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  • Obama Administration Courts the Muslim Brotherhood

    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of deception, promotion of Sharia law, anti-Semitism, and anti-Western values. Yet this does not seem to concern the Obama White House. Recently the Obama Administration wholeheartedly welcomed a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood to Washington. It even suspended normal screening processes for them, including one member who, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, was “implicated—though not charged—in a U.S. child pornography investigation.”

    In addition to turning a blind eye to suspected criminals, the Obama Administration has overlooked the Muslim Brotherhood’s policies and beliefs. The Brotherhood has explicitly stated it will not accept Israel as a state “under any circumstances.” The organization referred to Osama bin Laden with the honorary title “Sheikh” and called him a “shaheed” (martyr) after he was killed. They also have an intricate connection to the terrorist organization Hamas, which regularly attacks Israel.

    U.S. relations with Egypt have soured not only due to the ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also because of the transitional government’s witch hunt against pro-democracy workers in the country, including members of U.S.-funded nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). But none of this has fazed the Obama Administration; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that America will continue to give Egypt $1.5 billion in annual aid.

    According to Heritage’s James Phillips, the Obama Administration’s “see no evil” policy means that the Muslim Brotherhood “can continue to exploit anti-American sentiments whipped up by the state-controlled media with little fear of the consequences. Granting U.S. aid on an unconditional basis also signals weakness and virtually guarantees that the NGO show trials will continue.”

    Past actions of the Muslim Brotherhood indicate they will continue to support terrorists and disrespect individual rights. The U.S. needs to start using its foreign aid to promote democracy and other values. This is our money, and we should be allowed to attach any strings we want. America should not give Egypt the aid until it is clear that the incoming Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egyptian government will act responsibly, respect the terms of Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel, and respect the human rights of its own people.

    If the Muslim Brotherhood chooses to act irresponsibly, then Washington should halt its foreign aid. U.S. foreign aid is not an entitlement program, and the United States should not subsidize foreign governments that adopt policies hostile to American interests.

    Treston Wheat is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    18 Responses to Obama Administration Courts the Muslim Brotherhood

    1. West Texan says:

      Maybe Obama can arm Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood with an equivalent nuclear arsenal to level the playing field against the evil west. I'm still amazed at the people who helped put this naive narcissistic socialist wannabe in the White House.

      • Telephoneoperator says:

        Exactly. Now I really wonder how in the world can anyone vote to re-elect him? How can anyone be that uninformed or that stupid?

        • James says:

          All you have do is look around, your neighborhood, work place etc. Then your question will be answered.

        • Mike says:

          The reason that so many people are uninformed is that they beleive all that the MSM puts out. They do not go any further than that.

    2. @kentarch says:

      Muslim Brotherhood Calls for "United Arab States" with Jerusalem as its Capital: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/04/17/media-reveals-

      I'm thinking that Obama with the help of the UN and EU will make that happen for the Muslim Brotherhood after the election. The Vatican has wanted control of Jerusalem for a long time. If Obama divides Jerusalem and gives parts of it to the Islamic caliphate via the Palestinians then the Vatican will have access to play out it's one world religion/government charade from Jerusalem.

      • william g munson says:

        How do you think Obama can give anything of Isreal or Jerusalem to anybody ! He does not own then and neither does the USA or UN they are God,s people! read the Bible and also Revalation and you will see for yourself that God will fight for them and Let me tell you It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands Of a {LIVING} god!! beware. they have never proved anything the Bible says that didn,t come true, for his WORD will always stand alone!! HEAR O ISREAL THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE NOT TWO SO THEIR GOD IS NOT REAL AND CANNOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

    3. Kenan Walker says:

      It will be a cold day in Hell.

    4. Stirling says:

      This is not going to end well given the lack of transperancy (and propaganda) the administration and liberal media is giving the general public.. Our country was outraged by terrorists holding our soldiers in front of camera's and threats to behead, or shoot them during previous wars in the middle east. Now since they actually are elected (islamic extreemists) we treat them differently? Please wake up America, they still hold the same contempt for us (Israel and our allies), wearing a suit (rather then a mask) doesn't change a thing.. Except it really shows ethier our Administration is Compliant with them, or extreemly arogant to think that talking will fix everything..

      • Shellma says:

        I'm pretty sure that the one world government is Muslim, not Catholic. This article should prove that. Not to say that the Catholic religion is not a false religion as well.

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why is his a surprise to anyone? Did we not see this coming when Obama set this up? Most of us with a the sense God gave a goose, could see the results of what Obama was doing as he was doing it. If we just take the time to look and realize Obama's agenda, it is not hard to understand his final goal.

    6. Smljones says:

      This man and his crew are so dangerous! I see it but feel so helpless to do anything!

    7. What ever happened to WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS??
      Obama is a danger to America and the world!!

      • guest says:

        Negotiations usually imply that the party involved gets something from it.
        Obama gets nothing. He is not negotiating, he is hugging with them.

    8. conservative says:

      The Obama Administration supported the coup of both Mubarak and Quadafi. The radicals who will take over will be militantly anti-Israel. Insted of one Iran there is going to be several Irans. All you have to do to see what side Obama is on, is follow what and who he is supporting in the middle east. Assuming he is re-elected, it is going to be a scary time for our nation. When a leader who has nothing to lose advances an anti-Israel and opposing traditional American agenda.

    9. sadforamerica says:

      Americans are to busy drinking beer, eating junk food and watching the newest reality show to care that this country is being taken over by Obama and his Socialist Party! It saddens me!

    10. Bobbie says:

      Gosh, I didn't realize the president is just as intimidated by women? Scary for the girls he calls his daughters! Was the president able to build the self esteem of Muslims by discrimination, yet? What did he do for Muslims to build the self esteem of Muslims that benefits all America? How much money did he thieve from all America to do it?

    11. Does anyone care about this. I sure hope so. This administration is one of most corrupt in history. Praying for a change in Nov.

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