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  • Morning Bell: Do You Know What the Constitution Really Means?

    With a handful of words, the Founders set forth a simple principle that protects a central liberty enjoyed by all in this Republic — the freedom of speech, as recognized in the First Amendment. Yet after more than 200 years of history, liberals in Congress — including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — aim to set that freedom on its head so they can further their efforts to silence their political opponents.

    The proposal, which is known as the “People’s Rights Amendment,” would amend the Constitution and hold that constitutional rights are only for “natural persons,” meaning that corporations and legal entities would no longer enjoy the freedoms the Constitution guarantees. That would apply not just to companies like General Electric, but also to newspapers, churches, nonprofits, businesses, labor unions and book publishers alike. Individuals acting collectively — whatever their purpose — would wave the freedom of speech goodbye.

    The Constitution should not be cast aside so quickly to achieve political ends, and its meaning must be carefully understood and respected. That’s why The Heritage Foundation is proud to announce a new resource to help the American people and their elected representatives learn more about the history of our founding document. Heritage’s Online Guide to the Constitution is a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of every single clause in the Constitution — and it’s available for free at ConstitutionOnline.com.

    Want to learn more about the freedom of speech that is now under assault? Though you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” what does it really mean? Who does the freedom of speech and press apply to, who can restrict speech, and what constitutes “speech,” anyway? Can you burn a flag? Is “hate speech” illegal? Is it permissible to lie or incite others to violence? ConstitutionOnline.com has the answers. It offers an in-depth analysis of the First Amendment, traces its roots to the First Continental Congress in 1774, and tracks its evolution through history.

    But ConstitutionOnline.com doesn’t just stop with the First Amendment. You can learn about everything from impeachment to declarations of war, the oath of office to the Electoral College, the powers of Congress, the President and the Supreme Court, and everything else in between. Here are some other features in this great new resource:

    It’s comprehensive. Heritage brought together 100 of the nation’s best legal experts to create the only clause-by-clause examination of the Constitution and how it’s been interpreted over the years.

    It’s searchable. You won’t need Google to search the Constitution anymore. Search the entire document and hundreds of essays by the nation’s leading legal experts on the historical context, meaning, and judicial interpretation of each clause. Untangle years of contradictory case law and find the original meaning of the First Amendment and how it protects freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    It’s user-friendly. ConstitutionOnline.com was designed with your mobile device in mind. Whether you’re using Android, iPhone, a tablet, or iPad, ConstitutionOnline.com works beautifully on them all. We’ve made it simple to post on Facebook or tweet your favorite clause, as well.

    It’s teachable. You don’t need to go to law school to learn the Constitution. Teach yourself the Constitution with the teaching companion to the guide. Appropriate for classroom settings, reading groups, or individual self-study, the teaching companion covers every clause in the Constitution, summarizes each essay in the guide, and includes exercises and quizzes to facilitate understanding of the Constitution’s main concepts.

    It’s for everyone. ConstitutionOnline.com gives students a real education on the Constitution and provides teachers with a tremendous resource for their classes. It’s also for Congressmen and their staff seeking ways to flex their constitutional muscles against the Professor-in-Chief (who may want to take a glimpse to learn what the Constitution actually means). ConstitutionOnline.com is for anyone who hungers for a deeper understanding of our First Principles and how they influence today’s debates.

    Back in 2009, then-House Speaker Pelosi was asked about the constitutionality of Obamacare and she replied, “Are you serious?” For some, it seems, the meaning of the Constitution is irrelevant when it clashes with their political goals. But the Constitution has something to say about it if we take the time to read it, study it, and understand its meaning. And that’s what ConstitutionOnline.com is all about.

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    15 Responses to Morning Bell: Do You Know What the Constitution Really Means?

    1. Cecelia P. says:

      Thank God for the Heritage Foundation, always a much needed resource, but especially now in these troubling times.

    2. When you put information in a book and after you read the book it goes on a book shelf somewhere it may never be picked up again because it represents old news. When we put our Constitution on display and tought it as a historical document to be viewed but not read we lose the importance of its meaning and its worth in maintaining our liberties and freedoms. If we don't teach our young people about this document and develop reasons for its continued use and understanding it will remain a historical document and never be taken out of its glass case and used. I haven't read what the Heritage Foundation has produced on the Constitution but I intend to get this information and have everyone in my family read it and especially my grandchildren. Education is a wonderful thing if you use it to teach the right "things".

      • Vanessa says:

        The very reason it is not taught and emphasized in schools today is because you have a majority of Liberals in the education system who want to change it or not follow it at all.

    3. jman says:

      I am a constitutionalist and a Republican…
      I do not in any way believe that a corporation is a person…period. Stop the baloney and get back on track people. The people working for a corporation are persons and they can think for themselves and they can vote. Corporations should not be able to make 'campaign' contributions… that is bribery… plain and simple and both the giver and the taker should be prosecuted for such. And you folks should know better!

    4. RennyG says:

      You know what, who needs the Constiution any more. The big "O" is now in control and we are not going to be able to stop him!! Besides, no one is really trying to stop him. He has achieved the "Alinsky Theory" right down the line, Cahos and Control, dam he's good!! We as conservatives can talk about what "he" has not done and how "he" has waisted our money. He and his czars have walked right on by us and taken control of our country. And we fault "him" for what "HE" has "not done!!!" Look around!

    5. KHM says:

      Thank you Heritage Foundation. You are also not the only ones out there trying to re-enlighten people about the Constitution. Young AmericansFoundation is also offering pocket size copies of the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution, as is theCato Institute. Hillsdale College is offering a 10-part on-line seminar with lectures,quizzes and Q&A sessions as well as reading resources. all of thes are excellent ways to get more people familiar with what has not been taught in most schools at any level for some time.
      The founders did foresee many of the problems and pitfalls that have happened since our ratification of the Constitution. They understood, unlike the progressives, that human nature does not change. Moral values are not relative as Progressives also seem to think or believe.

    6. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yes, I do. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Then again, Congress just passed a law without hearings and in secret to enable the Secret Service
      to keep protesters away from the President. If you're standing in your front yard, the Secret Service can order you back into your house. The penalty for disobeying this new secret law? A $10,000 fine, a year in prison, or

      • Vanessa says:

        This is absolutely sickening to me! Obama, his appointees and his his far left supporters need to go. I just pray that Wisconsin will be a wake up call to America and that we have a major shift in our government in November!

        Just pray!

    7. Joseph McKennan says:

      Americans must quit being so lethargic about their essential rights. They need to vote. What we see going on is corrupt officials dismantling the constitution because they aren't worried about getting voted out of office. I am ashamed of Nevada. The worst possible person to lead the senate was reelected by liberal activists because not enough real paople went to the polls.

    8. Harry E. Schauwecker says:

      I endorse the comment of Cecilia P. Do all Senators and Congresspersons have access to Heritage and
      avvail themselves of its Conservative information. Do you have information on the composition by Political Party of your supporters?

      Is there a similar Organization to Heritage that provides Liberal or Leftist Thoughts and Resarch to a broad Distribution of people but, especially, to members of Congress? Who is it or they?

    9. James says:

      I want freedom, truth and the right to be a Christian without having to fight my own government and muslims.
      How about you?
      Now is the time to stand up for our country and speak. That time will soon come to an end if you remain quiet and say nothing or do nothing. Join me and re-post or share. Get the word out before you have to get your gun out.
      This country needs change and I am talking about Obama and his UN. NWO. Puppet cronies.
      Everyone is in such a big hurry to replace BO. that they are willing to accept the bones the UN throws them. And that includes Newt and Romney, both RINOs and both UN. NWO. (New World Order) puppets, republican style. They are no more than UN. NWO. replacements for BO. They are set up specifically to carry on the UN. agenda of moving the USA towards the UN. socialist NWO. Other than titles (Republicans) they are no different than the Democrats. They carry the same agenda. (THEY ARE RINOs) As a nation we DO NOT NEED A RE-RUN OF OBAMA REPUBLICAN STYLE.
      This election is not about Romney or Newt. It is about saving the country and its Constitution or losing it. If we do not work and vote for a President who will work for the US. and its Constitution which protects us from and against the UN. Fed. and NWO. We can kiss the country good bye. You will have no rights.
      If the country goes broke its sovereignty and Constitution gets flushed down the toilet and you are left with a socialist, aka communist NWO.
      It is time to vote for the country and not for the UN. Fed. or NWO. and get rid of their puppets embedded in our government.
      I for one have no desire to be ”a good NWO. Citizen” as Newt has speculated. Is Romney care any better than Obama care? Both are puppets for the NWO and UN.
      Presently you and your family have a Bill of rights and Constitution. That alone protects you from those who would pass bills in the nature of NDAA. robbing you of all due process of law.
      It is past time to protect that Constitution and your rights (or) consider becoming “a good NOW citizen” with no rights.
      The Fed. the UN and the NWO has to go and the only politician that stands against them is Ron Paul.
      While I may not agree with everything R. Paul stands for I do agree on the main points.
      Point is, (Unless we get rid of the Fed, the UN and the NWO. and its puppets we as a nation are done for).
      We as a country are broke and hurting.
      History does not have to repeat itself if people will wake up, get up and work for their country and it’s Constitution.
      It is time to stop being a suckered for the pretty boys and the press that promise change and give you socialism (aka.) communism or progressives. We need to get rid of the weeds and pull out its roots or we are back in the same mess again. Protect your Constitution and your Bill of rights."
      A vote Ron Paul is a vote for freedom. A vote for anyone else is a vote for the UN. and a socialist NWO.
      If you agree please share and re-post.

      Our government is now run by the UN. Look up names of those elected officials who belong to UN organizations and are following UN. mandate, (agenda 21). Vast tracts of BLM (Beau row of Land Management) or what use to be public lands are being closed now as a result. Land that is owned by the state and public has become the property of the Feds and the UN.
      Most water and ocean and fishing rights come under the authority of the CFR. (Counsel of Foreign Relations) Fed. agencies like the Forest Service and EPA are UN. Mandated and force on the people by under the table closed door legislations. More laws we know nothing about until you get clobbered by them.
      And on it goes. The intent is that eventually there will be no private property ownership The Socialist NWO which is UN. will see to it through our elected officials. The land and its resources belong to the state, not the people. (Communism)
      Ron Paul is the only person left that I can see who is legit and will work to protect Constitution rights.

    10. Jim S says:

      Instead of "natural persons" it should say "citizens".

    11. Silvia Black says:

      I AM SO THANKFUL FOR: ConstitutionOnline.com. … OH, AMEN !!!!!!!

    12. Bobbie says:

      gee I wish my comment would've come up the first time. But all in all there was a point to be made that "natural persons" would exclude Nancy Pelosi! and should exclude government officials from taking advantage of it under the 5th who continue to use it to avoid accountability! That is truly all these people know so how can we accept their oath to protect it?

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