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  • New York Times Finally Notices Obama's Unilateral Abuse of Power

    Today’s New York Times offers a stunning revelation for anyone who hasn’t been following the news out of Washington for the past three years: President Barack Obama is bypassing Congress and using his executive authority to unilaterally implement his policies of choice, irrespective of the will of the people.

    The Times cites an episode last fall when the president declared in a White House meeting “that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.” And so was born the president’s “We Can’t Wait” slogan, which has become a mantra for the Obama Administration’s unilateral form of governance. The Times overlooks the fact that the president’s “new” slogan had been conceived and implemented well before last fall.

    After the November 2010 elections, the president — who was suddenly facing a Republican majority in the House after having enjoyed two years of Democrat rule — now had no choice but to compromise with the opposition party if he wanted to get things done legislatively. The thing is, the president didn’t want to compromise — he wanted to enact his agenda. And so he admitted quite plainly that where he could not legislate, he would regulate and do an end run around Congress. In a press conference on November 3, 2010, he discussed how he would apply that method to energy policy:

    So I think when it comes to something like energy, what we’re probably going to have to do is say here are some areas where there’s just too much disagreement between Democrats and Republicans, we can’t get this done right now, but let’s not wait.  Let’s go ahead and start making some progress on the things that we do agree on, and we can continue to have a strong and healthy debate about those areas where we don’t.

    But energy policy isn’t the only way that President Obama has penned legislation with his own hand instead of choosing the constitutional route — bills getting passed by Congress, arriving at his desk, and then signed into law. On labor laws, immigration, marijuana use, voting rights, the Defense of Marriage Act, regulating the Internet, and making appointments, this president has circumvented the legislative branch via administrative fiat whenever his agenda stalls.

    Even when the president legislated, though, he abjured the will of the people. Case in point: Obamacare. Despite pledging that his administration would be the most transparent in history, President Obama hatched Obamacare behind closed doors without the disinfecting light of the media, let alone input from the opposition party. Even worse, special interest groups like Big Labor got a seat at the table while the rest of the country got scraps of information after the main course was over.

    Now the president is wearing his “We Can’t Wait” slogan as a badge of honor — and it’s so obvious that even the dean of the mainstream media can’t ignore it.

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    45 Responses to New York Times Finally Notices Obama's Unilateral Abuse of Power

    1. Deborah says:

      Just think what he will do as a lame duck or God forbid if he is reelected. Hold on to your hats we are in for a bumpy ride at least until January, but God willing to longer than that.

      • lesleytx says:

        Watch for the signing of the small arms treaty by Obama and Clinton. There will be a civil war for sure. Watch out for any false flag event that could halt elections. I wouldn't put it past the evil doer.

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    3. Craig Casey says:

      Obamacare went from being his crowning achievement to being a millstone around his political neck. Now Hussein Obama has zero chance of getting re-elected. And when people find out how they've been duped and have their benefits reduced while made to pay more? End Obamacare now and then social entitlements will have to be rationed. They are simply unaffordable: http://www.cobrahealth.com/Obamacare-unaffordable

      • Clara Herrin says:

        The absolute first thing that needs to be done is to void the sale of our voting processes to Geo. Soros' company in Spain. Contact your Congressmen and Reps to get that job done; or else we're s—–d, and then nothing will matter because all our property will be taken from us and those of us who survive the first onslaught of UN troops will be living at the FEMA camps. Call…Write…FAX…appear on their doorstep; whatever it takes to get that sale voided.

        • Chris Weckler says:

          What??? Clara, what world do you live in? They're coming to take me away? The real villains are not in Spain. The villains are here on our own shores. Look at the people who are trying to control our elections under the cover of these super PACs. Talk about a lack of transparency? Our voting process is in danger by those groups who are trying to manipulate who has access to the polls. This essay revealed nothing but the bloggers feelings about the Presidents use of his constitutional powers. There are no facts here! Please cite one instance where this power was used in direct conflict with the constitution.

    4. billy says:

      hey hey! ho ho!
      bobo has got to go!

    5. Charles Webb says:

      I think we can all blame the media for what ever happens to this country. The liberal media created obama, lied for him and made this ____ a god! For the sake of this country and our children, I pray the media gets it right this time. Just give the facts and report the truth.

      • Chris Weckler says:

        Blaming the media is a cop out. Only YOU can decide what you want to hear. There is NO liberal media. There ARE several news organizations that have plenty of bias. Remember, the first thing any organization that is out to persuade you does is to state that all other organizations bear false witness. (See FOX News, The Heritage Foundation, MSNBC et al.) There are those who play it straight.

    6. KJinAZ says:

      The only way he gets back in is by cheating. He has moved hundreds of people to places like Ohio, where they will vote for themselves and every dead person and made up person they can. This is even being paid for with your tax dollars through some of the ACORN offshoots. The question is if he wins will the people stand for it?

      • Slick says:

        And apparently there is a better than even chance that is EXACTLY what happened in 2008!!! FoxNation had an article up a couple of days ago talking about ballot box stuffing in PA and OH, and now there is an article about illegal activity in FL. AND a distinct possibility that his name should never have been on the ballot at all in GA because "his people" did not submit all the appropriate documentation that was required!

        So if you think they are ABOVE stealing another election, think again!!! Why do you think they have been ignoring illegal immigration and suing states who are trying to institute voter ID requirements? Wake up before it is too late . . . volunteer to monitor ballot box activities; register your family, friends and neighbors to vote; offer transportation to those you cannot get to the polls; GET INVOLVED!!!!! Obviously the current plan of "sit back and wait for SOMEONE ELSE to step up" is not working, and quite frankly, we may be running out of time to make a difference!

        It is time to put away your ice cream and get off your easy chair AND take a stand!

        • Are we also aware that the votes in the next presidential election will be tallied outside of the untied states? The company responsible for counting votes is in Spain, and I am not aware of any hardcopies that can be used to reconcile votes for a recount.
          Is this usurper going to be officially known as the first dictator in office in the USA?

    7. Richard Greene says:


    8. jaxum says:

      Since his grab for dictatorial power really became public last fall, and everyone else already knew about it, where has the NY Times been all of this time, or have they been fast asleep?

    9. Wise old guy says:

      They have been threatened by the Obama machine, just as the Clinton's daughter Chelsea was threatened with death, if the Clinton's revealed Obama's eligibility to sit as president. Many people think it was the "crazy republican birthers" that started the claim that Obam was ineligible, but no, it was the Clinton's, but they were forced to back off, when the life of Chelsea was threatened, if they did not back off. This man is pure EVIL!

      • John says:

        I agree, and there are many others besides the Clintons!! Our representatives and judges are living in fear but are not patriotic enough to come out in a group and purge this Marxist crumb!

      • teleroncom says:

        I have no doubts about how evil the man is, however, you should have made known the source of your information. Obama must be defeated, but only with truth, and nothing less, and the truth must have a credible source.

        • Goombatz says:

          Just read his record, see his disrespect for our Constitution, his abuse of Executive Orders, his wall of secrets. If we look at those things and get the true answers about all his alleged nefarious misdeed, too, including a glance at his "friends" I think it will be clear that he must leave the Presidency.

    10. It's scarey to think so many have no idea that what ihe is doing is unconstitutional .

    11. thedametruth says:

      GEE…Ya freakin' THINK??? MILLIONS of us had been trying to get this insane paper to report the truth on this guy [even a tiny bit of it!] for over four YEARS now…I suppose better late than never, but it is way too late for me to regain any respect for this paper ever again. They cast a blind eye to this guy and all his lies and abuses for years and just NOW they are starting to report it??? Shame on them.

    12. RennyG says:

      We as conservatives and elected officials sat back and watched him apply the "Alinsky Theory" and take over our country. We talked about what he "did not do" and how much money he waisted. While we were doing that he was causing cahos and taking over our country. Constitution, "who needs it??" Right now we have no control over this guy what so ever!!! Shame on us!!!!!!!!!
      I give thanks to Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch for all their efforts. Someone was trying to save our country!!

    13. Paul says:

      jaxum….Do you really Think G. Sores & his media monoply will alow any real neg info. be main stream????? Soros who thinks he has God like powers…..

    14. NoMoreTaxes says:

      I've just heard from my Tea Party President (Voted one of the TOP TEN T.P. in the U.S.), that this June (2012) we will lose OUR Country, NOT in November. Watch for the UN Summit in Rio this June, then it BEGINS……… It certaintly appears true. There are BEACHES and PARKS that PEOPLE are NOT Allowed on by the Government anymore. There's a Bill in Congress by Obama RIGHT NOW to Take away Our FREEDOM of Speech, if you disrupt, or say somehting AGAINST OBAMA or the Gov't you will be arrested. WAKE UP People, it's here! Get your GUNS and ammo READY!!!!!!!

    15. Korean Vet says:

      One Comment referred to a "Lame-Duck" President–but I believe better quoted–As a
      "Demented Dead-Brain" President–who ignors 'All Known Laws' & finds that his "Wrong
      Legal-Name" has rendered all "Bills of Congress" & even his "Political Appointments"
      are RENDERED–"Null & Void"–because he's Signed them all with the "Wrong Legal Name"-!
      It's a "Criminal Offense of Fraud" to "Misrepresent Yourself" on any "Legal Documents"-!

    16. Cindy says:

      Obama— tax , spend , blame and party !!!

    17. Ellen says:

      Wake up America. Move Chicago thugs back to Chicago. It is really tragic that the home state of our greatest president – Lincoln — has become a cesspool. Their governors seem to leave the State House for prisons. Obama said he was going to transform America and he is trying to do it. Let 's get our country back in November with a mass exodus from the White House and his pals in Congress.

      • I agree….one thing tho….he wants to be our dictator!!!!!!!!!

      • Nobody Important says:

        Greatest President? Someone who drove the country apart over violating State Soveriegnty?

        Look to a differing President for "greatest". He's got a monument just off the National Mall even. He was the "spiritual" father of this nation- and if you want wisdom of where and how to go forward if we survive this nightmare we live in, you'll look to what he had to say on a lot of things and what he did on a lot of things.

    18. Bobbie says:

      It's amazing the media think they'd be immune from the unconstitutional acts of this President!

    19. Desma Jones says:

      I hope and continue to pray that our country does not have any kind of catastrophe before the elections because Obama will use it to enforce martial law and become the dictator that he thinks that he is. He is a very evil man and I wonder about all the stupid people who voted for him who could not tell that he is a pathological liar.

      • guest says:

        I think it may have already begun with stirring the racism pot using such tools as Sharpton, Jackson and the black panthers. If "white" panthers had patrolled the polls with guns, they would have been arrested. These racists seem to have a free ticket to do what ever they want with no consequences.

    20. Ron says:

      one can only hope that obama will be defeated in 2012, our country cannot stand, or survive any more of him, or his colleagues. Time to start over again, get rid of the present regime. Be sure to vote! just not for him! And I have to agree, time to get guns, ammo, and guts together.

    21. Will Hayes says:

      'Real' is an objective term like 'fair,' 'reality' or 'whore' that reflects far more about the person using the term than the person or thing described. The 'real' Obama, for the New York times, is an almost Godlike transcendent President who will carry this nation beyond of a century of victimizing all women and all minorities. They have both trained Americans, and been trained in their liberal sound chamber, to believe that way for decades. That really is their 'reality.'

      They have been pretty successful in spinning that crap. Over 90% of minority women currently support Obama. About 30% of white males support President Obama and his policies. There are clearly different 'realities' at play here.

    22. I have yet to see any of my comments to be posted, yet I see you did post one that read: DEATH TO TYRANTS!
      That could only refer to Obama. I do not want him to be killed, just have him pay for his fraud, etc. as explained in my last comment which I hope you will post Visit: end-irs.org

    23. janice says:

      He is one dirty, destructive, dangerous dude……….just think of all the damage he could continue to do between November & January !!

    24. Nene says:

      That is because he is NOT for "WE THE PEOPLE". He is a narcissist. The man is despicable!!

    25. TheLastSaneOne says:

      Another article that counts on the ignorance of people. From the moment Obama first took over the republicans vowed to defeat anything he attempted to implement. The republicans in congress during his administration made his policies the most most filibustered in United States history. Then the republicans achieved a majority and were in a stronger position to frustrate any attempts at "liberal" policy-making (the irony here being that some of what the democrats were pushing were actually republican ideas in the first place). And the article said that Obama has to compromise? If you check the track record, Obama has been so bipartisan he has alienated his own party, disrupting democratic support. However, republicans, led by tea party members would settle for nothing less than complete capitulation from the president and the democrats. You can check this out, any republican that attempted to work with the democrats on resolving the dead-lock are now fighting against right-wing extremists for their political offices. And the tea party has a substantial warchest just to oust republicans they feel don't measure up to the new order's standards. The President decided awhile back to find ways to legally bypass congress as much as possible (he abjured the will of the people! I'm sure the people wanted the republicans to lock up congress on raising the debt ceiling, especially since this lockup threatened social security payments and other benefits to millions of Americans that depend upon them) to stop the political obstruction because compromise wasn't working, and the record reflects that most of the time, it was the republicans and their tea party allies that refused to offer or accept compromise until or unless imminent disaster prompted them to. Even president Bush had means to implement policy when he found himself stonewalled. Nothing illegal has been done, and if we would just have a little bit of compromise in our leadership instead of radical idealogical extremism, things wouldn't have come to this. Look and listen to people, know what I hear alot of? "Get rid of all 'em!" and you know why that is? Because our leaders refuse to open their minds and work together for the good of the American people. The fact of the republicans attacking policies they themselves put forward and advocated just a little while ago and now rabidly oppose just because it's a democrat or an independent moving forward with it is a good example of them working for themselves and not on behalf of the American people. As a former hardcore republican and conservative myself, it hurts to see what has become of my party and to have to write something like this. Maybe someday sanity will return to them and I can come home.

    26. Eddie says:

      I just have one small question…..why are they bailing on him now ? You don't protect and defend someone for 3 1/2 years and then for no apparent reason drop them like a hot potato. It MAY be that they smell blood in the water for OJUDAS. Maybe they're setting themselves up to be able to say to President Romney….look we supported you before you were even elected, now you gotta help us out. Always when dealing in politics go back to and listen to the song from the 70's…"Smiling Faces" by a group known as The Undisputed Truth. It will describe in detail what politics is all about……"A smile is just a frown turned upside down, my friend…smiling faces …..

    27. jmbtruefood says:

      Oh good grief. Do you people not remember how many ridiculous and unilateral (to say nothing of oligarchical) acts George W. Bush and his larcenous vp Cheney committed while in office? Partisan memories are extremely short. If president Obama is the worst you can imagine, you don't remember Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew. Shame on you.

    28. Bob says:

      Don't count on the MSM to correct course and start calling out the president when he's wrong. They are up to their necks in supporting his many treasonist acts, and are afraid when he loses, they will be chastised. Our biggest concern is the ongoing corruption in the voting arena. Axelrod purposely moved campaign headquarters from DC to Chicago to hide behind the corrupt curtain of Chicago style politics. If it means registering illegals, dead people, infants etc. they will do it. They're busing people in from all over the country to vote against Gov. Walker in Wisconsin. If they manage to win there, the fix is in for sure, and the Republicans better get tons of poll watchers and judges ready to contest the Presidential election if necessary.

    29. Bman Shankle says:

      Gof bless you find job on article!

    30. Judy Hobrecht says:

      Oh please, TheLastSane One, give us a freaking break. You could never have been a conservative and spout the nonsense you just spouted.

    31. Mark Graulty says:

      The pathetic crap flows unabated. Whackology lives with the pseudo intellectuals. I will vote for obama with the same ease I voted for him the first time.

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