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  • Side Effects: Obamacare Expands Medicaid, Makes A Big Problem Worse

    In 2014, Obamacare’s key provisions will kick in, and among them is a huge expansion of Medicaid. Obamacare extends eligibility to almost everyone with income below 138 percent of the federal poverty level under the age of 65.

    A report released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shows the impact the expansion will have: “This expansion, together with greater participation by individuals eligible under current rules, is projected to add 14.9 million people to enrollment in 2014 and 25.9 million people by 2020—26 percent and 44 percent, respectively, compared to pre-[Obamacare] estimates.”

    This means that by 2020, Medicaid enrollment will reach 85 million, or approximately one in four Americans. This level of dependence distorts the original purpose of the government program, which was intended to serve as a safety net for only the most vulnerable.

    As a result of the expansion, the report shows, Medicaid spending between 2011 and 2020 will increase under Obamacare by $619 billion. The federal government will initially pay for most of the new spending, totaling $572 billion. But the expansion will increasingly strain state budgets as well, since the federal contribution decreases overtime. The Medicaid expansion will bring total state Medicaid spending to $2.3 trillion through 2020.

    As Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko points out in testimony before Congress, “Unlike the federal government, practically all states are required to balance their budgets. Therefore, states must find ways to meet their budgets.” The enormous amount of Medicaid mandatory spending will force states to limit funding for other priorities like education, transportation, and law enforcement.

    To top it off, Medicaid is a broken program, and expanding it will only exacerbate the problems it already causes for current beneficiaries. Several studies show that, as a result of very low provider reimbursement rates, Medicaid beneficiaries have trouble accessing physicians. When compared to the privately insured, Medicaid patients face longer wait times and worse outcomes. As one recent study concluded, Medicaid recipients “were affected by more barriers to timely primary care and had higher associated [emergency department] utilization. Expansion of Medicaid eligibility alone may not be sufficient to improve health care access.”

    Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion worsens an already dire situation while straining federal and state budgets. To read the Heritage reform proposal that would make Medicaid affordable while also improving the program for patients, click here.

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    10 Responses to Side Effects: Obamacare Expands Medicaid, Makes A Big Problem Worse

    1. Bobbie says:

      when all he has to do is talk without being man enough to hold accountability adding confusions to overwhelm society into his government arms, he's going to.

      if we are without the understanding to the words the president speaks, what's the sense of his speak? Jay Carney has to explain anything the president says because what the president says doesn't mean the same thing he speaks? Gee, what an outstanding thug among outstanding thugs running America into third world!

      People running the government show to need more help then those people the government insists needs government! Keep those in control accountable! ALWAYS!

    2. Brian S says:

      I met your folks at the gun counter today very nice people!!

    3. Lee Wing says:

      I work in healthcare and over 80% of our clients are welfare receipients. At least 25% of those clearly don't need the benefits. They drive expensive autos, go on nice vacations, carry iPhones, wear designer clothes and admit that they don't really need the benefits. Some earn more than I. They are angry that their benefits do not cover luxury services like designer eyewear, transitions lenses and contact lenses. They brag about 10k tax refunds when they didnt even pay any taxes. Most have been on welfare for a lifetime and have never had an occupation. Talk to anyone who works in healthcare… Same story everywhere.

      • Craig Casey says:

        Those are Obamacare voters you are talking about. Life has not been fair to them.

      • Robin says:

        As a welfare worker I know who is eligible and who isn't so you are so full of it…………… the only recipients who would be eligible for a lifetime would be those who are on Disability……..There is no way they earn more than you because the government gets to track all legal employment on MYSTICS…………….. even if someone applies for energy assistance wages are verified through MYSTICS. Yes they do sometimes carry iPhones however they are entitled to spend their cash the way they see fit. Since you do not have the programs to actually know how much money someone makes why don't you stick your prejudice where it belongs.

      • Dove Tripct says:

        I work full time. My company charges me >$600/wk for health insurance for myself, my husband, and my 3 children. That is more than my entire weekly check(not counting the $3000/person deductible with no reduced family deductible then coverage is only at 60% thereafter) I am ineligible for food stamps, I do get Medicaid. I have worked full time for >22 years. I paid for enough families to be on welfare multi-generationally. They drive 2012 Escalades, I drive a POS 1998 Ford Windstar, my husband drives a 1997 Corolla, I buy my clothes at Goodwill(I can't even afford WalMart) and I get my food from a food pantry, and still have to pay $150/wk in groceries. Now I am gonna be FORCED to pay for health insurance, and not pay my rent, car insurance, diapers, food, clothing, plus be even more in debt because of co-payments/deductables I can't afford. Not everyone on Medicaid is a lazy so and so. some of us have to be and are now getting screwed by the system.

    4. Craig Casey says:

      Good / bad news. Obamacare just raised Medicaid reimbursements so Doctors will only go broke in 2 years treating Medicaid enrollees, when the reimbursements expire. Of course, that raise will probably be made permanent. But spending is how Obama will ruin America, and cost will explode beyond Obamacare's $1.7 trillion revision.

      • robin says:

        that is nothing compared to how much mittens said he would increase military spending while at the same time giving his buddies at the heritage foundation increased tax breaks ………… I would much rather help someone with healthcare than help pay for the next vacation some of his buddies take.

    5. Dove Tripct says:

      Doctors reserve the right to not accept Medicaid patients. They won't go broke

    6. Harry C says:

      The other side of the story::: went to emergency with chest pains.First test proved nothing wrong with ticker. Just strain from lifting(89 years old) Asked to go home answer- (NO WAY,once we got hold of you) layed in bed 2 nights,had to stay overnight because Stress test operator would not be in till next day).Final adjustment was $14,298.48 and I was billed $211.00 for my1/2 dozen daily pills,because my secondary insurance balked at paying that much.Settled my bill for $48.00 after subtle threats..
      My visit probably paid for 5 or 6 legitimate EM visits if everyone had coverage,and my secondary costs should plummit.

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