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  • Most Americans Agree: War on Terrorism Not Yet Won

    Last week, experts fired back at the assertion by an unnamed senior State Department official that “The war on terror is over.” Yet, according to a Rasmussen poll released today, it’s not just the experts who disagree. According to a telephone survey conducted by the well-known polling company, 79 percent of likely U.S. voters think the war on terror is not yet won.

    It’s good to see that while some Administration officials may have a skewed perspective, the vast majority of the American public has a firm grip on reality. Indeed, Osama bin Laden is now long since dead. Throughout the world, terrorist networks have been dismantled, their leadership decimated, and training camps dispersed. However, as Examiner columnist Cal Thomas aptly puts it, “Terrorism flows from a belief system and worldview that will not be crushed just because a few al Qaeda leaders are gone.”

    Terrorists continue to seek to harm the United States and its people. Since 9/11, at least 50 publicly known Islamist-inspired terror plots have been foiled. With al-Qaeda now more decentralized, the terrorist network has instead turned to a greater dependence on its affiliates and allies and has taken a greater interest in homegrown terrorism (plots planned by American citizens, legal permanent residents, or visitors radicalized predominately in the United States). In fact, of the 50 thwarted terrorist plots since 9/11, 42 could be considered homegrown terror plots.

    The worst thing the United States could do now is adopt an air of complacency. Combating the continued threat of terrorism requires not only continued reliance on existing counterterrorism and intelligence tools, such as the PATRIOT Act, but also enhancing cooperation among federal, state, and local authorities, as well as mutual trust and partnerships with Muslim communities throughout the United States.

    The fact that the U.S. has not seen a large-scale successful attack since 9/11 truly points to the success of our counterterrorism systems. Future success, however, requires that the nation continue to remain vigilant.


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    7 Responses to Most Americans Agree: War on Terrorism Not Yet Won

    1. John G says:

      Oh Please. As if "most Americans" could possibly have the information necessary to make such a determination.

    2. Tom Clark says:

      First, the war on terror is a misnomer for what should be a war on Islam. It is a certain Muslim interpretation of what Islam is and what it strives for, accomplished through organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood that will do the real harm. Blowing up buildings and shooting a thousand people is bad but infiltrating sensitive government, military, academic and civilian institutions is what will eventually do us in. It's called stealth and the government refuses to acknowledge or even mention it. The Brotherhood is stealth until the time is ripe, then their Al Qaeda mode takes over. After all they are Al Qaeda's daddy.

    3. BSeageo says:

      Bring Our Troops Home Now!__Ron Paul 2012!!!

    4. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This would be like the USAAF killing Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and having the State Department claim World
      War II was over. It would have been nice if it had ended with the death of Yamamoto. It didn't.

    5. Pragmatic says:

      there is a difference between "the war on terror is done" and "the war on terror has been won".

      Also, it doesn't seem possible to win the War on Terror

    6. hornswith says:

      Of course it has not been won. There have always been terrorists, and there always will be. Until we developed the proper "strike first" attitude when it comes to dealing with these cowards, we will always play the victim.

    7. O2BMe says:

      Terrorism will never by eradicated because we will always have the crazies out there that like killing and the publicity. Its been so since the beginning of humans. The problem is weapons now are so deadly and can kill millions like in 9/11.

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