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  • Former Senator Trent Lott Lobbies for U.N. Treaty He Vehemently Opposed

    Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is lobbying for the Senate to ratify a treaty that would undermine American sovereignty and damage the country economically – incidentally, characterizations that Lott himself has advanced.

    During his time in the Senate, Lott vehemently opposed the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, also known as the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), saying it would create a “U.N. on steroids” that “would undermine U.S. military operations … and impair navigational rights” by subjecting maritime disputes to U.N. authority.

    Lott denounced the measure in this 2007 press conference held by Sen. Jim DeMint (relevant segment begins at 1:33):

    But despite his previous opposition, disclosure forms filed for the first quarter of 2012 (embedded below) show that Lott is one of four lobbyists from the Breaux Lott Leadership Group, a subsidiary of lobbying giant Patton Boggs LLP, pushing for Senate ratification of the treaty.

    Lott, a Mississippi Republican, is Senior Counsel for Breaux Lott, which lobbied for LOST on behalf of the Shell Oil Company and Pike Associates, another lobbying firm, according to the disclosure forms.

    “What happened to Lott in his time in the private sector to change his mind on all of these issues?” asked Heritage’s Brian Darling in response to the lobbying efforts. Lott’s office declined to comment on the apparent discrepancy in the former Senator’s position on the issue.

    Shell has previously testified in support of LOST ratification, saying that it would ensure the United States’ ability to develop offshore oil resources – which would benefit Shell directly. According one of the disclosure forms, Shell paid Breaux Lott $80,000 during Q1 to lobby on issues including LOST.

    While Shell’s interest is primarily financial, Lott also lobbied on behalf of environmental interests. Pike Associates, mentioned above, is headed up by Jeffrey Pike, the former Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries and a former member of the Commerce Department’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee under President Clinton.

    Pike’s website says it was recently “selected to manage a multimillion dollar campaign on Senate ratification of the international Law of the Sea Treaty.” It paid Breaux Lott $30,000 to lobby for LOST ratification.

    Additional disclosure forms show that Pike has lobbied for LOST on behalf of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew pushed hard for the treaty with a campaign headed up by the former head of governmental affairs for the radical environmentalist group Greenpeace.

    Heritage’s Kim Holmes explored LOST’s deficiencies in a Washington Times column last year. The treaty “reflects the 1970’s ‘new economic order’ ideology that viewed ocean riches as the ‘common heritage of mankind,’” Homes explained. “Consequently, it establishes a bureaucracy to redistribute the wealth of the deep seabed and the extended continental shelf.”

    “Consensus often works against U.S. interests in the U.N. General Assembly,” Holmes added, “and it would do so in this international body. Imagine how a U.N.-like body with a ‘right’ to distribute U.S. revenues would behave.”

    Lott had expressed similar sentiments during his time in the Senate. “If the Senate ratifies the Law of the Sea Treaty,” he said in 2007, “we will cede our national sovereignty – both militarily and economically.” Lott also cited the “huge new bureaucracy” the treaty would establish as cause for his opposition.

    Here are the relevant lobbying disclosure forms:

    Lott Shell Lobbying

    Lott Pike Lobbying

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    31 Responses to Former Senator Trent Lott Lobbies for U.N. Treaty He Vehemently Opposed

    1. Prince of Peeps says:

      What happened to Lott to change his mind since he left office? I guess he needed the money. I never liked Lott when he was speaker. Thought he was just a RINO go-along-to-get-along kind of guy. Apparently his scruples are paper thin.

      • wandrako says:

        Money is all that is important. No morals.

      • Don't tread on me says:

        "You've got o stand for something or you'll fall for anything. Will we ever rid the party of these guys and elect people who take country before ban account. This is a teachable moment for Sens. Lugar, Hatch and others.

        • kim says:


      • Farragut Jones says:

        Lott was Speaker?

    2. Texas gm says:

      Trent Lott was and is a democrat who joined the Republican party for expediency only. Breaux of Louisiana (d) also has no allegiance to anyone other than their own financial gains. People who serve in Congress should never be allowed to be lobbyists-ever.

    3. willem says:

      These corporate "firms" are known as "alien persons" under the law. That means the headline could have been "Trent Lott sold out to Zombies."

      Lott, Baker, Botts, Breaux, Pike, et al …

      These must be the honkies the New Black Panther Party has been warning us about; honkin' thru da hood wit big money in they pocket.

      With hair like that, where else can they go?

    4. honestbabe says:

      Absolute Traitor!

    5. JDL says:

      We really need to change our lobbying laws. If prostitution is illegal, then so should lobbying be illegal. It is after all, the same thing except the lobbyist is the pimp and what he's pimping out is american citizens.

      • AZBob says:

        A little correction Prostitution is not illegal or you would not have that trade legal in Nevada. The areas that it is illegal is the areas where they are controlled by the socially correct.

    6. Kay says:

      Evidently, Lott has been promised an elite position with the NWO.

    7. ANNA says:

      I never liked Lott. I am ashamed of him for my state of Mississippi. I knew when he retired from the senate he probably was involved with something illegal. I still think there is more to the Scruggs story. He his like all of the politicians; they are in it for the love of money and not for the people they promised to represent. He is a traitor to the USA

      • dunce says:

        Thank you for remembering the Scruggs judge seats for sale deal. I believe he escaped prosecution by resigning, he was embarrassing the party and giving pelosi facts to support her charges of corruption.

    8. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      What's the Law of the Sea Treaty?

      • Bob says:

        A partial explanation as I know of, A Treaty with the United Nations where we share control of "our" 200 mile sovereign Seas with them and other Country's in the United Nations..

    9. EVELYN ZUR says:


    10. Harry Jismsm says:

      I TOLD you so. Lott is just another RINO democrat that is greedy and easily bought off with money. He has no shame and wants to degrade the U.S. and let us be controlled by the U.N. Shame, Shame Lott. Have you no sense of decency?

    11. Bobbie says:

      All white supremacists are on Obama's side incognito! Their thoughts aren't thorough, they use no sense to reason, they speak with no logic and their actions hold America down with tremendous consequences because they believe they're above everyone else and as long as they have Obama, they won't think they look so bad…silly little people! Unless you're a white supremacist, take no offense! Can't stand 'em in any color!

    12. Charlie says:

      Trent is following the same footsteps of most politicians no matter the party – Democrat or Republican. Most of the politicians are just "guns for hire". They will promote and support the policies of whichever special interest pays them the most money or promises them the most special favors. Unless they are getting paid the most, there is little interest in supporting any policy that may be appropriate for the sovereignty and security of the USA and its citizens.

    13. Joe Lang says:

      Lott was the one who stated that the GOP leadership needed to "co-opt any Tea Party people elected to the House and Senate because we do not need a bunch of Jim DeMints running around in Washington." My recollection of the exact words might be off, but that is essentially what he said. In my opinion we could use a lot more Jim DeMints, and a lot less Trent Lotts in Washington. Lott is a prime example of what happens when one becomes infected with the insidious Beltway Mentality Disease.

      Joe from Chatham

    14. alf says:

      Follow the money, any politician or ex-politician will sell any family member for what ever they can get and that includes parents !!! Great guy this "trent"

    15. Darmyman says:

      Lott is money driven and not principle driven. Its unfortunate.

    16. Grandma B says:

      These people are modern day Judas – they are selling our country down the river for mere dollars. Do they think they will escape the misery that will come to all of us if we knuckle under to these horrendous UN treaties? Hillary Clinton is highly in favor of all of these miserable treaties that will undercut the remains of our freedoms. If only the voters were aware of, or believed if they are aware, that these people and these treaties are a death knoll for the United States.

      • Agnes Tillerson says:

        Agree with you Grandma B. I personally would like the US to get out of the UN. It has not adhered to titys role as defined many years ago and uses our money for grand feasts and their agenda which is far from being peace promoters. They build a grand Taj Mahal in Africa and then ordered lobster from Mass. for a meeting. They should move there and ouot of the UN building in New York. The Treaties they propose are for a one wolrd country. If you never have read them, please do! Agenda 21 is one they are pushing n ow which would negate our being sovereingh nation. We accepted their Third World Edfucation and look what that has gained us..dumb and dumber students whoi have no or meager knowledge of Civics, American History, Geography, our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. I have been signing petitions agaginst the Law of the Sea Treaty for years. This is nothing new but keeps erupting.Wake up Americans..we are in deep trouble!

    17. PatriotDiva says:

      I hopw you enjoy your thirty pieces of silver Mr. Lott.

    18. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      Lott's character is a known quantity; it's his price that is negotiable!

    19. Mad Maxxx says:

      Trent Lott is a traitor and so is Hillary Clinton & her buddy OBAMA along with anybody who endorses the UN treaty. Their is nothing good about it for the American people or American.
      You don't like it her then leave. America does not need yuour kind here.
      Our government is afraid of it's own people, trying to restrict freedom of speech and assembly guaranteed by our constitution. They know that we all know what theives and liars they are. .They will do anything to keep their strangle hold on government so they can continue to rob us of a bright future while they become an elite class of idiots.

    20. gregoftheweb says:

      Let's get this on Reddit.

    21. Mike Travis says:

      Typical lawyer. They will whore themselves for money regardless of whether it contradicts an earlier position because they are amoral.

      Folks the system is corrupt and broken because the politicians, most of whom are lawyers, only care about money and power, NOT We the People and NOT the USA.

    22. TJefferson44 says:

      This is a main reason why all constitutional patriots should work tirelessly for the extrication of all RINOs from the US Congress ASAP!!!! These traitors are one of the greatest dangers to our beloved Republic!

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