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  • Julia: Obama's American Woman

    Meet Obama’s ideal woman. Her name is Julia.

    As told by Obama’s latest ad campaign, Julia’s parents didn’t teach her the alphabet or how to make friends; Head Start did. Her parents didn’t need to save for college, because she got a government grant and student loans (which she’ll spend a good portion of her adult life paying back). Her first job as a graphic designer didn’t have benefits, but that’s okay, because government provided free health care (since she couldn’t stay on her parents’ plan). Julia had free birth control—thanks to government. When she decided to have a baby, she had free prenatal care—thanks to government. Her son got the same great education she had—thanks to government. Julia started a small business—thanks to government. She retired with Medicare and Social Security—thanks to… well, you get the picture.

    Julia is successful, we are told. Her success is not because of her loving family, a supportive church, or a strong local ties—but because big government maintains a lavish welfare state.

    She is no ideal American woman.

    She is not the self-governing woman America has long been known to have. American women were the first to exercise the right to vote in human history (in New Jersey in 1797). Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America praised America for its women. Unlike aristocratic girls from Tocqueville’s day, the American girl “thinks for herself [and] speaks freely.” Her family arms her with reason. She is a self-governing woman able to identify vice, virtue, and opportunity. She belongs to a family, a church, and private associations.

    But not Julia. She needs the helping hands of thousands of bureaucrats to fulfill with expert precision every want in life so that she can retire and putter around the community (organized) garden. There’s a bureaucrat to determine the Head Start curriculum, one for primary school, one to approve her college grant, another to determine what health care she gets at every age and stage of life.

    President Obama wants to keep it that way. With the President’s campaign, Julia now means dependence upon government for education, health care, and meaning in life.

    But the name Julia actually means “youthful, energetic.” It’s a great name that belongs to many self-governing women across America—who put themselves through school, marry, raise children, volunteer at the local church or charity, and run their own businesses (despite miles of red tape). It’s the responsibility of every citizen—not just the Julias—to resist the tyranny of the burecratic state and ensure that the ideal citizen (man or woman) remains a self-governing one.

    Heritage has revised the original  Julia to show how conservative policies, like the ones outlined in Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan, can empower her and all Americans without government interference at every stage of life.

    Click through to view our version of the slideshow and let us know which vision for America you prefer in the comments.

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    24 Responses to Julia: Obama's American Woman

    1. Bobbie says:

      Everyone in America today immigrant status irrelevant but even more educated to decipher 3rd world leadership mentality! Outside government control of any personal aspects is not freedom. The American government is promoting the control of personal aspects removing personal freedom and personal responsibilities and most of all the human qualities of dignity and perseverance.

    2. So if your parents did not have either the means or the discipline to save for college…that's your own fault, right?

      Not everyone was blessed with good parents. I am proud to have a government that helps makes college accessible to everyone. I had a part in that, too, because the government works for me. We, the people, and all that. Conservatives just don't get that.

      • Bobbie says:

        No, you just don't get it. If you want college education you'd be wiser to take responsibility to pay for it. To be proud of a government that educates government agenda is nothing to be proud of! You don't know what you can do for yourself because you don't try without government control that isn't your own. If government wasn't there, you would. The government is suppose to work for everyone the same and if you want something not everyone gets like college, that's your choice, your responsibility and your dime. Why would you want help from strangers when you don't know why they're helping you?

        • Matt says:

          hmmm…Why would one want help from someone who takes a good amount of money out of every check they get or taxes out every time they buy something?? Let me think about that one for a little bit Bobbie. Yeah well I do not have insurance and I pay taxes left and right so your right I will take money from them and get the education that I want. I'm only taking classes that I want to take and they have nothing to do with Government agenda. Listen I believe in taking away the Governments power just as much as the next, and doing everything ourselves instead of the Government trying to take over everything like businesses and medical insurance, but it is nice to have some help. I go to college and get personal loans which now have been taken over by the Government, but I also do a ton of things on my own. Some people do need help and there is nothing wrong with that and I am guessing that your whole life you never got help and are not apart of any religion?

          Government agenda? I'll buy that but there is nothing wrong with educating yourself in the fields that you wish to learn in and use loans to do so. Who pays for stuff these days with cash?

          I do not think that the Government should have any control on education like they do either. Anyways It's not that hard to get a loan for school if your parents can not afford it. That has been the only way I have been going to school is on my own terms. When I have kids I would love to give them a great education but If not I hope they can get it on there own or someone can help them get it but I would rather them be able to figure out a way to do it because I am sure that it would be more gratifying to them and give a bit of pride and self worth although getting an education that you want does the same thing.

      • Dwight DeRooy says:

        I'm glad you have done well. You fail to understand, however, that it wasn't the "government" that made that possible, but all the little people who paid taxes that enabled you to get an education, support wealthy retirees, and pay for the medical care of those same, none of which is within the governments constitutional pervue.
        My daughters parents couldn't afford to pay for her education, either, so she did it the old fashioned way; worked three jobs, lived at home, and studied hard. Try it some time!

        • David says:

          The problem with this article is that even though the government might have *helped* "Julia," not everything that a real Julia would do or receive in the United States would be the product of funds generated by the government. It's so frustrating that conservatives constantly employ false dichotomies in their arguments (e.g., the old Bushism, "You're either with us or against us). Perhaps if Julia was educated, she could see beyond that common logical fallacy.

          Dwight, actually the "government" does "[make] that possible," at least to some degree. After all, the government doesn't exist without taxation. You also fail to realize that education has the tendency to bring about a more prosperous society, since its typically the educated who make the most money. The more money we make, the more money we are able to push back into the economy. Thus, it appears as if it really is in the best interest of the United States government to ensure that education (more than 1st-12th grades) is effectively and affordably provided. Look past the short term consequences, Dwight. Furthermore, appealing to tradition (i.e., "the old fashioned way") is also logically fallacious. Indeed, just look at the long worldly tradition of wars and slavery . . .

    3. Odie1956 says:

      Julia seems to be more a government prisoner than a free woman.

    4. Bob says:

      I love this real story, posted by the REAL Julia, who actually has a last name! Spot on!

    5. fedup52 says:

      The Democrats are claiming a GOP war on women. It's time that humans realize that the Democrats are working to take all meaning from people's lives by being the director of all their actions. Starting out with a feel good, taking care position until they have a lockdown and then you will understand why people want out of Cuba, China, North Korea………..

    6. Citizen Phil says:

      I have not signed up for Medicare because it is a Ponzi fraud. I paid thousands of dollars into this fraud before I retired. I sleep well at night because I know that I am not a welfare cheat

    7. Bankrupt_R_Us says:

      Well, Julia, Hope you enjoyed Head Start, and all the rest, because payback time is coming.

      According to a US TREASURY website page, "HISTORY OF THE PUBLIC DEBT", the public debt is $15,692,368,000, and your share and mine runs to $50,000 and change, and is growing by $5,000 a year.

      See: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/pd_

      Did you learn Algebra, Julia? No? Well I'll run a regression curve for you on the growth of debt since 2006.. The debt-growth curve is looking perpendicular, dear, not so good.

      Things are really out of control and it is all Bush's fault! But wait, until 2006, when the Dems won both houses, public debt was $8 trillion. It is now $15 trillion. Good work, Dems!

      Julie, the money the president spent on you was borrowed from China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Right now we are able to pay them the interest, and they kindly roll over the principal.

      However, things don't look so good for 10 or 20 years out, when the Chinese and Japanese and Saudis object to us stiffing them on interest and principal, which the politicians will have to do, while Julia and the rest of us have a shout out: "What did you do with our Social Security and Medicare contributions, villains?

      Julia, since we elect grown-ups, we should give them a chance to prevent this mess from happening, But, just in case we run short on money to pay China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, they might take serfs in lieu of interest, and could possibly be persuaded to take healthy men and women between the ages of 15 and 40. Get ready to learn some foreign languages because you're probably going to have new masters.

    8. John says:

      I agree with Bobbie, the Republicans are the first to deny personal freedom. Let's see, anti free choice, anti gay marriage, anti birth control, anti voters rights. to name a few. Sorry fokes but the Republicans do not believe in people being in charge of their own lives.

      • We believe in life, not killing in the name of choice. Birth control is fine, just pay for it yourselves. Since you need an ID purchase cigarettes and alcohol, it shouldn't be a problem showing an ID to vote, after all, you wouldn't want voter fraud now WOULD YOU? Gays can do whatever they want, just pay for your own meds when you get AIDS and other diseases. Democrats want to control every aspect in your life as outlined in Obummer's Julia. Sorry John, America is not buying Liberal spin any longer.

      • Stirling says:

        How do you blame the current state of affairs on the GOP? Since this administration and the democrats have been running the show essentially since the 2006 elections.. It's the democrats policies which have been denying personal freedoms.. (GOP only holds the house and that's been since 2011, which can't get anything past the senate or a president veto.)

        Free choice means "get the government out of the peoples business", Gay mariage is not supported by the majority of Americans, Birth control is a non-issue (except when it steps on Religious liberty), and Voters rights (Voter ID) is a good thing since it stops the fraud from occuring with our elections.. Remember ACORN was indicted for doing what the Voter ID would fix.

      • allen says:

        What do you think the Civil War was about ,Dimwit.

      • Nybbler says:

        Geez John there is actually a difference between being against something and advocating for it's abolition.

        "anti free choice' sorry don't know what you're referring to here; as long as it's legal you've can make any choice you'd like.

        "anti gay marriage" I don't agree with it but If you want to marry your same-sex partner go ahead, I just don't think the government should subsidize or promote it;

        "anti birth control" don't agree with it but as long as it's legal you can, I just don't want the government/taxpayer to finance it;

        "anti voters rights" huh? I've yet to hear how asking someone to prove who they are keeps people from voting.

    9. John says:

      I suspect it will not appear since it does not agree with the conservative dogma!

      • Isn't there an entitlement you should be standing in line for? Now go.

      • Stirling says:

        Actually it's nice when Liberal posts do apear, since it's nice to comment on the basic faults of the arguements. Unlike Liberal sites, where conservative comments are just cursed at, without debate.

      • Bobbie says:

        thanks John, but no thanks. If you believed people are in charge of their own lives than you would see it's government democrats the first to publicly address by intrusion to define personal freedoms which dissolves the term freedom. Anti free choice? Where's your evidence? The less government is involved the more freedom of choice you have! Anti gay marriage? To add a word to marriage just because you want to change it's meaning isn't commendable to show high intolerance. Anti birth control? Another personal, private area democrats exploited! Anti voters rights? What more "rights" do you need to vote outside the right to vote? It's not the role of government to access that right, it's up to you!

    10. PAC says:

      My son was explaining Democrat and Republican to his 11 year old daughter. He said Democrat is Liberal and Republican is Conservative. She said what is that. He said a Republican works to take care of his family and a Democrat sits back and waits for the Republican to GIVE him/her all that the Republican gives to his own family….it's like having your children and lots and lots of other children that aren't really yours. Then she said "Oh". Pretty much sums it up I think. I'm all for helping those who really need help, but I don't think that I should work to give someone else all the things that I have without any effort on their part. I don't OWE anyone a free ride and never expected anyone to give me one. I take pride in my accomplishments and the fact that we raised two wonderful young men the same way.

    11. JustDamnMad says:

      Dear Bobbie and John . . . .While you are pointing your collective TWO fingers at the Republicans, just remember you have a collective EIGHT pointing right back at you!!!! There isn't an adult in the last 40+ years who is truly blameless for this mess, and it is time for us to own up to our mistakes . . . ALL of us!!! We have supported lousy politicians because we haven't exercised due diligence in KNOWING what they stand for; we have encouraged those same loosers to "bring home the bacon" via earmarks, and whined until we got programs that were destined to fail from Day One; we quit taking care of our own family members when they needed more assistance than we wanted to give . . . just ship them off to the nearest "home" to live out their days – we will visit the first Sunday of every month; we STOPPED taking care of the needy and the mentally challenged in our communities . . . . let the government will provide; we have become a nation who "compromises" on everything no matter the cost to us; we have promoted "tolerance" no matter how devastating the consequences might be; and finally, perhaps the most damaging of all, we have accepted the lie of "political correctness" as a way to live here in the United States.

      You have a choice to make right now: Do you want to be part of the solution starting RIGHT NOW . . . or do you want to continue to be part of the problem???? We should welcome all who want to help get this country back on the right track; BUT those who want more of the same and want to continue down the path we are on, they need to move to Greece to see how they like the outcome before they wish it's fate upon this side of the Atlantic!!!!

    12. Kristen says:

      *I* am Obama's ideal woman.

      I grew up poor, without any opportunity, without a family, but through perseverance, hard work, and yes, government loans — I am now a well educated, tax-paying, upper-middle class individual. I take care of myself and don't require any assistance. I paid back all the loans I've been given.

      My children will NOT have to grow up that way. My children will have a loving mother. My children will not have to sit awake at night wondering where they will sleep tomorrow, or where their next meals will come from.

      I'm Obama's ideal woman not because of where I came FROM, but what I have BECOME in the face of adversity, what I now CONTRIBUTE BACK to society after the investment the government was willing to make in me.

      Not everyone has a community. Not everyone is born middle class, or has a perfect set of parents. But those that are truly special BUILD THEM.

      For me, the American dream isn't becoming wealthy – it's becoming self sufficient. You don't get there by eliminating taxes on capital gains. You get there by helping more of the poor become the middle class. By helping more people out of the red, and into the black. By helping to create a country of people that can contribute to society, rather than people needing to take.

      This is America, and I love my country. And I'm happy to pay to give another American a chance at the dream.

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