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  • Federal Budget in Pictures Shows Medicare’s Path to Crisis

    The Medicare trustees report, released this week, reinforced the urgent need to reform the federal health insurance program for seniors. Medicare is on an unsustainable path, and sticking with the status quo guarantees a Medicare crisis in the not-so-distant future. As The Heritage Foundation’s Bob Moffit and Rea Hederman explain, the dramatic growth in Medicare spending and the accumulation of massive debt are the central fiscal challenges facing Medicare.

    The Heritage Foundation’s newly released Federal Budget in Pictures 2012 edition (previously called the Budget Chart Book) shows Medicare’s dire fiscal situation in clear and compelling graphics.

    Unless Congress and the President enact Medicare reforms, spending on this program will more than double by 2050 as a share of the economy. Medicaid and Social Security spending is also on track to rise dramatically, bringing the total share of spending on the major entitlements to nearly 20 percent of the economy within a few decades.

    This unsustainable growth in entitlement spending puts pressure on key government priorities, including providing for America’s national defense. The explosive growth in spending on Medicare and other entitlements are crowding out spending on defense. Last year’s contentious Budget Control Act sequestration would slash the defense budget while leaving entitlements—the biggest part of the federal budget—on a collision course with insolvency.

    As the chart below shows, spending on Medicare is growing much faster than other government spending. To rein in out-of control government spending and debt and ensure that the program is fiscally sustainable, it is imperative to reform Medicare—and reform it now. If America does not get control of entitlement spending, it runs the risk of following Europe down the path of fiscal and economic crisis.

    The Heritage Foundation has a plan to reform Medicare and solve the entitlement-driven spending and debt crises. Saving the American Dream would solve Medicare’s fiscal challenges by first repealing Obamacare and then converting Medicare to a premium support program that guarantees beneficiaries access to a wide range of health plans and providers and lowers costs through the powerful forces of competition. Now is the time to take Medicare off the path to crisis and strengthen the program through patient-centered reforms.

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    4 Responses to Federal Budget in Pictures Shows Medicare’s Path to Crisis

    1. John Gray says:

      Folks, we are in serious danger of financial ruin. I am not an alarmist but our present day politicians see no further then the next election, And this is very true at the local level also. PWC has an unfunded (unpaid) pension liability of over $1 BILLION. This is in addition to over $1 BILLION in public debt! The penion liability is what we owe our to our County employees and teachers. It can;t be reduced and is growing bigger every day. The problem is being totally ignored. We must face this financial disaster approaching us.

    2. Bobbie says:

      says the government will take full control of all diseases and illnesses they will riddle us with!

      I don't know why this man isn't impeached for the danger he is intentionally putting us in with his deviance working for Islamic Muslimism putting the threat of it in conversion mode, HIS IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR, his fear mongering over extreme speculations that a man of courage and strength would avoid. Threatening a human life used to be against the law. This man is threatening a whole country of human lives!!!!

      Every person that's immigrant that's corrupting the system needs deportation and the rest JAIL! ACCOUNTABILITY! America(ns) did NOTHING to deserve this ugliness!!

    3. Cindy Smith says:

      What world do you idiots live in?????? WE ARE IN DEBT BECAUSE OF THE GOP BOGUS IRAQ WAR!!!! George W. Bush was THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! I guess its easy when you have a puny mind to think soooo narrowly……………Obama is going to sweep the floor with Mitt Robme!

      • Bobbie says:

        For a man who sat in the senate voting yes to everything troubling America, while according to you the worst president presided and the man in the senate says he's going to change it all, wins the presidency to exploit it all while he changes nothing except to make it worse, says ignorance will kill you…
        maybe if you were in full control of providing for yourself you'd know who's robbing who! Mitt Romney, along with every Republican I've heard, men and women, exemplifies where America's freedom and the ambition to be free, can bring you. Besides Doug Shoen, what does any democrat exemplify besides dependency? Evil will sweep the floor!

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