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  • Morning Bell: A Better Life for Julia

    Her name is “Julia,” and if you haven’t seen her, she’s a colorful cartoon character invented by the Obama campaign to help spread the message of how women will “benefit” under the president’s policies. What it shows instead, though, is the president’s vision of America — that individuals need the federal government at each stage of their life, and that he deserves credit for making our lives even better.

    In Julia’s story, as depicted in a cartoon slideshow, a faceless young American woman grows from birth to old age with the government at her side every step of the way. In the good times and the bad times, government is there to lift Julia up — and without government, Julia could not succeed in life.

    This disturbing depiction of the president’s governing philosophy begins when Julia turns 3, at which time she is enrolled in the federally funded Head Start pre-school program. “Because of steps President Obama has taken to improve programs like this one, Julia joins thousands of students across the country who will start kindergarten ready to learn and succeed,” the cartoon explains. Never mind that Head Start is a proven failure. Despite Washington spending more than $167 billion on the program, a recent government study shows it has had no lasting benefits.

    But this is only the beginning. According to the cartoon, thanks to President Obama’s policies, Julia is prepared for college, can afford to pay for college, has free health care, can repay for her student loans, enjoys free birth control, can have a child and give him a good education, can start a new business and hire employees, and can comfortably retire to a life of volunteering at a community garden. From birth to death, President Obama wants the federal government to carry Julia on its shoulders, and he wants to take credit for all the blessings of a life well-lived. That’s the liberal vision of America.

    What’s missing from this picture? The harm that big government policies inflict on people like Julia. From the moment of birth, thanks to Washington’s thirst for more spending, Julia is burdened by tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Despite the federal government subsidizing college tuition (including increasing Pell grants by 475 percent since 1980), costs of attending college have increased 439 percent since 1982. Under the president’s health care plan, millions of families will be dropped from their employer-based health care plans and dumped into government-run exchanges. What about the promise of jobs under the president’s economy? America has had 39 straight months of unemployment over 8 percent. And when it comes to retirement, Julia is in big trouble. According to the government’s estimates, Social Security will be bankrupt by 2033 unless Congress enacts serious reforms.

    There’s another vision — a conservative vision. The Heritage Foundation created its own version of the “Julia” cartoon and showed how individuals would benefit under conservative reforms like those in Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan. Instead of growing government and increasing its involvement in our lives, conservative policies restrain government and give individuals more freedom to make their own choices and succeed on their own merits.

    With reforms to education and expanded school choice, Julia’s parents will be able to give her the education she deserves. Innovations in higher education will control costs and make it more affordable for Julia to attend college without sinking into debt. Julia and her family will be able to purchase a health insurance plan that fits their needs, she will have more freedom to pursue the kind of job she wants, a reformed tax system will make it easier for Julia to invest and grow a business, and her retirement is more secure thanks to personal savings and a stronger Social Security program.

    The conservative vision for Julia’s future is one that empowers her as an individual — not one that pegs her successes to the expansion of the federal government.

    Be sure to view Heritage’s “A Better Life for Julia” on The Foundry.


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    47 Responses to Morning Bell: A Better Life for Julia

    1. Anone Amouse says:

      Actually the slide show is false and they should add…Under president Obama….there may be a chance for Julia to be aborted in the 3rd trimester of her life

    2. ThomNJ says:

      Let me also answer your question: "What's missing from this picture?"

      The answer: One's FREEDOM to succeed or fail according to one's DESIRE to do so. The FREEDOM of making one's own choices – not one masked by big government or interfered with by big government.

    3. Bob says:

      This ad claims that this girl is far better off sucking tax dollars from hard working Americans. If any of you cannot see the danerous communal nature of this socialistic mind set then you never will. This actually and precisley mimics the indoctranation of the 1930's and 40's youth camps of Germany. This is absolute treason and a breach of national security as it places our beloved country in DIRECT and wholly emminant peril!

    4. Von Mises Jr says:

      Julia is the fictional character from Orwell's "1984." It is not a coincidence, I am sure, as the significance of passing ObamaCare "Death panels" on Christmas Eve and Sandra "Fluke" with a different pronunciation that the fish or out of the ordinary result.
      The message is that if you put anyone above the state, perhaps you may get a rat cage over your head or a silver bullet in the back of the skull.

    5. toledofan says:

      It's apparent that the Obama Administration, in concert with the Democrats, are heading America smack dab into the iceberg; our journey for the past 3.5 years can be compariable to the movie Titanic. The captain can see what's ahead and the crew and passengers are just having fun, not a care in the world, everything is just great. But as time goes on things go from great to worst and then the suffering begins. Julia may be the exception, even though she may have opportunities what about the other millions who won't go to college, find a job, own a home, have less freedom, or heaven forbid not have health care; does the government life board just say sorry, you're not important, so see ya.

    6. Packer says:

      If Julia would have taken advantage of Planned Parent Hood's abortion services there would be no Julia! End of story.

    7. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The biggest issue that the Obama fantasy omits is who pays for Julia's nanny state care. The reality is that there is not enough money for anyone to pay for it all, that the nation is already drowning in debt, and that this socialist Utopia fails on any nation's inability to sustain it financially. It is a socialist fantasy, not realistic in any way.

    8. Rostislav says:

      Can’t understand, what kind of imbeciles the ad’s authors mean under those “Julias” – in my Soviet years even our Communist Party was more respectful to the Russian voters’ intellect! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    9. Mary......WI says:

      Obama's FORWARD PLAN, aka Julia's scenario, sounds like communism to me. Have Americans become so desparate and ignorant to believe this garbage?!! I say VOTE HIM OUT IN NOV!

      • tony salazar says:

        It's worse! Obama exists throughout Julia's life…. as POTUS…. 67 years! A coincidence???

    10. Self-Responsible says:

      Here's a more realistic spoof on "The Life of Julia": http://www.thelifeofjulia.com/

    11. T Howell says:

      Baloney – I am almost 91 years old. I have been educated, supported by my family and later my husband, veteran of WWII Navy. We have four children (now aged 48-60) . When I write "suppport – I do not mean as a dependent – rather as a partner. I belong to our Methodist chuirch and am prayer minister using my pc. I am proud to tell you that I am 100% for America where all of us are free to live our lives as we wish and most of us do. Some make mistakers in judgment and pay the price. But it is their fault. Success is not because of government, it is gained by personal decisions and aptitude. Want to enjoy your life? Stay free.

    12. S. Tunstall says:

      They left out Early Head Start which starts at birth through age 3.

    13. Turner says:

      Simply an image of slavery and the owner is the government. Back on the plantation, the slave owner performed all these "responsibilities" to the slave to keep the slave performing in the field. I guess Obama feels like he knows a thing or two about slavery and he wants to "spread" that around in this morphed system of economic slavery of the "needy" class where the politicians say they use the money of the "wealthy" to acquire them votes. These "give away" politics come to a climatic ending when it comes to finding out the entire economic system cannot actually pay for all he gives away! Will America have to find out the hard way? (I do think that is the case.)

    14. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Is it just me, or does anyone else find it interesting that Obama depicts Julia as a "white woman" in his cartoon.

      • Stirling says:

        "Julia" is a charater from George Orwell's "1984" book.. Which seems fitting for his "Orwellian" dream of America..

      • Bobbie says:

        Very good observation Lloyd! If you're a white man (you've been enslaved for quite some time, at least since they put skin color on the census and government qualifies "handouts" according to) providing for his family no matter who you're married to. The government is creating magnificent hardship and uncertainty on those responsible, accountable quickly losing the ability to provide for the family. Why more white people are on food stamps today! Unless you're of the government white OR black supremacists mindset all government controlled conduct is a direct stab in the back of people who've done everything to inspire freedom while government steals money from those that pay taxes to use subliminal force and pity tactics, taking freedom away from all with their abuse and misguidance accommodating anyone who isn't white using VULNERABLE immigrants from government controlled societies/countries that INCREASES the "entitlement" trap resulting in 3rd world BLISS! It's a great disappointment!! There's no reason immigrants wouldn't oppose this government overreach, unless…

        America needs her constitution the way it stands with respect from those in leadership roles who interpret and conduct their governance accordingly!

    15. Joshua W says:

      “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”
      ? Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

    16. Fran says:

      Everything that the Obama Administration does…is invented.

    17. Everything that the Obama administration does…is invented.. Obama lives in a Fairy tale world.

    18. Bobbie says:

      Julia is one in a million through the upbringing of her parents eyes.
      Julia is one OUT OF 300 MILLION through the upbringing of unconstitutional government control. Parents love their children to do the best for them within their own. Government unconstitutional rules are a conflict of interest. Parents and family are not strangers to Julia. Government is controlled by strangers that prove untrustworthy and costly with an attitude of a false sense of empowerment and an agenda at hand. Julia doesn't need government control patronage and patronizing of her parents abilities. She doesn't want government force to put her where government sees best, insulting her potential.

    19. alcon says:

      There are good ideas in the Heritage plan for future economic challenges to our future, but the concept overlooks political realities and ignores the true plight of those citizens who have worked, contributed heavily to SS, and have now retired. The interpretation of most retired seniors I have spoken with point to this as a "deal killer". Many are even willing to re-elect Obama to prevent risking their income in retirement even though they agree that would be disastrous to our country in the long term. We just don't trust politicians or political rhetoric. Change tax code to flat tax. Great idea but the reality is the lobby for CPA's, large financial service providers, etc. will fight it and the IRS will not be reduced due to political agreements, deals, and fears. Politicians work for one goal and that is re-election at all cost which is how we really got into the fiscal mess we now enjoy. Until we have a political climate that truly holds elected officials to the dictates of their constituants in lieu of following the path that assures re-election, we will continue to fail.

      • ETJ says:

        So you want Constitutional Government but you want a social welfare program for seniors? That seems contradictory. Before you tell me you have been paying into SS all your life and the money is yours please site your source for a conservative politician that has advocated anything besides a phased change to the SS system. The first step in any process is the hardest. We MUST take the first step but if the senior citizens keep buying into the Democrat demagoguery repeated and unchallenged by the propaganda machine known as the MSM then (as you seem resigned to) there is no hope for this country.

        • Bobbie says:

          that's not fair, ETJ. the controls of government continues to destroy the system that people were obligated to trust since government insisted. it doesn't sound like alcon is retired but if alcon is over 55? alcon is entitled to whatever alcon initially expected within reason with all quirks corrected.

          Social security isn't discretionary because the government took it from people without an option and corrupted it beyond the knowledge of those expecting it. reason and practicality will have to phase it out because government control has proven lack of trust and inability to handle as intended. Discretionary spending of all other kinds is only appropriate to cut. Dignified leadership wouldn't raise taxes to continue discretionary spending but cut discretionary spending as warranted when money isn't available to pick and choose. Government discretion discriminates and that shouldn't exist in American leadership in the first place!

    20. Kendall Svengalis says:

      The Obama administration's Julia cartoon cyrstalizes all that is wrong with modern statist liberaliam. A society or civilization depends on most of its citizens being independent, self-supporting, productive and contributing members. While societies will decide to provide basic benefits for those who, through no fault of their own, fall through the cracks (e.g. the aged and infirm, the handicapped, etc.), it cannot sanction a system which provides generous benefits to those who take advantage of government assistance. In Obama's world, that ever-widening circle of depenency, drtiven heavily by political considerations, sets a society up for eventual collapse. Moreover, society can never hope to overcome the massive fall-out from a society which collectively shrugs its responsibilities to be independent of government and productive contributors to the economy, particularly as people at the margins drop off into the unproductive class. It is for these reasons that numerous commentators, including Thomas Jefferson and others, have observed that a democracy is threatened when voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury, and votesfor candidates that will deliver those benefits.

    21. haroldson says:

      Obama seems to forget how long this country has made it before he came on the scene, And spread his lies and ran the garbage of his mind on a clean country. The last thing we need in this country is some one in charge who can't see past himself, And lacks any know how to do the job he is in, Any one with half a brain could tell he is winging it and look at the results for the time he has been in office, A complete waste of time . Why not just send him packing, Clean up our Government and get this country back on track and working like it was meant to, We know he is not in the class our founding fathers were and never will be., He had his play now he is out., Back to where ever he come from. say bye Barry

    22. Mike says:

      I assume it is because of Julia's young age that she doesn't realize she is being used by the dems as a political tool and that she will be beholding to the government for the rest of her life. I wonder how she'll feel when she gets to child bearing age and finds out then that the government has changed the rules so that the government will only cover one or two children. Or that once she retires, the social security system will be flat broke AND she'll be paying so much in taxes to sustain the bloated government, that she won't ever be able to retire. That's ok though, the less time she lives as a retired person, the less the government will spend keeping her fed, sheltered and alive. How is being enslaved by the government any better than being enslaved by a plantation owner was?

    23. Scott says:

      Obama didn't invent this. Cuban exiles are familiar with this, as Castro used the same disinformation tactic. My wife's closest friends who had to flee Cuba recall this. My good friend who grew up in Communist Poland also recalls the very same thing. NIce to know Obama/Biden are using tactics form the Communist playbook. Which actually makes sense considering what they believe.

    24. Ed Houser says:

      Quick Hits: In fear of how our November elections would go, Julia left for France, earlier today…

    25. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Julia gets knocked up at 15, has a kid, and goes on welfare to pay for it.

    26. Jim Burchette says:

      Interesting to note that Julia is the name of a character in George Orwell's novel "1984." She was against Big Brother (the government) and participated in "unsanctioned" acts (and thoughts) against Big Brother. She was ultimately imprisoned, tortured and "processed"(possibly lobotomized & brainwashed) in Room 101. The result is that she became a supporter of Big Brother. 1984's Julia would have had a better life if she would have just submitted to the government to begin with, as Barack is suggesting.

    27. Karen says:

      Are there any men in this story? Does Julia have a father? Does she fall in love and marry, or is she stuck with free birth control and retiring to work in a government garden. Let's look at all of society not jut the women. Last I checked we are a society of men and women who live, love and work together. Please don't let the government tell us how to live our lives from cradle to grave!

      • ABO says:

        No, Government as "Big Father" for Julia. Obama's cartoon world caters to women's need for independence sans males, while replacing it with government to get votes. Has worked for minorities, now lets get women on board too!

      • Bobbie says:

        Obama's government controlled attempt to subconsciously infiltrate "sharia law." "a mere reflection of the inner weaknesses of the humanities of some men" who appear to be men although come to think of it I haven't once heard the term "men" come from their lips…

    28. eSS double U says:

      Government is the owner; Julia is the pet. Then so will be Zachary.
      How did Julia get pregers? Who's Zachary's dad and Julia's husband, besides the Govt.
      What a wonderful family life Julia and Zachary have. Looks like Zachary gonna follow in
      his mom's footsteps, but uh-oh, won't be able to keep his kids like she did, because the state
      will confiscate his children, because he could be a molester. Oh, why are these characters Caucasian?
      Or perhaps white Hispanics. Michelle's gonna be pissed, because Julia looks overweight too.

    29. TexasTeddie says:

      As a glimmer of hope, here's a REAL American girl, our own anti-Julia! We can be proud of our American students (like my own grandkids I'm so proud of) who have their own gumption and fortitude –and work ethics– not depending on 0bama's Entitlements, (check out The Blaze, if this link won't be allowed):
      &lt ;http://www.theblaze.com/stories/it-depends-on-you-and-no-one-else-once-homeless-teen-headed-to-harvard-after-working-as-a-janitor-and-taking-night-classes-to-get-ahead/> ) -ENJOY!

    30. Norma says:

      Julia sounds like A little commie – communist. Almost a robot. She doesn't have a mind to think like human being, she is a product of the government. I would rather have my grandchildren individuals who think for themselves, who have faith in God, not the government, and choose honorable lives, have a government who serves its people, not dictators, not peope who treat Americans as serfs, slaves who support the government and who have freedom that their country was based upon. A person who can believe in a country whose constitution was founded upon freedom of faith, religion, freedom of speech, freedom to make her way through life by her own will, work, her own education, with no hand-outs from the goverment, no interference from the government, no impedments from foreighners from other countries, no tax from the government, but freedom from the govering bodies that are only there temporarily to later go home and take their place among average Americans who don't have to submit to a regime that are rulers over the people. I feel sorry for their version of "Julia."

    31. Mars says:

      How soon we forget! They aren't taught in schools the dangers that history holds. All planned!! God help us, forgive us and heal our land!

    32. David Graham says:

      The Obama campaign must think we are all idiots. It is absolutely silly to publish such a childish display of human degradation. I hope he gets what he deserves for this one.

    33. Gene Stevens says:

      How could they have failed to recognize the similarities to Orwell's "1984"? At least enough to know better than to name their character after the female lead in Orwell's novel. Either this administration is clueless or hopes we aren't well-enough read to be able to read between the lines of a novel and it's similarity to this political parable. Or maybe they chose to call the character Julia just to thumb their noses at us and show their contempt of the masses. The only thing missing from this Obama fairytale is the term "Big Brother".

    34. F.D O'Toole says:

      The administration didn't catch the 1984 allusion because they have been educated by the same system that disgorged the OWS protesters…those souls with no marketable skills and no breadth of understanding of what used to be called the liberal arts.

    35. ABO says:

      Julia has no eyes to see what is really happening to her, being led down the path of government slavery. Julia has no mouth to verbalize what she really feels and knows, since she must be silenced or she will be cut off from the public trough. Sickening propaganda for the sheeple from Obama. Forward! NOT!

    36. Jay Andrae says:

      We know 'Julia' is a fictional character, because the real Julia was aborted by her inconvenienced mom at a convenient federally funded clinic. Her invention is necessary because it is threatening to the controllers that you may actually have some personal initiative, responsibility, and faith to run your own life.

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