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  • Obama's Afghanistan Misstep

    Mark McKinnon, a former Bush advisor, doesn’t get it. “GOP Attacks on Obama’s bin Laden Ad Misguided,” declares his piece in the Daily Beast.

    Of course, the President has a right to crow over getting bin Laden. But sorry, Mark—there is a difference between highlighting a decision to burnish the image of presidential leadership and a crass exploitation that demeans the office of the President.

    It’s true that there has been too much focus on the politics of the speech and not enough on the policy. Obama must have a speechwriter named Rosie Scenario, because his prognosis for Afghanistan seemed largely disconnected to events on the ground. According to the President, the war has been won, and the rest is just details.

    But as Heritage expert Lisa Curtis has pointed out again and again, there is much work still to done that is anything but easy. In a recent study, she points out that while President Obama is drawing down U.S. troops in Afghanistan, he is attempting to negotiate with the Taliban—despite the fact that the Taliban has renounced neither terrorism nor its support for al-Qaeda. If the Taliban is able to regain influence in Afghanistan without breaking ties with international terrorism, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups could re-establish a safe haven there. Further, the U.S. can’t be optimistic about cooperation with Pakistan.

    According to the Associated Press, “More than 1,500 supporters from a pro-Taliban Islamic party have rallied in southwestern Pakistan to condemn the killing of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces a year ago.”

    Americans should be more upset about what was left unsaid.

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    5 Responses to Obama's Afghanistan Misstep

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Always a campaigner, ever the President!! BHO h been running for relection before he took th oath of office(which he totally ignores). He believed killing Bin Laden would assure hi re-election, now with his numbers in a s-so position he needs to try another show to bring it back to the minds of people, totally ignoring the Navy seal and all who participated in the VERY long journey to May 1, 2011 He is an egotistic, narsistic human being and a danger to thisCountry and our Constitution.

    2. blackripleydog says:

      Before they made Obama, they broke the mold.

    3. Sanford Olnhausen says:

      Obama assumes the world will back all his pronouncements without question like our press does.

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The fact is Obama DID NOT get bin Laden! SEAL team 6, a Navy admiral, who ran the entire operation, and the interrogation teams under George Bush, did. The only way Obama was involved was when one of his lackeys instructed him to say "yes" between golf strokes. Obama had to be dragged from a golf course, given a jacket to hide the golf shirt, then pose for a photo opt. By the way, that photo that shows Hillary acting shocked, was shot as they all were looking at a blank screen. The satellite feed was lost at the time the phone was snapped.

    5. Walton Cook says:

      When President Obama was promising a 2024 U. S. presence in Afghanistan on our taxpayer dollar, why did he fail to recognize an opportunity to gain something very valuable in return? That something? Cessation of the cultivation of opium poppies; so that our taxpayers and citizens of other nations as well might be relieved of an estimated $3.86 trillion dollars in societal costs over the next 12 years. That's a lot of money. To the U.S. taxpayer alone, where 20% of Afghan opiates are utilized, the U.S. only savings would be $750 billion in the same period–and all without a penny of new taxation. Has President Obama never considered 'carrot and stick' diplomacy as a budgetary tool? That way, Afghanistan would get continuing support from us only if we got continuing support from them. And in that process of cooperative reciprocity the whole world, including Afghanistan, would gain much.

      Walton Cook

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