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  • Exclusive Interview: John Stossel Says Government Can't Solve Our Problems

    John Stossel’s skepticism of government and his storytelling approach about free-market economics have made him a rock star in conservative and libertarian circles.

    He spoke at The Heritage Foundation on Wednesday about his new book, “No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails—But Individuals Succeed.” It is Stossel’s latest attempt to debunk the myths that government can solve America’s problems. He tackles everything from crony capitalism and federal regulations to teachers’ unions and gun control.

    “Our instinct is to believe in the central planners,” Stossel said in the interview. “It was nuts in the Obama election. It was like he was a magic politician who was going to do these things.”

    Yet despite government’s failures, the left never retreats. President Obama’s class-warfare rhetoric, Stossel conceded, is a current example of how liberals shape the narrative.

    “I live in the shallow media world,” Stossel said, “and on a subject like that, shallow wins.”

    In the interview, Stossel didn’t mince words when asked why he left ABC News in 2009: “Because it sucked there.”

    He currently hosts “Stossel,” a one-hour weekly Fox Business Network show and other specials on Fox News. The book reveals his rift with ABC and why Stossel approached Fox for a job.

    Here’s what he told us:

    They were hostile to these ideas that have made us prosperous and I consider so important. I mean, they tolerated me for years. I got good ratings, so they put the stuff on. They sort of held their nose and put it on. But by the end, they were saying, ‘Ah, you’re predictable Stossel. You use libertarian economics all the time. I don’t want to watch that.’ … I was not offered a job by Fox. I went over and begged, ‘Please, hire me, I cannot stand it anymore.’

    The interview runs about five minutes. Hosted by Rob Bluey and produced by Brandon Stewart. For more videos from Heritage, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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    3 Responses to Exclusive Interview: John Stossel Says Government Can't Solve Our Problems

    1. O_Henry says:

      Our founding fathers knew there were not, nor could ever be enough laws to make people,”good.” It was popular in the post Colonial period “early days” of the USA to hear politicians say, “The same thing that makes men good Christians is the same thing that makes them good citizens.” I would suggest the same is true today and that nothing has changed as far as the human element goes. Too many have “drank the Cool-Aid” of Robert Trent Ingersol regarding a “public” and a “personal” life. My view is that a liar in public is a liar at home and there is no difference between a public and a personal life.

    2. bullswin says:

      Sure wish our current Republicans could move further twords Libertarianism. Although I can't get all the way there I like it better than the big government "we can manage it better than the Dems" Republicans. The established Republicans are big government example Lugar, Bush, Boener and others. Time to stop the madness and rightfully rule form the bottom and not the top.

    3. Tom says:

      It is as if there is a wide spread belief–a part of human inbred, inborn knowledge perhaps–that governments have special powers over and above those powers that are available for the rest of us mere mortal humans to make use of. Those special powers make governments capable of doing things that are just beyond the reach of the rest of us.

      In fact, all that government is capable of being and doing is made possible by the governed.

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