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  • President Obama's Enemies List

    In 1971, America was introduced to President Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List.” The President had instructed staff to keep a list of political opponents, and as then-White House Counsel John Dean described it, they would “use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”

    On the list were notable figures such as Paul Newman (actor), Charles Dyson (businessman), Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), NPR newsman Daniel Schorr, Morton Halperin, a foreign policy expert and father to political journalist Mark Halperin, and others. This secret list was the subject of justifiable scorn in the midst of the Watergate scandal.

    In 2012, President Obama’s campaign has managed to make Nixon’s list look quaint, legitimate and even routine. This week, on the president’s ominous “Truth Team“ campaign website, his staff listed the names of eight of his likely opponent’s donors. They were listed in this way:  (Post continued below.)


    “A closer look at…donors reveals a group of wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records. Quite a few have been on the wrong side of the law, others have made profits at the expense of so many Americans…”

    After each name, the campaign lists deeds that they find objectionable or “less-than-reputable” that mostly boil down to business transactions that included alleged outsourcing or layoffs and involvement in the oil energy industry.

    For example: “They also control the … investment firm which bragged about buying automotive accessories manufacturing company in Kansas in 1997 and moving production to Mexico. In 2002, the … group’s Mexico operation decided to outsource to China because China was ‘offering incentives and making it easy to open operations there.’”

    Each name was then tweeted out by the @TruthTeam2012 twitter handle with similar charges.

    This follows a multi-year effort by the ongoing Obama campaign to vilify specific donors to competing philosophical causes and demands that organizations release lawfully protected donor lists or donors reveal lawfully private and personal financial information.

    In each of these instances, President Obama has relied on a vast grassroots network to coerce, bully, boycott and vilify individuals lawfully taking part in the political process, just as his own donors and supporters are freely allowed to engage.

    There are subtle differences between Obama’s and Nixon’s enemy lists. President Nixon kept his secret, and allegedly used the force of the government to punish adversaries. President Obama’s list is open and designed to elicit public scorn, shame and rebuke. There is no current evidence the President has manipulated the federal machinery punitively. But the message remains clear, if you support a philosophical adversary, you will face some retribution.

    The media has so far given this White House tactic a pass in this administration. What name will elicit a defense of Constitutional freedoms? Must it be one of their own, as was the case under Nixon?

    Shouldn’t every American be protected against the heavy hand of governmental intimidation? The President must explain his intimidation of people who have lawfully participated in the political system and have borne no electoral injustice to our nation other than participating in lawful industries the President finds objectionable and supporting organizations and campaigns the President opposes.

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    107 Responses to President Obama's Enemies List

    1. @pcgeek86 says:

      Ron Paul is Obama's #1 enemy. Can't wait for the Ron Paul presidency!! Restoring this nation's currency is of the utmost importance.

      • Cartwright says:

        Ron Paul's presidency?? It aint happening.

      • Scott says:


      • saveamerica says:

        We're with you 100%!!
        What's been done to America is extreme. We need honest people with integrity, willing to bring her back so people can respect America again and respect themselves their own intelligence to live free! Ron Paul, his love says it all and his record shows his determination will do it all!! There's a difference between right and wrong and Obama wants "compromise" on the wrong without consideration of the right!

      • franko says:

        I'm with you on restoring our currency. and I love Ron Paul for his outstanding show of patriotism.
        but, unfortunatly there is not enough of "US" in this country that feels the way you and I do about our country. ANYMORE!!!
        My and your AMERICA is gone by the wayside.
        it makes me sad that our g'children will not have the "FREE" & proud America that you and I grew up in. so sad!
        The democrat black caucus with Nancy and Harry have caused this.
        it was Nancy's responsiability to insure all of "OBAMA's" records were legit.
        so , I say hang her and Harry like MUSSOLINI!!!
        GOD BLESS AMERICA while she last's.
        I'll still die fighting "communisim"
        didn't think I will be fighting it in my own government.
        thanks to the 72 known communist within the "black caucus".
        old sarge,nam vet,'68,'70

        • Hoosier Patriot says:

          "My and your AMERICA is gone by the wayside?" Franko..I beg to differ!! Like old Charlie Daniels once said..(concerning lady liberty) "she may have stumbled but she ain't never fell"..and as far as I'm concerned…if this government and their backers don't believe it…THEY CAN ALL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!

      • Bobbie says:

        isn't it funny the thumbs down you get when Ron Paul is such an awesome man by his record alone? guess he's their enemy too? kind of embarrassing for America!

      • jjkrjw says:

        Paul presents no problem for obama. A vote for obama ensures an obama victory. Our first goal is to get obama defeated, so I will vote for Romney even though I don't care for him. ABO.

      • saveamerica says:

        couldn't agree with you more! Ron Paul will put America and derelict democrats back in her place!!

      • Kristen McFarland says:

        It will never happen; aside from that Ron Paul remains unelectable by any standard, his statements on national security now compete with Obama. And the fact that Obama is destroying our military who are the actual protectors of the country; this will never allow Ron Paul, to even think he has a chance because he doesn't… Obama has even less of chance of being re-elected and not only because of this…ineptitude: the hallmark of the small-minded..

      • Swemson says:

        Ron Paul isn't #1 on the list, John Roberts is.


      • Damsel in Texas says:


      • zooots says:

        ron paul was the only honest and sincere candidate (well huntsman too but he was out first) amongst that sad bunch of clowns that ran for republican primary. now we have mr crony capitalism himself as the winner. i'm not happy with some of what obama has done (he has not undone damage done to civil liberties by bush – in fact – it's got worse under holder) but obama is a much better bet than romney for future of this country. romney's policies are what got us here in the first place. i don't want to live in a third world country where there are only rich and poor and no one in between. a strong middle class needs government to protect it, otherwise you have pure feudalism.

    2. robert fahit says:

      and you democrats hated Nixon so much? Look what your "president" is doing? by being the first to comment, i will probably be on his Hitlist soon..

      • John Detwiler says:

        The idea that there is no Government intimadation is idiotic. How about the AG's office use the power of his office to issue Governent lawsuits in Industry, state and individuals. This is the most corrupt cabinet in our history. Not to mention the President's "Constitutionaly illegal " Executive Privilege actions that in almost every case becomes the laws of our nation.

      • Granny says:

        Sorry, you are not the first on his list, most of us old ladies' are. We wrote too many letters to our reps and the White House since hussein sneaked in there!

      • Hoosier Patriot says:

        I'll say one thing Robert..THIS PROUD HOOSIER WILL BE GLAD TO BE THERE WITH YA!!

    3. Craig says:

      Where is the list? Or is the list all of Mitt's donor's?

      • Brendan says:

        Unlikely, as Mitt has the same donors as Obama: Big banks.

      • Ann says:

        Well, Craig, I guess I might very well be on the list of enemies because I ordered a vinyl stick-on Romney sign for my van's back window. I hope Obama considers me one of his enemies, because I am!!!!! He is NOT my friend. I don't trust him. I don't care a whit for him. I pray every day: Psalm 109, verse 8. God save the U.S.A.!!!!!

      • jjkrjw says:

        Every conservative group, like the Tea Party, is on the enemies list. Obama has the IRS demanding audits of every conservative group. Finally, republicans have told him to knock it off. And the ACLJ is working to defend these groups from constantly being targeted by the IRS.

    4. Elisa De La Torre says:

      I don't like what President Obama is doing.
      It isn't right
      Please vote for someone different not him.

      • jeff says:

        OMG "Obama MUST Go"

      • SuziQ says:

        Just about anyone would be betterfor the USA and all of the Americans. We know how much Obama really "dslikes" Americans and anyone pro freedom and choice! What about all his vacations and going to NYC for dinner and broaway plays? We, the taxpapers should NOT hve to payfor his amusements. Also, Michelle and her daughtersgoing to the Beyunce concert since she would like to be her! Give me a break. A lot of people cannot even afford food & rent beause of this administrations "over the top" spending. The Obama's are so rich they can pay for her own expenses, INCLUDING using the panes and secret service agents! I've had more than enough of these hypocrites!!

      • Anita Newhouse says:

        Grow up! Do you believe in Barney, the purple dinosaur too, for heaven's sake!? There used to be such a thing as intellectual honesty. Don;t believe these folks are capable of such………….

    5. Keith Mc says:

      I think that they better take a good look at those who support the dnc and obama's crew. They have more very shady donors that you can shake a stick at.

    6. mark says:

      So who is going to keep you left wingers honest !!!! This administration has been the most corrupt group I have ever seen !!!

    7. Gregg Weber says:

      I wonder how many of these people have been "randomly" audited by the IRS.

      • allen says:

        The IRS, does look thru web sites, they use every tool to get to the funds that are due them. and yes they do take slow payers as a tool for strict Attention. Case Closed.

      • jjkrjw says:

        They're certainly not "random." At this administration's direction, the IRS is demanding audits of every conservative group like the Tea Party, causing these groups untold amounts of paperwork. The repubs have called for an end to this, but….

    8. Doc Ellis says:

      If you have big money to donate, you can make a profit, but us little people donating $100 or less, gain absolutely nothing. We only support the campaign, for top level parties etc

      • guest says:

        Actually 100 dollars is a small donation for the avoidance of 4 more years of high gas prices and escalating grocery prices. Great investment. Everyone who is sick of unrest and Obama gas and the Obama cost of living and it will just get much worse in another four years of hopelessness and i hope it changes, will likely gain on that small investment.

    9. gringo says:

      I notice George Soros wasn't on the list.

    10. karen says:

      When are we going to start showing Obama's list of donors, and their radical histories?

      • jjkrjw says:

        As long as he doesn't take money from the taxpayers, he does not need to disclose his donors. Pretty clever, huh? Would love to see all the Arab countries donating to him, among others like George Soros and Maurice Strong.

    11. nevadadailysteve says:

      Utterly despicable, but then we're talking about Obama so what's new?

      • Ray says:

        I made a post to Facebook today . I will be on their hit list.I told them they are just like Lord O.They know what we want and what is best lol.Waiting for the ax to fall and cut me off

    12. Mike Del says:

      and you assist them by printing the story. No one would even know about it if you ignored them. Many will be shocked about such a thing but many will also say "SEE" Romney is no good.

    13. MasterChief says:

      What! and end up on the enemy list?

    14. giffy says:

      Wait…who has the most disreputable friends and donors? Can you say, George Soros, Rev. Wright, and the like?

    15. @bonncaruso says:

      Ah, and you think this is an enemies list, eh?

      Psst: it is only an enemies list if it is kept secret. I think you have the wrong list, there…

    16. Stirling says:

      3+ years of the class warfare, dividing the country by race and using the office of the president as a bully pulpit is abhorent. Americans are better then this, and most of us realize that it is beneth us as a people.

      In the end donors will contribute because they realize the urgency of this election and realize the countries future is at risk. Money means nothing without freedom, and every personal attack is a reason to give more to save this country from opression. Personally you will get more bang for the buck to Vote this president from office then taxes going to the IRS.

    17. @C_R_Russo says:

      Add me to the list.

      • Phyllis Wells says:

        Me too, I too would vote for Bugs Bunny if he ran as an independent! Anything is better than the big O.

    18. Tea Lady Elaine says:

      So where is the Obama enemy list exactly? I do not see a list here??????????????????

    19. I see no law being broken. I disagree with the presidents tactics, but I disagree with any politician slandering another politician or vilifying them. Politicians should spend more time defending their philosophy than attacking their political rival's philosophy. The president's track record is not good. He should be busy redesigning his plans than finding fault with his opponent.

      • Robert says:

        He CAN'T and WON"T redesign his plans because that would call for a COMPROMISE on his part and that word is NOT in his vocabulary. Have you notice how he is using Dictatorial, I mean the Executive power to wield results against the checks and balance of our style of Government?
        He calls it a "Do Nothing Congress, but it is Harry Reid who is the cork in the drain and the democratic senate that won't do anything. Oh yeah, oblowhole has done a lot also,a lot of traveling, golfing and vacationing!!

        • Herpaderp says:

          This is astonishingly ignorant. Mitch McConnell openly admitted in October of 2010 that the GOP's priority was, I QUOTE: "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

          They've been as obstructionist as they possibly can be, and torpedoed a budget deal that would have seen *unprecedented* cuts in entitlements with only very small increases in taxes–no deal, because all the obstructionist Republicans signed Grover Norquist's pledge. The GOP was unwilling to sign a deal that would've given them almost 100% of what they wanted at a *tiny* cost, but Boehner backed out at the last second because he couldn't get the far-right crazy Tea Partiers to agree to even the tiniest capitulation. There's never been a president more willing to compromise, more willing to throw out the entire party's platform, in the name of compromise-than Obama. And you sit here saying "compromise isn't in his vocabulary."

          A simply *astonishingly* partisan view of reality.

          • guest says:

            Ignorant? Not a follower of history, are you?
            The Democrats have a dirty little trick they like to use. It's called raise taxes now with a promise of cutting spending later.
            Guess what happened when Reagan and GW Bush went along with that?
            This is a rhetorical question for anyone who understands how the Left operates.
            And, they then used the "Read my lips" promise against GW, during the Clinton campaign.
            They may be lying scumbags, but they sure beat the crap out of the conservatives in the dirty world of political campaigns, due to a great extent, to ignoramus's like you.

    20. Tea Lady Elaine says:

      Where is Obama's enemies list?

    21. Ron says:

      How do I get on this list?

    22. Obama will achive equality for all US…. government slavery… He IS the great equalizer of our time

    23. AmericaBeautiful says:

      Stolen from the Alinsky Plan Book: individualize, freeze, condemn mercilessly.

    24. CurtP says:

      Disgusting, hypocritical, and immature. Nothing new here from this administration…

    25. 1FreedomLover says:

      There is no list because all of Americans that favor freedom and liberty over government dictatorship are on the list. That is one big list.

    26. sablegsd says:

      From a crook of his magnitude to point a finger at anyone else is ludicrous.
      This is the guy with the website with the catch fraud switch turned off.

      He is certifiably insane.

    27. zff says:

      That last one is particularly galling because it calls someone "litigious" and "combative" simply because that person fights for what they believe in and what they believe in is not what Obama and his cronies believe. Being opposed to children being exposed to left-wing attempts to indoctrinate our children into accepting homosexuality (many of those children's parents oppose homosexuality because of their deep religious convictions and beliefs, BTW) makes you a "bitter foe" of the gay "rights" movement? Give me a freaking break.

      Who is this guy who is "litigious" and "combative" personified and whose donors are ten times more financially connected and corrupt than Ronmey's to throw stones at anyone else?

    28. Ozymandias says:

      Please, the mock umbrage belittles you. How many times do Soros and the SEIU appear in articles on this site? Guilt by association is a tried and true political tactic used by all sides. Megadonors are just a new flavor to an old game.

    29. "Truth Team? Sounds pretty creepy

    30. Elad says:

      The U.S. is now under Dictatorship.

    31. Henry Felter says:

      Petroleum the"evil" product is the source for the wealth of a few individuals, yet big oil has given more to the "Obama" than Romney. GM has moved more jobs to Mexico and other countries by far than the individual mentioned on this list.
      Outsourcing to India is bad yet the Rep I spoke to last week for Bank of America was in the Philippines, and that is good as B of A gives to the "Obama"
      These companies moved to save money here as the cost of business is too high due to taxes and inflated wages due to Unions. Unions that give more than 90% of political contributions to the "Obama" and the Progressives.
      So it is right and just to give to the "Obama", but people who give to an opponent are to be vilified and punished for doing so. What has the US become, what has our watchdog the media become, why have so many people failed to understand just how great they had it in this country and how it soon will come crashing down on them if the "Obama" gets reelected. Not only that, but how long will it take to ferret out the regulation makers put into the bloated bureaucracy that continue the road to suppression with the unvoted on rules put on the US people

    32. Sam says:

      Scary, but not surprising. Obummer is the Bully in Chief.

    33. Dave says:

      Is anything on the Obama team's website false? Is any of it not already public information?

    34. John T, Hird says:

      If I were to run for the office of the President of the United States of America (U. S. A.), my message would be that I was asking the support of the peoples of each State that I am the best U. S. A. citizen running for the Office that would protect their God given rights, as a State, as a people, from enemies, foreign and domestic. In that regard I would promote measures to ensure that the U. S. A. military was the most powerful, professional military force extent on earth as a prophylactic measure to deter any foreign power from daring to attack any of the several sovereign states to acquire their territory by military force! I would recommend to the Congress, regarding Article I, Section 7 and 8 of the Constitution, that they pass legislation to void the 16'th Amendment and that the U. S. A. only be allowed to tax the States in direct proportion to their representation in the House of Representatives. It shall be the soul responsibility of the several States as to how they raise the monies required to remain one of the several States of the U. S. A. Any of the current several States shall be allowed to declare themselves severed from the U. S. A. based upon a two thirds majority vote of the populace in a regularly scheduled election, thus making those peoples exempt from the State Representative tax, but subject to other laws of the U. S. A. applying to foreign entities. Should any State that wishes to sever itself from the U. S. A and enter into a common protection treaty, the severed State would be required to pay an amount twice yearly as to its apportionment had it remained one of the several States of the U. S. A. The soul discretion as to the estimation of the appropriate representation of the severed State shall be in the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives.
      This would be a starting point to heal our Federation, I guess?

    35. all patriotic americans that never asked for a hand out and to be left alone are on obama enemy list

    36. Jesse LoRe Jr says:

      It sounds as if our esteemed President is using government resources for campaign purposes. I believe these are reimbursable expenses and if not claimed is a Federal Election Law Crime. What are the chances Holder will investigate this. Congress should appoint a special prosecutor a la Nixon.

    37. All I can say is OUT OF CONTEXT. We don't know the circumstances of any of these things, and second, the expense of doing business here may have necessitated some of these moves. None of these individuals are running for office, and frankly, considering the scandalous and immoral and unAmerican nature of many of Obama's supporters, such as Bill Maher, I hardly think his campaign has any right to call out Romney's donors. Then there's Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, not to mention the downright scary connections of Valerie Jarrett, I'm not so worried that some of Mitt's supporters might be lobbyists. And considering that Biden's son was a lobbyist, they have no right to complain about one donor. And don't get me started on George Soros…

    38. Roy Major says:

      Romney uses Karl Rove's technique of attributing his own weaknesses to his opponent.

    39. @syjere17 says:

      Of course he has an Enemies List, and it's guaranteed to grow if CISPA, COICA, IP Act HR1813 pass. They want to give the DOJ power to make internet black lists? You mean the guy who tried to undermine the 2cd Amendment in Fast&Furious, and directs questions to Media Matters? That guy? Pelosi wants to amend Free Speech for corporations? You mean the Pelosi said, "You have to pass it to see what's in it?" This Congress has a legal duty to act. NDAA? Indefinitely detain American Citizens without a trial? Didn't they used to call them "prison camps" and "work camps?" Wake up America! The Iron Fist of Obama is dropping. Call your Congressmen and women and tell them to rein this in for once and for all.

    40. L. Marie says:

      For the first time in my life, I am not proud to be an American!

    41. greg V says:

      Do the same to Obama, publish the list of his big-buck contributors, you'll be surprised what crawls out of the woodwork

    42. conservativechick757 says:

      thank you to the moron wing of the gop for giving obama his hand-picked nominee!! he wouldn't have stood a chance against newt because newt is a fighter with a record of accomplishment but instead we'll lose with a timid weenie that can't run on his own record let alone attack obama for his

    43. @NDAA2012 says:

      NDAA 2012 was here.
      Section 1021 and 1022 have been called a violation of constitutional principles and of the Bill of Rights – Curated by Randy L. Dixon Rivera
      Guantánamo Bay, Cuba ·

    44. Carol, AZ says:

      "Hit list" , "enemy of the State:"
      AZ, has been a primary target for three years from the tribal leadership and this useless agenda..
      How are we doing?:
      AZ, has gone from near bankruptcy three times to a triple A credit rating. We know how to balance a budget.
      Was it easy , Hell no! .
      We have done what our own leadership is incapable of doing. We've created jobs, attracting Buss to invest here and reinvesting in AZ , something the Govt refuses to do across America. We won't be victims here and anyone, anyone, who allow their State to be bought off, as many States have been , or cave-in, under the tribal pressures need to ask themselves: Where's your pride America?

    45. tod says:

      Dr.Ron Paul is his number one enmey,and America's Only hope to take back Our Beloved Country !!!

    46. LDOFR says:

      His website the "Truth Team." Hand trained individual's, at the taxpayers expense, training on telling lies, distortion, half-truths, hate and disception and identify "any" individual that disagrees with his radical agenda. DOJ…what a joke, they only prosecute states and citizens that speak out on important social, moral, ethical and economic issues.

    47. Noni77 says:

      Don't forget, Obama received "donations" from Russia – and the magically, Russia was given 7 of the islands we HAD legal jurisdiction to, and those islands have rich oil potential. AND we allowed the Russians to tap into an underground fresh water source in the Arctic with no objections, at a time when the US water table us DIMINISHING. Hmmmmmm.

    48. Slick says:

      For those of you who want to see Big O's Hit List up close and personal, just click on Truth Team which is underlined above!!!!!! How hard can that be!!!! You people need to think for yourselves once in a while and learn to do your own research. No wonder our country is in trouble . . . we have the info at our finger tips and don't even know how to access it!!!!

    49. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      First Nixon, now Obama. The more things change. The more they stay the same.

    50. Bobbie says:

      Obama is enemies with anyone that respects this country's constitution! The peoples' American Constitution rightfully protects we the people from Obama's government control over personal FREEDOM! Lets take what's been wrongfully taken back and replace Obama by someone who lives to respect our constitution! Like people proud and unafraid to provide for their families using self reliance not relying on government who controls the corruption.

    51. enough says:

      Only 8 ? I figured it was closer to 250 million.

    52. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      Well, the President and his minions have certainly earned a spot of honor on my Enemies List!

    53. Laura Henning says:

      If the GOP were to have its own hit list, those on it could be made out to be as distasteful as those on the Dem donor list.

    54. Tonto says:

      It absolutely amazes me that it takes people so long to figure out what Obama is all about. Just get a book on Chicago style politics and Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and put the two together….dang! It ain't rocket surgery!

    55. Joe the Pilot says:

      This is so FRUSTRATING! We've almost reached the end of the Obama presidency and I haven't yet made the list! What if I don't make it by Nov 6? Will they continue to update it until President Romney's inauguration? If they decide to stop updating it after Obama's concession speech, is there any way I can force them to consider my application? What will my friends think if I don't make it at all? Politics is so stressful!

    56. Alex Gonzales says:

      When it comes to nefariousness, the O makes Nixon look like a piker!

    57. Jaitop says:

      Ineptobama makes a list to libel his enemies because they are better than him. How much dumber can he get?

    58. Robert Mejia says:

      Ron paul is a judas goat, puppet of the (New) World Order (Govt) Bush Sr, Clinton, and Obama talk about… Abandon ye all hope who enter America drowned and whored by Global Politics.

    59. Patrick Henry says:

      Thought I would be on the list!

    60. Chewy Rudy says:

      BMW's for dogs! All dogs! FREE from the government. And Free phones. FREE. From the government. FREE cheese for mice! And FREE Seeds for the Birds. In this FREE nation! We can't legislate stupidity, so stupidity legislates. Government corruption is perpetual and inexhaustible. They don't work for us anymore, they work for themselves, their arrogant, narcissistic self-interests

    61. June says:

      Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote against The United States of America.

    62. liz says:

      obama is using a federal agency punitively–the irs. tea parties are all audited, as is glenn beck and his whole staff.

    63. Debbie says:

      I have much respect for anyone who donates to Mitt Romney and anyone who votes for Mitt. Mitt is a good man and will do well for this country.

    64. Any1ButObumma2012 says:

      Ron Paul? President? We won't live that long…thank God!

    65. Leon McClung says:

      private citizen, but an officer for the Romney campaign. Second, he has appeared on Bill O'Reily's show several times since 1999 making anti-gay statements and even talking about the billboards he paid for in Idaho presenting anti-gay messages. Third, since his right wing history is do long and public, many news organizations have been covering him, even before he was put on Obama's so-called "enemies list". Fourth, Nixon used the FBI, the IRS and other federal agencies to investigate and harass people on his Enemies List. Thus, what is the point of this article? Leon McClung

    66. Ebb says:

      Funny because he is a BLACK MAN he is strong arming and intimidating…yet when the GOP & REPUBS like the "W" do it it is okay…HYPOCRITES! Donations are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD so GET OVER IT~!

    67. Morganfrost says:

      We're being governed by the villains from an Ayn Rand novel.

    68. Namvet says:

      have but one thing to say: GET THAT BUFFOON OUT OF MY COUNTRY'S HOUSE!

    69. JRP says:

      Hope I made the List!!!

    70. Bobby says:

      The first term Enemies List has already been proven that GM and Chrysler were seized because their CEO's gave to Mitt in 2008. The success of stealing the automakers has proven it's ready to steal more firms for giving to Mitt in 2012.

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