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  • White House Hosts Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood as Rocket Hits Israel

    A delegation of officials from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood met with White House officials Wednesday, according to a White House spokesman who stated that “we have broadened our engagement to include new and emerging political parties and actors.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood, long banned in Egypt after it sought to assassinate Egypt’s President Nasser in the 1950s, is poised to dominate Egypt’s new government after it emerged as the biggest winner in Egypt’s recent parliamentary elections.

    The Obama Administration has bent over backwards to demonstrate its good intentions toward the anti-Western Islamist organization, which is now positioned to hijack Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, as the Carter Administration discovered after it attempted to improve relations with Iranian Islamist radicals led by Ayatollah Khomeini after Iran’s 1979 revolution.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has already broken its promises not to seek to dominate the Egyptian parliament and not to run a candidate for president. Last Saturday, it announced that its Deputy Supreme Guide, Khairat al-Shater, would run for president in the May election. Yesterday, Shater proclaimed that his top priority would be installing Islamic law (Sharia), which would impose restrictions on the freedoms of Egyptians, particularly women and religious minorities such as the Coptic Christians, who make up an estimated 10 percent of the population.

    The Obama Administration has glossed over the hostile ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and downplayed the recent crisis in bilateral relations that was provoked by the politically motivated decision by Egypt’s transitional military government to prosecute pro-democracy non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced that the U.S. will continue delivering $1.5 billion in annual aid to Egypt, despite Cairo’s provocative behavior.

    This decision sends the wrong signal to Egypt’s leaders: that they can continue to exploit anti-American sentiments whipped up by the state-controlled media with little fear of the consequences. Granting U.S. aid on an unconditional basis also signals weakness and virtually guarantees that the NGO show trials will continue.

    The Obama Administration’s efforts to establish a good working relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood is doomed to fail also because of the Brotherhood’s implacable hostility toward Israel. Shortly after the Egyptian delegation went to the White House, terrorists launched a rocket attack against the Israeli city of Eilat from Egypt’s Sinai desert. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the Sinai has become a “terror zone” and that Israel would take action to contain the danger.

    Eight Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack launched by Palestinian terrorists from the Sinai desert last August, and more such attacks are likely to strain Israeli–Egyptian relations in the future. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is allied with Hamas, the radical Palestinian Islamist movement that has been responsible for many rocket attacks against Israel. Unlike Egypt’s Mubarak government, the Muslim Brotherhood–led regime is likely to support Palestinian terrorists, not restrain them.

    Therefore, although the Obama Administration remains in denial about the hostile nature of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, its plans to curry favor with Egypt’s new leaders are likely to swiftly collapse in the face of growing Egyptian–Israeli tensions over continued terrorism.

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    12 Responses to White House Hosts Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood as Rocket Hits Israel

    1. Bill Code says:

      Well, James, although the tone of your article might be suspicious of such interaction, perhaps the US government should indeed engage with the democratically elected government.They certainly have their shortcomings, but the half century of supporting the broken dictatorship of the previous crooks has come to an end. What do you suggest?

    2. Bobbie says:

      well you know, the American people have their priorities and the President HAS HIIIIIIIS!!!!
      It is deeply concerning the president picks group ideas from people who act to destroy America over people that aren't group while neglecting Americans' allies! Wonder how long he'll play America before something is done with him? Either way will deepen America's wound! One not as bad as the other!


    3. SAVETHEUSA says:


    4. MethanP says:

      Once again, Obama gives comfort to our enemies. And he's got Israels back? I guess like Jessie James had Sandra Bullokssback.

    5. I have known this would happen for months, and I'm a nobody in geopolitical circles. This is no surprise and our administration is beyond incompetent if they didn't see it coming.

    6. FOXLUPO says:


    7. Philip says:

      State Dept and White House foreign policy is breathtakingly juvenile. Didn't the USA just pay "ransom" for it's
      State Dept operatives in Egypt last month that were holed-up at the US Embassy? Now we're giving a terrorist organization official government recognition and another 1.5 Bil in US taxpayer funds to further the Muslim Brotherhood's" less than democratic" agenda. Can US policy be anymore of a catastrophe?

    8. Sally says:

      Is this support of the Muslim brotherhood or the Godfather's notion of 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer?'

    9. Todd says:

      The United States must engage other governments, even the ones we do not like or agree with. However, we have to be very careful in doing so. My question is how the State Department was involved? I assume they were but the article states that the "White House" meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. The State Department whole reason for existence is to be the lead in working with foreign governments, and doing it in a way that does not give unnecessary legitimacy to organizations and governments that do not warrant it. Also, with Obama's track record of foreign polict disasters and questionable views on America's status as a superpower, let alone role as a world leader, I have some serious concern on what Obama is trying to do with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    10. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Another showing of BHO's true colors. He was raised as a Muslim regardless of what he says, he shows that he favors them. Age old saying "Actions speak louder than words' JUST LISTEN TO BHO's ACTIONS

      • Bobbie says:

        He's converting America into Muslim law. That's why he's confusing to destroy everything American. There was no word given by him to suggest any sacrifice put on the Muslim faith like he's directly singled out great burdens on other faiths. Stay safe! God Bless!

    11. Biggbear says:

      Back in the late 70's and very, very early 80's I spent time in the Middle east defending this country and the Afghan people as I was instructed to do so. While there I learned of my own bigotry and it disgusts me, but it is there. I also learned that no matter what the bulk of the Middle East people are going to kill and main. Especially the Nation of Isreal. Most people refuse to grasp the concept of why Isreal is so terrorised by it's closests nieghbors. The bulk of that area is upset that they, are not the chosen peoples.

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