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  • Obama Illegal Immigration Silent Work Raid Policy Not Working

    Last week in The Wall Street Journal, Miriam Jordan writes that “Fresh Raids Target Illegal Hiring.” While a quick glance would leave readers with the impression that President Obama’s illegal immigration work raid policy is working, the problems with the policy sneak into the article in two places.

    First, Jordan notes: “While the audits don’t lead to the deportation of a firm’s illegal workers, they all lose their jobs.” As we’ve previously written (here, here, and here), failing to deport illegal immigrants apprehended during a work raid undermines any effort to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the United States and ultimately results in those illegal immigrants simply finding another job in the same city or in a different city. This approach just kicks the can down the road.

    It also leads to the second problem: “Attorneys who advise audited companies report that some employers are being subjected to a second audit. ‘I have several clients who were audited once, complied and were then audited again six months to a year later,’ said Wendy Madden, a business immigration attorney.”

    If the silent work raid policy is working, the Obama Administration wouldn’t have to re-audit a company six months later. The employer, like the employee, knows that a return to the status quo will happen once the feds leave town.

    Instead of trying to be too clever by half, the Obama Administration should return to the work raid policy used by the Bush Administration in its last two years that punished scofflaw employers and resulted in the deportation of illegal immigrants. That policy was, well, actually working.

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    6 Responses to Obama Illegal Immigration Silent Work Raid Policy Not Working

    1. Forums4Justice says:

      The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. AKA> Simpson-Mazzoli Act http://bit.ly/IgJvVw
      In brief the act:
      • required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status.
      • made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit unauthorized immigrants.

      STAND, AND DEMAND, that our existing Federal laws against illegal immigration, be enforced

      we, the people can no longer allow illegal immigration to continue to fragment our nation

    2. hacimo says:

      This is a totally absurd analysis of the silent raid policy. The reason for the raids is to instill fear into the hearts of the business community and to force them to take the immigration laws seriously. This is the same approach that is used by the IRS in their audits. The reasons for the double raids is to dispel the false belief that there is a "window of impunity" following a raid wherein a business can relax under the assumption that the ICE men are busy elsewhere and will not be back for a while. Furthermore, the best policy is never to actually arrest and deport the illegals who have been fired after a raid. First of all this is like swatting flies since there are plenty more and secondly, once these workers are identified, they are marked men and it is very simple to simply follow them while they lead you directly to another employer who is breaking the law. That way one uses the illegals themselves as a markers to detect the employers and businesses who are using illegal labor. Eventually after they have been hired and fired and run through the system for five or six times they will self deport and save everyone a load of trouble and expense.

    3. Bobbie says:

      Could've sworn Mr. Obama stated clearly, "we will use what works." So far he hasn't. People who won't respect America's laws to follow, doesn't respect America(ns)! Stop the unconstitutional, government imposed sanctuaries! It's deploring to have illegal activity accommodated by tax payers who's livelihoods are severely infringed upon because of the endless costs (money, time and lives) of this illegality for pompous political gain.

    4. BIggbear says:

      Of course its working. To date there are more ILLEGALS in the us today than three years ago. Even though in a few southern States that have passed immigration laws, are seeing a mass exodus of record numbers of ILLEGALS leaving they're States. So yes Odildos infiltration program of Amnesty is working just fine and costing us 100's of billions!

    5. cat says:

      Kesler Dufrene Kills 3 After Deportation Halted by Obama Administration
      I justs
      learned about a story from the DailyMail.co.uk that has me quite upset. According to the article, Kesler Dufrene is an illegal immigrant that has twice been convicted of felony — but was releaed instead of being deported to Haiti.
      Deportations to Haiti were halted following the earthquake that devastated Haiti. They released him instead of keeping him in custody.
      Mobile phone tracking technology and a rifle linked Dufrene to the murders but when detectives came after him 18-days later, he killed himself.
      The mother of one of the victims is very upset.
      "This guy shouldn't have been in America," said Audrey Hansack, 37 … after the murder of her daughter Ashley Chow. "I'm so upset with the whole situation. Because of immigration, my daughter is not alive."
      The murders occured in January 2011 so the story is a year old but only today did I find out about the story.
      The lax immigration policies of the Obama administration has consequences. How many times do we have to hear the administration wants to halt deportations in Denver or that Obama's administration isgranting backdoor amnesty? We realize how capital intensive it would be to find every illegal immigrant and deport them. But is it too much to ask that anyone already in our custody be deported immediately? Especially if they are convicted of felonies like this guy.
      In 2006, he stole a car!
      Here is how it all happened.
      First, Obama halts deportations of Haitians.
      After the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the Obama administration announced it was indefinitely halting deportations to the country.
      Foreign nationals cannot stay detained
      Th U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2001 and 2005 that foreign nationals who cannot be deported may not be held in detention longer than six months.
      The Obama administration should have known better. If the law of the land is that foreign nationals cannot be detained longer than six months then he should not have indefinitely halted deportations for fear that dangerous people like him would be released.
      Some may tell you that it is not compassionate to deport immigrants to Haiti. But I disagree. Compassion should not be given to criminals. And he should have been deported anyways. Three people could still have been alive. So let's be more strict on how we handle illegal immigration.

    6. Marietta says:

      I had no idea that Obama was trying to "fix" the immigration "problem."
      Ever since the MSE Immigration Raid in 2008 I thought that was the end of the government sneaking around and accusing people of being immigrants.
      I really hate how they are now just focusing on what the company did wrong and not what the company actually does.

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