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  • Obama Campaign Quietly Adds 'Clean Coal' to Energy Policy Website

    After coming under fire for its consistent hostility to the coal industry, the Obama campaign quietly adjusted its energy policy website to include “clean coal” among the president’s energy initiatives.

    The energy policy page of BarackObama.com now includes a section for “clean coal,” claiming the stimulus package “invested substantially in carbon capture and sequestration research.”

    But until recently, that page made no mention of coal. Its Google cache shows a section for “energy efficiency” where “clean coal” now appears.

    The change comes mere days after Obama lost 41% of the vote in the Democratic primary in West Virginia – a state heavily reliant on the coal industry – to a convicted felon and current federal inmate.

    The chairman of the WV Democratic Party blamed Obama’s poor showing on his stance on coal energy. “A lot of folks here have real frustration with this administration’s stance on coal and energy,” said state Democratic chairman Larry Puccio. “They are frustrated and they are upset, and they wanted to send Obama a message.”

    Critics were quick to point out the disconnect between the president’s self-styled “all of the above” energy policy and a platform that did not include the largest source of American electricity.

    The campaign’s energy platform “talks about all of our energy resources and it leaves out 57 percent of our energy sources,” noted Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR).

    Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) accused the administration of having a “deep-seated hatred for coal and the electricity generated by coal.”

    The change to the website also comes in the wake of a video showing a top administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency comparing his “philosophy of enforcement” against fossil fuel companies to Roman crucifixions.

    While the revised energy platform is more friendly to America’s abundant supply of cheap coal energy, Heritage’s Nick Loris noted the administration’s continued hostility to coal.

    “Even with the subsidies for carbon capture and sequestration (which the government shouldn’t be investing in nor is the technology needed), the administration has been no friend to coal,” Loris said. ” The federal government is proposing and implementing a host of regulations that will affect existing plants, the ability to build new coal-fired plants and coal mining operations – of which will raise rates on consumers and threaten grid reliability.”

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    9 Responses to Obama Campaign Quietly Adds 'Clean Coal' to Energy Policy Website

    1. KJinAZ says:

      Clean coal by Obama's standards will shut down most of the coal plants, so this is no real surprise. This will raise our energy costs just like Obama wanted. This approach is like a very regressive tax that will hurt the poor the most. This only proves that Obama cares more about his ideology than the people. You libtards who want to pay more for gas and energy go right ahead and vote for your hero. Just remeber that next term he will be looking to raise the price of your soda and hamburgers.

    2. Joe Stickney says:

      more hippocrisy soft or hard from where?

    3. onlyme says:

      clean coal in, fuel efficiency out.

      Fuel efficiency disappeared from the graphic to allow inclusion of clean coal. Seems all of the above can't be all inclusive.

    4. OhApp says:

      He thinks W Va is full of redneck idiots who he can fool. He will not fool the people who have been out of work since he got in office when he got a hill-top mining permit jerked and they recently took him to court and beat him and his EPA

    5. yaelbtb says:

      WSJ 4/29: "Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources Face Lower Demand"

      WSJ: 5/3: "Alpha Natural Resources… 1Q Loss, Cuts Shipment"

      First the EPA makes it impossible for coal-fired power plants to meet the requirements of new regulations. Most older, smaller plants are forced to shut down (and I've heard it's required that they be DEMOLISHED in such cases – don't know if that's true). Then, surprise! surprise! The coal mining companies that were supplying those plants are faced with diminished demand for their coal. They cut back production, more coal miners lose their jobs.

      VOILA! In the WV Democrat primary, federal inmate Keith Judd beats Obama in what, ten counties? Mostly in the southern coalfields of the state. (A potted plant would have done the same.) This administration is an energy disaster. And as we say here in WV, we may be dumb but we're not stupid!

    6. thgirbla says:

      Quietly ???
      How about deceptively intentional !!!
      The LIAR in Chief is a Professional Politician, who LIES for a living, and that is the ONLY Job that HE is doing well !!!

    7. Tim k says:

      Hey this is obama lie after LIE he can care less about ALL you pee-on;s you no good American Loving Constitution loving freedom loving Punks. "Ron Paul" supporters do you think he can save America Just because he knows that IS the only thing that well SAVE America is going BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RAUL OF THE "LAW" come on you RUBS if so them Vote for Ron Paul?….I Know I'M Going to I Love the Constitution AND the Raul of the Law and FREEDOM..Now I'M asking YOU DO YOU????????????????WELL???????????????.

      • Bobbie says:

        love the quiet stance of Ron Paul. Everyone knows where his strength and respects for America are and the only one to turn this titanic around successfully because of his devout determination. He has all the personal qualities it'll take with his record as proof! The best thing loved regarding all republicans is the lives they are able to sustain in America's freedom and under America's principles with respects to her value. By the actions and words of democrats, they are not the promoters of America's freedom but actually are to Obama's "change" into socialism, belittling each and every American trapped by democrat exploitation through democrat manipulation. Can't stand the party! God Bless Mitt Romney (who we will vote for if Mr. Paul does not get in) but we pray for Ron Paul! Ps. you did mean rule of law and not Raul Castero's law? Right?

    8. Once again, after three plus years, the objective observer has learned to ignore what Obama says, and watch what he does. Obama never makes anything but political calculations, campaigns as a moderate or conservative, then governs as a Marxist.

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