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  • Union Says Right-to-Work Makes Us Slaves

    Is it slavery for union workers to work alongside nonunion workers?

    The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) filed a lawsuit claiming that Indiana’s right-to-work law violates the 13th Amendment, which states that “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…shall exist within the United States.” The union claims that:

    The Defendants have exacted compulsory service and/or involuntary servitude from the Union through the combination of the passage of the Right to Work law and the existing federal requirement of the duty of fair representation. Through these laws the Union is compelled to furnish services to all persons in bargaining units that it represents, but it may not require payment for those services because of the Right to Work law.

    Right-to-work laws prevent unions from forcing workers to pay union dues. The IUOE argues (with a straight face) that this is akin to slavery.

    Never mind that the Supreme Court has ruled that unions are free to write contracts that cover only dues-paying members. They do not have to give services to nonmembers. So why is the IUOE fighting tooth and nail against Indiana’s law?

    Unions do not want nonunion members to write their own contracts. They want to bargain for nonmembers so they can force them to work on the union’s terms. As a recent Heritage report explained:

    Consider seniority systems: They ensure that everyone gets raises and promotions at the same rate, irrespective of individual performance. If a union negotiated a members-only contract with a seniority system, high-performing workers would refuse to join. Those workers would negotiate a separate contract with performance pay. The best workers would get ahead faster, leaving less money and fewer positions available for those on the seniority scale. The union wants everyone in the seniority system—especially those it holds back.

    Unions’ interest is to compel workers to unionize—and then force them to pay for it. Unions can limit their contracts to those who pay membership dues. The real issue is whether unions can coerce nonunion workers into unionizing.

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    27 Responses to Union Says Right-to-Work Makes Us Slaves

    1. Bobbie says:

      Isn't that sweet? They call us slaves because we want the right to work without paying for unions to make sure we get that right?! That makes a lot sense! Unions are a pain that need to get out of the way. They've overstayed their purpose! They're forcing companies to leave or collapse because of their thuggery and irrationality! Without the union you're free to advance yourself on your own and according to your ethic and skills achieved. One can work to earn more than the union wage. Unions right to interfere is causing increase unemployment and increase government controlled favoritism. Whatever happened to the union free businesses where for the employees it was don't call us, we'll call you? My son quit a union job because he said the work ethic was expected from him where other people didn't have to work up to it. Unions are in support of the insubordinate at a high cost of jobs and integrity of the business.

    2. Gary says:

      Accuse the other of what you're doing. True liberal dogmatics!

    3. john rieger says:

      I was a union member in the 90s.they negotiated a contract for everyone.it wasnt good eough for me.told my boss i was going to quit.he allowed me to make my own deal.needless to say it was better than thiers.I have now uze for unions.they eant to take my monry to give raises to under performers.I WILL NEVER JOIN A UNION AGAIN.

      • Dan says:

        Unions are for the under achievers, the lazy and the corrupt who want something for nothing. The work ethic is non-existant on most of the union jobs I have been associated with.

        • jturning says:

          Amen to that, and I work in CWA shop that was unionized a few years ago. The telecom company I work for agreed to card check so I didn't even get a vote, and it was the bad employees that brought in the union. And having seen them in action, CWA employees just spew Marxist rhetoric and are in many ways worse than Demoncrats. They are people without honor that steal money from employees while helping those that should be fired avoid termination for as long as possible. The union information board at work always has union propaganda on it supporting Demoncrats, and the union refused my religious exemption to paying dues. Being a good employee, I suffered quite a bit under the union contracts as there really is no incentive for me to go above and beyond in my daily work duties, as seniority is valued and we all get the same meager raise. However unions may have started and the good that they accomplished, with government regulations today unions have been distorted into a money making machine that has no value and is a detriment to society.

    4. These are the death cries of a dinosaur succumbing to the cruel and relentless process of evolution.

    5. These are the death cries of a dinosaur succumbing to the relentless process of evolution.

    6. Kaci says:

      The IUOE claims the r-t-w law violates the 13th Amendment?
      What a laugh –
      Unions themselves, violate the whole concept of what these States are all about.

    7. Ben Perry, Jr. says:

      I've worked in North Carolina all my working life for several different employers. Not once has any employer held me in servitude against my will. The closest I have ever come to involuntary servitude is in my relationship to the IRS as a tax payer. The IUOE management must think Americans are idiots.

    8. Ron says:

      It is unions that create slavery and strangle job growth! Let them show us where in the land of free enterprise, the constitution says we must pay a fee to work.

    9. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      It's not enough to live and let live with union leaders or statists in general. We must all conform to their model of living. Who are the intolerant ones again?

    10. allen says:

      Rotate Union Leadership every Three Years, So every one knows how management works. Listen to the Bellowing from the God-Fathers Then. TERM LIMITS for the UNIONS.

      • jadedserf says:

        If the unions were instead ran by the actual members instead of some opportunistic admin, would unions serve the intended workers?

    11. local49 says:

      Nobody is forced to join a union, ever.

      Unions, on the other hand, are already forced to represent non-members in grievance cases, salary negotiations, etc.

      Would the Chamber of Commerce render it's services to a non-paying "member"? Of course not?

      Should we have a "right to work out" so that we can use health clubs, taking advantage of their equipment and services without paying for that privilege? Of course not? Confused by the idea? Check here: http://wp.me/p24a1F-59

      So the truth is, we already have a right to work, and this ALEC-backed notion is clearly an assault not just on unions, but upon the entire middle class, since we know that the era of economic prosperity in the U.S. that so many recall as "the good old days" came on the heels of the greatest expansion of union membership in our history. Doubt it? Dare ya: http://wp.me/p24a1F-9u

      Everybody's entitled to their own opinions, but they are NOT entitled to their own facts.

      Right to work is a sham, masquerading behind an appealing name – it is the antithesis of local control, and legislators who support such initiatives might as well phone in their votes, because the evidence is clear that while it does lead to lower wages it does NOT lead to higher employment. The benefit flows to the 1% who are already rolling in more wealth than they need.

      • Bobbie says:

        no offense union person but government unions are not needed. In history, private unions did a great service to the employed at the consent of the employed but since, the government has proposed and implemented regulations and rules on businesses to which no government backed union is necessary, where today government unions only promote corruptions through unreasonable demands at the cost of those that have no say or involvement!

      • Dan says:

        B double S. Try to work in a union shop and not belong to the union. Unions have become corrupt through the years and have outlived thier usefulness. they are the slavers in industry. Never belonged to one and made lots more money than any union people in my profession.

      • Cfcshine says:

        local49 you basic premise "Unions, on the other hand, are already forced to represent non-members in grievance cases, salary negotiations, etc.." is wrong and I suspect you know it. As stated in the article above the Supreme Court has ruled that Unions can write contracts that cover ONLY MEMBERS. They are therefore not required by anyone or any law to provide services to non members. However, in Union Shop states they can write a contract that requires the Union to negotiate all labor contracts for both members and non members and can require that non members pay a "fee" to cover the cost of providing this service (whether the employee wants it or not). These services by definition include grievance and salary negotiations. The only FORCE that is being applied here the FORCE that the Union demands it have. So for you or any Union member to make claim that Unions are being "forced" by some invisible force to supply these services free of charge is not only wrong but is an outrageous lie.

    12. ChuckL says:

      The Union complaint that "Right to Work" laws make everyone slaves is stating the reverse of facts.

      Those persons who voluntarily sell themselves into servitude to a union have the right to do so. What they do not have the right to do is demand that all person are subject to their servitude arrangements. When anyone is forced into a union they are now slaves.

      If Unions actually offered benefits to members then they would have no problem in increasing membership voluntarily. Since this is not the fact, it is obvious that Union membership is forced and therefore a form of slavery.

      • Steppenwolfer says:

        Nope. bogus 'right-to-work,' which are actually right-to-nothing laws ARE slavery in action. Joining unions doesn't sell yourself into servitude. Working under a profiteering dictatorial boss is. That's why it's called master-servant law–a boss hires you to exploit your labour, skills, creativity and make profit off what you do.

        Workers forming democratic cooperative associations, which is what unions are (and please don't deny this fact), is an effort to free themselves, or at least minimize the brutality, of servitude. Workers that don't join unions but get the rights and benefits of union efforts, which is what these right-to-nothing laws demand, are inadvertently slitting their own throats by slitting the throats of their colleagues–which is EXACTLY what corporate bosses and governments want. The whole four century struggle for democracy has been a fight by people organizing unions and similar organizations to challenge bosses and governments. To undermine them is to undermine freedom.

    13. HANK says:


    14. Carol, AZ says:

      The most endangered species IS the American worker.
      That fact has been left out from all discussion here.
      Or do you really believe the lies that," our economy is rebounding?"

    15. RennyG says:

      Why worry, just get tied in with the big "O" in the government and you both would be happy. Or are you stronger than the government?????

      • O_Henry says:

        The public is always stronger than the government. Thankfully.

        In the USA we believe in government by consent of the governed. Thankfully!

        Therefore, we, the public ARE stronger than the government!

    16. gcguv says:

      its crazy to think that the right to work is slavery…….. what I can tell you is that NO boss of mine has ever told me that we are going to strike and we're not sure for how long and don't you even think about crossing the line or you will be fired and we will take your pention and you will be left with nothing. And be happy with that 5 bucks a day while your setting in the cold or heat. Now who is the slave again?

    17. Steppenwolfer says:

      It's crazy to think that so-called 'right to work' (that's a laugh) is not slavery. The union has a point, since corporate capitalist workplaces are all based on the dictatorial exploitative master-servant model of the middle ages. Workers under this regimen are literal slaves. We have NO say in what conditions we work under, what wages, job description, safety standards, and who gets to work and who doesn't (proving these are not 'right-to work) etc. will be. These are exclusively dictated by bosses even though workers do the work and take the real risks that matter by creating all of the market wealth that gives the business its value.

      Workers form unions to win the democratic right to negotiate these conditions. These neo-slave laws–which actually infringe on the right to work by entrenching the dictatorial power of bosses to decide who will and won't work (and please dump the crap that they choose the 'best' workers because anyone who's worked knows it's whoever sucks up to the corporate dictates wins favors, not who is the best skilled). Unions give workers the right to democratically discuss their concerns free from boss intimidation and have a say in what a good worker is, and what a good employer is, and how big the work force should be. And history everywhere shows the democracy and higher living standards have been won by people forming unions as a way to challenge the dictatorial and exploitative power of bosses and governments.

      These neo-slave laws dictate that unions must negotiate for everyone whether they join or not. That means that those who don't join get all the benefits and freedoms without doing their share to help–in other words profiting off their co-workers just like the boss does and in the long run undermines the freedom of workers to have a say in their working conditions. That is slavery. Period. All the rest of the pap in support of these 'right-to-nothing laws is just blind freedom-hating excuse-mongering for bosses sucking ever more out of workers by driving down conditions and suppressing their freedom.

    18. Steppenwolfer says:

      It's crazy to think that so-called 'right to work' (that's a laugh) is not slavery. The union has a point, since corporate capitalist workplaces are all based on the dictatorial exploitative master-servant model of the middle ages. Workers under this regimen are literal slaves. We have NO say in what conditions we work under, what wages, job description, safety standards, and who gets to work and who doesn't (proving these are not 'right-to work) etc. will be. These are exclusively dictated by bosses even though workers do the work and take the real risks that matter by creating all of the market wealth that gives the business its value.

      • Fred says:

        You have the right to leave your job and get another. You have the right to save your money and invest in your own business. That is freedom. That you don't have the balls to make your own way in this world tells me an awful lot about you. I have worked in a union shop and I know your kind…dispicable!

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