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  • Exclusive Video: Condoleezza Rice Implores U.S. to Leave 'Military Option' on the Table in Iran Talks

    Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice implored U.S. negotiators to leave the option of a military strike on the table when they meet with Iranian officials in Istanbul this weekend to attempt to convince Tehran to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

    The negotiations will involve the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, China, and France. American and European officials have been bearish on the prospects for the talks, though the White House insists “it’s a good first step.”

    “The most important thing we can do when we go to the talks is not to offer to begin to lessen sanctions, because that takes the pressure off,” Rice told the Heritage Foundation in an exclusive interview on Friday.

    But Rice added that the U.S. must make clear its willingness to engage Iran militarily if it continues to pursue nuclear weapons. Officials must “remind the Iranians that the president of the United States does have a military option and is prepared to use it,” she stated.

    The Iranians’ belief that the United States would, if necessary, use that military option, Rice added, is “the only way they’re going to come to some resolution, if indeed they will.”

    Congressional leaders echoed Rice’s call for a strong American posture in the negotiations, a position also held by the Heritage Foundation. “Instead of forfeiting our position of strength,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, “the administration should increase pressure on Iran.”

    Rice warned that if the negotiations do not provide a meaningful resolution, military action by either the United States or Israel is almost unavoidable.

    “If the Iranians are close to a place where they cannot be stopped from getting a nuclear weapon, then I don’t think there’s any other option” but a military strike. Rice added that the strike could come from either the United States or Israel.

    In the event that Israel pursues a military strike, as it has repeatedly warned, Heritage has detailed what a sound U.S. response should look like.

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    6 Responses to Exclusive Video: Condoleezza Rice Implores U.S. to Leave 'Military Option' on the Table in Iran Talks

    1. Henry Spie says:

      What she says is common sense. Speak softly, but carry a big stick ! Starting out being submissive
      Never got anyone anywhere , except being victims.

    2. Joyce Hubbell says:

      Who thinks Condoleezza Rice would make a GREAT Vice President. She has the experience, knowledge, credentials, viewpoint,poise, respect of the world,she is 100% Afro-American, and she loves our country.. All of which are absolute opposites of our present president.

    3. Bobbie says:

      Does anyone notice the obvious difference between Condoleezza and any other woman that calls herself democrat? Condoleezza is an inspiration who exemplifies the strength and dignity of women! She's intelligent with common sense and logic, respecting women the same! Women (I can name many) like Condoleezza are the ones that represent American women! Should I? Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coultier, Deneen Williams, Barb White, Sara Palin, republican women in general and many, many more plus the women on the "five," minus Bob Beckel.

      Sean Hannity has to get rid of Tamera? who perceives a juvenile acronym explicit to rude and obscene, sexual tendency is flattery! She's dangerously demeaning to her own gender with a gullible stance that promotes vulnerability.

      FYI- Democrat women are coercing women onto government dependency by insult and degradation! Did the whole democratic party get degrees in artistry? CON ARTISTRY? the term "democratic" and anything tied to it is a swear word that we learn to combat and endure, in our household. I only let my girls hear anyone from that party to be wise to the difference… (democrats are destroying the people and this country!

    4. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Contrary to what the libtards are saying about her, Condoleeza Rice is a smart woman.

    5. Sheila Scott says:

      Once more, I am reminded of what a knowledgable and articulate and thoughtful woman Condoleeza Rice is. I wish she might return to the political arena as a voice of reason.

    6. Patti Freeman says:

      Yes. Condoleeza for Vice-President. Win-Win.

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