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  • Obama's Ten Worst Energy Policies

    In his time in office, President Obama has made some seriously bad proposals and decisions on energy policy, and Americans are paying the price, whether it’s in higher energy costs, wasted tax dollars, or in jobs that have been left on the table. For those who aren’t keeping track, we’ve compiled a list of the President’s ten worst energy policies:

    1) Saying “NO” to Keystone XL: With oil prices going through the roof, the best way to drive down prices is to increase the supply of oil and it can be done by safely increasing access to resources in North America. The Keystone XL pipeline would bring up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the United States (as well as jobs, economic growth and stat tax revenue) but President Obama said “NO” the project despite bipartisan support and despite the Department of State’s conclusion that the project would pose no significant environmental risk.

    2) Wasting Billions on Loan Guarantees: President Obama has a grand vision for a green energy revolution, funded by taxpayer dollars. So in his trillion dollar stimulus, he added billions of dollars to the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program, empowering it to to hand out Americans’ money to alternative energy companies. His plan failed miserably, as company after company went bankrupt, including Solyndra, Solar Trust of America, Beacon Power and Ener1. Others including Abound Solar and A123 Systems laid off American works despite receiving  millions in loan guarantees.  The federal government should not be playing venture capitalist with taxpayer money.

    3) Banking on Electric Car Dream Machines: President Obama made electric cars like the Chevy Volt a central part of his energy policy with subsidies for both the production and purchase of electric vehicles.  But the trouble is the American people just aren’t buying them, even with $7,500 taxpayer-funded rebates. In 2011, GM missed its projected sales volume for the Volt, shipping 7,671 of the vehicles — well short of its target of 10,000. Meanwhile, the DOE handed half a billion dollars in loan guarantees to Fisker, an electric car maker that has delayed production in the U.S., and another half billion in low interest loans to Tesla Corporation, which produces six-figure electric sports cars that can only travel 55 miles.  Even if electric cars save fuel, they still cost more to own than similar gasoline-only vehicles.

    4) Saying “No” to Domestic Energy Production: While Americans struggle to cope with high energy prices, President Obama has made it even harder for companies to explore and extract domestic energy resources. Federal production onshore and offshore has been down from 2010 to 2011.  The Administration either cancelled, delayed or withdrew a number of lease sales for exploration and development. Meanwhile, huge swaths of federal lands have been put off limits for energy exploration.  Delays and restrictions in oil and gas production has resulted in abundant energy sources being unavailable and prevented job growth, economic activity and increased government revenue. The federal government also withdrew an approved permit for a coal mine and blocked and obstructed uranium mining.

    5) The EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck: The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ream of new regulations will adversely affect existing power plants, requiring them to be retrofitted or in many cases shut down because it will be too costly to install emission-reduction controls The most recent announcement of the President’s ongoing campaign against carbon-based fuel, the EPA released a new rule to regulate CO2 emissions from power plants, which would effectively ban new coal power plants, as its emissions standards are too low to be met by conventional coal-fired facilities. That will result in higher energy costs, fewer jobs, a less prosperous economy and no discernible difference in global temperatures.

    6) Cap-and-Trade and the Clean Energy Standard: When he came into office, President Obama latched on to the notion of cap-and-trade — a system of energy taxes and credits designed to reduce carbon emissions. The end result would have been disastrous for American businesses and the economy. When that legislation failed, the President proposed a Clean Energy Standard mandating that the power industry  meet government-determined goals with respect to renewable energy production. The effect, though, is the same.  Both serve as a draconian energy tax that burdens businesses and consumers – with no environmental benefits.

    7) Subsidies for Some, Higher Taxes for Others: President Obama likes to play favorites in the energy industry, handing out subsidies for those that he thinks are the “right” industries — in his view, wind, solar — while calling for higher taxes on the “wrong” ones — namely, oil. Whether it is for fossil fuels or renewable energy sources, subsidies waste taxpayer dollars, stifle innovation, create industry complacency, crowd out investment, and give industries the incentive to lobby Washington for handouts and special protections. Meanwhile, the President wants higher taxes for oil companies — the costs of which would be handed down to consumers who are already suffering from high gas prices. The problem is that the President is manipulating language to frame the energy debate to his liking while disregarding the facts.

    8) Terminating the Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.  The Obama Administration   says it wants to pursue nuclear power, but its rhetoric does not match its nuclear policy.  Its decision to abandon the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project without any technical or scientific data is a case in point.  With nearly $15 billion spent on the project, the data indicates that Yucca would be a safe place to store America’s used nuclear fuel.  Yet purely for political reasons the Obama administration decided to terminate the program without having anything to replace it. Absent any nuclear waste disposal options, the United States simply will not significantly expand nuclear energy.

    9) Green Jobs Stimulus: With the U.S. economy struggling to recover from a recession, President Obama turned to a trillion dollars in stimulus spending in an attempt to spend America out of the economic doldrums. A significant part of that stimulus was directed toward a new “green” economy with taxpayer dollars directed toward creating alternative energy jobs. Obama promised to create five million green jobs over 10 years. The trouble is that his plan didn’t work, and the jobs didn’t materialize. As The New York Times reported, it was nothing more than “a pipe dream.” Further, these are taxpayer-funded jobs that destroy jobs elsewhere in the economy. When the government gives money to build a windmill, for example, those resources cannot simultaneously be used to build other products. The net effect is job and income losses.

    10) Job-Killing CAFE Standards: Obama’s EPA has imposed a corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standard requiring auto makers to hit an average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025—a 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to today. The Center for Automotive Research warned that overly stringent standards could add $10,000 to the cost of a new car, decreasing sales and thereby reducing production, destroying as many as 220,000 jobs, according to a report by the Defour Group. And a 2002 National Academy of Sciences study concludes that CAFE’s downsizing effect makes cars less safe and contributed to between 1,300 and 2,600 deaths in a single representative year.

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    21 Responses to Obama's Ten Worst Energy Policies

    1. Murray says:

      The man clearly stated his lack of qualifications for the job when asked a question and he answered "That is above my pay grade";! Truer words were never spoken; the Job of President is clearly above his pay grade however he was still elected and now see what his "Change" has meant!

    2. Davejs says:

      You do have to give the guy a break on this. He never has had a job in his life and was propped up as a poster child by the left.So when this dolt surrounded himself with all of these others who have never jobs in their life what do you expect. Jimmy Carter is laughing at this guy and HARVARD is embarrassed that someone this dim-witted is a Graduate from their school.

      • Joel says:

        That would require Harvard to have some shame. Most of the faculty and admin at Harvard and elsewhere in Academia are of the same mindset, and view this cat as a great Progressive thinker!

    3. hpcprogrammer says:

      MIT just announced nano-technology that will convert CO2 (see http://phys.org/news/2012-04-hybrid-copper-gold-n… so the EPA regulations #5 above might become DOA

    4. Cavermarkk says:

      Your nuts. These policies are spot on for tackling climate change.

      • Brad S. says:

        It's "You're", genius. And, obviously, you still believe that a trace element in our atmosphere causes changes in climate. Evidently, that huge ball of burning gas called the Sun must be too far away to really affect us down here. Follow Al Gore's money and the IPCC grant fund to find out what results they would like you to believe.

    5. Jim Tuggle says:

      Obama and the brain trust are stupid, wrong and idiotic; whatelse is new? Time to remove them from the formula and then go back to building AMERICA, not the third world or europe or south america or anyone else who doesn't like our nation.

      Simply say NO to this kind of leadership…..damn did I equate Obama to leadership? Must be slipping.

    6. Betty Reid says:

      What's up America, Surely, I am not the only one to read this? So why have you not made a comment? Are you scarced to, comment on how rooten a job he has done. And how he has screwd you and me!!!! The only job now is to GET HIM OUT, OUT, OUT ……

    7. Rick Piggott says:

      Thanks for the summary. We need to restore fiscal resonpsibility and common sense to Washington at all levels! The Amercian people want positive results not empty promises or finger pointing.

    8. rmgdnnow says:

      I am convinced that Obama (and his Democrat advisers) knows that his policies will cripple energy production in this country, and such is his (their) intention. End result: rationing by high price or availability of petroleum, coal, nuclear, even hydroelectric to most citizens, politicians, wealthy people with proper attitudes, show business, sports stars and other favored groups and persons to be exempted with VIP status. To almost double gas mileage is also a "pipe dream" which causes one to ask (rhetorically) what are these people smoking?? Their is a point where greater efficiency is essentially impossible, unless someone solves the unsolvable conundrum perpetual motion. I would not put it past these folks to suggest even that……

    9. David Lee says:

      Under the falsehoods of President Obama's plans it is obvious He does not have our countries wellfare at heart. He wants to ruin this country and make a 3rd world country as payback for our taking advantage of so many to get where we are. In my book he is a traitor that knows full well what he is doing. His plans are antiamerican and we need to oppose them tooth and nail. Keep up the ggod work of exposing him.

      • mmflowers says:

        David Lee, You are exactly right. This president is not "incompetent"-he is hell-bent on destroying our Constitution, the freedoms it has given us and the Capitalism that has given us our prosperity. He knows exactly what he is doing–he does have 30-40 communist/marxist czars advising him as to how to make America a Socialist country.

    10. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Add to item #5 a new EPA GHG reporting rule on locally large oil & gas operators, not just Big Oil. While industry is currently only required to report emissions, which alone takes time and resources away from the real work of finding and extracting more oil & gas, who thinks those findings will not eventually be used to establish a framework under which GHG taxes will be imposed on those operators which will again drain away resources?

    11. Nick and Mike,

      You’re right — President Obama is disregarding many energy facts and framing them to better fit his liking. He has taken credit for increased domestic energy production, when in reality production is happening on private lands and in spite of this administration’s policies. Permitting, leasing and wells are all down on federal lands.

      I’ve also seen some people crediting Pres. Obama with helping to grow employment in the oil and natural gas sector. Unfortunately, the White House’s jobs plan is to increase taxes for an industry that is leading the way in job creation at a time when 14 million Americans are unemployed. We have our own take on an employment chart here: http://energytomorrow.org/blog/white-house-jobs-p

      Mark, EnergyTomorrow.org

    12. Veronica M Reimann says:

      When will our goverment learn to keep their noses out of business and allow the private industry to invest and develope any new businesses with private money not the taxpayers dollars, do worry private industry will make a profit and and jobs will be provided. So get goverment and the unions out of the way

    13. Bruce says:

      It seems to me that we need to get this information out to the voting public in some form or fashion so that the voting public will be able to understand what we have gone through and why we are all saying we need a change in the White House. There has been a lot of talk about these 10 things the President has done but I don't hear anything out there on the campaign trail. Much of this is being swept under the rug. Why can't we keep these things ever present from now until the election? Just like this email has said. Facts and figures, if they are correct, can go a long way to explaining why we need a change in the White House.

    14. This is so true, but maybe the President can have a good solution. Here is a good proposal I have read on how we can face oil crisis.


    15. motown_guy says:

      I don't buy this at all – keystone project won't lower US gas price at all. It's a global market. Canada pump oil in but can you stop business export oil to make money? You cannot not. What about environment risk?

    16. marv says:

      did anyone notice that when the prs threatened to tap out oil reserves the prices came down?

    17. Ross says:

      Oil prices will fluctuate as they have historically for decades. But the fact that we depend on OPEC for most of our energy is a travesty worsened intentionally by this presidents policies. "The price will necessarily skyrocket…" Fits his agenda to a tee, doesn't it?

    18. docdac says:

      Fact check: Tesla Motors is producing cars (Model S – in production last month) that have a range of 160, 230 and 300 miles, depending on optional battery pack. The claim in this article of 55 mile range is inaccurate and misleading. (actually, a great high performance luxury sedan, though expensive). Otherwise, I love this article.

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