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  • VIDEO: Santelli Speaks the Truth on Obama's Buffett Rule

    Back in February 2009, CNBC’s Rick Santelli launched a nationwide firestorm when he spoke out from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade about the federal government run wild and President Obama’s mortgage plan, calling for a Chicago Tea Party in July of that year.

    Today, Santelli again spoke truth to the American people when he explained why the President’s “Buffett Rule” does nothing to solve America’s fiscal crisis.

    Watch the video above and let us know what you think about the Buffett Rule in the comments below!

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    15 Responses to VIDEO: Santelli Speaks the Truth on Obama's Buffett Rule

    1. concerned says:

      Our President is wasting precious time…I don’t think history is going to look kindly on those that pass on the chance to make more gradual changes now versus more draconian changes later.

    2. Winghunter says:

      Right On Rick!!

    3. Goonion says:

      Rick Santelli understands.. Liberals are nuts.

    4. saveamerica says:

      the problem is government helping themselves to high wages and benefits which should be less than the people's wage government obligates to pay government, since the freedom of the private sector should dominate the government sector in America!

      All unconstitutional services should be expensed to those that benefit from them!

      The president makes 11x's more than my husband who doesn't get paid to talk who pays all living expenses and utilities and a mortgage and medical AND GOVERNMENT! The president's disposable income is more than 11x my husband's and we have 5 in our household! Every single government employee isn't worth their pay and if they want to keep their job they'll do with less or work in the private sector without looking to steal more from the private sector their government job doesn't benefit!

      • saveamerica says:

        my bad. Just found out the President has doubled his salary since he's been in office while we struggle with less<< Even though my husband is a professional as evident through the results of his job performance and solid ethics, the company doesn't have costs of living to hand out or even pay for performance<<<<< direct cause of costs, regulations, mandates, insurance, everything about government control and their costless budget that increases government employees quality of life by thieving from the tax payers<<>> my husband hasn't had a raise in many years, yet the President's doubled?

        The only way the President could possibly show pay for performance is if his work is
        >>>>>>>without consequences to >>>>>>>>>>>America and tax payers<<<<<<<

        Taxes and costs to basic necessities continue to increase! My husband is very upset. He's a very hard working man that takes the role of sole provider without exception. He doesn't like being taken advantage of<<>>The states run by democratic leaders are outrageously overtaxed and poorly run. We live in one. The President (not to mention anyone in government who got a raise who has leisure or nothing to show for it) gets all his expenses paid plus a salary he didn't earn<<< Under Obama you don't have to earn wages, you get it by government corruption.

    5. brendataylorr says:

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    6. Todd says:

      Way to Go Rick!

    7. Terry Stone says:

      If Obama's smart enough, he should know simple math and even if he's ignorant, he should have access to this.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      One major problems we face is so many don't really understand Obama and his ideology. Obama is not "wasting precious time" or the fact that "liberals are nuts". What we all must realize is Obama (and most liberals) have an agenda. In order to complete ths aganda, Obama reverts back to his true disposition of devious, calculating, and totally dishonest. Make no mistake, Obama is not stupid, naive, or doesn't understand his job. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    9. DHarper says:

      Yes, Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He said he wanted to "fundamentally change the way America works." I took him at his word and voted against him. His words and his brief record in government should have told anyone who cared to pay attention what his agenda was. This is why the TeaParty came into existence-to fight against these fundamental changes and to restore smaller, constitutional government.

    10. bullswin says:

      I agree with most thoughts here, however I do not like "carried interest" treated as capital gains. I get company stock as part of my incentive plan. Once i get the shares they are treated as ordinary income and then any appreciation over 1 yr is treated as a capital gain. A private equity guy gets equity in a business as part of comp and he gets capital gains treatment. This is not right and needs to be fixed

    11. Stirling says:

      Thank you Rick Santelli for pointing out comon sense to the liberal media. Unfortunately their ideology of class warfare will not allow them to accept the damage their policies cause. There's probably a job for you at Fox Business if your CNBC producers disagrees with your 1st amendment rights..

    12. James Miller says:

      this guy really gets how bad this country's debt really is….

    13. redwing says:

      Great, simple math on Big, out of control Government spending. The President spends money flying around on Air Force bashing the rich but fails to cut spending and wants to bankrupt our country. The American taxpaying citizen mst listen to Rick Santelli and demand our government to stop wasting our tax money.Solyndra, GSA VEGAS CONVENTIONS, FLYING AIR FORCE ALL OVER THE CONTRY AT 187K PER HOUR TO RAISE CAMPAGIN FUNDS. RICK STANELLI has worked very hard and the government wants his money because of his sucess. Great Job .

    14. darren says:

      @concerned… they are not concerned about history. that consistently and successfully rewrite it.
      there is no man R or D who will fix the fiscal imbalances. the market, and market only will fix it.

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