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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Crucifixion of "Big Oil"

    If it ever was a secret, it’s not a secret any longer: The Obama Administration is on a vindictive campaign to injure America’s oil and gas industry. The proof materialized last week when video of an Environmental Protection Agency official revealed the White House’s vicious attitude toward the very industries that supply the American people a reliable, affordable energy source. Yesterday, that official fell on his sword and resigned to spare the president any further embarrassment from the truth he disclosed.

    Last week, Heritage’s Lachlan Markay reported on a video showing EPA Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz describe his agency’s “philosophy of enforcement” with respect to the regulation of oil and gas companies — likening it to brutal tactics employed by the ancient Roman army to intimidate its foes into submission. With a wry smile, Armendariz detailed the joy with which the EPA inflicts punishment on the disfavored industries:

    It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer the villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere and they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. And then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.

    Lest there be any doubt, it’s worth reiterating the point — according to Armendariz, the EPA views its enforcement efforts as a violent crucifixion used to strong arm companies into submission. The Constitution bars cruel and unusual punishment, but evidently that doesn’t apply to the axe-wielding EPA when it comes to enforcing regulations.

    None of this, though, should be a surprise coming from what very well may be the most anti-energy administration in history. For the president and his cadre of bureaucrats, “Big Oil” is the enemy that deserves to be beaten into submission.

    Exhibit A: The president’s unremitting crusade to raise taxes on the oil industry by denying it access to tax credits available to other industries. This, of course, is a game of semantics and populist rhetoric. In his appeal to the American people, the president is claiming that oil and gas companies enjoy special loopholes and subsidies that need to be eliminated. In reality, they get the same tax treatment enjoyed by producers of clothing, roads, electricity, water, and many other goods manufactured in the United States. Actually, oil companies receive less of a tax break than those manufacturers. (Oil companies receive a six percent reduction while all other manufacturers receive a nine percent reduction.) Yet the president wants to impose a higher targeted tax hike and take the tax break away completely.

    When President Obama lashes out at “Big Oil,” guess who’s going to pay the price? You. First, raising taxes on any company means that the costs will be passed on to consumers. If you’re tired of paying high gas prices, you would pay even more if the president levies new costs on the industry that is supplying your fuel.

    Second, when the president talks about “Big Oil,” keep in mind who “Big Oil” is — it could very well be you. Thirty-one percent of U.S. oil and natural gas shares are owned by public or private pension plans. On top of that, individual retirement accounts hold 18 percent of shares, individual investors have 21 percent, and asset management companies including mutual funds account for 21 percent — comprising more than 90 percent of oil and gas stocks in 2011. That means when those companies profit, there’s a good chance you profit. And when those companies suffer, there’s a good chance that you suffer, too.

    That doesn’t matter, though, to an Administration that is in an unyielding pursuit of a singular “green” agenda. Billions in taxpayer dollars are spent to fund solar companies that go bankrupt and to give tax credits to wealthy Americans so they can buy a handful of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the president’s Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, gives himself an “A” for his work in lowering gas prices, despite their reaching all-time highs under his watch. And all the while, the president is saying “NO” to domestic energy exploration, including his decision to block the Keystone XL pipeline.

    So when Armendariz spoke of “crucifying” oil and gas companies, it was not a surprise. His crime was saying what the rest of the Obama Administration — including the president — have been thinking and doing all along. Last week, Armendariz apologized and called his comments ”an offensive and inaccurate way to portray our efforts to address potential violations of our nation’s environmental laws.” In fact, though his words were vivid, they were all too accurate. The Obama Administration has an obvious political agenda that is not focused on enforcing rules, but on vindictively assaulting an industry that doesn’t comport with its green agenda — even though Americans depend on oil and gas companies each and every day.

    President Obama has said he favors an “all of the above” strategy when it comes to energy policy. “All of the above” apparently means taking no prisoners as he marches toward a “greener” future, regardless of what it costs the American people.

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    93 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Crucifixion of "Big Oil"

    1. honestbabe says:

      Obama the epitome of a Delusional Grandiose!

    2. Alex says:

      Oil is not the solution. The word "climate" conveniently fails to appear in this article even once. If you need to promote some form of fossil fuel due to, well, being the Heritage Foundation, at least go with something like shale gas which is abundant and burns much cleaner than coal and oil.

      • will says:

        Instead of fighting a “War on Oil” why not declare victory? Over the next 10-15 years cheap, clean, American natural gas can be fueling the majority of vehicles. And natural gas can also help bridge the gap to a new fleet of nuclear plants, as aging coal plants are phased out. And what about solving another problem along the way? There is $60 trillion in American retirement accounts. Crucifying “Big Oil” would not be helpful to these accounts that so many seniors depend on. As a recent retiree, I would love to have some energy bonds in my portfolio that pay, say, 6% tax free. How about we Boomers help fund the infrastructure for natural gas fueling stations, and the building of the nukes? Until all this is up and running and generating positive cash flows, we might need a temporary government authorized Ponzi scheme like Social Security to pay the bond yields. At some point in time, say about when Social Security and Medicare go bust, we use some of the tax revenue growth from this moon shot to augment the funding of the entitlements.

      • allen says:

        Coal burns real well in the Auto., Dimwit

      • Bobbie says:

        "climate" conveniently fails to appear? what does "climate" have to do with oil?

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        Oil is part of the solution. Natural gas is another part as is nuclear power and even coal.

      • Michael Laborde says:

        Well, I'm going to get in my cheep, cheep natural gas car and fill up at the nearest natural gas station. But it might cost me a measly $75,000.

      • Robert says:

        Shale gas has a place in US energy policy, however, the other fossil fuels also must be allowed to play on level terms simply because the cost of refurbishing industry and transportation would be astronomical.

    3. Sunshine says:

      Sounds like this article was written by "big oil". Just saying.

      • Michael Laborde says:

        Liberals must make up evil about rich so as to deflect attention away from themselves: socialist/communist.

      • petsorus says:

        Do you know that the oil companies make a 4% profit and the Federal Gov. takes 15% at the pump. Who's making excessive profit and affecting the prices we pay at the gas station.

      • randy says:

        "Big Oil," as traditionally defined (now) represents about 7% of the global market. Here in the US, over 80% of our domestic exploration & production is done by independent companies, not the "brand names" like Exxon-Mobil & Shell. There is a basic misunderstanding of how the industry is even structured, let alone the implications of the administrations tax policies. Americans need to wake up and do a little homework. Fossil fuels (coal, oil & gas) and nuclear provide 93% of our overall fuel & electricity. The facts are what they are, unfortunately for the "green revolution." Careful what you wish for because for the forsseable future, there are no reasonable (large scale) sources to replace fossil fuels as a major part of our energy supply. Let's start working together to formulate some sensible national energy policy instead of "demonizing" certain sectors. Seems a lot more productive approach (to me)…

    4. Tom says:

      This is the same EPA that has been fighting coal for the last three and one half years with the same mind set. Wrong policies, wrong enforcement, wrong for the country

    5. Spiritof76 says:

      Why doesn't the Republican House vote to defund the EPA? Why don't they label EPA as gotten extreme with ant-American value and must be terminated? Why do we always report on unacceptable policies of the current administration with no action against them? If this had been a Republican administration, I am sure there would have been such a great hue and cry about it with demonstrable actions.

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        I agree with you, except… That defunding, badly needed as it is, would be thwarted by the Senate and Obama while the media vilifies the House Republicans for supporting polluted air and water. False claims to be sure, but typical politics. What you suggest and I also support, can only happen if we elect a conservative Congress (both houses) and a president who could make it happen. Otherwise, it ain't likely no matter how much I want it.

      • glynnda says:

        Thank you Spiritof76 for a common sense statement…..let's do it!

    6. Gary from Alaska says:

      Start packing Obama, another whack our Constitutional Republic is untenable.

    7. sue says:

      How sickening to actually see what he said, even though we know it is going on.Good bye to him. And Chui always has given me the creeps- everything that comes out of his mouth is spine chilling. I feel like I am living in "1984" – and listening to doublespeak all of the time- Obama speaks doublespeak and some people just love him!!!!!!!!!!

    8. FriendForLife says:

      Yeah, the really unfortunate thing about that two year old comment is that you guys are reaching for anything to save your butts from a complete thrashing at the hands of Romney and that the use of the word "crucify" put the oil companies on the same level as Jesus Christ in your minds.

      • stephen says:

        Tell them again Friendforlife,
        These people sound like they want us to bow to Big Oil as if they are Gods, The Foundry has gone to the Dogs.

      • Bobbie says:

        …"from a complete thrashing at the hands of Romney…" what is it? I missed it? Armendariz was specific in his description regarding the term "crucify." Why won't you respect that?

        And you down there stephen, what do you mean bow to big oil? You have free choice. Why would you choose to bow?

        Both of you need to open your minds and consider yourself misled.

      • glynnda says:

        Hey Friend
        Let's look at Obama's comments about 7 years ago…….that's something you should really explore…..talk about scary….

    9. Ken Jarvis says:

      All Obama wants is for Big Oil to
      Share our PAIN at the Pump.
      Why is the GOP and HF against THAT?

      • That's what he wants you to think. Evidently you fell for it. Most of the money at the pump is taxes & tariffs. Obama likes that!

        • Juan Martinez says:

          Terje — that's what the politicians would like you to think. The federal gasoline tax is only 18.4 cents per gallon, and was last changed in 1993 — that's 19 years ago.

          • Ponder-er says:

            Most of the money at the pump is limited supply compared to demand – exacerbated by a devaluing currency (dollar) relative to the new global "energy standard" units of comparative wealth.

          • Bobbie says:

            Jaun, you left out all the other government taxes.

          • O2BMe says:

            OK, now add on the state and local taxes.

      • Tim Bos says:

        You've got to be kidding, Ken! How about the federal govt feeling our pain at the pump? Considering the fact that the feds receive 3 times as much money from the sale of a gallon of gas as do the companies that actually pump it, transport it, refine it, and distribute it, why in the world would you attack the producer instead of the parasite?

      • KHM says:

        Ken, Can always count on you to spout the liberal line. Big Oil will NOT "share our pain at the pump". Economics 101, as the article pointed out, says that any increased taxx or loss of the research deduction will be passed along to the consumer- you and me! What Armendariz said (2 years ago) which just came to light, reflects the attitude of the Progressives. There is no realistic alternative to oil at this time. It is what powers our economic engine and that of the world. The US has huge amounts of oil, but this regime will not let it be tapped. That is counter-productive which is why any sane person or group would be against it Ken.

      • Clearhead says:

        They're against that because they and many (I hope a majority) of us Americans have learned to see matters beyond the rims of our glasses. You ought to try that sometime, Kenny boy.

    10. Gary from Alaska says:

      I predict Obama loses in a landslide that will make smilin' Jimmy Carter look good.

    11. Paul Stone says:

      Romney did say what all of the above meant to Obama- all that's above ground.

    12. glynnda says:

      Okay Heritage, good article, but we're only looking at the surface meaning of all of this. Let's be real, it's not about oil as much as it is control……the surface story is actually true, but the deeper story is that the EPA and other organizations that are government funded mind you, are looking to control our population and they are making strides little by little. Just check out the Agenda 21 "soft legislation" introduced at the UN in the early nineties and signed into practice by then president Clinton. Did it end there? No, we as a people and both sides of the political aisle are allowing themselves to be bullied into following thes measures. The attack on oil is just one part of this effort.

      • Ken Jarvis says:

        Look at who HF and the GOP defend.
        Big Oil and the Rich.
        Obama is FOR the Rest of us.

        • Ron 04 says:

          Mr. Jarvis – please explain this to me, as I obviously am too wrapped up reading my bible and cleaning my guns to possibly be able to understand. How are the 27 NEW TAXES in Obamacare helping " the rest of us"? How are $4 a gallon gas prices helping? 9% unemployment? $5T in new debt the last 3 years? NO BUDGET for over 3 years? Food prices up 10%? Lost jobs on the Keystone pipeline ( UNION JOBS no less ! ) ? "TAXageddon day" coming in July?

          YOU SIR are as blind and ignorant as you are stupid. From freeing the slaves to voting for civil rights, the GOP has been defending freedoms and individual liberties while the Democrats were founding the KKK and drafting the Jim Crow laws. Quit smoking that medical marijuana and open your eyes to the real world collapsing around you. Four more years of Obama is the end to a free America, and I am not exaggerating one little bit.

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          I don't know what you are smoking but if Obama isfor the rest, why s the economy in the sewer?? Why are groceries higher by almost 50% and the value of my house down by 1/2?? Why if he's so interested in our welfare WHY didn't seniors get COLA in 2010 an 2011, 2012 we got a cola BUT the increase in Medicare and supp. INs (Thanks to Obama care) took all + of that. I have less money to spend as the increass in Medicare all three years plus now an increase in the Supp. Ins. and now Gas and food plus our local taxes are going up, as well as everythn else.

        • J Vance says:

          Me thinks you are brain washed or brain dead, either case bad news, your type and Obama are destroying our country !!!

        • Clearhead says:

          A better choice of words would be AFTER us, Kenny boy. And if he manages to catch us, you'll find that his "hope and change" is what he said, but obviously couldn't spell: — HYPE AND CHAINS is in actuality what he meant. (He can't even spell his new slogan, "Forward". In reality it should be FOREWARNED.) How long will you and your ilk continue to succumb to the weighty blanket of 'governmental' submission being relentlessly lowered upon you? If I recall, you're somewhere up in your eighties. It would seem that having lived since the 1930s or so, you would have absorbed more of what life in America was like in the "good old days" when our Constitution was the pattern for living.

      • FriendForLife says:

        So, who would you want to control you? The EPA or BIG OIL, because Big Oil has already go us deep in you know what. If that ain't control then you don't have a clue what is.

        • Bobbie says:

          if you really think big oil is behind your freedom of choice, you have an issue of your own at hand FriendForLife.

    13. J. BLakeney says:

      It is obvious. Who would U. S. have to buy more oil from? The Muslim countries!!!

    14. CapitalG says:

      Isn't 95% of the world's oil production nationalized? 'Big Oil' only accounts for 5% of the world's oil production. 'Big Oil' and it's oil production really is the only thing that keeps the market from being monopolized by Big Government.

      0dumbo is a mistake that needs to be corrected this November. Say NO to socialism.

      • FriendForLife says:

        You need a clue to what socialism is and is not. If you think 'Big Oil' is not is control of your pocketbook, just take a look at what Delta Airlines has just done. They are BUYING an oil refinery to get out from under the control of 'Big Oil'. It's called coop, or in your terms, a form of "socialism". Capitalism and the 'profit motive' only goes so far when it comes to abiding by what we used to call ethics and reason, or the good of the people. Profit is #1. Screw the people.

      • Bobbie says:

        totally agree with CapitalG. Obama destroys America's resources promoting the worlds oil while taking full advantage of America's intelligence and money.

    15. grams says:

      Yep – Obama is really helping the "rest of us" when he regulates business to death (less jobs available). And when he succeeds in eliminating the tax cut for the oil industry (which is less than other manufacturers receive), and eliminates all the "loopholes", who will pay for that? The "rest of us". Obama is gaining fast on his "promises" to "necessarily raise the cost of electricity and energy". Took my husband 2 years to find a job – hundreds of miles from home. The way the housing industry is we can't sell our house, and now it is very hard to afford the gas to travel to see each other. Thank you Obama. You didn't start the crisis, but you are definitely doing NOTHING to end it.

    16. R. Cook says:

      Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior, stated; "Our job is keep our boot on the neck of British Petroleum and make sure they live up to their responsibilities." This was in regard to the gulf oil spill following the explosion of the oil rig off the Louisiana coast. It was a very poor choice of words to describe efforts to put blame where it belongs and require those responsible to mitigate the damage. The “boot on the neck” has been primarily used as a metaphor for complete subjugation. It is a screaming siren of warning against any ideology that believes complete subjugation is ever necessary to implement their ideology.
      Another one of my favorites that demonstrates the present administration’s hypocrisy is their stance against the right to keep and bear arms. How about this statement made by Obama during his election campaign; “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” It seems pretty clear that Obama would limit his opponents to knives and the way it was said it infers that only he would have a gun.

      • R. Cook says:

        These statements are much more serious than many realize. What it demonstrates is a very disturbing ideology that is present in the liberal mind. That liberal ideology is “We have no problem using force to overcome resistance.” This ideology is the very reason that socialism has always progressed into tyranny and totalitarianism. When you try to impose an ideology on a population that they do not accept voluntarily; ever increasing levels of force are necessary to impose that ideology eventually resulting in total subjugation.

    17. Juan Martinez says:

      Hey, what's with the "Crucifixion" imagery? EPA enforcement action is "cruel and unusual punishment"? Heritage either needs some editors or is going off the deep end. This is very weird stuff you are printing:

      "the EPA views its enforcement efforts as a violent crucifixion used to strong arm companies into submission. The Constitution bars cruel and unusual punishment, but evidently that doesn’t apply to the axe-wielding EPA when it comes to enforcing regulations."

      Not really. Cruel and unusual punishment includes things like torture and water boarding, which the previous administration actually did to its war captives for about 7 years. This subject of federal environmental laws and their enforcement can be discussed intelligently using arguments backed by facts, but now you guys are getting a little bit looney, it seems. What happened to the Old Heritage we respected?

      • allen says:

        They were Duped just like You, However they have seen the true Obama.

      • Bobbie says:

        Your "cruel and unusual punishment" only reflects your opinion. It's cruel and unusual to attack America's energy resources when their use is to survive humanity.

        Jaun, your mental capacity isn't diminishing is it?

      • KHM says:

        @ Juan Martinez,
        Did you read the article? Heritage didn't coin the crucifixion analogy, the former EPA employee Al Armendariz, did so two years ago. Recently the video showing him saying how the EPA would crucify Big Oil went viral and he resigned.
        If you want to contribute a comment at least make intelligent ones that show you read and understood the article.
        Glynda's comment (3 hours ago) got it exactly right. The EPA and this administration are working toward one world gov't -Agenda 21- and have been getting more brazen about pushing us in that direction. It is about control of every aspect of ou lives. Please wake up Juan.

    18. stephen says:

      Sometimes I just don't know how you did it The Foundry writers have succeeded in bringing in many many partisans that are the best Followers in the world.

    19. Ken Carter says:

      As the bumper sticker reads,

      O — One
      B — Big
      A — Ass
      M — Mistake
      A — America

      Obama is a nice guy, has a nice family, and is an excellent public speaker. But he was not qualified to be President, and to run the largest economy on earth. And it shows.

      • Gary from Alaska says:

        Obama has a nice family. But 57 states, and he was serious, and to not know, or understand what a Navy Corp(se) man is qualifies him as an unexperienced boob with little knowledge of American culture. A guy who has degree's but no knowledge, which is worthless.

      • allen says:


      • Bobbie says:

        your acronym is very clever.

        keep in mind people only know about Obama what people see. having to research a man's truth says nothing good about the man while his truth he won't tell.

      • JWG says:

        I don't think that anyone who votes to murder babies that are born "accidently" because of a botched abortion can be called a nice guy. Or how about a guy who appoints John Holdren to a czar position, the same John Holdren who advocated (advocates?) sterilizing whole populations by tainting their drinking water. Nice guy obama? I think not. Or how about his czar Kevin Jennings, slumlord chief advisor Valerie Jarrett, etc. etc. etc.

      • oldguyjustsayin says:

        Ken, your conclusion about Obama being a nice guy? Teleprompter? How he is doing his job has nothing to do with preparedness or experience. The scary thing for America is contained in your conclusions… and in fact, Mitt's when he says Obama is a nice guy but in over his head. Unless Americans wake up and see that Obama is skillfully and systematically accomplishing his agenda, we are likely lost. Probably too late to steer the ship at this point. All that is happening is due to careful, coordinated planning in concert with many who support the larger agenda…even if they are being duped. What you ere witnessing is a very skilled president who was put in place by a web of powers that you would not believe…. the fact that people think Obama is incompetent or doesn't know what to do….. that very conclusion proves the truth of what I am saying and the skill of Obama and his handlers at painting a deceptive landscape so that people will not acknowledge the "unbelievable" which is happening right under our noses.

      • stephen says:

        neither was GW Bush, So I guess we all have our exceptions.

    20. L.E. Liesner says:

      It's all part of the master plan to bring this country to its knees. The sad part is, where does the congress stand in this plan, so far it looks like they are not on the side of the country. Congress holds the purse strings of the government and it's time they exercise that power for the good of the country instead of the growth of the government. In fact it is "We the People" that need to wake up and elect people to office that will do just that. These career politicians are not good stewards in the cause of a Constitutional Republic, they tend to lean toward to the self-serving side if the spectrum.

    21. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Again, it's not the EPA making policy, it's Obama stupid!. The EPA, as well as every other government agency, alone with the entire news media, is nothing more that shills to protect Obama.

    22. Wayne Peterkin says:

      This is an outstanding article! It's even true. Obama is on record as not only wanting energy prices to "skyrocket" but as saying the America's standard of living must be reduced; that we can no longer expect to keep our homes as cool in the summer or as warm in the winter as we would like. His philosophy, not mine. Obama's administration has been damaging domestic energy production every way they can, employing the common con-man tactic of saying one thing while doing another. In the process, the nation is damaged.

    23. Wes Evans says:

      Follow the money. Obama's green energy policy seems to be a means to laundry the citizens tax money to big time Democrat party supporters. Check out the subsidy recipients of wind and solar power federal money. Then check out their financial support of Obama's election campaign. You will find it was one hell of an investment. Crony capitalism (Fascism) at it's finest paid for by the American taxpayer.

    24. Donald says:

      To anyone that's been attentive and applying common sense to the Green movement's glorious proclamations, saving the planet from the environmental disaster du jour while circumventing any congressional oversight, their chief adversaries and main objectives have been to strangle American industry regardless of the costs, human, economic or natiional interests. Over the years their power and audacity have grown and the EPA has and remains, at the forefront, the flagship of the movement. There are many, far to many, who still perceive the EPA as the protector of the environment, the regulation army that holds the proverbial enemies of nature, the polluters of the planet from any further extraction of America's natural resources. Congress needs to get involved, reeducate their constituients and take charge, something they seem increasingly incapable of doing.

    25. Victor Barney says:

      Actually, I'm not that worried about Obama at all, I"M WORRIED ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR HIM AND THEY MAY WELL BE MY NEIGHBORS! Just saying…

    26. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "That doesn't matter, though, to an Administration that is in an unyielding pursuit of a singular "green" agenda."

      The "green" agenda is only a mask for what he has in mind for his second term. His taking control of General Motors and Chrysler was only a baby step in his plans for the rest of the economy. Big oil is next on the agenda. As gasoline prices continue to rise due to the EPA closing areas like the Gulf and other prospective areas his only alternative will be to nationalize the oil industry. Other industries will soon follow until government owns all factors of production and his dream of a socialist, or communist, utopia will finally be realized.

    27. Allen Shriver says:

      Why are we in such a rush to use our oil first?

      • Stirling says:

        Because it runs our countries economy safely and cost effectlvly… Is "pond scum" going to get a 747 jetliner off the ground?? I think not.. and thats just one of the many things that green tech can NOT do, or is not cost effective..

        If you belive that green tech is the solution then let me to sell you a $50.00 government lightbulb? Makes me rich, but you the consumer very poor (once it's mandated.) and I have some Florida Swampland to sell you after that..

    28. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Obama doesn't speak with specifics. Unless it's in the peoples' control, government in control shouldn't be so quick to jump without specifics. Especially when unconstitutional government expects to lay heavy burden on the people without reason.

    29. alcon says:

      The Obama EPA boys are also using their clout to administer pain to private citizens by using liberal interpretation regarding "wetlands" when they wish to intimidate a citizen by requiring them to obtain expensive permits when their property drains into a ditch. There are at least two cases of this abusive behavior.

    30. O2BMe says:

      The crazy thing is the taxpayers have been billed for Solar Energy Companies that have gone bankrupt, mercury bulbs made in China, Electric Cars and chargers for them in public places that are impractical when less could have been spent converting cars to natural gas (like we use in our homes) and updating service stations. These cars can be driven coast to coast and be large enough for families and would be environmentally friendly. The only big problem is refueling.

    31. toledofan says:

      Simply said, no budget in the past 3.5 years in concert with no cohesve energy policy being developed. There are still bad energy loans being being made, coal plants being shut down, runaway spending, increasing debt, Chu still clamoring for higher gas prices, corruption abounds within the adminisrtation and and to top it off a do nothing Congress. No surprises here, same old stuff and nothing will change until the administraion is replaced.

    32. American patriot says:

      How may Obama deliver this country into socialist George Soros hands as he was bought and paid for to do if we prosper as a capitalist society? He must do all he can to decrease the strength of the real Americans and increase the number of slaves dependent on government largesse. There are so many slaves now on government assist and happy to be there as long as the babes, bums and booze keep them stupified. Because of the idiotic political correctness mantra infiltrating the booze and drug filled heads of his slaves, he believes he is winning. We must show him the error of his thinking by sending him and his greedy wife packing in Nov 2012
      ABO 2012. God Bless Americal

    33. RogCol says:

      Mr. Armandiriaz is among the unemployed as a result of his honesty. Wonder how many Democrat cast-offs Media Matters can take on?

    34. In the fifth paragraph of your report you hit the nail on the head when you said that this administration views "Big Oil" as the enemy that deserves to be beaten into submission. You are not correct however in your reasons for this administrations attacks on big oil. The reason, and their only reason, is to get control of the oil and gas industry. Once that is accomplished you will see all the old excuses for not developing our own resources disappear and the government will start saying "full speed ahead" and "drill baby drill".

    35. Ben C. says:

      Looks like there is a campaign from "the other side" to comment on the heritage posts. I welcome the dialog and hope the commentors continue to read the Foundry and keep an open mind, as I do. Not only does the EPA use the "shock and awe" technique to gain compliance from industry but OSHA does as well. Rather than being reasonable, OSHA descends on a business and levies lots of fines knowing that neighboring business will tremble with fear that the same may happen to them. At least in Michigan, MIOSHA is much more reasonable and actually wants to help. I speak from personal experience. Lastly, for those who think our current administration is for the little guy, think again. To get a glimpse in the future read The Hunger Games trilogy. The most recent White House bash is right out of the book. The similarities are striking.

    36. Nelson Whipple says:

      Most of the actions taken by Hussein O. appear to be guided by his Islamic resigion. Particularly those with respect to oil, Israel, health care (or is it CAIR?), national defense and the takeover of all aspects of our lives.
      Is it toop late for America and the Constitution?

    37. Harley Spoon says:

      I think the reality is that the oil and gas industry wants a free ride so it can run rampant over and crucify the American people and the world…

      As for Obama's qualifications to the run the world's largest economy, I suppose you think Bush2, Bush1, Reagan and Nixon/Ford were so qualified! Your comment, Ken, indicates that you have no idea what you are talking about. Where was the US economy after 8 years of Bush2 and after 14 years of Republican control of the congress? Anymore of that Republican crap and there would be no US economy. It is obvious that you genuflect at the groin area of the Koch brothers and the corporate fascist/monopolist ilk they run with but you don't have to make so totally obvious.

      • Stirling says:

        Spoken like a true socialist there Harley.. If you realized all the products that use "Oil" or "Oil byproducts" you would probably be thanking the oil industry for bringing this great country it's prosperity and tech advances..

        Lastly if you understood Capitalism, you would know that a business like the oil industry relies on it's customers to grow and survive (produce a good product).. Socialism doesn't (like big government subsidizing the Green Industry) it just takes and has no accountability to it's people (the taxpayers).

    38. Harley Spoon says:

      Bush2 may have been a nice guy and he had a nice wife but it is obvious he couldn't even run a small business given his record of abject failure in that arena….Just ask the Harvard Trust about how much of their money he lost….and then there is that non-productive ranch with no livestock near Waco (that he bought so he could look like John Connally and LBJ. As Vicente Fox said, "Bush was a windshield cowboy who was afraid of horses!" He thought chopping brush was what cowboys did. And then we can go back to that wizard, Ronny Reagan, the taxer,borrower and spend-thrift who almost doubled the executive branch, tripled the national debt and took the US from being the leading lender in the world when he took office to being the leading debtor nation by the time he left office…and don't even come back with that malarkey that the Dems wouldn't cut spending; Reagan never sent a budget to congress that was any lower than the ultimate budget legislation passed by the Dems. In fact, more often than not, the Dems trimmed the Reagan budget requests and sent a budget back to him that was smaller than the budget he asked for. And I didn't even mention that the two most corrupt administrations in US history were the Reagan and Nixon administrations in terms of the number of high level appointees who were investigated, indicted, charged, tried, convicted (or who plead guilty), fined or jailed or had to leave office under cloud of criminal scandal….You lose on every count, Ken….

    39. Harley Spoon says:

      I realize that the facts always have to be scrutinized; especially if they don't jive with the Big Lies, half truths, outright lies, innuendo, convoluted logic and glittering generalities proffered by your bloggers and paid propagandists…If you approved my words, the Koch's would run you off before they could hang the phone up. I don't expect to see my words in The Foundry….That is "better to wished for than hoped for" as T. More said about utopias!

      • Bobbie says:

        Why don't you practice what you preach and open your mind to ALL the truth?! Why are you so jealous of successful people? I still don't know the Koch brothers but according to you and those that hate people that achieve tells me the Koch brothers inspire the America the way it was when there was freedom to work to earn success and by not cheating people out of their freedom of choice. What's so wrong with that? What do you have against freedom? And the personal responsibilities to live free no matter what your income?

    40. Kay Bruce says:

      What I haven't seen anyone do yet that surprises me is talk about the similarity between what this American said should be done based on the Roman armies and what the Muslim terrorists did on the planes, on 9/11/01. They cut the throats of a single person on board each plane w/box cutters in order to subdue the other passengers on the plane. Here we have an American, who is supposed to represent his fellows citizens in his tax-paid position, talking about how to bring American companies who employ American citizens and which we American citizens rely upon for our transportation fuel to their knees. This man and his comrades who think like him are beyond shame, they are well into treason. Why is this not considered as much a threat to the American people as the Muslim terrorists we are trying to be alert for?

    41. RennyG says:

      He doesn't want to be President, he wants to be "King!!" No matter how you color it, he is using the "Alinsky Model" to accomplish his goals. Compair his tatics with "Adolph," anything goes and you can't touch or stop him because of the devious wall of people around him that he has appointed. We the people have allowed this to happen and we allowed him to take "GOD" out of our Nation and as a result it is "doomed!!!" We are just not sure when!!!!!!!! "PRAY!!!"

    42. John A. Szeker says:

      This is just another example of obama's policy of destroying our capitalist economy and replacing it with a completely government controlled socialistic economy – and this is anaother reason he has to be defeated in this coming election. God help us if he wins again, and gets a Democratic contgrolled Congress – our once great country will surely never be the same after he and his commie friends get through destrotying our country.

    43. Squidwordd says:

      You all need to check your facts. The average corporate tax rate in the United States is 37.5%, which is the second highest in the world next to Japan (New York Times). Anyone want to guess what the tax rate to active oil producers is on post 1999 wells??? 9%. And you're saying oohhh, but those wells before 1999 must be taxed relative to other corporations… well they pay a much higher, 14.8%. How does this not upset all of you??!! WE AS CITIZENS should be benefiting from these massive oil producers taxes going towards our schools, or scientific research, but instead they are pocketing the over 20% difference which when you are talking about billions in yearly revenue is A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY. You all say that we will kill jobs with this tax increase, but how did FDR fund the New Deal??? he TAXED PRODUCER INDUSTRY and used that revenue to fund PUBLIC WORK PROGRAMS building dams and roads that we all use today, as well as directly give funds to farmers so they could keep their land. Take an economics course, and read some DATA before you ramble on about what the news tells you.

    44. haroldson says:

      another way to try and cripple the USA. Won't work Obama we are sending you back to Where ever you came from in the near future ps take your dog with you,you may get hungry

    45. Jackson - TX says:

      Inept Obama and his drone minions must have a scapegoat to distract citizens from the real issues dragging our economy through the mud – their very own policies and crooked paths. The oil and energy production industries are always their fall back whipping boys when they have nothing else to stand on. If people don't wake up and smell the bovine excrement and the slippery slop this Potus has us on, we are doomed to soon move into the Brave New World about which Aldous Huxley wrote in 1932 (never mind 1984 – we are already there).


    46. Peabody1911 says:

      OT: I received a mailing from Heritage today, "ISSUES 2012". The seal was broken and REsealed with tape. On the back was stamped, "OPENED FOR INSPECTION AT BULK MAIL ACCEPTANCE UNIT GREEN BAY, WI 54303-996"

    47. Pingback: Washington Post: EPA “Earning A Reputation for Abuse” | The Liberty Sentry

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