obama will use whomever and whatever his must to promote his socialist agenda without taking blamed for any of it. Haven't we learned nothing about Obama yet?

    43. JustDamnMad says:

      Perhaps what we should have ALL asked ourselves in 2007 and again when "clean coal" was touted: "for WHOM is coal usage more dangerous?" The American people, or the progressive agenda! They had Joe plant the seed, little by little it is mentioned that coal is "dirty", then the EPA skirts the powers of Congress and new regulations are instituted to "control" that dirty coal; then major closings of coal plants are announced, and the next thing you know, we have NO electricity created from coal!! In fact the President said even before he was elected that if he had his way the cost of energy would "necessarily go through the roof!" Why didn't we take him seriously?

      Only avid Kool-aid drinkers believe ANYTHING that Biden says, right? However, unlike the writer of this article, I don't believe for a single moment that the administration or this President has tried to reign Joe in or that he represents an embarrassment to the Democratic Party!! So if they aren't trying to stop him from saying this stuff, then one has to assume that they have purposely put him out there . . . Bumbling Biden who routinely makes "slips" . . . . to float ideas and reinforce those ideas, to convince the American people the ideas ARE the answer BEFORE they lower the hammer on us! We have been hearing about "dirty coal" for almost six years now; is it more feasible that we could be getting rid of the use of coal today than it was six years ago???

      The progressives don't CARE if we don't like their new energy push . . . they are going to institute it in spite of how we feel or what we want PERIOD!!!! The difference is that they know that baby steps eventually lead to success . . .they have proven it time after time over the past 40+ years. So while Joe is out there "shooting off his mouth" and saying really "dumb stuff", what are we doing? Why, we joke and laugh about what he is going to say next . . . . . "It's a BIG F-ing Deal!"

      I think perhaps there is more than a grain of truth in what Bumbling Biden says, and that accounts for why he is V.P. of the United States. The progressives need someone out front doing the "dumb act" to make the people laugh, "plant that seed" without taking him seriously! He carries the water really well for the POTHUS, and because of Biden's success as the "joker" there is no way that Hillary will replace Biden on the ticket for 2012!!!!

    44. Roger S. says:

      Agree wholeheartedly, with one exception: Please, please, pretty please,
      Stop calling these morons "progressives"!!! There is nothing, not a single thing
      connecting any of these idiots' ideas with anything even resembling progress.
      The contrary. They would have us revert to horses and buggies. Placed side
      by side there is no comparison between a modern coal fired powerplant and one
      from the early 20th century, except both consume coal.

      Biden, the false god O'bummer's false prophet. Nothing progressive about either one
      of them.

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