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  • America's Political Leaders Cannot Repeat History Again

    “The impact of this decline is no longer invisible. Far too many of the military’s top priority development programs are experiencing schedule delays and development risks which are attributed mainly to a lack of adequate funding, not technical problems—funding problems.”

    The above quote paints a startling picture of the state of American security forces today. Yet the statement was made 13 years ago by then-Congressman Curt Weldon (R–PA). Recent across-the-board defense cuts resemble those during the Clinton Administration’s “peace dividend,” when the government looted national security accounts to achieve fiscal goals. The military drawdown of the ‘90s was furthermore predicated on the belief that the U.S. would not engage in a large-scale military operation for the foreseeable future. This proved doubly incorrect when a few years later, U.S. troops were in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    More unsettling is the fact that when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam in the 1970s, the military fell into a “hollow force” where small-scale missions could barely be performed because resources and manpower were stretched so thin. This culminated in the tragic failed rescue attempt of American hostages in Iran in 1980.

    Yet little more than a decade was all it took for U.S. political leadership to forget such tragic results of undercutting defense. Shortly after President Clinton took office, his Administration took swift action to dismantle the robust forces developed throughout the 1980s. Before Congress in 1998, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Gordon Sullivan said, “Smaller is not better; better is better.… We did not foresee the scope of the unstable world and the islands of instability in which the United States of America is using force, nor did we see the consistency or the magnitude of these employments.” It is worth noting that the “employments” here refer to operations like those in Kosovo or Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are nowhere near the size or scope of operations in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Today, the writing is on the wall, but it is unclear who is reading it. America cannot take another holiday from sustaining its military. The U.S. continues to have the greatest military in the world, but drastic cuts to defense are jeopardizing that title. The Administration and Congress need to learn from the past and uphold their constitutional responsibility to provide for the common defense.

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    10 Responses to America's Political Leaders Cannot Repeat History Again

    1. Webdesign Belgium says:

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    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      " A country is only as stong as it's military" this was said many years ago, and has proven to be true.. Obama is dead set on making us weaker than the countries tat hate us, makes you wonder who's side he's on?

    3. Dean says:

      It's sad we never learn from history, when we have a weak millitary we alway end up in war.

    4. My mother would tell me when she was younger that according to her father predicted that Wilson's disarmament led to WWII. It did she lived to tell me. I wonder if my telling my daughter Obama's disarmament will lead to the next world war if she will be able to survive it to tell anyone, much less her child.

    5. Bobbie says:

      ignorance of narrow minds won't learn when it promotes their one world government special agenda.
      only cowards of leadership repeat the mistakes of history! the weakest of mankind took over to lead the way!

    6. Ken Marx says:

      What do these memory lapses have in common? Let's see. . .defense was decimated during the late 70's under a Democrat President. Hmm. Then defense was decimated during the 90's by a. . .hmm, Democrat President. Now it's 2012 and defense is being decimated by. . .do we see a pattern here? It's time for the voters to understand that we cannot keep up this build/tear down/build/tear down system. We need to elect patriots every four years who will keep America strong.

    7. to his audience (which I hope he loses and can see him for the crap he is), and ended with "Pretty much like Russia communist style, won't you say" So the "great one" (notice it doesn't say great what, I think "garbage" would fit in just right) just planted in the mind of his listeners that Ron Paul's tactics are communist like; that's the conservative piece of crap you get with Lavin, as well as others like Beck, Rush etc. worthless! and he has the audacity to label himself as a patriot?? sure and I am the queen of England. He doesn't know what a patriot is and judging by his words, I doubt he has real knowledge of the Constitution; if he does he is just a simple worthless traitor to this Nation when he allows his personal interests obscure and smear the truth about a true patriot and his efforts to keep this country from the claws of tiranny. Ron Paul President 2012

    8. Mark Lavin. As I have stated on previous posts he is one of the so called "conservatists"; even as recent as today May 8th, on his radio program he managed to subtly trash and undermine Ron Paul. He went on to emphasize a couple of times with a vengence like dogginess, that Ron Paul has not won the popular vote in any state (so as to imply why is all the undeserving fuss about, he is not a winner…, that in itself is a lie and a misleading statement adding insignificance to Ron Paul's stance) then went on to note how Ron Paul, "who has not won the popular vote anywhere" is yet gathering delegates galore and ending up with the majority in most cases, while conveniently omitting the fact this was obtained by following the GOP rules and the hard work of his supporters, he then proceed to threw in his vipering brainwashing comment

      • Bobbie says:

        that's a surprise to me. I respected Mr. Levin when his radio program was aired in our state. I didn't see this in him. Ron Paul shows to be the only one with the focus, strength and the determination it's going to take to turn this country around! I believed Michelle Bachmann did also and if she would've endorsed Ron I would still believe but now I have reservations on her and Sara Palin! Both would've been outstanding in Mr. Paul's administration. I'm hoping they did because Ron isn't in the publics eye and maybe (they) forgot? Which lessens their competence and weakens their judgments.

    9. O2BMe says:

      We should never weaken our military. They protect our country and help out the world where ever there is a disaster. The world is in turmoil and anyone who thinks an ocean protects us in this modern world is mistaken and complacent. I do believe we should do a better job of monitoring waste. We don't need things like $100 toilets but that should go for all government programs. I don't know if we need all the bases we have in foreign countries considering how fast our modern military equipment can move. I also think we should be using our military to protect our borders considering the threats we face.

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