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  • VIDEO: Voter ID 'Sting' Targets Eric Holder

    A new undercover video by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe shows a man being offered Attorney General Eric Holder’s District of Columbia ballot. The poll worker caught on film tells the cameraman that he doesn’t need to see identification.

    The video, released Monday, contrasts clips from the “sting” with quotes from Holder saying that voter fraud is generally “a problem that does not exist.” Holder’s Justice Department has blocked voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas on grounds that include the supposed superfluity of those laws.

    O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has targeted voter fraud in previous videos. One project, released last month, shows undercover filmmakers registering to vote in Minnesota, where the governor has attempted to block a voter ID bill, using the names of NFL quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Tom Brady.

    While that project had more local focus, the latest Veritas video strikes at the heart of DOJ’s continued opposition to voter ID laws.

    Meanwhile, another undercover video highlighted by Scribe last week shows that some of the most vocal opponents of voter ID laws require that visitors to their Washington D.C. offices present ID at the door. That video looks to undercut claims that ID requirements are excessively burdensome and unwarranted.

    It is worth pointing out that the Supreme Court just recently weighed in on voter ID, and found its detractors’ arguments lacking.

    The court ruled in 2008 that Indiana’s voter ID law, which the National Conference of State Legislatures says is one of the strictest in the nation, did not constitute an overly-burdensome restriction on voting, and was perfectly justified in the face of potential fraud.

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    18 Responses to VIDEO: Voter ID 'Sting' Targets Eric Holder

    1. Dave Raymer says:

      *tucks the ID issue into bed and says 'nighty-night'*

    2. guest says:

      Nobody should be surprised by this. Resisting voterID, promoting illegal immigration, covering the ACORN voter fraud and doing anything what it takes to harvest more votes – this has been a prominent and frankly not even well hidden tool of the libs methodology for years now.

    3. Chance says:

      Somebody, Anybody, tell me exactly why it's discrimination to ask for an ID to vote, when this morning I had to have an ID just to get a mail box. I also have to have an ID to get cigarettes, a bank card, to purchase cold medicine, to enter the nursing home where my mother lives, enter the dormitory where my daughter lives on campus, get a beer, drivers licence, fishing licence, hunting licence… Get the point. Hey Eric, I'm a White Norwegian. Since everyone has to be classified now. You know, George Zimmerman-White Latino, Barack Obama-White Black and Bugs Bunny-Rabbit Hare.

      • Bobbie says:

        well, that's because all the things you mentioned requiring your identification are so much more important for the government to know who you are, then those being handsomely paid ruling over this country by cheat, to destroy it. Why protect the honest vote when it takes ill thinking to destroy the country?

    4. Bobbie says:

      Everything open to accommodate voter fraud with no PREVENTION! seems these little low lifes (those in elected positions,) wouldn't hold a candle to voter integrity which means they wouldn't win an honest election! America doesn't deserve these admitted undeserving types! Americans deserve strong leaders that win on honesty and dignity! PHOTO ID PROMOTES THIS! AMERICANS WANT THIS! Eric Holder and the democratic elect are afraid of THIS!

    5. Briggs Sherwood says:

      Uh…. these folks perpetrating voter fraud happen to all be neo Repub implants… huh… duh… ! Not understanding the concept of trust is a trait peculiar to this group of traitor who would stop at nothing to deny the right to vote to ordinary citizens! Ordinary citizens beware!

      • Bobbie says:

        Still some of you left, eh? What did you want us to be aware of? How is this denying ordinary citizens to vote? Whoever is perpetrating voter fraud doesn't matter, fraud isn't going to be so easy with the ONE requirement to show your photo ID inherent to personal integrity, or is it for you? Low self esteem?

        Accountability is always necessary regarding this important process that democrats don't hold themselves to which shows how much this country and all people are worth to them.

    6. Harvey says:

      Obama knows that he cant win without all the illegals voteing that they can get.He intends to win at all cost and hes not backing down from anything and this should have the American people very concerned.
      Joe Arpiao has proven that he is an illegal President and still people follow him like little puppie WAKE UP PEOPLE,IF OBAMA IS RE-ELECTED IN FOUR YEARS THERE WONT BE AN AMERICA.

    7. RJ9mech says:

      I have to display an ID all day at work. What's the problem with showing an ID to vote?

    8. And, any attempt to make the voting process safe from voter fraud will be met with screams of ' that's racisist' from the political Left. Says something about the left's fear of a secure, if not honest, voting process. At least to the point of verifying that people (voters) are who they claim to be.

    9. So, voter fraud doesn't exist, Mr. Holder. Who are you kidding?

    10. Sally says:

      When my son who has Down Syndrome turned 18, the public school took a group to obtain ID's from the DMV. I sure hope the liberal care takers don't take him to a voting poll.

    11. Jeanne Stotler says:

      shortly after the election in 2004 it was discoverd in one precient a number of "DEAD" people voting, in 2010 there were votes that appeared out of "no where" for Franken?? it happens and will continue to happen without showing ID. Under the premise that it's a problem for minorities and the poor to get ID, I say that's a bunch of hogwash, if they can get to the polls they can get to the DMV and get a picture ID, also most of the so called "poor" do drive an so do minorities that are here legally and citizens, the others are NOT intitled to vote, but that is why Dems want the laws out lawed.

    12. Bluejay says:

      Why is there no apparent movement to remove Holder?

    13. ToucheTurtle says:

      So if Obama does NOT get re-elected, will that THEN be due to voter fraud??????

    14. Ray says:

      I know for sure of at least 12 people that voted in Philadelphia for Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket! I also know for a fact that there is a very large Russian population in Philadelphia who voted for Mitt Romney! They fled their former country to get away from Communism and Socialism for it to only follow them here they are all very distraught over the lies regarding voter fraud here in Philadelphia! It is all lies. It is statistically impossible for not one person in any given area, anywhere, in any city that did vote Republican. 100% of all the legal eligible voters in Philadelphia all voted for Obama, impossible! Mayor Nutter says he is going to check it out! BS is my reply to him regarding this matter because he is in Obama's corner no matter what is found out! He will say it was an over sight or some other lame excuse! The cronyism is here and well in Philadelphia! It is a city that is becoming very much like Detroit. Decayed and most businesses are leaving the area due to taxes. Black population is becoming extremely larger thus whites moving out. Obama is targeting the suburbs to incorporate them as part of the city. Lost revenues for the urban areas. May have to flee the area here soon, too much corruption, cronyism and taxes!

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