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  • Washington Post: EPA "Earning A Reputation for Abuse"

    It hasn’t been a good week for the Environmental Protection Agency, and today’s Washington Post editorial page didn’t make it any better.

    On Monday, EPA Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz resigned after video emerged in which he likened the agency’s “philosophy of enforcement” to Roman crucifixions. Today, The Post took up the issue of the EPA’s zealous enforcement overreach and slammed the agency for “earning a reputation for abuse.” On Armendariz’s “Roman” Remarks, The Post opined:

    The most reasonable interpretation is also among the most disturbing — that Mr. Armendariz preferred to exact harsh punishments on an arbitrary number of firms to scare others into cooperating. This sort of talk isn’t merely unjust and threatening to investors in energy projects. It hurts the EPA…

    Maintaining the legitimacy of the EPA’s broad regulatory authorities requires the agency to use its powers fairly and, in so doing, avoid the impression that its enforcement is capricious or unduly severe. Mr. Armendariz’s comments violated the latter principle.

    The Post also discussed Sackett v. the EPA — a property rights case in which the agency barred the Sackett family from building a home on a vacant lot in a subdivision, relying on its authority under the Clean Water Act. That law grants the EPA jurisdiction over “wetlands,” and in this case they decided that the Sackett’s property fit the definition — even though almost every other lot surrounding the property was developed. The issue of whether the Sacketts had authority to challenge the EPA went to the Supreme Court, and in March the Court ruled that they could, in fact, challenge the EPA’s orders. The Post wrote that this is yet another example of EPA overreach:

    [T]he agency ought to have asked itself years ago whether it really needed to hassle a couple seeking to build a home in an existing subdivision, helping to justify every negative caricature of the EPA that Republican presidential hopefuls peddled during the primary race. Perhaps the agency would have been able to keep more of its regulatory power if it had been more judicious.

    The lesson for Ms. Jackson and her boss, President Obama, from these two episodes is clear: The agency’s officers must have a clear sense when to deploy its mighty power and when to exercise discretion.

    As Armendariz showed, though, the EPA isn’t interested in discretion — the agency is bent on wielding its power beyond the extent of the law in order to enact the president’s agenda. Thanks to Armendariz’s video, we have that admission on record, but the truth was already evidenced by the EPA’s abusive actions.

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    14 Responses to Washington Post: EPA "Earning A Reputation for Abuse"

    1. Obama likes big government, right? He should create a BPA (Business Protection Agency) and an IPA (Individual Protection Agency) and an AEPA (Against EPA). He can start with Czars…

    2. Bobbie says:

      Just think how better off America(ns) would be without all this CRAP control at endless costs (money, livelihoods and time) of unconstitutional, indignant, undisciplined government interference! We need people in government that can stand tall and unafraid to bring America back to her rightful parents, Americans!!!

    3. GodisLOVE7 says:

      BUT BUT BUT ,. drill for oil , dig for coal, build more nuke energy plants BUT BUT BUT , DO NOT USE SLICKWATER HORIZONTAL NATURAL FRACKING !!!!! The fracking of this kind does contaminate the our water sources with highly toxic cancer causing substances. The injection wells for the massive amounts of toxic waste water, CAUSE EARTHQUAKES !!!!! Both of these facts have ben proven in Ohio , Wyoming and Pennsylvania . The federal EPA and clean air and water acts has been blocked from being inforced when it comes to fracking thanks to the money and "bribes" by the gas companies .

      • Roy S. Mallmann says:

        You don't really believe that do you?

      • Sharon says:

        In the sixty years that we have been fracking, there have been no incidences of polluted groundwater. There have been a couple of cases when the casing failed but the fracking itself does not contaminate ground water. You see, sweetie, oil companies do not want water in their oil wells because it ruins them. They go to great lengths, concrete and steel, to keep it out. Further, the fracking occurs at entirely different geological levels than ground water and earthquakes. The difference is miles in each case. Did you get that? Again, fracking, ground water and earthquakes occur many miles apart under the ground. I suggest a geology course as well as a remedial spelling class.

      • Sharon says:

        Fracking occurs at different geological zones than ground water or earthquakes. Oil companies do not want water in their wells since it ruins them so they go to great lengths to keep it out. The difference in zones in all three of these cases is miles. In the sixty years that there has been fracking, there have been no instances of ground water contamination unless the casing was defecting. I do think that has happened a couple of time.

      • JustDamnMad says:

        As for "massive amounts of toxic waste water" . . . where does it come from that it is so contaminated? In fact, Wyoming doesn't have a whole lot of ground water so where does their water supply come from? Do they ship in sewer water from LA?? I'm just curious . . . do you even know WHERE Wyoming is??? How about we blame the melting of the polar caps on fracking, too!! Good Lord, it is the "Evil 1%" argument again . . . don't you guys EVER get tired of trying to sell a "boogy man" to the population??? After all we have enough villians to star in movies for the next 100 years!

        Site your source of information . . . I just love it when you guys state crap like this and then think we are gullible enough to actually BELIEVE you just because you said it!!! Here's your chance: put up or shut up!!!

        Quite frankly, we should be so lucky that fracking caused earthquakes . . . that means Washington would have dropped into a HUGE crack at least 3.5 years ago, and the rest of the country wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of some "book smart, common sense stupid" Ivy League graduate leader, back by his latest group of enforcers from the EPA, with no "hands on experience" at all. He wasn't even a paperboy for G*D'S sake!!!!! Don't ask him how old he was when he had his very first job!!!

    4. SAC_Crewdog says:

      Actually, the "Roman" reference was the most transparency we've seen from this administration to date.

    5. When the lib press says you're overreaching, you are acting tyrannical. If Obama wins reelection, the full force and fury of radical environmentalism will be used against our very industries we need to survive. Just one small piece to The Fundamental Transformation of America.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Does anyone really believe this EPA is some rouge government agency acting on it own? Does anyone believe this leftwing rag will change it's spots a few months before the November elections by actually being critical of any part of this administration? It has always been about covering Obama a**. The sad fact is the people are being lied too and deceived again. This is Obama, doing what he has been doing even before the elections in 2008, forcing the blame on anyone else but himself.

    7. JustDamnMad says:

      I believe that the "Roman" reference was from Heritage Foundation, not from the FORMER EPA chief enforcer in the SW region!!!! HE would not have been authorized to disclose that kind of high level security information!!!!

    8. allen says:

      Why do the people need this Dept.? Along with the Dept of Education, Start cutting or down sizing after the 1st day that Romeny takes office.

    9. d.ing says:

      The irony. An article critical of the EPA written by a Mr. Brownfield.

    10. source says:

      I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your Feed so i can read your blog offline. Thanks.

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